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  • Connecticut in October

    I shall be in Stamford, Connecticut and available for In-Person Sessions from Tuesday October 16th through Sunday, October 21st.

    On Tuesday evening, October 16th, I shall be giving a talk through Greenwich Continuing Education at Greenwich High School on ASTROLOGICAL ENERGIES: 2008 A Year of New Beginnings.

  • Mercury retrograde…Communications and clearing the glitches…

    On Friday, June 15th, Mercury turned retrograde and will be retrograde through July 9th. As Mercury is related to communications, our communications can be off and misunderstood. If you, or someone you know, tried to e-mail me through the contact page of my website, those e-mails have disappeared somewhere in cyberspace and unattainable by me. While the issue should be resolved now, you can always e-mail me through my e-mail address of: or, or