Spring 2010

This Spring can be an exciting, energetic time of new plans, new directions, but with possible delays, obstacles and impediments hampering our way. Change is upon us. We may feel as though our future is far better than our past, and we might seek change even for the sake of change. Where an issue might arise is the question as to whether we have done due diligence regarding our intended destination, our itinerary and our resources. And we may have to be adaptable and flexible to the shifting sands of unexpected variables and changing circumstance that affirm the words of Scottish poet Robert Burns in standard English translation: ‘the best laid schemes of mice and men go often askew.’

Spring begins on the 20th of March. While we all have been awaiting the beginning of Spring after a rather long, hard, arduous Winter, Spring is awaiting us. On the one hand, our sense of Spring fever can have us looking to march forward, progressing with our own plans, initiating projects that call to us. We may launch ahead with a great deal of thrust, determined to carve our way no matter what the obstacles, impediments or overhangs that could get in our way. Our intentions may be great in concept but possibly harder to realize in practical terms. It would be wise to keep in mind the admonition that good intentions are the pathway to hell.

The T-Square that we, as individuals and as a society, must deal with over the next two years is strongly in play during this Spring. We have already experienced the Saturn Uranus opposition during the 2008-2009 time frame while Saturn was transiting Virgo and Uranus transited Pisces. We have experienced the Saturn Pluto square during the 2009-2010 time frame when in the Autumn of last year Saturn entered Libra to square Pluto in Capricorn. This Spring we combine the three Signs of Aries, Libra and Capricorn to create a Cardinal Sign T-Square. We do so with the personal planets of Venus, Mercury and the Sun transiting the Cardinal Fire Sign of Aries. And this is but a prelude to the Cardinal Sign T-Square in 2011-2012 when Uranus is in Aries, opposes Saturn in Libra and squares Pluto in Capricorn.

The alchemical process of transformation with different phases of crash and burn, releases and eliminations, stripping away down to the very core, the rebuilding or building anew has been upon us and continues for the next two years. Not every birth is nine months long. And in this transformation, there are times when we need to let go, feel powerless to the changing circumstance, explore new ways of doing things and discover new qualities and characteristics of ourselves.

We may witness increased conflict between the individual and the authority. The primal scream of self-assertion evidenced by the Aries energy may be blocked by old patterns or by powers-that-be. While we are looking to initiate new projects, engage in new activities and find outlets for our own creative self-expression, these desires and our needs may be blocked by the archaic patriarchal pattern of control, seeking to limit or confine our personal expression, all under the guise of knowing what is best for us and providing us a semblance of security during a most insecure phase. And with the drastic changes going on within ourselves and in our society, such promises of safety, security, caretaking may be seductive and enticing. But we should ask ourselves: at what cost?

There is the Chinese proverb, some would call a curse, which is appropriate for this period: ‘May you live in interesting times.’ Indeed we do, and perhaps too interesting.

The paradox of these times is the increasing ability and opportunity for individual self-expression juxtaposed with the shifting formats within society at large. Everything is up for questioning. Everything is in a gelatinous state, nothing firm, nothing solid but rather morphing. And so it is for ourselves.

This Spring begins with the Vernal Equinox on the 20th of March, as the Sun exits Pisces to enter the astrological new year with its entrance into the first Sign of the Zodiac, the Cardinal Fire Sign of Aries. We begin the Spring with four planets in Fire Signs, two planets in Earth Signs, two planets in Air Signs and two planets in a Water Sign. There is a Stellium of three or more planets in the Cardinal Fire Sign with the Sun, Mercury and Venus all in Aries. The Spring begins with five planets in Cardinal Signs, and the Cardinal Sign T-Square linking up Aries with its three planets mentioned above, Saturn in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn. There are three planets in Fixed Signs, creating a Fixed Sign T-Square with Mars in Leo, the Moon in Taurus and Neptune in Aquarius. There are two planets in a Mutable Sign with Jupiter and Uranus in Pisces. Six planets are in Positive Signs, four planets are in Receptive Signs.

Spring starts with a great deal of Fire. We’re jazzed, ready to go, wanting to put our imprint upon our lives, and to do our own thing. We might even be singing or humming mantram-like the 1979 McFadden and Whitehead lyrics: “Ain’t no stopping us now. We’re on the move.”

