Monthly Archives: February, 2010

  • March 1st – 7th

    Our emotions are heightened this week. We could go through sharp mood swings but we should avoid feeling victim to circumstance. Our empathy is strong and we are likely to feel the joy and the sorrow of those around us.

  • March

    There could be a tendency at the beginning of March for us to tune out what is going on, far preferring the imaginative and the fantasies we can devise…

  • February 22nd – 28th

    We may start the week making all sorts of plans with friends and associates. We’re feeling energized, able to juggle all kinds of things and ready to deal with anything and everything

  • February 15th – 21st

    A large part of this week could be catching up with old friends, enjoying fun events and allowing ourselves some small indulgences. We may feel dreamy and moody and not the least bit interested in the real world or our personal responsibilities.

  • February 8th – 14th

    We may be more interested in making plans and considering future possibilities at the beginning of the week than in dealing with what is right in front of us and with our responsibilities. A ‘mental health’ day could be in order…