Winter 2023 – 2024

The winter season begins with the winter solstice as the Sun exits Sagittarius to enter the Cardinal Earth Sign Capricorn in the dark of the night on December 21st [10:27 PM EST].

The entry of the Sun into Capricorn triggers a Stellium in the Cardinal Earth Sign as the Sun joins Pluto and retrograde Mercury in Capricorn.

We may be involved with the holidays, but it would be wise for us to keep attentive to our costs, our credit card purchases, and our finances.  We could easily get caught up in the holiday spirits with a tendency to being overly generous and overindulgent.  Let’s keep in mind that often ‘less is more’.

The worth of a gift is not ascribed to the cost of the item but rather true value revealed by the intent of the gift giver.

The 22nd has the Sun conjunct Mercury just prior to Mercury retrograding back into Sagittarius on the 23rd.  Drawing upon the Stellium in the Cardinal Earth Sign, the 22nd would be a good day for us to complete certain matters or devise a game plan for conclusions before the year is out.  We do not want to bring certain outstanding matters into the new year.  We may not start the new year with a totally clean slate, but we might choose to have space on which to implement our intended projects for 2024.

The Capricorn Stellium ends on the 23rd as retrograde Mercury backs out of Capricorn and re-enters Sagittarius [1:18 AM EST].  Our focus could shift once again as we reengage holiday celebrations and put aside our daily obligations.  We may have already started the long holiday of Christmas – New Year’s, and our social engagements can increasingly diminish our daily mundane concerns.

Christmas Eve on December 24th has the Sun sextile Saturn.  With everyone under the guise of holiday cheer, this would be a time to reach out and connect with those people we consider important in our life and who could prove beneficial to our interests.

With Venus trine Neptune on Christmas Day on the 25th our appreciation for home and hearth can be enhanced.  Even if we have disagreements with family members or friends, discord could drop away as we realize the essence of our connections, the depths of our love that transcends differing opinions or varying conditions.  Ever more so, we might realize that we are all one.  Our personal circumstance and our relationships might seem close to idyllic.  Joy to the world!

December 26th has the Cancer Full Moon as the Cancer Moon opposes the Capricorn Sun [7:33 PM EST].  Balance is a key testament to ‘right’ living, and the balancing act for each of us is between our professional life, often seen as our identity as to what we do, and our personal life, often indicated by the character of our personality as to who we are.  The internal – external conundrum requiring integration to achieve the true integrity of be-ing.

The 27th – 28th of December could prove challenging and confusing.  The 27th has the Sun trine Jupiter, Mercury conjunct Mars and Mercury square Neptune, followed on the 28th by Mars square Neptune.  We could feel confident with a thrust of energy to draw upon, but the larger question would be where and how we expend our energy.  We need to be wary of overconfidence and any tendency to leap ahead without fully considering the conditions and circumstance in which we find ourselves.  Arrogance and narcissism can prove our undoing with a liability of being accident prone due to rash actions and overly optimistic assumptions.  These two days threaten acting out the age-old saying: “fools rush in where angels fear to tread.”

Venus sextiles Pluto on the 29th before Venus exits Scorpio, a Sign of Detriment for Venus, and enters Sagittarius [3:24 PM EST].  With Venus in Sagittarius, we have a Sagittarius Stellium re-engaged as Venus joins Mercury and Mars in the Mutable Fire Sign.  We’re likely gearing up for the new year, getting our house in order, and ready to close out 2023.

On the 30th of December Jupiter ends its four-month retrograde cycle and Jupiter turns direct [9:40 PM EST].  We may be judicious in moving forward but moving ahead is our intention and doing so in a calculated, practical manner.

December 2023 concludes with preparations for the new year, emphasizing balance, discernment, and thoughtful actions in the midst of holiday celebrations and the transition into winter.

We come into January and the New Year of 2024 on the 1st with an affirmation of ‘out with the old, in with the new’ and high hopes for this year just beginning.

Although we consider the 1st of January to begin a New Year, astrologically we recognize a new year to begin with the Vernal Equinox in March when the Sun enters Aries to start its new yearly transit of the Zodiac wheel and initiate the spring season, while in China the new year is considered to begin usually on the second New Moon after the winter solstice.

