July 2017

The astrology as we begin July can be intense with us tending to go overboard in our actions and reactions. The liability of misunderstanding situations can be heightened and our sensitivity ratcheted up. We could be looking to square off for a good fight with a sense that we are not being appreciated for who we are and for what we do.

Like a volcano, things can be percolating below the surface, and it would be wise for us to find ways to vent our anger or frustration without blowing up. We may look to a confidante or a good friend to help us see clearly and objectively as to what is really going on.

With Mars opposed Pluto on the 2nd of July and Mercury square Uranus on the 4th, people could be like a tinderbox, ready at any moment to fly off he handle. This early part of July calls for us to take a deep breath and count to ten before responding to any situation. The tendency to react immediately might lead us into greater trouble and all by reason of perceived slights that might not have been meant but rather interpreted thanks to a welling up of frustration and anger and an inability to clearly understand what is really going on. A willingness to draw upon someone’s perspective as to what is happening can forestall our tendency to react without thinking things through.

Coming as it does around the Independence Day festivities in the US, we have to be wary of people acting out, accidents due to miscalculations and explosive incidents.

The Mercury square Uranus aspect on the 4th is my least favorite energy configuration for air travel, and I personally avoid it. The 4th also have Venus exiting its own Sign of Taurus to enter Gemini and in so doing Venus triggers a Mutable T-Square by Sign as Venus in Gemini will square Neptune in Pisces and oppose Saturn in Sagittarius.

This early part of July can be fraught with difficulties, and we need to keep a handle on how we deal with whatever is going on. If things build up with little room to maneuver, it might be wise for us to step away. Fortunately, with this also being the July 4th holiday period, many people are likely to step off the track and engage various social and fun activities. It is far better for us to have a broad palette of activities and events in which to participate, rather than focusing on one particular involvement.

July provides a roller coaster of good times and challenging times. It may seem like we are riding a wave with a propensity now and again to lose our footing and get body slammed by the crashing waves around us.

The 5th of July sees another significant energy shift. The Sun trines Neptune and the Sun squares Jupiter. We might feel as though we are divinely guided, that our intuitive sense is sharp and spot on. We might even have a sense of being a legend in our own mind, and that attitude could provoke issues with someone who might try to call us down from the Mount but a beckoning call we would likely resist or take issue with. Not only can we be a little too much in our self-evaluations, but we also have on the 5th Mercury exiting Cancer to enter Leo ending a Stellium of three planets in Cancer and triggering by Sign a Fire Grand Trine with the Mercury in Leo, Saturn in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries.

With the Mercury Sign shift, we are far more interested in our being on center court, center stage with less interest as to how our actions and discussions impact other people. We can be moving into a highly creative period and certainly a time when our self-expression is accentuated.

The 7th of July can see us at peak performance in regard to our conversations and our presentations. Mercury sextiles Venus on the 7th, and while we might want to hold forth on any matters at hand, we are also looking at presenting our wishes and whims in an appealing manner that can gain the appreciation and support of someone. We could seem to have it going on, but it would be wise for us to do everything in measured terms. We might have a liability to overdoing or overreaching during this early July period.

The 9th of July has the Capricorn Full Moon. While emotions and situations are often ratcheted up severalfold at the time of the Full Moon, this Capricorn Full Moon could ratchet up the intensity severalfold. If we can get down by the water, listen to soothing music or meditate in some spiritual retreat, we might dodge some of the bullets flying at this time. With everything heightened, this period could be a time of intense atmospheric storm systems, geophysical activity of earthquakes or volcanic eruptions, and an assault against the powers-that-be. Falling on a weekend, this Full Moon in July would suggest staying close to home without provoking contentious situations and relaxing rather than overly engaging. This could be a heck of a time.

The energy configurations at the time of the Capricorn Full Moon has the Cancer Sun conjunct Mars and both opposing the Moon Pluto conjunction. Our security and safety may be shaken up, but this could also be a time when we look to clean up and clear out vestiges of our past.

On the 10th, the Sun opposes Pluto. Whether we have consciously abetted our transformation or stood still assuming that same old will always be the same, all the while that the world has been whirling around us, we are likely to have a deeper sense of who we truly are and the true significance of our life’s purpose. If we have been merely putting one foot in front of the other, oblivious to working on ourselves and exorcising our own demons, we could feel like the camel trying to squeeze through the eye of the needle. Whether willingly or with our heels dug in, this is a period of letting go and embracing our essence, the nascent god being that lies within each of us.

This mid-July period could also see certain significant public figures stepping off the stage and passing along.

