August 2017

We come into August, the traditional month of summer holidays, with a desire to get out of Dodge, step off the track and not be encumbered by our daily responsibilities. Getting a respite might not be such a bad idea, for this August could prove wild and wooly with a Lunar Eclipse, a Solar Eclipse and Mercury retrograde.

On the 3rd of August, Uranus turns retrograde. Many of our new projects and some of our new activities may have to be put on hold. Although we are itching to accentuate our individuality, embrace our free spirit and soar like eagles above it all, we might have to walk back some of our new trajectories and reengage the familiar and the customary.

Whether it is by our own choice or as a result of someone’s decision, obligations and demands can put a crimp in our plans. Jupiter squares Pluto on the 4th. We might feel depleted and that we are behind the eight ball, reacting to situations rather than the opportunity to be proactive.

Early August continues with the Fire Grand Trine but the fire can be dampened by four of the planets being retrograde, when the energy is more internalized with greater difficulty to the energy being externalized.

The Aquarius Full Moon on the 7th of August is a Lunar Eclipse. Our emotions are likely to be heightened, and we might find ourselves looking to take greater risks. This is a time when we are looking at forging ahead ‘come hell or high water’ as the saying goes. While great risks can result in great returns, going too far out on the ledge can have calamitous consequences. We might feel as though we have nothing to lose by betting the ranch, but it would be wise to be wary of the prodding for extreme actions. We might know some of the possible ramifications but unaware of collateral damage due to unexpected variables.

No matter what occurs at the time of the Aquarius Full Moon or leading up to it, the latter part of the second week of August can feel as though we had dodged a bullet.

The 10th of August has Mercury sextile Venus and the Sun sextile Jupiter. We may be feeling at the top of our game and wanting to share our enthusiasm with anyone and everyone. This can be a primo time when we are feeling confident about our plans, looking to expand our reach and even considering far away travel. Whatever we are doing, we might be brimming with optimism and up to sharing our ideas, feelings and desires with anyone who will listen. And listeners there may be, for we might have a magnetic quality that draws people to us.

August 12th starts with Venus trine Neptune and ends the day with Mercury turning retrograde in its own Sign of Virgo. We could be feeling as though we are in an idyllic setting, but unfortunately the impression might be grand but the reality could turn out to be a fool’s paradise. There can be a depth and spiritual quality to this time. We may count our blessings, and the blessings in our lives are many. While the gestalt might seem grand, we have to be wary that we are not glossing over certain situations. Our awareness and mindfulness could become dulled, for not only do we have Mercury turning retrograde in its own Sign, but Mercury at the time of retrograde is in orb of an opposition with Neptune. What we see may not be what we get, and it would be wise for us not to get carried away by euphoria without considering the specifics with which we are dealing.

If we maintain a grounded sense and concentrate on the particulars, the 13th of August with the Sun trine Saturn provides us with the energy to lay down the foundation stones of any expansion plans we might have. This is a period when we can devise the right template, the right approach to our intentions. We take on a more serious attitude, a ‘can do’ sentiment, whereby we realize that every journey begins with a first step and with it being wise to contemplate the direction and itinerary of the journey ahead.

Mid-August has Venus triggering a Cardinal Sign T-Square with Venus opposed Pluto on the 15th and Venus square Jupiter on the 17th. Relationships could prove dicey at this time. We could have the liability at looking at the flaws and frailties in our connections rather than the sterling qualities and attributes. Feeling slightly antagonistic, we have to be wary that we don’t implode friendships or vent our frustrations on someone as though they are a safe harbor for our upset. This mid-August period could have a sense of being in a no-win scenario. Either we want to pull the plug on someone or we might have the plug pulled on us by someone. Whatever dust-ups might occur, we have to be wary that we don’t over accommodate in making any amends for disruptive behavior. We could feel taken advantage of, that people are taking liberties and that we are being led down the garden path despite our seeing all the brambles along the way.

The intensity of this mid-August period is a lead up to the third week in August when we have Mars sextile Jupiter on the 20th, the Leo New Moon and a Solar Eclipse on the 21st, the same day that the Sun trines Uranus, and followed on the 22nd with Mars trine Saturn and the Sun exiting Leo and entering Virgo.

The likelihood of rash behavior cannot be discounted at this time. It may be full speed ahead, damn the torpedoes and a desire to forge ahead no matter the consequences.

