January 15th – 21st, 2024

The astrology for this week of January 15th through the 21st of 2024 gives us the thrust to put our spirit into action before we enter truly revolutionary times.

The week begins with us feeling inspired and impelled to make the world a better place.  In the US, Monday is the day that commemorates the life work of Martin Luther King, Jr.  Whether we have the day off on this federal holiday or we are engaged in our regular routine, the energy of this day is likely to bring out our compassion and a desire for us to express our soulful qualities.  We may consider how we can best employ our integrity and the depth of our being in practical and meaningful ways.

As the week continues, we could feel the push pull between our responsibilities of what we need to do and our desires of what we want to do.  It might be important for us to put our wants on the back burner and hunker down and do what we need to get done.

While we might dawdle mid-week by wasting time resenting the demands of our daily life’s obligations, the latter part of the week gives us a thrust to be productive and accomplish our various tasks.  It would be wise for us to do so, for we are on the threshold of mighty changes, but we could encounter distractions or obstacles coming from other people, whose intent we may not fully understand.

The weekend has us entering dramatic, even revolutionary times, as Pluto exits Capricorn to enter Aquarius.  We might have had a glimpse of some of the areas likely to be transformed last spring when Pluto dipped its toes into Aquarius; a time when we had various bank collapses, a time when technology companies were under governmental scrutiny, a time when people around the world took to the streets to protest government actions.

 The times they are a-changin’.

The revolution may not be televised, but it will be lived.

Monday, January 15th – Guided by a Higher Power – Uranus, Venus, Sun, Neptune, Pluto.  Monday begins the week with the Moon continuing its transit of Pisces.  Today, the Moon sextiles Uranus in Taurus, the Moon squares Venus, the Moon conjuncts Neptune, and the Moon sextiles both the Sun and Pluto both in Capricorn.  The Moon slips out of Pisces at the end of the day to enter Aries.  The Sun sextiles Neptune.  In the US, this day is a federal holiday celebrating the life and work of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  The astrological energies this day complement nicely the commemoration of Dr. King, for we may feel reflective, inspired, and committed to make the world, our personal world, a better place.  This is a day when we could blend our sense of personal destiny with practical implementation.  We can feel guided by a force greater than our own self, and yet very much in tune with our soul’s choice of direction and trajectory.  If we would take the time to pause and reflect on what we are doing and where we are headed, we might feel more engaged with our life’s purpose and with our intention of self-actualization and self-fulfillment.  There are times when it is wise for us to act upon the idiomatic ‘stop and smell the flowers.’ Today is one of those days, a day to contemplate our purpose, reinforce our intentions, and appreciate the strength of personal choice and the use of our free will.

Tuesday, January 16th – Blocked by Obligations – Mercury, Mars.  Tuesday has the Aries Moon square both Mercury and Mars both in Capricorn.  Yesterday could have had our imagination fully activated with a sense of employing what self-help author Napoleon Hill affirmed: “whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”  While there is great truth to that belief, it doesn’t mean that everything is always easy.  And so we might experience it on this Tuesday.  Our independence and our autonomy could be quashed by our responsibilities or by forces beyond our control.  It would be wise for us to avoid banging our head against the wall and trying to thrust our will on impenetrable forces.  Timing is everything in astrology and in life.  Although we can think about initiating certain activities today, the energies may not be with us.  This is a day for us to contemplate the parameters in which we are operating, step back to devise a well-considered strategy with the recognition that there may be better days to implement our plans, days where things can go more easily with less likelihood of a pushback that we might otherwise experience today.  Pushing forward despite the obstacles in our way could result only in pushbacks, total fatigue, and a sense of discouragement.

Wednesday, January 17th – Bungee Jumping – Venus, Sun.  Wednesday continues with the Aries Moon with the Moon today trine Venus and the Moon square the Sun.  We might far prefer to expand our interests and our operations and may do so under the encouragement of a bubbly, upbeat friend.  Today may seem like bungee jumping whereby we jump far out only to rebound back.  Our confidence may know no bounds, and therein could be a problem.  We might easily get carried away with our own enthusiasm and stretch beyond our limitations but stretching too far can snap back with a nasty repercussion where we feel like we’re hitting the wall.  This is a day that suggests we not expand too much or take on too much or we could suffer detrimental consequences.  To avoid the liable excesses of this day, although unlikely to be heeded, we might keep in mind the sage saying: ‘moderation in all things.’  The best course of action today would be to broaden our scope, all the while that we are keeping aware of the conditions and parameters and not exaggerate our abilities.  We need to avoid too much, too little, and determine what’s just right.

