June seems a largely upbeat, flying high kind of month when we may want to engage in various social activities, have some fun adventures and get out of Dodge to explore new terrain.  We are looking at spreading our wings, fixing up our homes and our lives, and looking to get the past behind us in order to start anew or, at least, rebuild on more solid foundations. Our thoughts are towards the future, open to possibilities we cannot even imagine, all the while realizing that remnants of our past need to be dealt with and resolved, whether resolved now or a little bit further down the road.

June begins with one planet in a Fire Sign, five planets in Earth Signs, three planets in Air Signs, and one planet in a Water Sign.  There are two planets in Cardinal Signs, four planets in Fixed Signs and four planets in Mutable Signs.  Four planets are in Positive Signs, and six planets are in Negative Signs.

To start the month, there is a Grand Trine by Sign in the Earth Element and a T-Square by Sign in the Mutable Signs.

This is a month when we can have our feet firmly planted on the ground but our head in the clouds.  We may have ideas of what we want to create, how we want our lives to be, but there seems to be a greater practicality and pragmatism now as opposed to the wishful thinking or leveraging to the hilt in order to have instant gratification.  The aspect of time and development is more appreciated and seen as the natural unfolding and tempering of process, all with the recognition that things increasingly can change suddenly, instantly and without full notice.  These are magic times.  While we may feel that there are moments when the floor opens beneath us, we can come to a realization that such floor openings do not necessitate a free fall but rather can afford a free ascent.

It would be wise to keep in mind, almost mantram-like, the affirmation that when one door closes, another door opens up.

June is a time for exploration, for increasing our self-discovery, trying new things out and hopefully embracing the attitude of the awe and wonder of little children.

Life has changed.  The old remedies, the old parameters no longer work and are dropping away.  While we might not be fully aware of the itinerary or the direction in which life is moving, the more we can be aware and mindful, the better able we shall be in embracing possibilities and taking advantage of the opportunities opening up to us.

We start the month juggling, dealing with situations that have yet to be resolved and trying to bring them to completion and also addressing our new interests, new possibilities and new interactions with other people.  While me may feel caught in a metronome of back and forth, old and new, such a process provides an important tempering.  It allows us to see where we have been, how we have been doing life.  It also allows us to explore new prospects without fully engaging them but using them both to see how far we have come and also not to get enamored with the new without testing its viability and meaning for our future.

Interactions with other people can be fun experiences.  We may have reunions and reconnections with people we haven’t seen for awhile, for June is a month of celebrations — graduations, reunions, marriages and get-togethers.  The reconnections can offer a walk down Memory Lane but also the support and sustenance of how far we have come.  The contacts with new people might provide interesting alternatives regarding interests we may want to explore or consider incorporating into our lives.

This June is an exciting time, gives greater vision of a new day dawning, all the while that the past is setting into distant memory.

The month begins under the influence of May’s New Moon, the Gemini Lunation, and the impact of the Jupiter Neptune conjunction.  We are still straddling the Saturn Uranus opposition that has gone on since November of ’08 and continues through mid-year ’10.  Now is a time for us to be juggling, dealing with our old issues, considering new patterns, a time to both look back and look forward, a time for us to pick up the pace, give a little bit of time to a number of different things.

On the 2nd, the Jupiter Neptune conjunction is triggered by a sextile from Venus.  Later in the month, on the 17th, this conjunction will be triggered by a trine from the Sun.

The early part of June is a good time to seek counsel and encouragement from our friends.  We can gain a sense of appreciation from the kind words of other people.  These support systems may offer us good advice regarding possibilities for our future.  A sense of camaraderie with those special people in our lives can give us a sense that we have not only survived a catalytic period that was threatening and anxiety-provoking but our having survived recent times now affords us the opportunity to focus on how we can best thrive in the future under different conditions, radically-changed circumstance.

From the encouragement of others, we can begin to focus our efforts and our energies in creating the new foundation stones of our future.  The 4th has Mars in Taurus trine Pluto in Capricorn.  Now is a good time for us to use our drive and determination to move the truly meaningful forward.  We can accomplish a great deal if we concentrate on the fundamentals and not be distracted by the superfluous or the extraneous.  We could virtually move mountains now and certainly lay the groundwork for a productive and successful future.

We do have to watch for being glib or overly excited by our drive that we neglect or overlook important details.  The Sun squares Saturn on the 5th.  We may feel the wind has been knocked out of our sails.  We might realize that we have rushed ahead without covering all of our bases.  Delays and frustrations could arise as a result of outstanding matters demanding our attention.  Let’s keep in mind the metronome with the idea that there will be times when we can move dramatically ahead, leaping forward, and other times when we may feel blocked and hampered and have to address past issues or old matters.  It would be important during any such caroming, one of which could occur around the 4th and 5th, that these pulls between old and new provide an important tempering process.

The 6th has Venus moving out of Aries, where it is uncomfortable, and entering is own Sign of Taurus.  We now have a Stellium of three or more planets in the Fixed Earth Sign and giving greater impetus to our Grand Trine by Sign in the Earth Element.  Our sense of social decorum, our desire to beautify our lives and add panache to our everyday living can have us back in a consumer mode, looking to make purchases that enhance our image, our appearance and feather our nest.  Even our relationships are likely to improve, as we see situations from other perspectives and become more considerate of other people’s needs, and less impetuous and self-involved as we might have been over the past four months.