Where a problem could arise is the fact that Spring also begins under the influence of a Mercury Pluto square. The Mercury in Aries squares Pluto in Capricorn and we have the tug-of-war between our personal desires and the consensus of how things should be. Discussions could become quite heated with people trying to prove their point and possibly doing so by raising their voice and gesticulating wildly. The theory that a good offense is a strong defense could be at play during this Spring period. We may feel constricted or limited by authority figures. We might have the sense of being blocked from what we want to do and how we want to do it. Might makes right, or so it would seem under this energy configuration that impacts this Spring.

But we need not feel powerless, or victim to circumstance or merely reactive to situations going on around us. If we take our time, strategize, all the while tracking the shifting winds of change, then we can do the tai chi moves of being aware of the volatile energy and working with the energy rather than taking an adversarial or confrontational stance. Nimble and quick, flexible and adaptable, all with an understanding that we neither can nor do we desire to re-create our past, should be foremost in our mind’s eye.

Spring is a time of rebirth, regeneration, renewal and rebirth. But the ‘re’s’ are not re-creations of the past. Rather they are indicative of the ever-continuing process of birth – life – death – rebirth, always moving to a different level than ever experienced before. This season is a time of new beginnings, of start-ups and initiations.

Around the 20th-22nd of March, we are entering Spring but we may feel that old issues, old patterns, old baggage continue to hold on, forcing familiar habits on us to look at and use as a mirror regarding where we have been and where we are. As we look at birthing anew, we may also long for the comfort of the old and familiar, the complacency of discontent.

The Sun moves into Aries and Mercury squares Pluto on the 20th. On the 21st, the Sun trines Mars and the Sun opposes Saturn. On the 22nd, Mars sextiles Saturn. During this period, we may have to prove ourselves to ourselves, that we are truly willing to be pioneers in the journey of life and take machete in hand with no road map for our journey and forge a path that is our own. We may have naysayers as we begin new projects or investigate new directions for our lives. This is a time for us to stretch, even if that stretch is within the confines of our mundane, daily parameters. We can make change, even very subtle change, that can be a trigger point and eventual impetus for further and greater changes in the days ahead. By our taking action, we can affirm to ourselves our intent, and by careful planning we can gain the admiration, even if begrudging, of our endeavors from other people.

The 25th has the Sun square Pluto and we may feel uncomfortable in our own skin. The ignited within us that cries out for self-assertion and self-animation is being limited or restricted.

The Libra Full Moon on the 29th of March asks us to find the balance between our personal needs and our interaction with other people. We need to be able to nurture and also to be comforted by our relationships and our contacts with other people. Venus sextiles Neptune at this time, and we can prove important support systems and sounding boards and cheerleaders for our friends and loved ones, as they can do for us. We might want to escape with our special someone into a world of our own, an idyllic retreat where mundane concerns have no influence. More importantly, it would be wise for us to embrace the wabi sabi idea of perfection within imperfection.

On the 31st, Venus moves out of Aries, a Sign in which it is uncomfortable, and moves into Taurus, a Sign it rules. This transit of Venus into Taurus ends the Aries Stellium but offers greater grounding and further potential for seed planting as we come into April. Mercury sextiles Neptune at the same time, and our intuitive sense can be heightened. We can consider possibilities for ourselves, where we can envision how we might be and where we might be in the days ahead. Our mindfulness can be strong and our awareness astute. Let’s trust the inner voice, our inner knowing, and not be confused by the spinmeisters who proclaim reality as they wish us to see it rather than what is truly going on or what we truly believe to be happening.

April 2nd begins one of the holiest weekends in Christian theology — Easter weekend, a symbology akin to the Vernal Equinox, the idea of rising from the dead, resurrected to ascend into heaven. For us, it affirms the process of shapeshifting, of dying to the old to be born to the new. On the 2nd, Mercury exits Aries and enters Venus-ruled Taurus. Our thoughts may be more grounded and we may be more cognizant of the tools with which to work to take our desire for new beginnings and create an appropriate format for their execution and manifestation.

