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Connecticut October 24th – 30th

I shall be in Connecticut from October 24th through the 30th, and available for In-Person astrology sessions in Stamford. If you or someone you know would like to meet with my while I am in Connecticut, please contact me through my Toll Free Telephone Numbers or through the Contact page of my website or my email address of

While in Connecticut, I shall be giving a talk at Greenwich High School through Greenwich Continuing Education on Tuesday, October 24th, at 7:30 PM – 9:20 PM. My talk is entitled

ASTROLOGICAL ENERGIES 2007: A Year of Completion and Preparation
Although recent times have shown us dramatic changes in our lives, the year 2007 seems both a culmination of situations that have come forward and also a preparation for the new ways to come. In this evening’s program, I shall discuss the dramatic energy shifts occurring
during 2007.

Among the topics I shall address:

* the health of the nation—are we on the edge of a pandemic or can we reawaken our vitality and enhance our physical well-being?
* economic indicators—has the global boom turned into a bust? Where does the United States stand in the Global Economy? What are the indicators for China, India and the European Union?
* immigration—has the world become nomadic? Will immigration put a strain on social services with severe repercussions regarding national policy?
* quality of life—do the best of our times lie ahead of us or behind us?
* earth changes—what is the outlook for earthquake and volcanic activity in the days ahead?
* weather aberrations—are the abnormal weather events merely isolated situations or do they represent a new pattern?

* housing markets—do softening property markets indicate a potential bust in the making?
* Presidential nominees—who are likely to be in the race for their respective presidential nominations in 2008?

The fee for my talk is $29.00.

To register please contact Greenwich Continuing Education at 203.625.7474 or 203.625.7475 or through their website at