Autumn 2015

This Autumn 2015 is a time of shifting pieces, letting go of outmoded situations, realizing unexpected opportunities and seeking balance in an unbalanced world.

Much is changing in our personal lives and in the world-at-large. At times, we might feel as though we are trying to establish security in a fluid and dramatically transforming realm. We could find it difficult to maintain sanity in what ever increasingly appears to be a most insane phase.

Autumn begins with the Autumn Equinox on September 23rd, as the Sun exits Virgo to enter the Cardinal Air Sign of Libra. The Sign of Libra is represented by the symbol of the scales, and we might assume that the scales are balanced, that life is at equilibrium at this time. But before the scales are balanced, there can be whipsaws of extremes, and so it may seem as we enter this Autumn period.

Just prior to the Autumn Equinox, Venus in Leo trines Uranus in Aries. Serendipitous encounters could make us aware of options and alternatives we have not taken into account or been privy to. The mini-miracles and magic of these times can offer us glimpses of possibilities and prospects we might never have assumed.

Like being on a suspension bridge between our past and our future, we may feel the pulls of our past [who we have been] and the pushes towards our future [the surprising life that could unfold ahead of us]. Such a situation can create a conundrum of confusion, lack of clarity and an unsureness in our footing of moving ahead. There may be times when we need to draw upon our faith, even blind faith, that the universe and higher forces have far greater plans for us than we could ever have imagined for ourselves.

The early part of the Autumn can prove disruptive. While the Autumn Equinox with the Sun moving into Libra and shortly thereafter the Sun sextile Saturn [which has just moved back into Sagittarius for its two year cycle] may give us a sense of stabilizing our lives, finding our footing and establishing a secure base camp from which to move forward; the days immediately following the Equinox can be replete with disruptions, explosions and breakdowns of established forums.

The 24th up to the Lunar Eclipse on the 27th may have us on our toes, dodging, ducking and diving from various incoming. Mercury [and retrograde at that] squares Pluto and Mars exits Leo to enter Virgo on the 24th, followed on the 25th by Mars square Saturn and Pluto ending its retrograde cycle to turn direct. This first week of Autumn culminates in the Lunar Eclipse at the time of the Harvest Moon.

While we might seek to establish firm footing to begin this Autumn, we may also be severely challenged to roll with the waves. Discussions can turn heated and may ratchet up into disagreements and arguments. People can be quite critical at this time and willing to use someone they consider to be a safe harbor to vent their frustrations and whack at them like some piñata. This is a time for us to watch our tongue with the realization that words may not physically harm but can still be a form of verbal abuse. Once spoken, harsh words are often difficult to walk back.

We have to avoid impetuous actions, acting out without a significant purpose in mind except to do something, to do anything to relieve the itch we might be feeling. In our actions, we could fall prey to the admonition: ‘haste makes waste’. Our tendency might be to rush forward but without considering the circumstances or the conditions, much less the consequences of our actions.

Whenever Pluto turns direction, whether from direct to retrograde motion or from retrograde to direct motion, things can be explosive. With Pluto turning direct on the 25th and Mars squaring Saturn the same day, people could be pushing the envelope, acting out and becoming incredibly belligerent. This is a time when we need to keep our wits about us, be highly aware and maintain vigilance. There can be bomb blasts, geophysical releases and intense energies operating that may be hard to contain.

The Lunar Eclipse with the Aries Full Moon on the 27th brings up the issues of our personal interests as juxtaposed with those interests of our significant other[s]. While the Libran energy speaks to partnerships, the question of the balance between our personal needs or desires and those of the important people in our lives sometimes becomes a fine line with the swings of the scales between our personal interests and the interests of someone else until we find the balance point and a meeting of the minds.

The end of September allows the dust to settle. Whatever blowups we might have participated in over the preceding week, we can sort things out at the end of September when the Sun conjuncts Mercury on the 30th. Let’s keep in mind that this Mercury retrograde that began on the 17th of September and continues until the 9th of October revolves primarily around our relationships and our connections with friends and family.

The volatility of these times can be seen with the spiked energy in September [from the 24th through the 27th], the dying down of the energies afterwards, with another spike up in early October [from the 6th through the 11th] prior to the Libra New Moon on the 12th.

The 6th of October has the Libra Sun square Pluto, Mercury sextile Saturn, and Mars opposed Neptune. This is a time when we need to think smarter rather than trying to force issues. We may be feeling uncomfortable in our own skin, somehow blocked by obstacles and may choose to push on through. It would be far wiser that we take a strategic approach to whatever impediments may stand in our way.