The 3rd has Venus square Mars. Our feminine and masculine energies may be in conflict. The sense of creating a pastoral setting could find friction with our creative thrust of being active and doing. Relationships could be strained but more so if people are digging in their heels, fixed in their opinions and not being receptive of other people’s needs.

Easter is on the 4th and on this Easter Sunday, Venus trines Pluto. Gatherings with family and friends can be deeply meaningful. We can stand in our own light and respect the light in other people. Namaste.

April 5th sees Mercury square Mars, followed fortunately on the 6th by Mercury trine Pluto. Discussions can ratchet up into heated arguments on the 5th, but it may likely be more a case of hurt egos than logical sparring. Whatever the fireworks on the Monday, it could generate an incisive inspection of matters, focusing on the fundamentals and the best way to present the case to be pursued on the Tuesday. The 6th also has Pluto turning retrograde and this change in direction could trigger intense releases, explosions and blasts. More will be operating behind the scenes than readily apparent, so let’s be vigilant and mindful and read between the lines and look under the covers.

The Pluto retrograde on the 6th is followed by Saturn retrograding back into Virgo on the 7th. This transit of Saturn back into Virgo continues through the latter part of July. If we have not begun a good health regimen over the past two years, now is a time for us to do so. Let’s find ways to effectively address stress release, be careful of our intestines and focus on a good diet, exercise and meditation programs.

With Saturn retrograding back into Virgo, we now have by Sign a Grand Trine in the Earth Element with Mercury and Venus in Taurus, Saturn in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn,. We may be far more grounded, better able to strategize and focus on the fundamentals with a best practices approach and the ability to stretch our resources and, to borrow from Tim Gunn of Project Runway, ‘make it work’.

On the 14th, the Aries New Moon gives thought to far-away places and philosophical understandings. Spreading our wings, making plans for holiday travel and a desire to contribute to the good of our community may be calling us.

The 17th of April has Venus sextile Jupiter. The two good guys of the zodiac link up and excess and indulgence could be the result. It would be wise to keep an eye on our time, our finances and our desires. Less is more.

Mercury turns retrograde on the 17th and continues retrograde until the 11th of May. If we can avoid major decisions or significant purchases during this Mercury retrograde, it might be wise to do so. Mercury retrogrades are akin to Murphy’s Law whereby whatever can go wrong could. With Mercury retrograding through Taurus, we need to keep an eye on our finances. The taxman may have cometh but he no doubt will be coming back and possibly with a posse over the next few years. Conservation of our resources is something to work on and develop now.

Despite the Mercury retrograde and its potential to create chaotic traffic conditions, travel problems and communication breakdowns; the Venus sextile Jupiter on the 17th is followed by the Sun sextile Neptune on the 18th. Reality be damned! We would far prefer to luxuriate in grand illusions. Or is that fanciful delusions?

The Sun moves into Taurus on the 20th creating a Stellium in Taurus as the Sun joins Venus and Mercury in the Venus-ruled Earth Fixed Sign. The Grand Trine in Earth is reinforced with now five planets in the Earth Element. We can make manifest some of our hopes, with the caveat that Mercury is retrograde and the need to check and re-evaluate repeatedly as we move ahead. It is seed planting time, but it would be important that we know the possible side-effects that might arise, and maintain flexibility and be willing to adapt if circumstances dictate.

The 23rd through the 26th of April is an active period. We may be looking at changes but it would be essential that we not take anything at face value. We could be easily deceived by appearances, and it would be important for us to be aware of what is impelling us to consider different things that our out of our ordinary situation and to check the source and their agenda. The 23rd has Venus square Neptune and Venus sextile Uranus followed on the 24th by Venus trine Saturn. Even if we are looking at buying things, making purchases of either electronics, computer technology, fashion or home furnishings, it would be wise to keep our receipts to be certain that what looks so wonderful in the store works in our own personal environment. We can fine tune but again it would be important for us not to get stuck in our convictions but rather to be flexible and willing to make necessary adjustments.

