Monthly Archives: June, 2009

  • June 29th – July 5th

    …this week is like a Jekyll and Hyde character with the demarcation line being the two months that end and begin during this week. We start the week off pleasantly enough, but as we come into July, things can ratchet up and we could feel as though times have shifted radically.

  • June 22nd – 29th

    The first full week of Summer, this week could have us fixing up our home, making purchases and focusing on family matters. While there is a desire to create a comfort zone in our living space, we might also feel a little bit off, as though things were operating below the surface causing us great concern.

  • Summer 2009

    While Summer is often associated with down time, getting off the track of our routine and taking time for relaxation and re-creation, this Summer can have us balancing our personal needs with the demands of our daily responsibilities.

  • June 15th – 21st

    The last week of Spring and the beginning of Summer, this week is a good week to finish up our Spring cleaning and prepare for the Summer ahead. Plans and projects initiated since the beginning of the year may need to be revisited.

  • June 8th – 14th

    This week starts with a ‘can do’ attitude. We may want to be in contact with those people that can help advance our interests. There is a no-nonsense quality to our thinking and to our intentions.