Autumn 2012

This Autumn is a time of significant change, mixed messages, rampant confusion and drastic alterations. The season encompasses the Libra transiting planets triggering a Cardinal Sign T-Square and triggering the Uranus Pluto square which encompasses unexpected situations, drastic changes and breakdown of old structures and formats.

This Autumn has a most significant Sign change as Saturn ends its two and a half year cycle of Libra to enter Scorpio on the 5th of October. To top it off, we have a Mercury retrograde, with Mercury turning retrograde on the 6th of November, Election Day in the US. In 2000, on Election Day, Mercury ended its retrograde cycle and turned direct. And we all remember the election results [???] of 2000, an election mired in confusion, questionable vote counting with the end result of the US Presidential Election that year being decided in the US Supreme Court.

I would write ‘let the games begin’, but the games have already begun, as most of us are fully aware of all the shifts, changes and disruptions that have occurred in our individual lives ever since Pluto moved into Capricorn back in 2008. So, instead of writing ‘let the games begin’, I shall write ‘let the games proceed’ with the realization that we are all participants in the Living Theatre [with respects to the experimental theatrical works of Julian Beck and Judith Molina].

Autumn begins with the Fall Equinox on the 22nd of September as the Sun enters the Cardinal Sign of Libra. Although Libra is the Sign of Balance and is represented by the scales, to come to balance there is a tendency to sway between extremes until balance is finally reached. Although it would be nice to assume that we shall come to balance during this autumnal season, we need to bear in mind that Uranus transiting Aries and Pluto transiting Capricorn will keep hitting at the scales, tilting them one way and then another. We could say that such vibrant, even violent, shaking up of things would keep us on our toes, make us more fully aware of options we might not otherwise consider and would allow the dynamics of volatility to foster change; but erratic actions can also upset our semblance of normalcy, our desire for security and any feelings of stability.

It would be wise for us to keep in mind that the universe is not a vengeful energy vortex but rather an unfolding of energy configurations sometimes harmonious, sometimes discordant but always with a focus towards its natural evolution. If we have been disconnected from the natural rhythms and become disassociated from the true realities of living, then we might wish to reacquaint ourselves this autumn with the natural cathedrals all around us — walking by the seashore with the tides rolling in and tides rolling out… hiking on nature trails with the soft sounds of falling leaves carpeting the ground in a spectacle of color… watching the pouring rain with silvery droplets running down our window panes… feeling the cool breeze of autumn winds tenderly caressing our cheeks… and engaging the awe and wonder, like little children, of the magic and miracles of all the facets of life and living.

Too often we get engrossed in the immediate and assume ourselves to be but unwilling participants in a game of life that is beyond our control. If we could take deep breaths and focus on being ‘in the moment’, then we would nurture and reinvigorate ourselves with the realization that much of what goes on around us and impacts us is but the veil of maya, an illusion and not truly the real thing.

Certainly, these times are intense. The energy is spiked and we may feel as though we are flying with the eagles one moment in euphoric exhilaration, only to crash to the deepest depths of despair the next moment. Neither extreme may be true reality and certainly is not the balance point.

With autumn beginning on the 22nd of September, we have in numerology the master number of the 22 — the master builder.

And this autumn allows us to build anew. What shall we build? What shall we create for ourselves? And what if the resources available to us are far less than what we might like or might want? Can we go forward, be truly resourceful and work with that which is available to us? Or would we decide to take a passive, reactive approach and like characters in Waiting for Godot just sit around and wait for someone to come along and do it for us?

But Godot may never come.

The sense of extremes this autumn can be experienced by the Libra-transiting planets trining Jupiter in Gemini with some good feelings with other people, a sense of limitless possibilities and a breadth of vision that knows no bounds. The other extreme can be experienced in September and again in early November with the Libra-transiting planets triggering the T-Square as they oppose Uranus and square Pluto. The tug of war could be well engaged between what could be and elements of the past so hard to let go.

