November 2018

We begin November feeling better about things, ready to put our mark on the world and interested in collaboration rather than just going it alone. We might have the sense that a suffocating shroud has been lifted from us, that we can stretch our wings and explore the four corners of the world, no matter what that world might be.

The second week of November could seem like a large slice of heaven. The significant movements we might have felt as we ended October can be heightened during this week.

On Tuesday the 6th, the Sun trines Neptune and Uranus retrogrades back into Aries, ending its first excursion into Taurus that began in this past mid-May.

Uranus will entrench itself into Taurus for its seven-year cycle in May of 2019. But first the completion of Uranus through Aries, a phase that has allowed us to search for new venues for ourselves, allowing us to be more autonomous, more independent and has given rise to the gender fluidity and transformations of our sense of self. Yes, ‘I gotta be me’, and that sense of greater self-identity with less constraints by society or by acceptable behavior could prove strong over the next six plus months.

The Sun trine Neptune increases our compassion, enhances our spiritual nature, and may have us feel that our journey through this life experience is divinely guided with us protected during the course of our steps we take akin to the sentiments expressed in the poem Footprints in the Sand.

The 7th of November gives us the Scorpio New Moon on the day before Jupiter ends its year-long transit of Scorpio and begins its year-long transit of Sagittarius. This Scorpio New Moon and its influence over the next two weeks up to the Full Moon on November 22nd – 23rd can be a most mystical time, a time when we can concentrate on the truly meaningful, eliminate the superfluous in our lives, and feel as though we are fulfilling our personal destiny. Our sensitivity may be ratcheted up severalfold and with it our intuitive sense, whereby if we would trust our inner voice, our inner knowing, the steps we take will be more aligned with what our true earth life journey is all about.

This two-week period can be a time for us to step off the track now and then, engage a spiritual retreat, no matter whether we seek sanctuary in the quiet of nature or find our sanctuary in the bustling cityscape. Our inner world will be vibrant and more will go on beneath the surface than readily apparent.

The 8th of November has Jupiter exiting Scorpio to enter Sagittarius. As it does so, Jupiter comes into the Sign that Jupiter rules. The shift from this past year to the coming thirteen months can be quite dramatic. There can be a lessening of intensity, jealousy and anger and a more upbeat, inspired and expansionary time. Instead of knee-jerk reactions to situations, we could take on a more philosophical perspective, a longer-term viewpoint and even maintain a sense of bemusement at the antics of human foibles. Although the Jupiter in Sagittarius can lift a certain heavy weight off our shoulders, we do have to be wary of false optimism, overconfidence and too broad of an expanse in which we choose to operate. It would be wise for us to keep in mind the admonition of ‘moderation in all things’, a suggestion that could seem to run counter to upbeat feelings.

Some of this ‘feel good’ disposition can impact our relationships on the 9th of November as Venus trines Mars. We can enjoy the company of other people and especially those people who might seem at times a little quirky, marching to their own drummer and doing their own thing. Discussions with such people can make us aware of options and alternatives for ourselves that we have not been aware of. Pleasant times can be had with that special person or those special people in our life.

The Sun sextiles Pluto on the 11th of November. Whether we are carrying out home improvement projects or focused on ambitious goals, the tenor of this time is improvement, a time when we are looking at what is the most important and most significant involvements for us and seeking to align our time with our fundamental purpose. If we are on the right track, we could find ourselves moving forward assertively with few impediments in our way. We are less likely to be coming from our ego and more from what stirs us deeply and passionately.

The 15th of November can be a time when we take the path less traveled, explore possibilities and are given clues along our scavenger hunt of life. Mars sextiles Uranus just prior to Mars exiting Aquarius to enter Pisces on this same day. We can forge ahead, entertain future plans, all the while seeking the support and encouragement of someone who affirms our ability to embrace changes. Although we can gain some insights into possibilities and prospects, we might feel reticent to forge ahead. Our self-assertiveness to embrace our individuality and stake a claim to new trajectories can fall victim to hesitancy and even a feeling that the vicissitudes of life are lined up against us. Even if we put new involvements on hold, the seeding of consciousness in the abstract opens the door to a potential realization in the future. What will be essential is for us to keep in mind the paradigm shift we are all going through — this epoch in humanity when we are moving from sequential, linear reality with its belief that we are the ones to make things happen into the asequential reality where we are co-creators of the universal unfolding and unfolding that occurs in a most unanticipated and unexpected manner — the magic and miracles of this paradigm shift. No longer do have to believe that we are the one to make it happen, but we do need to show up, have skin in the game, and work in concert with the energies unfolding.