Thursday, January 18th – All Systems Go – Pluto, Saturn, Mercury, Jupiter, Mars.  Thursday begins the day with the Aries Moon square Pluto.  Nine minutes after the Moon squares Pluto, the Moon moves into Taurus where today the Taurus Moon conjuncts Jupiter, the Moon sextiles Saturn, and the Moon trines both Mercury and Mars both in Capricorn.  Mercury sextiles Saturn.  If we got carried away with ourselves over the past two days, with our ego at play and us acting out and not accomplishing much except banging and crashing around, Thursday provides the energy for us to straighten up and fly right.  Our ego can still get in our way early in the day, but as the day unfolds, we get a better grip on ourselves and on the circumstances with which we are dealing.  Thursday, Friday, and early Saturday can be a highly productive period, a time when we can be smart about what we’re doing, employ a best practices approach and take care of any number of things.  These days are not to be lost since the world may soon seem to be turned upside down.  These days are the last days of Pluto’s transit through Capricorn before Pluto enters Aquarius Saturday evening.  We might choose to attend to outstanding matters, bring conclusion to past issues, and prepare for the dawning of a new day.  One can hope for the beginning of a positive era and not merely a replay of human error.  

Friday, January 19th – Keeping it Real, Avoiding Distractions – Uranus, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Neptune.  Friday has the Taurus Moon conjunct Uranus.  Mercury trines Jupiter, and Venus squares Neptune.  We might have been in high gear yesterday, being highly effective and astoundingly productive.  We can continue in this vein on Friday.  We may feel focused, confident, and thinking about the most expeditious ways to accomplish our goals.  We do have to be wary of distractions from someone.  Either they could offer too much information that would divert our attention, or they might unintentionally undermine our efforts.  This day is best served by keeping our head down, concentrating on what is right in front of us, and taking care of what we need to get done.  Streamlined methods can save a great deal of time.  Today and tomorrow are two good days to clean up and clear out old matters and bring conclusions to the past.  We are about to cross a threshold, a time of new beginnings, and we may not want to be weighted down by the outmoded and the no longer relevant.  As the saying goes: “the cup has to be emptied before it can be filled.”

Saturday, January 20th – New Day Dawning – Neptune, Pluto, Sun, Saturn, Sun Aquarius, Pluto Aquarius.  Saturday begins with the Moon completing its transit of Taurus with the Taurus Moon sextile Neptune, and the Moon trine both Pluto and the Sun both in Capricorn before each of these two planets move into Aquarius.  The Moon enters Gemini where the Gemini Moon today squares Saturn.  The Sun exits Capricorn to enter Aquarius [9:07 AM EST], followed by Pluto exiting Capricorn to enter Aquarius [7:50 PM EST].  Change can be frightening for some people since it shakes up their semblance of security and stability.  Although we briefly experienced Pluto’s initial entry into Aquarius last Spring, we are now moving into the full nineteen-year transit of Pluto through Aquarius, except for a brief retrograde back into Capricorn in September through mid-November of this year.  Back in the spring of last year when Pluto first entered Aquarius, we witnessed the congressional hearings of technology company officials and the collapse of several banks, the latter being reminiscent of 2008 when Pluto first entered Capricorn and we experienced the liable meltdown of the global financial system.  When Pluto last transited Aquarius from 1778 to 1798 society experienced the American Revolution, the French Revolution, and the initial forerunners of the Industrial Age.  A slogan from the 1970s ‘power to the people’ may be back in vogue as we have already seen with people taking to the streets to protest the edicts of their government in Canada, the Netherlands, Germany, Holland, Israel, et al.  Despite showing on alternate media, the revolution may not be televised but major changes nonetheless are likely to be occurring.  A new day is dawning, whether dystopia or utopia, our choice, always our choice.

Sunday, January 21st – Taking a Breather.  Sunday continues with the Gemini Moon but with the Moon making no connections to the planets today.  With a major shift in energy yesterday as the Sun and Pluto both entered Aquarius, we might need this Sunday to take a breather, gather our thoughts, and consider what lies ahead for us in the changing paradigm.  We are entering a brand new world, hopefully not a brave new world as described in Aldous Huxley’s 1932 novel of the same name, wherein he depicted a dystopian future akin to what some commentators assert is being promulgated by the World Economic Forum and ESG [environmental, social, and governance].  While we are on the threshold of a new age, a technological age, we might wish to consider how we shall fit in to this new age and how we can become aware of the new technologies and could benefit from their usage.  Already artificial intelligence [AI] is providing tools for clear, effective communication through ChatGPT and Bard, while DALL-E offers artists a tool to express their creativity and generate an image from text.  We could easily feel overwhelmed by the ‘newness’ of technologies and what they offer.  If we take a breather and allow ourselves to learn by simple steps, the new technologies can prove a boon and not necessarily the end of human civilization.  Now is a time for us to ‘keep calm and carry on’.