March 2017

We enter March both looking back in regard to where we have come from but also unclear about what our next steps should be.

The Sun conjuncts Neptune on the 1st of March. Taking some quiet time, stepping away from the frenetic energies of daily life, would allow moments of introspection. We could give greater thought to who we are becoming and whether the steps on our journey are appropriate for where we are now rather than steps that merely re-create the past.

Moments of introspection could prove brief as the 2nd of March gives us Jupiter opposed Uranus. We may be back on the fast track, helping someone out or encouraged to pursue our next involvements. We may be more interested in action than reflection, but there seems to be an accordion-type quality to this first week of March.

The 1st of March allows us to internalize and contemplate, the 2nd of March has us back on the fast track but the weekend of the 4th – 5th provides time to both intuit what is really happening and once considered gives us the impetus to develop the best means to expand our activities.

The 4th of March has Mercury conjunct Neptune. If we take the time to be quiet and draw upon our intuition, we can find the answers through our inner knowing. This is a time to listen rather than act. Venus turns retrograde also on the 4th. Relationships may have to take a back seat as we contemplate our next moves in our personal journey.

The 5th has Mars trine Saturn, and we can lay down the basic structure for how we could expand and realize our personal goals. This process of implementation is aided in the second week of March by the Sun conjunct Mercury on the 6th and Mercury sextile Pluto on the 8th, followed by the Sun sextile Pluto on the 9th, the day that Mars exits Aries to enter Taurus. With Mars exiting Aries, a Sign that Mars rules, we lose the Stellium of three planets in the Cardinal Fire Sign but enter a Mutual Reception with Mars now in the Sign ruled by Venus and Venus transiting Aries, the Sign ruled by Mars.

We might find ourselves less impulsive and more willing to take things step by step. The errors of our ways may become evident with the Virgo Full Moon on the 12th, which also has Mercury square Saturn. If we have deceived ourselves or made the wrong moves out of our impetuous actions, we may have to step back, re-work and correct mistakes made. Being resourceful and utilizing a best practices approach give us the ability to work effectively with less expenditure of energy. There are times, and this may be one of them, when we have to go back and rectify matters in order to move forward.

Mercury exits Pisces on the 13th ending the Stellium of three planets in Pisces and triggering a Stellium in the Cardinal Fire Sign as Mercury joins Venus and Uranus in Aries. Some of our emotional and even foggy thinking can be displaced by a self-assertive and self-focused mindset. We are more concerned about activities whereby we can take the lead and forge ahead. We are less sensitive and less reactive to the environment around us.

On the 17th, the Sun squares Saturn. It’s Saint Patrick’s Day, but we need to avoid burning ourselves out in celebration. There can be past connections with whom we are reunited and a tendency for us to step away from our daily routine. There may be nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, as outstanding matters call for us to tie up loose ends before the end of the winter season and the beginning of Spring, which astrologically represents the new year.

The 18th has Mercury conjunct Venus. Even if we are participating in group activities, this is a time when we are giving thought to our personal best. Winter is coming to a close, Spring fast approaching and we might consider our new springtime activities that we wish to engage.

Winter goes out with more of a whimper than a bang with us looking forward to the rebirth and renewal that Spring promises.

Spring begins on the 20th with the Vernal Equinox as the Sun enters Aries and triggers the astrological new year. With the Sun entering Aries, we now have four planets in the Cardinal Fire Sign as the Sun joins Mercury, Venus and Uranus in Aries. There is a great deal of fire to begin the Spring. We may be impetuous, impulsive, interested in new beginnings but with a hold on us from past obligations and daily responsibilities.

The 23rd through the 26th has various Mercury aspects and Mercury triggering a Cardinal Sign T-Square beginning with the Moon square Pluto on the 23rd, followed by Mercury opposed Jupiter on the 24th and culminating with Mercury conjunct Uranus on the 26th.

We have to be wary of shooting from the lip, being contentious and adamant about our perspective and the rightness of our actions. Discussions can turn into arguments and might impact our significant relationships. We might not be interested in any viewpoint other than our own.

A liability towards narcissism could be strong during this early Spring period with so much Aries energy, accentuated on the 25th by the Sun conjunct Venus when we could make it all about ME.

The final aspect to the Cardinal Sign T-Square triggered by Mercury’s transit of Aries occurs on the 26th with Mercury conjunct Uranus. This is a day when we could gain some interesting insights, sparkling revelations, if we are willing to open our mind to receive the ah-ha moments that come from thinking outside the box.

We do have to watch out for travel and especially air travel at this time. The Mercury Uranus conjunction is a high energy, high frequency combination. We can be inspired, but we might also discover various glitches. The information may be coming fast and furious and perhaps at such breakneck speed that it becomes close to impossible for us to bring it down to the lower frequency of this earth plane. We could experience computer glitches and difficulties in moving from place to place.

If we can keep up with the energy, we could come up with some startling solutions to problems that might have perplexed us beforehand.

The Aries New Moon on the 27th is a power-packed day and begins an impactful two-week period. Five planets are in Aries and Aries-ruling Mars transiting Taurus sextiles Neptune. We may feel divinely guided, willing to take things step by step, all the while champing at the bit to fast forward the process. This is a time when it is essential that we not get in our own way, for the natural unfolding may be far more effective and more successful than our impulsive actions.

The lesson for us in the early Spring period is the existential question of control or surrender. With the paradigm shift, neither extreme of control or surrender would be appropriate. During these times of shifting sands we are being asked to be co-creators with the natural unfolding. No longer can we assume control over circumstance, when in truth we have none. No longer can we surrender to the vagaries of conditions, for we are being called upon to work with the energies unfolding and not merely play victim to circumstance.

This early Spring period can have us wanting to force issues, make things happen, assert our dominance over our personal world. If we go there, we might find that not only are we being disappointed by the results. We could also discover that things could have worked out more readily and easily by being an active participant with the natural unfolding rather than us trying to be the manipulator.

March 29th has Mercury trine Saturn. Our mind is far more astute to reality and more adept at developing a template by which we can stay grounded and also develop some of our new interests. Our creative juices can be flowing at this time, and we can draw on our expertise to provide the right frameworks for our intentions and our goals.

The 30th has Jupiter square Pluto. Someone could make us aware of flaws or faults within our plans. We might have to tweak our methods as a result of someone’s objective critique. It would be wise for us neither to personalize nor take offense to any suggestions. Even if the person is proving to be annoying or a know-it-all, we could garner some kernel of truth or an important understanding that can get us back on the right track.

The month ends on the 31st with Mercury exiting Aries to enter Taurus. Our thoughts can be less impulsive and more grounded with thoughts of how best to proceed in a practical manner.

March 2017… Bridging the Past and the Future in Present State…