Let’s keep in mind that we don’t always have to meet challenges head on. We can use the tai chi moves to circumvent problems, and we can utilize a best practices approach to deal with any confrontations. The direct trajectory may not be the wisest. If we take the time to deliberate and consider the conditions, we might decide to go around, go over or go under certain situations to avoid a frontal pushback. Or we could even decide to take a posture of non-action, allow the energy to pass and then deal with the situation in a more rational manner and at a more placid time.

On the 8th, Venus exits Leo to enter Virgo. With Mercury retrograding through Libra, although about to turn direct on the 9th, we have to be careful that we aren’t hypercritical in our relationships. We might have high expectations of other people and see their flaws instead of their attributes. The sense of ‘what have you done for me lately’ could trip us up and create irritations in our interactions with other people.

Mercury turns direct on the 9th, ending the three-week Mercury retrograde cycle. This ends the third and last of the Mercury retrograde cycles for the year. Whenever Mercury changes direction, things can get incredibly squirrely. We have to be cautious in our movements, in our decisions and in our discussions with other people. We may be coming off the Mercury retrograde but we might not have gathered our wits and consequently we could have the tendency of foot in mouth disease.

Venus moving into Virgo squares Saturn in Sagittarius on the 10th. I.O.U.s could be called in, as we deal with people from our past or deal with people in our present with whom we have some past obligation. Let’s be wary that too much is expected of us. Everyone may have the sense that something is owed them, a characteristic that has become all too common in our narcissistic society of entitlement.

On the 11th of October, the dark side of the Moon prior to the Libra New Moon on the 12th, Jupiter trines Pluto and the Sun opposes Uranus. This would be a good time for us to stretch, prepare the foundation stones of new projects and involvements, but to put our toes in the water, try things out, rather than diving into the deep end or definitely committing to something for the long term. We can neatly fit the pieces into the puzzle, but the question remains as to whether we are engaging an activity that empassions us and will hold our attention for an extended period or whether it is but a brief diversion and distraction from our routine life.

The 12th of October has the Libra New Moon with this New Moon triggering a Cardinal Sign T-Square as our old nemesis, the Uranus Pluto square, is engaged by orb but likely with more of a whimper than a bang. Under this New Moon and its two-week influence, we can find our relationships improving, greater ease in expressing ourselves and in our ability to move forward with our goals step-by-step instead of giant leaps of faith.

This mid to latter October can be pleasant with some occasional bumps along the way.

On the 13th of October, Mercury sextiles Saturn. Someone could be an asset in our expanding our goals, formulating our plans, and making us aware of necessary ingredients to accomplish our tasks. Despite the volatility of these times, we may be less whipsawed in our emotions and actions. Instead, we could have a greater maturity and a willingness to broaden our interests in well-conceived ways, all the while realizing that we might have to adapt and change according to unanticipated variables.

At this time, we can have heart-to-heart talks with someone to clear the air, straighten out any misunderstanding that might have occurred during the Mercury retrograde, and reaffirm our connection on solid ground.

The 15th – 17th of October can have us putting the pedal to the metal. Mars trines Pluto on the 15th, followed by Mars conjunct Jupiter on the 17th. The one monkey wrench to our actions and our plans might be the Venus opposed Neptune on the 16th. We can accomplish a great deal at this time if we would focus on the details, address the specifics and not lose sight of the particulars in our activities leading us to the realization of our goals. If we put the cart before the horse and concentrate on the big picture rather than the intricate minutiae of any project, then we could land in a world of confusion and the pieces to the puzzle might not fit neatly together. As we may be discovering in our lives, the journey is one that is step by step but the trajectory can often shift and change as we go along. What we started out to do might wind up taking us somewhere other than what we first intended.

And so too is it at this time of the 15th – 17th of October. We may have some grand plans to achieve, but the universe might have far greater plans for us than what we conceived. It all gets back to the idea that this paradigm shift moves us away from an assumption of our total control over our destiny and brings us into the new reality of our being co-creators with the natural unfolding and with a willingness on our part to let go of control and be open to the awe and wonder of what could be without us limiting the parameters.

Another bump in our road can occur between the 22nd and 25th of October. Similar to what occurred earlier in October when the Sun in Libra triggered a T-Square with Pluto and Uranus, the 22nd has Mercury square Pluto, followed on the 25th by Mercury opposed Uranus. The Sun exits Libra on the 23rd to enter Scorpio.