The latter part of September has Mercury trine Jupiter on the 26th, followed by Venus square Mars on the 27th. We may feel good about things, enjoy our conversations with other people and find ourselves in discussions about all the wonderful prospects we would like to engage. But questioning whether we are willing to go out on a limb and pursue our dreams when the financial backdrop seems shaky at best could also lead us to folding our tent or diminishing our intentions, even to the point of squelching our plans.

The Aries Full Moon on the 29th – 30th of September can be a truly intense time. Eruptions and explosions could occur, for the energy can be like a seething volcano that needs to find some steam vent or is likely to blow. This Aries Full Moon has the Aries Moon conjunct Uranus, both of which are opposed the Sun in Libra and all three of which are square the Pluto in Capricorn. Not only is the tidal action greater as a result of the Full Moon but is aggravated even more so by the energy configurations at this time. This is a time to avoid rash action and impetuous decisions. On the contrary, it would be wise for us to keep our antennae up, work with peripheral vision and be fully aware of what is going on around us. Now is a time for us to do the tai chi moves by being fully mindful of the energies operating and sidestepping any adversarial or confrontational situations.

Early October has Venus sextile Saturn on the 2nd, just before Venus moves into Virgo on the 3rd when it opposes Neptune. We might choose to catch up with old friends, get together with someone to show our appreciation for their being in our lives. We may be far more hospitable on the 2nd than on the 3rd, for as Venus moves into Virgo we could become far more critical, holding people up to expectations but looking more at their flaws than their attributes. We also have to be wary of the trickster, those people who appear one way, their reality totally something different.

Jupiter turns retrograde on the 4th of October, which may not be such a bad thing. Jupiter is transiting Gemini, a Sign of its detriment, where Jupiter is not comfortable. Instead of the depth of understanding and the searching for the truth of the Sagittarian qualities, Jupiter in Gemini exacerbates the tendency to take on more and ever more without considering what we are taking on, the ramifications of our involvements or the collateral aspects from the law of unintended consequences. Talk may be plentiful and cheap but we shall now have the opportunity of going back over areas where we might have been flippant, glib and neglected due diligence.

The 5th of October is a major, major day. Mercury enters Scorpio, which it does on an annual basis but more importantly on this day Saturn exits Libra ending its two and a half year cycle of the Cardinal Air Sign to enter Scorpio. Saturn in the Fixed Water Sign for the next two and a half years can emphasize the need for resourcefulness. Finances may tighten, especially in light of the fact that governments may be looking for more tax revenue. No matter who wins elections with Saturn in Scorpio, we may discover that the taxman wins either way with a greater bite from our disposable incomes. Past issues of financial miscalculations or excesses may be called to account, and the potential for problems in banking, the decorative arts and food supplies could be aggravated over the next two plus years. Resourcefulness is called for with the recognition, and hopefully realization, of the truth to the wise saying that ‘we never get more than we can handle.’

While there have been calls for greater transparency in the ways of the world and mundane affairs, Saturn in Scorpio may have a great deal more going on behind the scenes, in secretive ways, without full disclosure. Our psychic sense will have to be further developed and grow strong for us to be able to strip away the ornamentals, cut to the core and figure out what is truly going on.

As those of us who have strong Cardinal Sign [Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn] influences know, the Saturn transit impacting our planets by conjunction, squares and opposition can be one where we experience delays, frustrations and restrictions with often a pull back into past issues, past matters, even those affairs we may have thought resolved that still demand reflection at the very least. The Saturn transit is like a walk down Memory Lane, although not so much a garden path as a brambled rocky terrain. The Saturn transit influence is akin to the recapitulation phase discussed in Carlos Castaneda’s last book, The Active Side of Infinity. Sometimes we need to go back in order to move forward.

Although we are on the threshold of the dawning of a brand new day, a new world order, we may have to look through our old baggage, do an inventory, see what we need in order to proceed and that which we need to let go in order not to be thwarted in our days ahead.

For those with planets in the Fixed Signs [Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius], the Saturn Scorpio transit will ask of you, even demand, that you look back and deal with past issues and outstanding matters before moving ahead. The Saturn transit can be frustrating and can suck our energy, but with Saturn we are doing a great deal of internal work. I find it curious that some of the major Democrat leaders will be impacted by this Saturn Scorpio transit [Barack Obama, Bill Clinton – Leos; Hilary Clinton, Valerie Jarrett – Scorpios].