The 1st of January for many of us is celebrated with great hope, even expectation.  This January 1st begins with a Grand Trine in the Earth Element.  January can be a highly productive month, a month when we can accomplish a great deal with much of our focus on working towards attaining our goals and ambitions. 

The strong Earth presence this month may have us taking a no-nonsense attitude to our involvements.

The 1st also has Venus square Saturn and Mercury ending its three-week retrograde cycle to turn direct.  Although we are interested in our relationships, we may have grown weary of those people who concentrate merely on the negative, everything that is wrong in their world and their negative appraisals of the happenings in the world-at-large.  We might decide to jettison certain people from our life.  Tired of the drama and exhausted from their unwillingness to deal with conditions as they are, we may determine our time to be better used in pursuit of our interests and accomplishments.

It’s a new year, a new day, and we’re committed to resolving to make this year the best that we can make it.

The 4th of January has Mars exiting Sagittarius to enter Capricorn [9:58 AM EST].  Mars is exalted in Capricorn and gives greater physical energy and stamina to accomplishing goals and persevering to achieve successful results.  With Mars entering Capricorn we now have a Stellium in the Cardinal Earth Sign as Mars joins the Sun and Pluto in Capricorn.  The thrust of energy that we might feel can have us virtually moving mountains.

Working smarter rather than harder could be the theme on the 9th of January.  The Sun trines Uranus and Mars sextiles Saturn.  We may decide to make alterations to our plans and to our trajectory.  Utilizing technology and new techniques can help us streamline operations and have us being more effective with less expenditure of energy.  We might be determined to use a best practices approach to realize our goals.

With the Sun Moon conjunction, the Capricorn New Moon on the 11th [6:57 AM EST] is in orb of a trine to Uranus.  By orb, Mars trines Jupiter, exact on the 12th.  Influencing the next two weeks up to the Full Moon on the 25th, this New Moon suggests creating solid foundations for our future and for our goals, all the while recognizing the realities of this paradigm shift where things can change dramatically and suddenly.

For the times, they are a-changin’

During this two-week period between the Capricorn New Moon and the Leo Full Moon, it is interesting to note that on the 20th both the Sun and Pluto enter Aquarius.

For the times, they are a-changin’

By combining both a desire to put down solid foundation stones for our year ahead, all the while being flexible and adaptable to changing circumstance, we can advance our interests, develop greater autonomy in our actions, and progress forward successfully often with evidence of serendipity and synchronicity in play.

The Mars trine Jupiter on the 12th gives greater force to our expanding our involvements.  We are looking to create some level of stability and security in a most insecure world.  But we have the determination and persistence to forge ahead no matter the situations occurring in the world-at-large.  By concentrating on the micro of our personal world, we are less likely impacted by any dysfunctionalities in the macro environment.

The 13th of January has Mercury re-entering Capricorn [9:49 PM EST] and giving greater emphasis to the Capricorn Stellium as Mercury joins the Sun, Mars, and Pluto in the Cardinal Earth Sign.  We can be more focused, more accepting of a practical approach to realizing our ambitions.  We are still in the ‘shadow’ of the Mercury retrograde, so we still need to be cautious in our thinking and in our decisions.  We come out of the Mercury retrograde ‘shadow’ on the 21st of January when Mercury reaches the degree at which it had turned retrograde in December.

The Sun sextile Neptune on the 15th of January might help us appreciate our personal destiny, the reality that each of us has our own individual journey through this life experience.  Although present society seems to negate individuality under the guise of equity [fairness], often interpreted as same outcomes and with people walking lock step in rhythm and rhyme to consensus opinion, each of us is totally different, similar to no two snowflakes being the same.

By taking the time to reflect on what we are doing and why we are doing rather than being caught in the frenzy of our multi-activity lifestyle, we can come to a better understanding of our life purpose and the circle of life.

The 18th of January has Mercury sextile Saturn.  Attention to detail may be matched by our ability of finding the right placement for all our involvements.  We could be meticulous in the organization of our affairs.  Due diligence can be sharp with our blending an intuitive sense of ‘knowing’ with our critical analysis of any situation.  This would be a good time for us to budget our resources, balance our books between our inputs and our expenditures.  Such an exercise would seem an important measure to forestall the liable excess we could engage on the 19th.