This timeframe can be a phase when either we are holding back with things simmering below the surface or our communications may be direct, overly forceful and even confrontational. Our thoughts may be expressed with intensity and sometimes without our thinking things through. People might not reveal everything that they are thinking or feeling, and we might feel the need to scratch beyond the veneer to get to what is truly going on with them. We might assume that we have gotten to the core of a situation but in the process we may not have taken into account some of the unexpected variables that arose in the interim.

The 25th with Mercury opposed Uranus has one of my least favorite energy configurations for air travel and for Internet connectivity. Technology can get squirrely at these times, and it is during this 22nd through 25th that we have to be certain to backup our computer files and be certain that our mechanical and technological tools are well maintained.

The saving grace between the 22nd and 25th of October comes in the form of Venus with Venus trine Pluto on the 23rd and Venus conjunct Jupiter on the 25th. We are likely to make nice with those people who can assist us in doing what we need to do. We might keep a lid on our intense expressions if we are helping someone out.

As long as we are getting what we need, we may keep our criticism and our conflicting opinion at a minimum. We can be astute about our dealings with other people, but there may be times when we have to hold our tongue and count to ten to dissipate the tension we could be feeling.

The Full Moon on the 27th of October through mid-November provides the energies to get things done, deal with the practical realities of our lives and do so in the most expeditious means possible. Not only does the Taurus Full Moon on the 27th of October provide the missing Earth Element to trigger the Earth Grand Trine with Pluto in Capricorn and with the Stellium of Jupiter, Venus and Mars in Virgo, this energy is supported by the transiting Sun going through Scorpio trining Neptune on the 30th of October and the Scorpio New Moon on the 11th of November with the Sun Moon conjunction sextile Jupiter in Virgo.

This end of October through much of November offers the ability to move things along productively and effectively, drawing upon a best practices approach and an intuitive understanding as to how to do more with less. Details can be attended to, all the while that the presentation is well considered and highly appealing. This four-week period allows us to accomplish a great deal. We may have the vision in mind, the sense of personal destiny encouraging us forward and the persistence to accomplish a great deal. Even if we feel we are only putting one foot in front of the other, we are likely to be making great progress at this time. It would be wise for us now and then to look up from our many involvements to restore our faith in the bigger picture, to keep the light aglow even if that light seems at the end of a dark tunnel.

The 30th of October has the Scorpio Sun trine Neptune. Despite our society’s tendency to become obsessed by material reality, this may be a time when the deeper needs of our soul and spirit stir within us. In quiet reflection, we can see how our journey has brought us to where we are today and we might feel ourselves fueled by the inklings of the prospects of our future unfolding.

Early November has Mercury exiting Libra to enter Scorpio on the 2nd, the same day that Venus conjuncts Mars. Our thoughts can become concentrated, focused on the core of any situation. Our interest in doing the best that we can, all the while presenting ourselves in a put together manner, instill a sense of true meaning and purpose and show us to be capable, talented and with a certain panache.

The 5th of November has the Sun sextile Pluto. We can pare down our ambitions to a select few, emphasizing those that have true meaning and purpose for us. We may be far more astute with the realization that too much can prove to be overload. We might find ourselves cutting away the extraneous in order to concentrate on the most significant. This is a time for us to go for the gold and engage those activities that reflect our essence, our spirit and our soul.

Our intuitive sense may be heightened on the 6th of November as Mercury trines Neptune. We could cut through the veil of maya, disperse the illusions in order to see what is truly going on. By trusting our inner voice, we may gain a crystal clear clarity that dispels the impressions and the opinions projected at us. We may ‘know’ without knowing, as we tune into a higher sensibility that transcends the reasoning mind.

On the 8th of November, Venus exits Virgo to enter its own Sign of Libra. With some of the sorting through and clearing away debris in our lives that we might have done over the past couple of weeks, we are better able to find the balance in our lives. With an increased sense of our own essence and the depth of our being, we might be more considerate of other people, less anxious about what is going on in our lives and in the world-at-large and with a heightened desire to instill greater serenity into our lives.

The second week of November could be close to idyllic with various pleasant energy configurations at play. Mercury sextiles Pluto and the Sun sextiles Jupiter on the 10th of November, just prior to the Scorpio New Moon on the 11th and followed shortly thereafter with Mars exiting Virgo to enter Libra on the 12th. Friday the 13th could prove anything other than scary as Venus sextiles Saturn and Mercury sextiles Jupiter.

