November 20th – 26th, 2023

The astrology for this week of November 20th through the 26th of 2023 brings us into the holiday season with an upbeat, energized, and no-holds-barred attitude.

The week begins with us impelled to tie up loose ends, complete various matters, and put our house in order prior to Thursday’s Thanksgiving Day in the US with the kickoff to the holidays.

We may seem determined and highly capable at the beginning of the week.  We are interested in taking care of our responsibilities, resolving outstanding matters and preparing for the next six weeks of merriment.

Mid-week has the Sun exiting Scorpio to enter Sagittarius, followed on Friday by Mars entering Sagittarius and exiting its own Sign of Scorpio.  We now have a Stellium in the Mutable Fire Sign as the Sun and Mars join Mercury in Sagittarius.

The recent intensity with its liability of anger, jealousy and possessiveness can die down.  People may seem more light-hearted, more willing to see the bright spots in life, no matter what seems to be occurring on the world stage.

Thursday, Thanksgiving Day in the US, suggests we keep an attitude of gratitude for all the bounties in our life.  The day itself might seem heavy with obligations.  It could be catch-up time with relatives with whom we hardly have contact most of the year.   In growing up, I was often told the two subjects to avoid for pleasant conversations were religion and politics.  Unfortunately, both topics may enter discussions on this day, so it would be suggested we concentrate on the food, glorious food, and the tripleheader of football, and leave the pontificating to others.

Black Friday traditionally kicks off the Christmas shopping season with bargain sales and highly discounted prices.  Whether we join the shopping frenzy or choose to go a different way, we could be fast out of the starting gate on this Friday propelled forward by Mars entering Sagittarius and triggering a Stellium in the Mutable Fire Sign as Mars joins the Sun and Mercury in Sagittarius.

Let’s be wary of overdoing it.  We might feel as though we have flipped into overdrive with the consequent result of a hangover and a buyer’s remorse from the frenzy having overtaken us the day before.

The weekend might be better served slowing things down, taking things easy, relaxing, and reinvigorating.  If we get caught up in the volatility of these times, we could go from the extremes of manic action to total exhaustion.  It would be suggested that we find and maintain balance, a tall order during these disruptive and turbulent times of the paradigm shift.

Monday, November 20th – Overload, Overwhelm – Mars, Sun, Moon Void-of-Course, Saturn, Jupiter, Pluto.  Monday begins this week with the Moon finishing its transit of Aquarius with the Aquarius Moon square both Mars and the Sun both in Scorpio in the early morning hours.  The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for three and a half hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon completes its transit of Aquarius and before the Moon enters Pisces where today the Pisces Moon squares Saturn, and the Moon ends the day with a trine to Jupiter.  The Sun sextiles Pluto.  This is Thanksgiving week in the US, and many of us may use this day scurrying around in preparation of our holiday celebrations.  With everything that we contemplate getting arranged, we could easily feel on overload and overwhelm.  To some degree, we might have the sense that we are being steered by tradition and obligation, a return to past ways of doing things, all the while that we are needing to put our personal interests and future plans on hold for what may seem like a played-out distraction.  Ah, well, far better for us to ‘grin and bear it’ or opt out of the whole process than resenting the drama engaged.  If we are involving ourselves with the entire Thanksgiving process, then let’s just recognize that things may take longer than we like, that the costs might be more than we anticipated, and that contingency plans could be necessary in case of necessary alterations.  We’re kicking off the holiday season this week, and the more we can accomplish today and tomorrow, the less stressed out we shall be by the holiday frenzy.