From Mercury sextile Saturn on the 18th, we encounter Mercury trine Jupiter on the 19th along with Venus square Neptune.  An upbeat attitude to the point of overconfidence might have us spending more and going overboard to assuage our appetite.  What we see might not be what we get, and it would be wise for us to rein in our enthusiasm and our first impulse regarding any matter.  Grandstanding and being too self-absorbed can prove costly and might diminish new prospects and new possibilities as we cross the threshold into a brand new world.

The 20th of January has us entering a revolutionary time, both in our individual lives and in society.  The Sun conjuncts Pluto both in Capricorn early in the day followed by the Sun exiting Capricorn to enter Aquarius [9:07 AM EST] and Pluto exiting Capricorn to enter Aquarius [7:50 PM EST].

This two-punch movement is highly significant, especially with the Pluto transit. Although Pluto will retrograde back into Capricorn in September through mid-November of this year, the Pluto transit of Aquarius that continues into 2043 could prove quite revolutionary with amazing technological advances [think A.I. and the use of light and frequency in medicine, transportation, and communication] and with the stirring of the people with various populist movements gaining influence.

When Pluto was last in Aquarius in the late eighteenth century, its transit coincided with the American Revolution and the French Revolution and saw the beginnings of the Industrial Revolution.

This past Spring from March 23rd into June 11th, Pluto dipped its toes into Aquarius.  As it left Capricorn at that time, we saw the banking system rocked, as it was when Pluto first entered Capricorn back in 2008 when we experienced the liable global financial system implosion.  This time, the banking system was rocked again as Silicon Valley Bank went under, Signature Bank was closed, Credit Suisse collapsed and was bought by Deutsche Bank, and First Republic failed and was taken over by JP Morgan Chase.  It will be interesting to see if there are further issues in the banking system early this year and in the autumn of this year when Pluto is in Capricorn and about to exit into Aquarius.

On the day that Pluto entered Aquarius in March the Technology officials were testifying before Congress.  The censorship and regulations of the communications and technology industry will be under scrutiny with Pluto moving into Aquarius.

Another characteristic of the Pluto Aquarius transit has already been seen over the past couple of years.  Thousands of people taking to the streets to protest the narrative promulgated by the powers-that-be.  We have seen it in the western nations with people opposing vaccine mandates, in Israel with people opposing judicial ‘reforms’, in the United States with people opposing the presumed standard bearers of the two main political parties.  We have witnessed it in elections where populist candidates have scored significant electoral impacts.  The win of Geert Wilders in this past autumn’s Dutch elections and the victory in the Argentina presidential election of Javier Milei are two examples of the vox populi playing out in national elections.

Gil Scott-Heron, often referred to as the godfather of rap music, authored in 1970 his famous poem “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised”, in which he foreshadowed how the revolution would not be sponsored by the corporate interests dominating the media but rather “The revolution will be live.”

The 21st of January has Mercury coming out of its ‘shadow’ of the retrograde, as Mercury reaches the degree at which Mercury turned retrograde back on December 13th.  Our thinking can be clearer and less shackled by the past or any sense of limitations.

On the 23rd of January, Venus exits Sagittarius and enters Capricorn [3:50 AM EST] triggering a Cardinal Earth Sign Stellium as Venus joins Mercury and Mars in Capricorn.  In our relationships we may be looking to connect with people who can assist us in realizing our goals.  We do need to be wary not to give into a sentiment of ‘what have you done for me lately?’, since our interactions might seem too focused on the what people can do rather than the who the person is.  Superficial and expedient interactions may serve a purpose but lack substance, depth, and real meaning.

The Leo Full Moon on the 25th [12:54 PM EST] when the Aquarius Sun opposes the Leo Moon is liable to raise the question of ‘me or we’.   We might find a push – pull between what we want and what would be best for the collective.  We may be adamant in our wants and desires but negating the truth of this paradigm shift where things occur in the most inexplicable manner and not always in accord with our wants.

