Winter 2006-2007

This Winter begins with the Winter Solstice and the Sun’s entrance into the Cardinal Earth Sign of Capricorn on December 21st- 22nd. At the time of the Winter Solstice, we have five planets in Fire Signs, three planets in Earth Signs, one planet in an Air Sign and one planet in a Water Sign. There are three planets in a Cardinal Sign, two planets in Fixed Signs and five planets in Mutable Signs. Six planets are in Positive Signs [Fire – Air] and four planets are in Negative Signs [Earth – Water].

We start the winter with two stelliums of three or more planets in one Sign. We have a stellium in Capricorn with the Sun, Moon and Venus in the Cardinal Earth Sign. We also have a stellium in Sagittarius with Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Pluto in the Mutable Fire Sign.

This winter allows us to put spirit into action. Whatever impassions us, speaks to us and impels us can be structured, established and built upon solid foundations. We can in deed build upon rock and not upon sand. We can use this winter to create the ingredients and the framework of lives that truly have meaning for us and allow us to develop the quality in our lives. This winter can be a truly productive time.

We do have to keep in mind however the Taoist aphorism: bend like a reed or break like an oak.

The importance of flexibility during these times cannot be overstated. Not only do we have five planets in Mutable Signs, emphasizing the need for adaptability, but we also have a significant chart pattern and two particular planetary aspects that demand that we keep our antennae up, be vigilant and stay aware for delays, shifting tides and unexpected variables.

While there are some excellent energies for us to be productive and accomplished during the winter, this winter is not a walk in the park. There may be times when we might feel as though we have to tiptoe through a landscape interspersed with land mines.

East of the Mississippi River, the winter solstice has a bucket type of chart with all the planets on one side of the chart, the western side, save for a single planet in the east, retrograde Saturn in Leo. Past patterns, past issues and even a critical self-evaluation could be a strong filtration process to our moving forward with new projects and the development of projects already set into motion. To some degree, we all have to get out of our own way and not allow ourselves to fall victim to being our own worst enemy. Otherwise, we could find ourselves mulling over, wishing and hoping for better days and better ways but not getting much accomplished in manifesting or realizing our dreams.

This potential for spinning our wheels is augmented by one of the particular planetary aspects: the wide orb of Saturn opposed Neptune that comes closer through the winter and is in exact opposition on February 27th.

We do have to watch for buying into prospects and proposals that seem real and eminently possible, but may prove to be only illusions or delusions. We could find part of our winter to be a journeying forth only to discover that we have headed down a blind alley towards a dead end and consequently need to back track. Again, the issue arises whether we shall build upon rock or upon sand. The more we can critique and evaluate our possibilities for action before committing to their development and for the long-term, the more likely we shall save ourselves time and avoid backtracking from situations that seemed great from the get-go but proved illusory in their execution.

A more daunting aspect would seem to be the Mars square Uranus exact to the very minute of the winter solstice. Throughout the winter, people could be on edge. This energy contributes to the unexpected variable, unanticipated situations that are likely to arise during this winter period. This energy could ramp up possible terror threats, as people are likely to be acting out, pushing the envelope and embracing the attitude of a rebel, with or without cause. This energy can also instill an accident-prone tendency. Impetuousness, rashness, flailing out through force without giving thought to the implication or the consequences can all be part of this coming winter pattern. We may also see this Mars square Uranus operating in atmospheric and geophysical conditions. Aberrant weather patterns, unnatural for that particular area, could be recorded during this winter. Already in the autumn of ’06, London, England experienced a rare tornado, a weather phenomenon that is virtually unknown in the UK. Back in March of 2004, Brazil experienced a hurricane, a weather system not associated with Brazil.

This winter demands that we be nimble and quick. While there may be times when we feel that we’re not at the top of our game or operating on all eight cylinders, now and again we shall have to thrust into overdrive, put the pedal to the metal and be ready to deal with unexpected events.

Increasingly, we may feel the need, even the demand, to make changes in our lives, to free ourselves up from responsibilities and obligations that have become weighty and are no longer ours to take on. Although we may feel like champing at the bit, wanting to get on with new things and new directions, we may experience delays and frustrations to our movement forward.

Being nimble and quick, incorporating the sense of balance in balancing our past with our possible futures are essentials ways of dealing with this winter’s energies.

It would be wise for us to keep in mind the image of creating a suspension bridge. While we may want to get from where we have been to what we envision for ourselves, we cannot merely make a great leap across the chasm between. On the contrary, it is necessary for us in the present to create a suspension bridge between our past and our future. The slats to our suspension bridge are our new interests, new projects, our new attitudes and new behavior patterns. As we build the bridge to our future, we may also find that we have to go back and forth. We may realize that we have not yet completed or concluded certain matters, certain issues, certain situations that are more relevant to whom we have been but may not be in keeping with whom we are becoming. Eventually, we shall get to the other side and finally able to cut the bridge to the past.

Part of this process is indicative of what is going on in the collective consciousness. We are on a threshold, a threshold of a paradigm shift. We are moving away from the sequential, linear energies of Saturn. We are moving into the fifth dimension of time space whereby the coordinates of space and time collapse into the moment, into the NOW. This new paradigm is hallmarked by the energies of Uranus, the asequential realities of non-linear, non-sequential involvement and evolution. We are moving towards stepping onto our own magical, mystery tour.

Magic and miracles are only such because they defy our conditioned and accepted belief systems. In Christian theology, we are advised: ‘until ye become like little children’.