The 17th of July has Venus square Neptune and Mars square Uranus. Due diligence may be severely lacking, and we have to be wary that we don’t buy into impressions or fanciful statements that seem appealing and demand immediate action. This is a time when what we are shown may not be the true reality of the situation. Someone might try to put one over on us, and we could be swayed by the impressive performance. Tricksters can be at play. We also have to watch for impetuous actions. We might need eyes in the back of our head, utilize peripheral vision and take things slowly. Not that we are likely to heed that advice. The liability to accidents and bad decisions is strong under these energy configuration influences.

The 18th and 19th of July can allow us to make amends for any bone-headed actions or crazy decisions we might have fallen prey to on the 17th. The 18th has Venus trine Jupiter. Interactions with other people can be fun and enlivening, and someone might help us clear away the fog of possibilities in order to see clearly the light. The 19th has Mercury trine Saturn and our discernment can be sharpened so that we see behind the obtuse and the opaque and see what is truly going on.

Even if we fell down a rabbit hole on the 17th, we can clamber out of it, dust ourselves off and get back on track as a result of the energies on the 18th – 19th.

The 20th of July has the Sun square Uranus and Mars exiting Cancer to enter Leo. We are not looking to be held back by our past, our experiences or people’s expectations of us. We are gaining a second wind and looking to take the plunge, ready to put our energy towards our own individual projects and our own creative talents. Even if we feel held back by who we have been and how we have acted, we are more interested now in developing and expressing our own personal interests.

A greater fire in our belly is enhanced with the Sun entering Leo on the 22nd of July and with the Sun’s entry creating a Stellium of three planets in Leo as the Sun joins Mars and Mercury in the Fixed Fire Sign. The Fire Grand Trine by Sign is reinforced by the Leo Stelliun and with Saturn in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries and is heightened on the 23rd by the Leo New Moon.

The New Moon influences the next fortnight up to the Aquarius Full Moon on August 7th, a Lunar Eclipse. This can be a dynamic two-week period. What we have to watch for is a tendency to marshal our resources and spring full speed ahead. While we may have a thrust of energy during this time, we might tend to be reckless, headstrong and proving, at times, to be our own worst enemy. We could rue the day if we allow ourselves to be impetuous and insistent without the necessary strategizing or without contemplating the parameters and conditions of our trajectory. We could be champing at the bit, but we need to maintain our hands on the reins.

The 24th of July has Mercury trine Uranus and Venus opposed Saturn. We may get some fascinating insights into new trajectories for ourselves. We can hear about possibilities of which we have not been made aware. While we can get startling flashes of genius with a little help from serendipity where we find ourselves in the right place at the right time for some incredible blessing, how we deal with the wondrous surprise might prove the problem. We can be so over the moon about something that people find us quirky, downright strange or mad genius. Our ability to communicate our ideas and thoughts might be revelatory but our social skills might be lacking. We can feel blocked from leaping across the chasm into new trajectories but some of our blockage might be our own concern that what could be is beyond our capability. Let’s keep in mind that these times talk to serendipity, to certain magic and mini-miracles. We don’t have to have all the answers before we move into new directions. The universe could provide the way. But we do have to have faith in our journey, trust in the process and an acceptance of the paradigm shift that is taking us from linear, sequential reality of beginning, middle and end into the asequential reality where things can occur in a most random, even bizarre, manner.

July 25th has Mercury exiting Leo and bringing an end to the Leo Stellium of three planets. Mercury enters Virgo, a Sign that Mercury rules, with its tendency to sharpen our critical thinking and analytical skills. Even if we assume that new directions would be operating solely on a ‘wing and a prayer’, Mercury coming into Virgo provides more grounded thinking that evaluates and considers the specifics in any situation.

The 26th has the Sun conjunct Mars. If we engage our reasoning, analytical mind that Mercury transiting Virgo provides, we can find ourselves in turbothrust moving ahead with creative endeavors or just having some great summer fun. Although we could be more quick and determined at this time with a strong focus on our own pleasurable pursuits, we are not casting our fate to the winds but rather critiquing and considering the particulars before launching forward. This would be a time for us to advance certain projects that reflect our self-expression with the fine-tuning of critical thinking to be certain that all the details are covered in the process.

The end of July has Venus sextile Uranus on the 30th just prior to Venus exiting Gemini to enter Cancer on the 31st. We end the month with some interesting, even serendipitous, encounters. The week before may have had reconnections or reunions with people from our past. The 30th could find us interacting with someone who can provide us a mirror regarding new aspects of ourselves or make us aware of future trends.

As Venus comes into Cancer, our tendency may be to entertain at home and engage family and extended family. We seek the comforts of our base with the intent to keep the furies in the world at bay.

July 2017… keeping a lid on…