Mid-November could be a veritable love feast. We are less interested in the mundane matters in our world. We may feel as though we have the uncanny ability to not only enter our safe, happy place in our mind’s eye but to actually manifest in physical form a sanctuary in which we can thrive in love and peace with everyone around us.

The dynamics of tension and friction may seem to drop away in the first half of November. We seem fortified by our confidence and optimism. We might come to an appreciation that some of the turmoil we could have experienced over the past few years have been like a honing tool, an alchemical process to turn our base metal into gold.

Although we could easily fall into reveries of good thoughts and good feelings and mutual appreciation for the people in our lives, it would be wise for us to bear in mind that we live in a world of cycles, phases of ups and phases of downs.

There are few hiccups during the first three weeks of November. We may feel as though we had been transported to Nirvana, Samadhi, Heaven on Earth and whatever other paradise realm we might define.

The Sun conjuncts Mercury on the 17th of November, Neptune turns direct on the 18th, Mercury exits Scorpio to enter Sagittarius on the 20th, followed by the Sun exiting Scorpio to enter Sagittarius on the 21st.

And therein lies a rub. Although Sagittarius is a Sign indicative of expansion, optimism and exuberance, we might discover as we come towards the end of November and into December that all is not right in the world, which can transfer into issues within our own personal lives.

The 20th of November can provide an initial prelude to some of the agitation and irritability that might unfold as we come towards the end of November and into December. The 20th has Venus square Pluto, the same day Mercury exits Scorpio to enter Sagittarius. Our interactions with other people can hit up against a brick wall with everyone liable to grandstanding and being obstinate in their opinions.

The 22nd of November has the Sun exiting Scorpio to enter Sagittarius and triggering a Stellium of three planets in Sagittarius as the Sun joins Mercury and Saturn in the Mutable Fire Sign. The increased Sagittarian influence also heightens the Mutable Sign T-Square by Sign with Jupiter in Virgo opposed Neptune in Pisces and both square the Sagittarian-transiting planets.

Our anxiety and nervous energy can be ratcheted up during this end of November and through much of the rest of Autumn. This tension can impact our mood swings with wild extremes. We might also have the liability of running around in circles without much clarity as to what we are doing or why we are doing it. We have to avoid our unease devolving into paranoia, for we could easily fall into a victim role.

What a difference this latter part of Autumn seems to be in contrast to the mid-Autumn period when we seemed to be so close to heaven.

This end of November can see our moods turning dour with heightened anxiety. This is a time when it is essential that we neither give into our fears nor accept at face value what appears to be going on. Illusions and delusions can be strongly at play.

Venus opposes Uranus on the 23rd of November. Our relationships could be a little dicey with people looking out for their personal selves and less interested in what is going on with someone else.

Although Mars sextiles Saturn on the 24th, Mercury conjuncts Saturn that same day. We can take care of business, deal with what needs to get done, yet under a dampening blanket that our movements are being restricted and our thoughts being narrowed to solely what is right in front of us.

This last week of November could prove a depressing time, and more so if we buy into what is being presented to us. Our sensitivity will be acute, but it would be essential for us to read between the lines in order to get greater clarity at a time when clarity may be a rare commodity.

The week of the 23rd of November begins with the Venus opposed Uranus on the 23rd, followed on the 24th by Mars sextile Saturn and Mercury conjunct Saturn. The 25th has the Gemini Full Moon on the same day that Mercury sextiles Mars and Mercury squares Neptune. The 26th, Thanksgiving Day in the US, has Saturn square Neptune. The week ends on the Sunday, the 29th, with the Sun conjunct Saturn and the Sun square Neptune.

This last week of November may demand that we put on our blinders and do what needs to be done. We might not be happy about what we’re doing but any questioning of our actions could only lead to depletion and depression. This is a period when it would be suggested that we have our ‘to do’ list well-planned prior to this week with the idea that we take things step-by-step, checking off the items on our ‘to do’ list without spending much time on the whys and wherefores.

We can accomplish what needs to get done, but it would be wise for us to maintain a narrow focus and not concern ourselves with incidents that might be occurring in the world-at-large. This timeframe could see some intense storm systems with catastrophic results, and our emotions could be easily played and preyed upon.

Our moods can be a little sour and our energy flagging at this end of November.

Let’s keep in mind that often what appears to be going on is but an illusion, events manipulated that create delusion.