The 25th has Mercury squares Mars, the Sun trine Pluto and Venus exiting Taurus and entering Gemini. With Mercury in Venus-ruled Taurus and Venus entering Mercury-ruled Gemini we now have a Mutual Reception between the two planets. The Taurus Stellium of three or more planets in the Fixed Earth Sign ends with Venus’ exit, but we may find that we are looking at a greater social whirl, meeting and greeting, rather than being singularly focused. Our interests are becoming slightly more flighty, with a tendency to sample the smorgasbord rather than focus on one particular item or activity. We do have to watch our expenses for we can be enamored with having fun, embracing the pleasures of life and negate the costs involved. While we want to sample various things, we are not going to pursue anything that doesn’t speak to us on a very deep and meaningful level. We may be interested in variety but not superficiality.

The 26th has our old nemesis and our future nemesis of the Saturn Uranus opposition. We experienced this configuration last year with the battle of old and new engaged. The conflict between the individual and the collective can be evident again and there can be demonstrations and protests against authority and in behalf of the rights of the individual. We might also realize ever more the problem with our infrastructure and how the information superhighway can get bogged down due to the inability of the infrastructure to keep up with demand [remember AT&T breakdown in NYC when the iPhone 3GS was first introduced?}

The Scorpio Full Moon on the 28th with the Sun conjunct Mercury both opposed the Scorpio Moon can raise questions about our finances, the impact of taxes, delays with tax refunds and our material resources. Now is a time for us to see how we can be more conservative regarding our finances, cutting down on our expenses and shoring up our revenue stream.

May 3rd and 4th can have us with laser-like vision, able to see the essential aspects and cut to the core. Mercury trines Pluto on the 3rd and the Sun squares Mars on the 4th. Even if we have to cut back on our plans for the short-term, it only means that we might have to put them on the back burner rather than tossing them away forever. During these times, it is essential that we be resourceful, prioritize and see how much we can accomplish with the least expenditure of energy, time and finances. We may go through a push-pull regarding what we want and what we can reasonably afford.

May 7th can be a pleasant time. With Venus sextile Mars we may be looking at some fun events, uplifting conversations and an ability to create win-win situations with our friends and loved ones.

May 11th has Mercury turning direct, ending its three week retrograde cycle that may have had some ill-conceived purchases, miscommunications and problems in dealing with our expenses. Things could go awry today, so let’s add on extra time to accomplish our goals.

The Taurus New Moon on the 13th – 14th of May reinforces the Earth Element Grand Tine by Sign. We can be adept at dealing with our mundane concerns, our responsibilities, even to the point of pulling a rabbit out of the hat. This two-week period could prove a good time to blueprint and devise a best practices approach in order to realize our goals and deal effectively with our responsibilities.

Too much of a good thing could be the sentiment on the 17th as Venus squares Jupiter and the Sun sextiles Jupiter. This third week of May can be highly active. The 18th has Venus square Saturn, Venus trine Neptune and the Sun trine Saturn. The 19th has the Sun square Neptune, Mercury trine Pluto and Venus square Uranus. Venus then moves into Cancer on the 19th. The 20th sees the Sun sextile Uranus just before the Sun moves out of Taurus to enter Gemini.

We could take on more than would be appropriate, be all over the place and assume that we are being divinely guided. Unless we keep our feet on the ground, we could go floating off into la-la-land. Overconfidence and over-enthusiasm could trigger some ill-advised actions whereby we spend too much, buy into the possibilities without due diligence and take a gamble on what could be without fully considering what is. This is a time when we need to repeatedly apply some braking action for without putting the brakes on, considering what we’re doing and where we are going, we could head off in the wrong direction with much gusto but little forethought.

Around May 23rd, the energies could prove intense. We may feel like we’re in a whipsaw as Jupiter opposes Saturn and Venus opposes Pluto. Restrictions could halt our intentions and our relationships might prove the harbor in which to vent our frustrations. This weekend it would be wise to count to ten before any actions or reactions since the energy could be explosive and we could overreact or go blindly into the night.

This end of May is quite significant since we have the Sagittarius Full Moon on the 27th just as Uranus exits Pisces to enter Aries. This shift in energy is but a prelude to the seven year Aries transit of Uranus, but it will also impel us to incorporate changes that allow our free spirit and the ability to do our own thing greater breadth of expression. While power to the person will be a major focus in the years ahead, this emphasis on individuality will also conflict with a tightening control by the powers-that-be.