This Solar Eclipse falls virtually on top of Donald Trump’s ascendant and within orb of a conjunction to his natal Mars. The influence of the Solar Eclipse can be very trying for Mr. Trump. Not only can he act impulsively as if warding off attacks against him, but his physical being could be threatened. This Solar Eclipse also comes at a time when transiting Saturn is sitting exactly on top of his natal Moon and transiting Saturn is opposing his natal Sun. This can be a most challenging period for Mr. Trump. His public approval might slide significantly. We have already heard calls for his impeachment, and it is fairly evident that he has few allies among the powers-that-be. His array of opponents includes not only the Democrats but also Republicans, the Media, the Intelligence Community and others within the establishment cliques. If he can survive the assault lobbed against him, he will prove quite masterful and truly adept at the art of the deal.

On a side note, it is interesting to note that some of the people trying to dampen the rush to judgment against Mr. Trump are among some of the most politically liberal individuals in the US: e.g. Dennis Kucinich, Alan Dershowitz and Oliver Stone.

If Mr. Trump can survive the summer with another major bump in the road in October, his energies and his public approval can increase at the end of the Summer and into the Fall. Such a suggestion does not allay the realization of the vast powers aligned against Mr. Trump. If he makes it into 2018, despite the continuing harangue against him, he will have a Fire Grand Trine as both Saturn finishing its transit of Sagittarius and Uranus finishing its transit of Aries will both be trining his Ascendant. As Saturn comes into Capricorn late this year and Uranus comes into Taurus next year, Mr. Trump will have an Earth Grand Trine as Saturn and Uranus will trine his progressed Sun in Virgo. Should he be able to survive politically and physically the next six plus months, he could move into greater implementation of his policies notwithstanding the continual and constant assault against him. Time will tell.

For ourselves, on an individual basis, this Solar Eclipse can ramp up the energy, contribute to impetuous actions but also allow us to develop the template for expanding our activities and developing new trajectories that provide opportunities for us to be more autonomous and to put our individual mark on our life’s involvements. This Solar Eclipse creates a Fire Grand Trine. We just have to be wary of rushing ahead without our doing the due diligence, leaping without looking, and assuming that by our will we can make it so. Let’s keep in mind that these times speak to us lessening our control on situations and recognizing the beauty of the magic and mini-miracles of the paradigm shift occurring at these times. We do not have to make it happen but rather to be open to the working of the universe and embrace the asequential reality of things occurring in a non-sequential manner.

Whether the Solar Eclipse influences us to be like a dog chasing its tail going around in circles or we can harness the energy and focus our intent, the 22nd of August offers us an opportunity to straighten things out. Mars trines Saturn and the Sun exits Leo to enter Virgo. We may still have the passion and determination to advance our personal interests, and we are more likely to do so in a strategic, best practices manner. We are less likely to be impulsive and better able to take things step by step. Even if we look at leaping ahead, we are also more likely to check the coordinates, the conditions and the parameters of our forward movement.

The 24th of August has Venus square Uranus. Relationships might seem a little dicey. Someone could do something that surprises us, gives us a different perspective on their character and makes us question whether our compassion and good nature are being played. Let’s not jump to conclusions. All of us have our off days. We might be upset by someone’s actions but before reacting it would be suggested that we consider the source and their possible agenda.

Saturn ends its almost five month retrograde cycle to turn direct on the 25th. Some of the delays and frustrations we might have encountered since the Spring can suddenly turn right. We could find that situations are more easily resolved and that there is a greater ability to expand our activities without the same level of difficulties.

The 26th of August gives us the Sun conjunct Mercury and Venus exiting Cancer to enter Leo. Our mind can be sharp and attentive to the specifics. We may be planning to get back on track of our usual routine. Although we are still in the Summer season for the next four weeks, we might have the sense of the impending autumn. This can be a time of school sales, tax holidays, all in preparation for our return to routine. We are unlikely to let the summer go, even if we are straddling the summer and the autumn. We may have our mind on autumn preparations, all the while that we are choosing to grab the gusto that summertime activities offer.

The Jupiter sextile Saturn aspect on the 27th of August allows us to broaden our reach, all in a tempered manner. We may be juggling any number of things, and we can do so without dropping the ball. We can handle various things at the same time and prefer more balls in the air than a singular focus. We could have the sense of the impending autumn and with a desire to cover as many bases as possible before we get fully back in harness of our everyday lives.

We end the month of August on the 31st with Mercury retrograding back into Leo. With Mercury coming back into Leo, Mercury triggers a Stellium in the Fixed Fire Sign with Mercury joining Venus and Mars in Leo. We are not done with our fun times in the summertime, and this configuration kicks off what may prove to be a rousing Labor Day weekend in the US, a weekend that unofficially signals the end of summer and the advent of the autumn.

August 2017… Fasten Your Seat Belts…