December 1st allows us to cut through the fog of the previous two weeks. Mercury trines Uranus and we might get some startling insights regarding what is truly going on. We might best remember that these times are times of dramatic transformations and that various things may go through a crash and burn scenario. But like the mythological bird, the phoenix, on its funereal pyre, the natural unfolding is to rise from the ashes to soar ever higher.

And so it is for us in our individual life journeys and so it is for society. Releases and eliminations are sometimes excruciatingly hard, but they also allow a clearing the way for the new and different to rise up.

We might gain an understanding of this process, but I would also suggest that as we increase our awareness, the way gets clearer but not necessarily easier.

The emotional whipsaws continue on into the December period and through the rest of the Autumn season.

On the 4th of December, Mercury squares Jupiter and Venus exits its own Sign of Libra to enter a Sign of its Detriment, Scorpio, where Venus is not comfortable. We may be making our plans for holiday get-aways with little consideration for the expense involved. We are moving into the holidays with anticipation and expectation of making the forthcoming holidays full of good cheer.

On the 6th, the Sun sextiles Mars and Mars squares Pluto. We may be looking at spreading our wings, pushing the envelope, but some of our actions could prove impetuous without our fully considering the coordinates with the liability of crashing into the wall. There can be some extreme actions taken during this time, and we would have to be wary of collateral damage and unintended consequences.

We may want to break down much of the old structures and formats of our lives, but it would be wise to keep in mind that change does not necessitate throwing out the baby with the bath water.

We are all going through transitions and transformations, but the greatest shift is likely to be internal. We do not have to overthrow all our external matters in order to reflect the inner change. We might find that our inner transformations allow for a smooth but deliberate way in which we do things, even things to which we have long been accustomed.

It would be wise to keep in mind that volcanic activity can either be effusive or explosive. So too with the Pluto energy operating on all of us, operating on us in our individual lives but also operating in the collective, society and the world-at-large.

We can make dramatic changes in how we do our lives, but it is unnecessary that we throw everything overboard and start from scratch. Such drastic actions would be an explosive way of dealing with change, while the more subtle but equally dramatic shifts in how we are dealing with our life circumstances can be the effusive way of transformation.

The 8th of December has the Sun trine Uranus. We may look to express a new sense of ourselves, give thoughts to new interests we are looking to develop over the next year, and draw upon the holiday spirit to bolster our dreams with the realization that the forthcoming holidays represent the birthing of the light in the darkness with all its sparkling of magic and miracles.

Mercury exits Sagittarius to enter Capricorn on the 9th of December, followed on the 10th with Mars opposed Uranus and on the 11th with the Sagittarius New Moon and Venus trine Neptune. Impetuous actions at this time can precipitate accidents. This would be a time for us to be less involved with the active focus on the material realm and engage instead the ethereal of the non-physical realm. There are times to act, times not to act. And this mid-December period suggests that our actions could be impulsive and careless, while our willing to listen and wait can be rewarded with the serendipity of these times where we find ourselves being in the right place at the right time.

A mirror to the paradigm shift can be evident at this time of the New Moon and the influence it carries over the next two weeks. We may find that the more we try and make things happen, the more we experience pushbacks and difficulties in achieving our goals. An active stance could seem Sisyphus-like whereby we push and push trying to roll the boulder up the mountain only to have it fall back down.

If we take a more reflective tone, utilize the tai chi moves, be flexible, mindful and aware of the conditions, we could find that the way is made clear with little effort on our part.

As we enter this holiday period and in the quiet interludes of our celebrating with family and friends, we could discover the universe working its magic with things happening in a most mysterious but thrilling manner.

Holiday preparations can have us feeling buoyant and excited, but simplicity and genuine appreciation may be far more rewarding than excess and extravagance.

The latter part of the autumn season has the Sun square Jupiter and Mercury sextile Neptune on the 14th, Venus sextile Pluto on the 17th and Mercury conjunct Pluto on the 19th. If we would engage a philosophical attitude to our lives during this latter part of autumn, we might gain comfort and nurture from recognition of the deepening of our character. We might seek out those people with whom we have a deep, soulful connection and could plan our future laser-like in accord with what we now understand to be the quality in our lives.

Autumn ends on the 20th of December with Mercury square Uranus. People may be heading off for the holiday week, but the travel delays and difficulties could prove compounded. This energy can create disruptions and disturbances in communications, movement and transmissions.

This autumn has times of great insights and enjoyable events, occasionally impacted by the twists and turns. Even when life seems to us like a maze, in truth it may unfold as a labyrinth by which we can journey into the depth of our center.

Autumn 2015… punctuated by sublime moments…