Before either Mercury or Saturn enter Scorpio on the 5th, Mercury conjuncts Saturn in the final degree and the final minutes of Libra. We may have greater clarity regarding our significant relationships. For some of us, there may be completions and closures. For others of us, there may be a greater consolidation and appreciation of the significant relationships in our lives.

Mercury moves into Scorpio and trines Neptune on the 5th. Our intuitive sense may be highly accentuated. No matter what is being presented by way of the media, the hypesters and the spinmeisters, we can see through the mirage. As if we have laser-like vision, we can see beyond the words, the images and appearances, and realize what is truly going on. We may also strategize a best practices approach to deal with any foreboding sense of contraction, and make our contingency plans to be as resourceful as we possibly can.

This first week of October is action-packed with Venus moving into Virgo on the 3rd, Jupiter turning retrograde on the 4th, both Saturn and Mercury entering Scorpio on the 5th and on the 6th – 7th Mars exiting Scorpio to enter Sagittarius.

While there could be a greater feeling of contraction and compression, Mars moving into Sagittarius can have us looking far afield, interested in foreign situations and wanting to expand our realm of operations. With Mars squaring Neptune on the 7th, we just have to be wary regarding where we place our energy. We may have gotten a burst of energy, a second wind, but it would be wise for us to focus our energy and not dissipate our energy by following castles in the air, those situations that seem appealing but have no real substance to them.

A sense of greater optimism combined with due diligence seems strong around the 9th – 10th of October. Our confidence can be increased thanks to the Sun trine Jupiter on the 9th. We may feel upbeat, enthusiastic and exuberant but our exuberance is not an irrational exuberance but rather well-grounded and well-focused. The sense of having our feet on the ground and an ability to zero in on a best practices approach all the while looking at those projects and activities that have the greatest meaning for us can be seen with Venus trine Pluto on the 9th and Mercury sextile Pluto and Saturn trine Neptune on the 10th. As though we have an incisive perception and an intense concentration, we can streamline our operations, deal with the fundamental issues, address every detail in the most expeditious manner and present ourselves in a pleasant and competent way. A great deal can be accomplished around the 9th and 10th of October if we will only engage the energies and embrace our talents, our abilities and the help from the greased wheels of the universe.

The Libra New Moon on the 15th of October falls in the 3rd Decanate of Libra with the Gemini sub-influence. The Sun Moon conjunction is within orb of a trine to Jupiter and a conjunction with Saturn. The 15th also has Mars trine Uranus. This day, and this next fortnight under the influence of this Libra New Moon, can truly be a tale of two energy configurations. There can be a push pull between old and new. On one hand, we may seek to involve ourselves in any number of activities. As though impacted by attention deficit disorder, we may be far more engrossed in trying out various things, chopping and changing, going from one thing to another to another. Not that this is necessarily a bad thing, since the energy can be swift and fast moving. We just have to be aware of what our productive time cycle may be, work with time in a qualitative manner rather than a quantitative measure, and have much on our plate. While our interests can be primarily on juggling, exploring and experimenting; we may also be pulled back into past situations, especially those associated with our finances where we realize that we might not have the same level of resources available to us as in times past. This situation, on the other hand, may force us to address outstanding matters, deal with old affairs and tie up various loose ends that we might have assumed had been completed but come back to daunt us and demand a final completion. If we can catch the rhythm, do the dance of back and forth and work with the energy in fast, almost staccato-like pulsations, we could discover that we are far more effective in shorter periods of time and largely by streamlining our methodology and working smarter rather than harder.

This push pull can be evident around the 16th of October when Mercury sextiles Venus and Venus squares Jupiter. Although we can be highly resourceful, develop a best practices approach, we also have to be wary of committing too much and taking on more than we can effectively handle. While these days have a great deal on our plate and have us developing a master juggler talent, we also have to avoid needless distractions and tedious diversions.