Tuesday, November 21st – Here or There – Mercury, Uranus, Mars, Pluto.  Tuesday continues with the Pisces Moon with the Moon today square Mercury and the Moon sextile Uranus late in the day.  Mars sextiles Pluto.  Our ‘to do’ list can be extensive, and this day suggests prioritizing and proper planning would go a long way for us to be expeditious in our efforts and successful in our results.  We need to avoid getting confused by everything we feel needs to be done.  Certain loose ends might need to be tied up before we launch into our five-week holiday celebrations.  Tuesday is a good day to resolve various matters.  Taking the time to make a list of everything we wish to conclude before year-end would provide us a check list we can refer to over the few weeks while we’re in midst of the holidays frenzy.  By focusing our attention on essential matters to address, we can check things off as we accomplish them without losing sight of some of the issues we wish to resolve.  The holidays are a time when our concentration is often lost to the merriment and the pulls of social engagements.  Today is a good day for preparation both for Thanksgiving on Thursday and the holidays following afterwards.  Many people may choose to get away for a long Thanksgiving holiday weekend.  There can be delays and disruptions earlier in the day, smoother sailing late in the day.  Contingency plans are suggested in case of necessary alterations.  Let’s keep in mind that we are going through a paradigm shift of disruptive, tumultuous times and under the influence of last week’s New Moon with its unexpected situations and possible curveballs affecting our intentions.  As the Brits emphasized during wartime: “Keep Calm and Carry On”.

Wednesday, November 22nd – Picking up the Pace – Neptune, Pluto, Mars, Moon Void-of-Course, Sun, Sun Sagittarius.   The Moon finishes its transit of Pisces with the Moon today conjunct Neptune, the Moon sextile Pluto, and the Moon trine Mars.  The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for two hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon completes its transit of Pisces and before the Moon enters Aries where the Aries Moon today trines the Sun, which has just entered Sagittarius [9:03 AM EST].  Everything may seem accelerated today but in a highly functional manner.  We can be feeling more upbeat and flexible, less intense and rigid.  With tomorrow being Thanksgiving in the US, many people are likely hitting the roads, ascending from the airports, all with the intent of getting out of town.  Other people might be doing their last-minute food preparations for tomorrow’s festivities and feast day.  With the Moon ending its monthly cycle through the Zodiac to begin again as it enters Aries and with an increase in the Fire Element with the Sun entering Sagittarius, we could be feeling energized and ready to virtually take on the world, or at least our relatives during the holiday celebrations.  This is a day of endings and beginnings, so it would be suggested that we close out certain matters that we don’t need to focus on during the holidays and begin a new, more lighthearted disposition as we come into this new monthly cycle of both the Moon transit and the month-long Sun transit through Sagittarius.

Thursday, November 23rd – Attitude of Gratitude – Venus, Mercury, Sun, Saturn.  Thursday has the Aries Moon opposed Venus, and the Moon trine Mercury.  The Sun squares Saturn.  Thursday is Thanksgiving Day in the US, a day traditionally intended to give thanks for all the blessings in our lives but a day that has devolved into gorging on food and watching all day long football.  And perhaps those two activities should be our focus on this specific day.  Wednesday might have had us flying on all jet engines, today not so much.  The Moon’s connections with the planets occurs later in the day.  The main energy component is the Sun square Saturn where delays can occur either by circumstance or by our intention.  Committed obligations might dampen our spirits.  Not only could we dread the process of Thanksgiving dinner with relatives.  We could find the way to grandmother’s house to be congested and taking far longer than a normal trip to our destination.  We might not start the day in the best of moods, even to the point of being exhausted by the thought of it all.  Discussions can take a negative bent with people on either side of contentious issues.  Why go there when we can put on blinders, take fork in hand and plow through the many accoutrements to the holiday meal, and then retire to a comfy chair to stare at the big screen television for an unrelenting barrage of day-long football?  If we get into disagreements over matters occurring in the world-at-large, there will be no one to blame but ourselves.  Why go there when in truth we have very little direct impact on changing the world?  No, this day is best navigated by the proverbial walking on eggshells and getting through the day with as little adverse impact as possible. Happy Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 24th – Black Impulsive Friday – Pluto, Moon Void-of-Course, Saturn, Mars Sagittarius.  Friday has the Moon completing its transit of Aries with the Moon square Pluto.  The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for almost three hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Aries and before the Moon enters Taurus where later today the Taurus Moon sextiles Saturn.  Mars exits its own sign of Scorpio to enter Sagittarius [5:15 AM EST] triggering a Stellium in the Mutable Fire Sign as Mars joins the Sun and Mercury in Sagittarius.  Although we might feel hampered by tying up loose ends and addressing pressing needs, we are likely to have a fire in our belly, feel impetuous and ready to go for the gold or Black Friday shopping.  Interesting that Black Friday was traditionally the start of the holiday sales period with incredible bargains, but Black Friday sales started even a week or two before the traditional start date of the Friday after Thanksgiving.  Although we can be energized and looking to widen our reach, it would be wise for us to use braking action today.  There can be a liability of rash action, impetuous decisions, so it would be suggested we slow things down and not get caught in the frenzy of the holiday shoppers.  Apart from holiday shopping, this day would be geared for grand adventures, getting out of town and away from our familiar routine, and roam the unfamiliar and distant lands, whether literally or figuratively.  Even a drive about like a vision quest could be reinvigorating.  We may feel as though we are getting a second wind and less intense in our actions.

