November in Connecticut

I am returning to Connecticut in the first week of November.

I shall be available to see clients for astrology sessions by appointment in Stamford, Connecticut, from Saturday, November 3rd, through Friday, November 9th.

I shall be at the Stamford Suites Hotel, 720 Bedford Street in

Stamford is less than an hour train ride from Grand Central Station in Manhattan.

If you know someone who would like to meet with me while I am in Connecticut at those times, I can be contacted by mobile phone at 831.392.5684 or by email at

I’m bookending my Connecticut trip with two celebrations and one celebration in-between.

The first celebration on Friday, November 2nd, is to accept the invitation to be present at the unveiling of the Peace Angel at the National September 11 Memorial & Museum in New York.

The second celebration is my sister’s birthday and dinner with her and her husband.

The final celebration at the end of my Connecticut trip is to honor my parents-in-law with my father-in-law turning 90 and my mother-in-law turning… oops, I was always taught not to reveal or ask a woman’s age.

I’m looking forward to my return visit to Connecticut, just as I fully enjoyed my return to California at the end of September into early October.