The 22nd-23rd of October has the Sun exiting Libra to enter Scorpio. With the Sun’s entrance into Scorpio, there is now a Stellium of three or more planets in the Fixed Water Sign, as the Sun joins Mercury and Saturn in Scorpio. The Sun trines Neptune on the 23rd and the Sun conjuncts Saturn on the 25th. The Scorpio phase asks us to go inside, to strip away a lot of the ornamental and the superfluous and to concentrate on the internal aspects of our being. The intensity is ratcheted up, but the intensity is an inner percolation, similar to the molten core deep within the surface of the earth. We may feel as though we have a manifest destiny. We may experience a sense of dying to the old, to eventually be reborn into the new. While we might have an impulse of a promised land somewhere beyond where we are, we may also recognize the need to do an inventory taking of our lives, where we have been, where we are and where we intend to go. In his last book, The Active Side of Infinity, Carlos Castaneda talks about the importance of recapitulation, of going back over situations and experiences in order to free ourselves from the cobwebs of the past that, whether consciously or subconsciously, could determine the actions of our present. There are times when we need to go through our old baggage and see what we need to be rid of before we move on. This latter part of October into November can be very much of that backdrop — a need for each of us to scrutinize our lives, see where we are and then devise a clearing out and cleaning up of past matters that serve no purpose, bear no relevance to our present, much less our future.

The end of October is a fairly frenetic time, a time when we need to keep our wits about us and not fall prey to either confusion or delusion. We may be impetuous but in our rush to judgment there could be a liability to our making some bone-headed decisions.

Venus exits Virgo and moves into its own Sign of Libra on the 28th, the day that Mars opposes Jupiter. The 29th has the Taurus Full Moon, Mercury moving into Sagittarius and Mercury square Neptune. With boundless enthusiasm, we may rush ahead but unfortunately our racing ahead might be fraught with extravagance, excesses and delusions. At this time, it would be important for us to activate some braking action, for otherwise we could go blindly into the night without due diligence, without considering the likely ramifications, without evaluating and re-evaluating along the way and without acknowledging the law of unintended consequences that could have collateral damages.

No matter how off center we might get, the 30th of October allows us to get back into gear, thanks to the Sun sextile Pluto. Excesses and extravagances can be reviewed and rectified. We tap into the deep reservoir of our being and our resourcefulness and cut away any indulgences perpetrated by our ego wishes.

Early November has the Uranus Pluto square triggered by Venus transiting through Libra. On the 1st of November, Venus opposes Uranus, followed by Venus square Pluto on the 3rd. Relationships could be a little dicey during this time. We may feel that we have accommodated, even capitulated, to someone’s wishes and desires without our getting much back in return. We may be looking for greener pastures, new connections and willing to pull the plug on certain associations that just seem far too difficult to maintain. Diplomacy may go out the window and a battle of wills engaged. Our desire for peace, serenity and equanimity could be shaken up by discord and disharmony. We may feel put upon and wanting to cut the ties that bind. It would be wise for us to avoid precipitous action in regard to our connections with other people, for we might take extreme measures, which would be hard to step back from later on.

The 6th of November is Election Day in the US and also the day that Mercury turns retrograde, triggering the well-known Murphy’s Law of ‘whatever can go wrong could’. Back on Election Day 2000, Mercury turned from retrograde to direct motion. As we all probably remember, the presidential election of 2000 was mired in grievous controversy and finally decided in the US Supreme Court proving the adage of the importance of one’s vote as the Supreme Court by Justice Kennedy’s one vote decided by 5-4 the presidential election in favor of George W. Bush. No matter what the polls might suggest, it would seem that the US election of 2012 could be confusing and controversial.

This Mercury retrograde lasts through the 26th of November with Mercury retrograding back through Sagittarius and on the 14th back into Scorpio. It is always suggested to avoid making major purchases or significant decisions during a Mercury retrograde. It would be wise for us to use this time to evaluate any expansions or added involvements that we might have taken on recently. We might choose to consider our projects and activities based upon our resources and how those resources might be affected in the days ahead.

I have mentioned before, shall mention again, that Saturn in Scorpio could indicate greater taxation, no matter what election outcomes might be. Not all of the taxes may prove to be clearly defined. What we should be aware of is the need for us to be resourceful and to work with our resources in the most expeditious means possible.