Saturday, November 25th – Brake Slam – Jupiter, Mars, Saturn.  Saturday has the Moon continuing its transit of Taurus with the Taurus Moon conjunct Jupiter to start the day.  Mars squares Saturn.  Yesterday might have had us out and about and acting impulsively.  If we went shopping, hopefully we kept our receipts, since today could have us feeling buyer’s remorse with a desire to return certain items bought in the flush of the moment.  We might be a great deal more discriminating in our shopping today.  While we could have been highly energized yesterday with everything operating smoothly, today could start off easily enough, only for us to experience various delays and frustrations in our trajectory.  This day suggests we exercise caution in our movements.  If we attempt to do too much at an accelerated pace, we could find the universe and the energies provide us with a brake slam that can stop us right in our tracks.  We might have gotten a second wind yesterday with Mars entering Sagittarius, but today could have us feeling like a helium balloon being deflated.  Let’s avoid spikes in energy that can give us an adrenaline rush only to leave us completely exhausted.  Even when things operate on greased wheels, quickly and easily, the energy during this paradigm shift may shift suddenly and dramatically.  That sense might be evident between yesterday and today, so it would be wise for us to slow things down, take our time, relax and reinvigorate before the universe steps in and forces us to do so.

Sunday, November 26th – Effective Before Spinning Out – Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Moon Void—of-Course, Lunar T-Square, Saturn, Mars.  Sunday has the Moon finishing its transit of Taurus with the Taurus Moon engaging the three transcendental planets with the Moon conjunct Uranus, the Moon sextile Neptune, and the Moon tine Pluto.  The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for almost three hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon completes its transit of Taurus and before the Moon enters Gemini late in the day with the Gemini Moon triggering a Mutable Sign T-Square as the Moon squares Saturn and the Moon opposes Mars to close out the day.  If we would keep our antennae up and heed the signals shown to us, we could be highly productive on this Sunday.  Unexpected situations might arise to our benefit, and it would be wise for us to take advantage of opportunities that truly resonate to us.  Both Saturn and Sunday could prove problematic regarding travel.  We have repeatedly seen the dysfunctionality of travel over the past couple of years.  Many incidents have given evidence of breakdowns in our societal systems.  If we are traveling either on Saturday or Sunday, it would be wise to have contingency plans in mind just in case of disruptions to our intended course.  Traveling on this Sunday, for many people the end of a long holiday, can prove difficult.  It is suggested that traveling earlier in the day rather than leaving late in the day might avoid some of the traffic / travel problems.  Exhausted by all the holiday activity, people are likely to be temperamental, even argumentative, towards the end of this Sunday.  Let’s watch our words and our reactions, for the liability is for us to say something we later regret.  Welcome to the holidays frenzy.