Any tendency towards assuming what we want we can have from an exaggerated sense of self-importance and entitlement could boomerang back on us on the 27th of January as the Sun squares Jupiter and Uranus turns direct [2:35 AM EST].  We may be overly confident, highly optimistic, and might easily invest heavily in our future plans without drawing upon due diligence and seriously vetting the situation.  Any liability of arrogance at this time could also encounter Uranus turning direct, making us aware that during these times of the paradigm shift plans are best made in pencil with a large eraser, since the disruptive, tumultuous times can have unexpected developments that lay waste to the best-laid plans.  Humility is called for with an attitude of ‘expecting the unexpected’.

Even if we stubbed our toes around the 27th of January, the 28th allows us to ‘straighten up and fly right’.  The 28th of January has the Virgo Moon triggering an Earth Grand Trine, Venus sextile Saturn, Venus trine Jupiter, and Mercury trine Uranus.  Proper planning would allow us to draw upon solid foundations and then expand our operations.  We may get some interesting insights, those ‘ah-ha’ moments when we can determine streamlined methods and may become aware of trajectories which were not previously evident.  Let’s take the time to strategize on the 28th, all with an appreciation of engaging humility and being flexible to shift and adapt in accord with changing circumstance.

With well-considered plans in mind, we can move forward in new directions as Mars trines Uranus on the 29th.  We continue with the Virgo Moon triggering an Earth Grand Trine.  The 28th – 29th are two primo days for productivity and for advancing our ambitions.  If there are technologies and equipment that would enhance and expedite our operations, now is a time for us to invest in them.  Our resolve is indefatigable, and we might become aware of a best practices approach whereby we can achieve successful results in the most unanticipated ways.

Ending January on a ‘high’ and feeling like we’re at the top of our game, we come into February eager to draw upon both our material and spiritual characteristics.

There is a new day dawning, a revolution under way, even if the indications are presently only undercurrents to what appears to be going on.

During the past few years, and under the adverse circumstances of conditions, we could have sharpened our wits and developed our ability to cut through the veil of Maya — the illusions and delusions of what is being presented as true.  We are living in a post-modern era [or error] where the subjective supersedes the objective, fictions are accepted as facts.  These times demand that we be mindful, aware, and ever alert to the unexpected shifts and changes, and maintain our balance by strengthening our inner core, living by our moral compass, and expressing our integrity through our spirit in action.

The 2nd of February has Mercury sextile Neptune.  Not only can we draw upon our reasoning mind and our critical analysis to vet any situation.  Our intuitive sense is strengthened with the ability to cut away the decorative and hype to get to the core of any matter.  The combination of feeling and thought could give us a true sense of whatever is going on.

Mercury exits Capricorn to enter Aquarius on the 5th [12:10 AM EST] with Mercury triggering a Stellium in the Fixed Air Sign as Mercury joins the Sun and Pluto in Aquarius.  Mercury conjuncts Pluto.  As if having superhuman vision, we can dissect any subject to determine the essence that lies at the heart of the matter.  Our thoughts are likely profound, our speech concise and to the point, and our focus on what can be rather than only what is.  We may be feeling great intensity with a desire to get on with what we want.

Creative visualization is a powerful tool, but one that demands we not be fixated on the how the realization is to occur.  Synchronicity and serendipity are key elements of these times of paradigm shift.

We may see evidence of what might be considered the inexplicable on the 7th when Venus trines Uranus and Mars sextiles Neptune.  Being in the ‘right place at the right time’, even if we are totally oblivious of both, can open doors of interesting contacts.  We might encounter someone who may prove helpful to our goals.  With encouragement from outside of oneself, we could spring into action and advance our interests.  Often, we just need a slight push to get on the right path.  Once engaged, we can advance with determination and with a sense of exercising our personal destiny.

As with anything in life and especially during these tumultuous times, there are times when we go too far too fast.  We can invest our resources into what appear to be solid prospects, only to experience disappointment and failure.  Such an energy is evident on the 8th of February when the Sun squares Uranus.  The problem might not have been with our own exaggerated expectations but the vagaries of these times.  Any commitments now may be tenuous due to unexpected developments that could arise.  We are also on the ‘dark side’ of the Moon never a good time to initiate, far better to conclude.