The 7th has the Sagittarius Full Moon with the Sun Moon opposition square Saturn and by Sign creating a Grand Cross in the Mutable Signs with the Uranus in Pisces.  The Saturn Uranus opposition that has proven our nemesis since this past November of ’08, and continues on into the mid-year of ’10, is engaged once again.  Volatility picks up and the wild swings between exuberance and depression can come back into action.  While we may feel somewhat dampened by the circumstances in the world at large, it will be essential that we do not fall despondent but rather recognize that world conditions are merely the backdrop of our lives.  What we choose in attitude and in our actions is up to our use of free will.  How are we going to not merely survive but rather thrive with the backdrop of the world’s conditions?  Our choice, always our choice.

And in contrast with times past, it is essential to realize the paradigm shift that has gone on and continues to go on.  We are moving out of a linear, sequential progression of reality into the non-linear, asequential reality whereby things can change immediately and instantly.  We are stepping onto the magical mystery tour and the only prerequisites for an exciting, interesting, adventuresome and successful journey is for us to take off the blinders of preconceived opinions, to let go of our need to control situations and master our universe and to be open to the magic of the universe whereby the universe has far greater plans for us than we could ever imagine for ourselves.  Life happens.  Miracles are everyday occurrences.

On the 4th, Mars trines Pluto.  On the 8th, Venus trines Pluto.  Our relationships can go to a much greater depth, a far more significant connection, a soul connection.  Our appreciation for other people in our lives can be ever stronger now.  We might also choose to engage in a personal makeover, focusing on the essential qualities of our being and enhancing the strength of our character.

The 9th and 10th has Mercury engaged, with Mercury sextile Uranus and square Neptune on the 9th and Mercury square Jupiter on the 10th.  We may gain some valuable insights, those ah-has that provide us with important clues or answers.  We can see things in a clearer light as though inspired.  It may raise issues with some of our plans or some of our goals.  But these times demand flexibility and adaptability.  Even with our plans, it would be wise to write them in pencil with a large eraser rather than carving them in stone.  What might be best for us today could prove inimical to us tomorrow.  Change is a key element of these times.  And it will be essential for us to be able to shift in accord with changing conditions.

On the 13th, Mercury exits Taurus and moves into its own Sign of Gemini.  The Taurus Stellium of three or more planets in a Sign comes to an end, but our curiosity and communication pick up significantly.  On the 15th, Mercury ends its ‘shadow’ movement finishing the path it took last month during its retrograde cycle.  Mercury comes to the point in Gemini where it turned retrograde in May.  We come out of the ‘shadow’ of the Mercury retrograde, and our thoughts and communications can be clearer and more adept at investigating all sides to an issue.

Also on the 15th, Jupiter turns retrograde.  Many of the changes implemented since Jupiter first entered Aquarius back in January may have to be reconsidered or at least evaluated.  Both Jupiter and Neptune transiting through Aquarius and recently in tandem have painted pictures of a new world.  With both retrograding we might have to look beyond the pretty picture, the immediate image, and consider what is truly going on, what the implications and possible ramifications of the changes we have encountered, engaged and even embraced might prove to be.  Some of the advancements towards the realization of our dreams, hopes and wishes, may slow down or be more active in concept than in our daily reality.

On the 17th, the Gemini Sun trines both Neptune and Jupiter and squares Uranus.  We may be champing at the bit to make changes, to hurdle across any obstacles towards our intended goals.  Our wish fulfillment can be strong and we might seek to achieve our purpose without fully considering the most streamlined methods by which to do so.  Now would be a good time to draw upon the input of other people.  We might have blinders on, unable to see certain aspects of our situations that other people might see ever so clearly.  If we feel discouraged by not achieving some of our plans immediately, we could fall into a victim mode, feeling the world or situations are against us.  Let’s not go there, especially in light of the increasing evidence that as we think so shall we be.

The Seasons change on the 21st with the Summer Solstice as we move from Spring to Summer, and in the Northern Hemisphere celebrate the greatest light, with the longest day of sunlight for the year.  The Sun exits Gemini and moves into Cancer at the same time that Venus is conjunct Mars, followed by the Cancer New Moon on the 22nd when both Venus and Mars trine Saturn, and on the 23rd the Sun opposes Pluto.

This change of Seasons could prove quite dramatic.  On the one hand, we are far more integrated regarding who we are and what we want to do.  On the other hand, we also recognize that we need to rid ourselves of certain old patterns, eliminate certain situations from our lives, and truly focus on purpose and meaning in our lives.  We may look to feather our nest, with attention given to fixing up our home environment, creating sanctuary for ourselves and the ability of establishing refuge from the onslaughts of shifting paradigms.

The balance in our lives is called for, recognition of the different involvements we have created for ourselves and being certain that every area of our lives is nurtured and developed with an idea to pruning any situation that no longer serves us purpose.  We have the ability of structuring our lives now, of building solely and solidly upon rock, choosing how best to channel our energies and the people we wish to engage in our lives.

Just as the beginning of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere celebrates the greatest light, so too for us the beginning of Spring allows us to embrace our greatest light.  While intention is significant, we may find that we also have to disentangle ourselves from past ties that bind.  We have that opportunity on the 26th when Mercury squares Saturn, which has been transiting through Virgo, the other Sign Mercury rules.  If we have glossed over details or avoided the specifics, we may be called to answer now.  We would have to avoid any possible depression with the recognition that depression can some times be like horse’s blinders, narrowing our vision and closing us off to peripheral vision or possibilities beyond the realm of our ‘tried and true’.

Once again, the metronome may seem in force as we flip between the prospects of our future and the remnants of our past. 

This June can be a wonderful time of great enjoyments and superlative delights.  This June can also be a restrained time of focusing on what needs to be addressed and loose ends to be tied up.

For much of June, we may be playing out the Lou Christie song of Two Faces Have I: ‘one to laugh and one to cry.’

June… possibilities and old ties….