We have the opportunity of reawakening within ourselves the awe and wonder of childhood as we cross the threshold into the new paradigm.

With the energies this winter, our semblance of security, even safety, may be shaken. The unexpected can be threatening for it demands change, and the appropriate choice of change demands awareness.

Our awareness during this winter is likely to be sharpened. We may find times when things go excruciatingly slowly, other times when we can leap ahead as though transcending the restrictions of time-space co-ordinates.

Issues regarding foreign affairs can be highlighted in the early January period. The discrepancy between out-moded actions based upon archaic beliefs and a new day dawning in the geopolitical world can increase the level of upheaval and possible violence. Already, we are witness to the fact that old ways no longer work. The attitude that ‘might makes right’ is being challenged. Authority is increasingly questioned.

Individual autonomy and creative self-expression are being embraced, all part of the paradigm shift that we, as individuals and as a collective society, are going through. The labor pains of our birth into the new paradigm may be intense as we are forced to let go of old ways of operating and as situations no longer productive for us are eliminated from our lives.

The stellium [three or more planets in one sign] in Capricorn drops away on the 3rd of January as Venus moves into Aquarius. Our emphasis upon new foundations, structured methodology and focused ambitions are not as present as we become more interested in new ideas and different approaches.

On the 13th of January, we have Mars conjunct Pluto in Sagittarius. On a collective level, we could find hellzapoppin as an upwelling of discontent blasts forth with extreme outbursts and intense actions. Storm systems could be active at this time and geophysical phenomena of earthquake and volcanic activity might be evident. For us, this energy can be ratcheting up the Bunsen burner of our passions and energy. The Force is with us. We’re driven. We have the energy and stamina to go 24/7. We need to find a focused channel for the use and release of this energy. Otherwise, people could be acting out, lashing out and just popping off. The more we can transform our daily lives, streamline our operations and focus on what we consider to be the essentials of our living; the more we can prepare to make the dramatic changes in our lives that will enhance the quality of our living.

On the 15th of January, a new stellium of three or more planets in one sign is created as Mercury enters Aquarius to join Venus and Neptune. We want to embrace our free spirit, engage exciting situations and people that are far different, more unique than our normal routine.

On the 16th of January, Mars ends the stellium in Sagittarius as it enters into Capricorn.

On the 22nd of January, we have the fourth of the four Uranus squares with Jupiter square Uranus. In December, we had the Sun square Uranus, then Mercury square Uranus and then to bring in the winter season and an impact all winter long, we had Mars square Uranus. With the Jupiter square Uranus we have to be careful of extremes. Even unexpected shifts and changes can be operating at the extreme. Everything may be over the top, so this time frame would be a good one to watch our back, moderate our actions and be careful of wild metronome-like swings. Storm systems around now could pack a wallop. The storms might be intense weather conditions or highly emotional situations in our personal interactions.

In early February, we have a stellium in Pisces with Mercury, Venus and Uranus in the Mutable Water Sign. Our intuitive sense is heightened but we may also find that our reasoning is swayed by our emotions. Our heart may rule our head. We now have five planets in the two universal signs of Aquarius and Pisces. Our thoughts and feelings move beyond our mundane concerns. We are looking at a greater world, a more perfect world and our dreams of better days could determine our actions. What we do have to watch for is not becoming overly receptive, assuming a reactive posture and even feeling victimized by the conditions and circumstances that surround us.

In February, beginning on the 13th, we have the first of this year’s three Mercury retrogrades. This Mercury retrograde lasts from the 13th of February into March 7th and transits the early part of Pisces and the latter part of Aquarius. During this time, we shall need to be vigilant against specious promises and be watchful for the tricksters, those people who appear one way and their reality being quite different. Communications may be off, and people could promote great ideas that have no substance to them. It would be far wiser to use this Mercury retrograde to go back over situations where details haven’t been addressed and to consider what we might want to do in the future without yet launching forward.

The end of February has the retrograde Saturn opposed Neptune. From mid-February into early March, we have to maintain a jaundiced eye regarding appearances. Anything that we try to create needs a second evaluation and a continued consideration as the work progresses. This energy could allow us to assume that we’re building upon rock when, in truth, our activities may be subject to the shifting sands.

Let’s remember that this winter in punctuated by unexpected twists and turns, events and situations that can come out of the blue and create unanticipated variables that force us to think on our feet, not get locked into our perspective or our blueprint, and be highly adaptable to any changes, even subtle changes, that could have a greater impact than we might have initially considered. Follow the thread to where it might lead would be sage advice in order to avoid falling into pitfalls or going down the wrong path too far, too long.

With the Aquarian New Moon on the 17th of February, we could feel ourselves impassioned by our future plans and by those special people in our lives. We are looking at celebrating diversity and not demanding conformity. We can see the thousand lights of individual self-expression whereby we fully appreciate the uniqueness and the individual characteristics of the people with whom we come into contact. We can blueprint our plans and determine the most streamlined ways to achieve our goals. We may find that we have significant supporters to our goals, like cheerleaders urging us on to try, to fly, eventually to soar through our personal best.

Through this winter, we can go through a spiritual epiphany. Our consciousness may be tweaked, our awareness sharpened. Some of the trigger points for such a change in ourselves may be the unexpected events and situations that arise which will force us to look at life, our lives and the goings-on in the world, in a different light and from a different perspective. Our compassion may be engaged and we could find that we are giving others, and ourselves, more leeway in navigating the churning waters. Board in hand, let’s get into the water, boogie and ride the waves.

Winter 2006… the twists and turns of new realities…