February 9th has the Aquarius New Moon as the Sun conjuncts the Moon [5:59 PM EST].  This New Moon for the Chinese occurs on the 10th and consequently calendars in the countries in the west indicate Chinese New Year to occur on the 10th, but in truth the Chinese New Year starts usually with the second New Moon after the Winter Solstice.

This Aquarius New Moon accentuates the Fixed Air Stellium and our relationships.  In orb of a square to Uranus, this New Moon could ratchet up the volatility of these times over the next two weeks up to the Full Moon on the 24th.  We may be forward thinking but our resources might be wanting.  Let’s keep in mind that the paradigm shift does indicate that things can occur in the most unexpected manner and that incidents of magic and mini-miracles are likely.

This Chinese New Year is the year of the Green Wood Dragon and is forecasted to be a year of improvement, growth, abundance, and joy.  May it be so.

Impacting the Aquarius New Moon but exact on the 10th is a Mercury square Jupiter.  We need to be wary that our sense of possibilities doesn’t get the better of our practical realities.  It would be suggested that we temper any optimism and exuberance.  Let’s keep in mind that things are always easier in concept than in implementation.  Our confidence may be strong.  We might believe that we can successfully meet any challenges.  Keeping track of our expenditures and budgeting our resources could prevent us from going overboard on a wish and a dream.

The 13th of February has Venus sextile Neptune and Mars exiting Capricorn to enter Aquarius [1:05 AM EST], strengthening the Fixed Air Sign Stellium as Mars joins Pluto, Mercury, and the Sun in Aquarius.  It’s Fat Tuesday, Mardi Gras time, and we may enjoy the festivities.  Relationships can be deep and passionate, although we are likely looking out for number one.  We might be considerate, even accommodating, to someone’s needs, but we are still focused on where we want to go and what we want to get.

Passions can be turned up severalfold on the 14th of February, Valentine’s Day, when Mars conjuncts Pluto.  This is an aspect that suggests things can be too hot to handle with a liability of explosive behaviors and momentous releases of energy.  Storm systems could be dramatic with tornado-like winds.  We need to be cautious when out and about, since people could come unhinged and act out in extreme and violent ways.  If we are able to harness the energy, a tall order for sure, then we might have the determination and perseverance to literally move mountains. 

One of my least favorite energy configurations for travel and communications, Mercury square Uranus, occurs on the 16th of February, the same day that Venus exits Capricorn to enter Aquarius [11:05 AM EST].  Discussions can be full of misunderstandings.  Getting anywhere today might be challenging, largely due to unexpected situations arising and forcing us to alter our course.  With Venus entering Aquarius, we now briefly have five planets in the Fixed Air Sign.  The quirky and avant-garde could be enticing with everyone likely to be marching to their own drummer, accentuating their own individuality, somewhat like a snowflake where no two are ever the same.

The 17th of February has Venus conjunct Pluto.  The extremes of love and hate could be evident in our relationships with the likelihood of sentiments changing suddenly and dramatically and going from one extreme to the other.  Passions are engaged.  If our life is not deeply moving and exciting, we may look for the excitement out of our normal circumstance.

The Sun exits Aquarius and enters Pisces on the 18th [11:13 PM EST].  While the Aquarius Stellium is diminished, leaving Mercury, Venus, Mars and Pluto in the Fixed Air Sign; the Sun’s entry into Pisces triggers a Stellium in the Mutable Water Sign as the Sun joins Saturn and Neptune in Pisces.

Aquarius and Pisces are the two most universal Signs of the Zodiac, Signs that consider dimensions other than the earthly.  There is a cosmic connection, and as individuals we are likely to become far more interested and connected to a reality far beyond our earthbound ego personality.

Over the past several years and under arduous, challenging conditions, there has been an awakening for many people.  The blinders have been removed, and people are increasingly able to work with peripheral vision, look beyond what appears straight in front of them, grasp and grok that there are greater realities than those which we perceive.

This mid-February through the rest of this winter season provides the energy and support to develop and grow our spiritual being, awaken, and ascend into a new consciousness and one that comprehends the fifth dimension where the space-time coordinates collapse into the NOW with past, present, future all NOW.