On the 9th of November, Venus trines Jupiter. This can be a most pleasant time with interactions with other people being upbeat, enjoyable and fun engagements. And what a difference from the prior week’s Venus T-Square with Venus opposed Uranus and Venus square Pluto. If we have been short with people or had certain misunderstandings with someone, this day and this weekend can be a time to play nice with other people.

The Scorpio New Moon on the 13th of November is a Solar Eclipse with retrograde Mercury square Neptune, just before Mercury retrogrades back into Scorpio. There can be a great deal of confusion during this time and many things could be occurring behind the scenes, out of sight but let’s not be totally out of mind. We may not have full information nor will there be full disclosure at this time. It would be wise to take things slowly and cautiously, as if walking on eggshells. Appearances may not match reality. Statements might not be anywhere close to reality. This is a time for great caution and with the recognition that this influence lasts the fortnight and beyond. We are going to have to draw upon our higher sense faculties — our intuition and our insights, listening to the inner voice — to get any sort of gauge as to what is really going on.

Mars moves into Capricorn on the 16th – 17th, followed on the 17th by Mars sextile Neptune and the Sun conjunct Mercury. We are likely to put our full weight behind our ambitions, those hopes and dreams we wish to realize. We may feel as though we are being guided, directed, as if by some divine design or our own manifest destiny. We can be quite visionary and pursue our plans in a most streamlined and highly effective manner.

The 21st of November has the Sun exiting Scorpio to enter Sagittarius and Venus exiting Libra, a Sign it rules, to enter Scorpio, a Sign of its detriment where Venus is not comfortable.

The Sun’s entry into Sagittarius creates by Sign a Mutable T-Square with the Sagittarius transiting planets first squaring Neptune in Pisces and then opposing Jupiter in Sagittarius. Through the end of the year and into January, we may find ourselves juggling ever more activities, sometimes wondering why but never giving up our pace. Can we say an exhausting period is upon us?

The days between November 21st and the 23rd can be a hodge podge. We shall need to be fully attentive to what is going on, not rush forward, since we could either go in the wrong direction or be accident prone. The 22nd has the Sun square Neptune while Venus trines Neptune. We may be easily snookered by images and appearances. We want to believe, but our desire may be more based on blind faith than seeing situations clearly. The 23rd has Mars square Uranus, and we need to be extremely careful around machinery. The potential for acting impetuously with resultant accidents cannot be discounted.

If we don’t fall down the rabbit hole, hurt ourselves or be thoroughly confused, we can straighten things out on the 24th when Mars sextiles Saturn. The key during this period is to take things slowly, not accept things at face value and have some measure of standards to evaluate and judge what we are doing and how we are doing. We are still in the midst of the Mercury retrograde, which finally turns direct on the 26th.

The 26th has Mercury turning direct, ending its three-week retrograde cycle. On this day, the Sun trines Uranus, followed on the 27th by Mars conjunct Pluto, a Lunar Eclipse with the Gemini Full Moon on the 27th, the same day that Venus sextiles Pluto. Venus sextiles Mars on the 29th.

We may feel as though we have gained a second wind. With greater clarity and a desire to expand our activities in new directions that truly speak to us, we can be passionate and determined in regard to advancing our interests. We do have to avoid pushing full speed ahead without continually evaluating and re-evaluating where we are going and for what purpose we are trying to get there. Conditioned by the times in which we live, we may try to take on more and more with the assumption that we can juggle it all effectively, successfully and without anything falling between the cracks. Not only could we convince ourselves that we have a Superperson ability, but we could convince other people too. It would be important for us to be judicious and objective in regard to what we choose to engage with a constant awareness of the best use of our resources — our time, our energy, our finances.

The sense of taking on too much seems aggravated during the holiday period, from the end of November through the end of the autumn season. Perhaps we are subconsciously, or consciously, preparing for the end times with various declarations related to the Mayan Calendar and the presumed end of being at the Winter Solstice.