While this first half of November can have us feeling good about things and the highlights of unexpected situations operating, the 16th of November can have us hitting the skids as the energies twist and turn. On a positive level, Venus turns direct on the 16th, but on the same day and on a more challenging level we have Mercury turning retrograde.

Venus turns direct in its own Sign of Libra and Mercury turns retrograde in Sagittarius, a Sign in which Mercury is in Detriment and an uncomfortable position for Mercury to be in. Difficulties with relationships that might have occurred over the past two months can be repaired with people making amends for intense behavior and becoming far more considerate and accommodating of other people’s needs. Communications can be off with difficulty focusing and paring down from a smorgasbord of thoughts much of them unrelated with a liability of seeing the big picture without accounting for the specifics of the parts that make up the whole.

This liability of having our thinking ‘off’ could be ratcheted up on the 19th of November when the Pisces-transiting Mars squares the Sagittarius-transiting Jupiter. Impetuousness may take hold with a tendency to launch forward both aggressively and with full force but without considering the whys, the ways and the ultimate destination. On the contrary, based on belief, and a belief that could be misguided, we might intend to go for the gold without realizing the reality of our venture being a quest for fool’s gold.

The Sun exits Scorpio to enter Sagittarius on the 22nd, Thanksgiving Day in the US. With the Sun’s entry into Sagittarius, we now have a Sagittarius Stellium of three planets as the Sun joins the retrograding Mercury and Sagittarius-ruling Jupiter in the Mutable Fire Sign.

This thrust of fiery energy around the Gemini Full Moon late on the 22nd, early on the 23rd can trigger the cautionary sentiment of ‘fools rush in where angels fear to tread’.

With a Mutable T-Square operating at the time of the Full Moon the energy can be ratcheted up significantly. The one element lacking is the Mutable Earth Sign of Virgo, thereby negating both the possibility of due diligence and the taking into account particulars. On the contrary, we could be forging ahead, going from one place to yet another without much planning or having itinerary in mind. There may be little consideration of what to do or how to do it. In the US, this Friday the 23rd is Black Friday, the day commonly known as a major holiday shopping day when people rush out for the sales, bargains and ‘deals of a lifetime’. The energy is such that it calls for, truly demands, that we be cautious in our actions, have eyes in the back of our head and be ready and able to respond at a moment’s notice to anything untoward.

Neptune turns direct on the 24th of November. We may feel more in the holiday spirits, a sense of benevolence and optimism engaged on the 26th when the Sun conjuncts Jupiter.

This last week of November can have us in good spirits. We may feel upbeat, optimistic and confident that the worst is behind us. On the 26th, the Sun conjuncts Jupiter, and Mercury squares Mars. The 27th has the Sun conjunct Mercury, Mercury conjunct Jupiter, and Mars sextile Saturn.

Our exuberance may know no bounds. While we are likely to be extremely enthusiastic with a highly expansionary sense of good times ahead, we do need to engage brain and consider what we are doing instead of just going forward on a wing and a prayer. Our ‘feel good’ disposition can be contagious, but we do need to avoid entering a fool’s paradise, where we see everything as an opportunity and with few challenges to meet.

If we go there with a la-de-da attitude, we could get a rude awakening as we come into December.

November closes out with Venus opposed Uranus. Relationships may be dicey as we see characteristics of someone that we had not seen before and characteristics that might diminish them in our eyes. Collaboration could be called for but unlikely to exist, for each of us may want our own way. We could be infatuated with someone we just met, but the infatuation may be based upon first impressions and might have difficulty lasting once we become more familiar with the person.

November 2018… Sublime or Ridiculous…