On February 22nd, Venus conjuncts Mars.  Representing the sexual duality in nature where Venus represents the feminine and Mars the masculine, this conjunction allows us to integrate both the masculine and feminine aspects within ourselves to be whole.  Each of us has both the masculine and feminine aspects in our being.  Women exhibit the feminine externally but have the masculine internally, and vice versa for men.  With this conjunction, we can feel more whole, more integrated, and more complete.  Our relationships can be stronger for we are less likely to engage a battle of the sexes.

Mercury exits Aquarius on the 23rd and enters Pisces [2:29 AM EST].  Pisces is a Sign of Detriment for Mercury, for our thinking tends to be impacted by our moods, emotions, and feelings.  Instead of clarity of thought, we can be like sponges to water, absorbing our environment, with a liability of expressing our feelings to the detriment of rational thought.

The Virgo Full Moon on the 24th [7:30 AM EST] when the Sun opposes the Moon can be fraught with emotional drama.  The Stellium of four planets in Pisces in opposition, some only by Sign, to the Virgo Moon could either provide a visionary quality where our intuitive, feeling senses might combine with focused intent to develop a best practices approach to our involvements.  Unfortunately, the liability of this energy configuration can also reinforce a sense of victimization and a belief that nothing is right, everything wrong.

The 24th also has Venus square Jupiter.  These two ‘good guys’ of the planetary realm can exacerbate misunderstandings and a hyper-critical attitude, some of which may be self-inflicted.  It is staggering to realize that in an affluent country such as the US over 13% of the adult population take anti-depressants, a figure that rises to 24.5% of college students.  There’s something wrong somewhere, possibly the focus or lack of focus on true purpose in living.  Maybe the rendering unto Caesar both of that which is Caesar’s and that which is God’s is creating dire results.

This February into March would allow us to turn away from the sole material focus, even despite the pressures of increased costs, and turn towards a spiritual awakening and re-evaluation as to how we are doing life and our living.

The end of this February can make us aware that instead of us trying to make things happen [a mindset conditioned in all of us virtually from day one with the competitive win-lose scenario], we would be better served aligning with the energies unfolding, embrace the mysteries of this paradigm shift, and be mindful of what and how things are developing. 

Before we get to that understanding, we might need to learn the lesson one more time.  I always suggest that the universe taps us on the shoulder.  If we don’t ‘get’ that which the universe is trying to make us aware, it taps a little bit harder.  If we still don’t understand what the universe is trying to tell us, the universe gives a lateral lobotomy, or whack on the side of our head for us to finally ‘get’ it.

The 27th of February has Mars square Jupiter.  We might be trying too hard, pushing too hard, adamant in making things happen the way we want them to be. 

Overdoing often results in severe pushbacks, possibly evident on the 28th when the Pisces Sun conjuncts Mercury, Mercury conjuncts Saturn, and the Sun conjuncts Saturn.  Ill-conceived efforts could leave us exhausted and depressed.  We might feel as though the wind has been knocked out of our sails.  But this day could also allow us to stop, reflect and evaluate what we are doing, how we are doing it, and why we are doing it.  We might just be out of snyc with the universe, trying to force our will against an immutable power.

Although the 28th might seem like a bleak moment, the volatility of these times also gives evidence of the extreme swings from despair to elation, a feeling we might have on the 29th of February and on the 1st of March when first Mercury sextiles Jupiter on the 29th, followed by the Sun sextile Jupiter on the 1st of March.

We can feel upbeat, more optimistic as we end February and come into March.  This would be a good time for us to do fixups around our home, add something to our environment, and generally spruce up our living space.

Despite the well-known idiom that “March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb”, this March seems less energized when compared to the highly productive January and the spiritual awakening in February.

March begins with the Sun sextile Jupiter on the 1st.  We could be having a surge of ‘spring fever’ no matter what the weather may be.  Even if we felt in the doldrums during the end of February, we start this month more on an upbeat attitude.

The 3rd of March has Venus square Uranus.  If someone is not growing beyond their old parameters, we might question our continuing the connection.  We are more in tune with those people who are marching to their own drummer, growing and evolving, individuals with strains of quirkiness to their character.  We do need to be careful with impulse purchases.  Hucksters could be telling a yarn about the newest and greatest of one thing or another. 