People may march up to the mountaintop to await the end of the world on December 21st, as they have done so many times before. And after the 21st, they may have to march or slide down from the mountaintop and get back to reality, especially if the world does not end on the 21st.

Much of December has an interplay of the Sagittarius transiting planets opposing Jupiter and squaring Neptune. With the movement into Sagittarius of the Sun on the 21st of November, Mercury on the 10th – 11th of December and Venus on the 15th – 16th of December, a Mutable Sign T-Square is triggered. Excesses and indulgences may be strong. Some of it could be justified as the last hurrah before we cash in our chips with the end of the world fast approaching, according to interpretations of the ending of the Mayan calendar. And even after the 21st, we could continue our excesses and extravagances in celebration of the world not ending and then with the New Year’s celebrations. What a wonderful world! We can splurge and enjoy and postpone any hangover until after the first of the year when the bills come due and we wake up to the tax bites forthcoming.

The 2nd of December has the Sun opposed Jupiter. We may be feeling confident and optimistic and we might find ourselves doing holiday shopping and being ever so generous as though playing Santa Claus to one and all for the upcoming holiday celebrations.

Mercury enters Sagittarius on the 10th, triggering a Mercury square Neptune on the 11th. We may be confused or lacking full information to fully understand what is going on. It would be wise for us not to accept things at face value, recognize the agenda of the spinmeisters and take everything said with a grain of salt and a jaded eye. The hucksters and tricksters may be out in full regalia.

The Sagittarius New Moon on the 13th occurs just before the Moon goes Void-of-Course with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Sagittarius and before entering Capricorn. This New Moon also occurs just prior to Uranus turning direct. With the New Moon impacting the next two weeks, we may find ourselves focused largely on holiday celebrations, concentrating on ourselves and turning a blind eye to what may be going on in the world and all around us. Instead, we could be far more engaged in good times with good friends with little concern for mundane realities and impending situations.

The 14th has Mercury trine Uranus and could contribute to some startling revelations. No matter what is being presented to us, clarity can come in moments of insightful inspiration. We may stretch beyond our normal parameters to investigate realms of new possibilities and develop a new sense of ourselves. It is the holiday time and each of us can step away from the routine of our daily lives. In doing so, we may gain a fresh perspective, an ability to work with peripheral vision and consider options and alternatives that might not jibe with our usual mindset. In our minds, we can learn to be free, liberated from old ways and old patterns and open to the magic and the mini-miracles that these volatile times allow for.

The 15th of December has Venus exiting Scorpio and entering Sagittarius creating, albeit briefly, a Stellium of three or more planets in the Mutable Fire Sign as Venus joins Mercury and the Sun in Sagittarius. We may stretch beyond our typical conditions, intrigued more by those things foreign to us and open our eyes to expanding our interests, engaging a new sense of ourselves and taking an optimistic view to our future. Like little children, we may be in awe and wonder of natural unfolding and the opportunities available once we move beyond the rigidity of the familiar.

Venus squares Neptune on the 16th, followed by Mercury opposed Jupiter on the 17th. While we might see the world as our oyster, we have to avoid being seduced by the images, the presentations and people making promises they cannot keep. We could easily see things in a lovely bright hue, but it would be wise for us not to fall prey to possibilities without fully checking them out, doing our due diligence and recognizing that there are times when things seem too good to be true and turn out to be only illusions and delusions.

We may be caught up in the holiday spirit, and there are in deed incredibly magic moments that can occur. Let’s enjoy the kaleidoscope of good times, good friends and the little miracles we witness along the way. But while we might have our head in the clouds, let’s keep our feet firmly planted on the ground.

The 19th of December has Venus trine Uranus. Serendipitous meetings, synchronistic connections could invite some very interesting new people into our lives. They may be marching to their own drummer but they could also provide an important reflection as to who we are becoming and how we are changing.

The autumn season comes to closure on the 21st of December, which according to many interpreters of the Mayan Calendar also brings the end of the world.

No matter what your preparations for these ‘end times’ might be, I would suggest embracing the lyrics from R.E.M.s classic song:

“It’s the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine.”

Autumn 2012… a brand new world…