These are interesting times in which we live. On one hand, contraction, greater control and less privacy are likely to be exerted by big government, big business, bigness of authority. On the other hand, technological advances give the individual the tools by which to easily and relatively inexpensively express creativity. Experimentation and self-discovery become ever more pronounced. People will not merely question authority but either step out of its way and do one’s own thing or confront authority with Lord Acton’s words of ‘Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.’

Saturn turns direct on the 30th and will continue its transit through Virgo until coming back into Libra in July and the initial sense of the Cardinal Sign T-Square with Saturn, Uranus and Pluto. Many of the delays we might have experienced over the Winter and Spring period, as Saturn retrograded, may finally be released. We are far better now to create the foundations, the structures and the format for our new tomorrows. As Saturn turns direct, Neptune turns retrograde on the 31st. We may be far more realistic, unwilling to accept at face value the images, impressions, appearances and spin that try to entice us and seduce us.

June 4th has Mars opposed Neptune. We may feel a little queasy, perhaps unsure of ourselves. Such an attitude could prove an important restraining factor, keeping us from leaping into a void. We do have to be careful regarding accidents and issues associated with water problems or electrical matters.

Major energy shifts occur again on the 6th and 7th with Jupiter moving into Aries on the 6th, followed by Mars ending its seven and a half month transit of Leo and entering Virgo on the 7th. We are likely to focus ever more on our own personal self-assertion. This tendency could be augmented by the Jupiter Uranus conjunction on the 8th with Mercury trine Saturn. We may be looking at a personal makeover whether that be in regard to our personal appearance, our activities and involvements, our patterns of behavior, or all-inclusive. But in so doing, we may be very focused on a best practices approach, grounding our self-assertions in an appropriate and expedited format.

This early part of June can see us focusing on new horizons, all of which serve to embellish our sense of self, our sense of self-determination. While we have the burst of energy to move ahead and do so in a well-considered manner, it would be wise for us to see any changes as experimental rather than long-term committal. For this early June period is another high energy time when we have to be wary of getting caught up in a whirlwind of personal enthusiasm and the desire to do whatever we want without fully considering the implications on the long-term.

Mercury squares Neptune on the 9th and we should take things with a grain of salt. Our enthusiasm may be stronger than our intuition at this time and we might not be seeing things clearly but rather caught up in our own enthusiasms. Mercury moves into Gemini, its own Sign, on the 10th and sextiles both Jupiter and Uranus. We may see a world of opportunities before us, and in deed there are. But with Mercury square Mars on the 11th, we could easily skip over important details, neglect specifics and avoid due diligence. We may have a great deal on our plate and assume that more is better. The Gemini New Moon on the 12th – 13th ratchets up this tendency to juggle ever more and again add more on our ‘to do’ list. Have we not learned the truth to the saying that ‘living simply is not simply living.’?

During this time it would be wise not to go on overload regarding our activities and our projects. We have all experienced overload and the focus of this time should be to prioritize, sample and experiment, but not to take on more than we can easily handle.

The latter part of Spring has some pleasant Venus energies. Love is in the air. At the time of the Gemini New Moon, Venus sextiles Saturn. The second half of the month may have us reconnecting with people from our past. Family get-togethers and reunions put an emphasis upon our relationships, old and new. The 14th has Venus moving into Leo where it trines Uranus on the 14th and trines Jupiter on the 15th. Social occasions can keep us in a whirlwind of pure delights.

The 15th also has Mars trine Pluto. We have the passion, determination and the most effective and expedited manner by which to move mountains. Great things can be accomplished now, easily and with great momentum.

Spring comes to closure with Father’s Day and just prior to it on the 19th, the Sun square Saturn and the Sun trine Neptune. Although much of the Spring talks to new beginnings and birthings, there are times during the process of initiations that we have to look back at where we have been. We may have angst of what could be and might feel somewhat dejected by what has been, but such a tendency would only be a judgment and an opinion and perhaps not the reality of what was. If we go down Memory Lane during this Spring period and harken back to where we’ve been, it is important not to overly critique or criticize ourselves or other people for past matters. Everything has been grist for the mill. We do not have to re-create our past but neither do we have to judge it. Our perspective now was not our perspective then. We did what we did with the information available to us at that time. There are no mistakes in life, only lessons with their challenges and their opportunities.

Spring… stumble in…