The second week of March has Mercury making aspect to the three transcendental planets.  Mercury sextiles Uranus on the 4th, Mercury conjuncts Neptune on the 8th, and Mercury entering Aries sextiles Pluto on the 10th.    

The Mercury sextile Uranus on the 4th of March can provide those ‘ah-ha’ moments, those incidents of revelation where sparks of genius glow.  We may have further evidence of the asequential reality of these times of paradigm shift with things occurring in the most inexplicable manner.  We do need to be open to the magic of these times in order to receive.

The 8th of March has Mercury conjunct Neptune.  With Mercury being in Detriment in Pisces and with our mind tending more towards feelings and sensations rather than rational thought, we need to be careful that our ideas and thoughts and discussions are not solely based on our moods.  We might be highly compassionate regarding the ills in the world, but we also need to realize that each of us has our own karmic responsibilities and that it is inappropriate and unjust to take away the challenges and the opportunities of someone else’s karma.  As the saying goes: “you can help someone lift their burden, but you cannot carry it for them.”  If we stay in our body and not disperse our energy, there may be a spiritual awakening, evidence of dimensional realities beyond our own.

The energies on the 9th of March demand caution.  While the Sun trines Uranus, Mars squares Uranus.  Mercury exits Pisces to enter Aries [11:03 PM EST].  Change is in the air, new trajectories appealing.  Champing at the bit to get on with things, we could attempt to go too far too fast.  The liability of accidents through risk taking or impulsive actions cannot be discounted.  We are feeling the impulse of the impending spring season and like the burst of energy in springtime we could find ourselves highly energetic, forceful but rash in our actions.  This is a time when it would be wise for us to engage the sentiments in the Simon and Garfunkel song The 59th Street Bridge Song:

“Slow down, you move too fast
You got to make the morning last
Just kicking down the cobble stones
Looking for fun and feelin’ groovy”

The Pisces New Moon on the 10th with the Sun conjunct the Moon [5:00 AM EDT] is in sextile to Uranus.  Mercury, which entered Aries on the 9th, completes its connection to the transcendental planets with Mercury sextile Pluto.  The energy configurations on this day indicate that we are looking forward, less attached to our past.  We can clear the dross from our lives and begin to make room for the new and different, even engaging changes as we clear our path forward.  This New Moon like every New Moon influences the next two weeks of the waxing Moon up to the Full Moon, which in this case is the Full Moon on the 25th of March.  This 10th of March in the US is also the day that we turn our clocks forward as we spring forward with an increased sense of the spring season coming forward.  At sundown on this day, the Muslim faith begins the month-long celebration of Ramadan, commemorating the prophet Muhammad receiving from God the Qur’an, Islam’s holy book as a guide for humanity.

Our compassion may be more fully engaged on the 11th as Venus exits Aquarius to enter Pisces [5:50 PM EDT], a Sign of Exaltation for Pisces.  Venus in Pisces strengthens the Mutable Water Sign Stellium as Venus joins the Sun, Saturn, and Neptune in Pisces.  Either we can more fully engage our spiritual awakening, or we might fall prey to maudlin sentimentality.  Although the occidental life experience suggests proactive involvements of individual expression, recent conditioning in western cultures has fostered a more passive, responsive disposition.  Instead of being a spiritual warrior on one’s own personal life journey, people have been programmed to be reactive with a consequent effect of increased negativity and heightened depression with an existential sense of ‘what’s the point?’.  The point being that we are here through our earth life journey to meet certain challenges and invest in certain opportunities in our spiritual awakening that can eventually lead to the realization of Self, the Christed consciousness, and a reflection of the sun of god.

The latter part of March and the winter season gives us the Sun conjunct Neptune on the 17th, concurrent with St. Patrick’s Day.  Just as this day commemorates the story of Patrick ridding Ireland of its ‘snakes’, we can use this day to rid ourselves of our snakes, our demons, and elements of our past that we do not want to bring into the astrological new year at the Vernal Equinox two days hence.

Winter 2023 – 2024… times of productivity, awakening and contemplations…