Los Angeles December 7th – 9th

I shall be in Los Angeles and available for In-Person Sessions from Friday evening December 7th through Sunday, December 9th. If you or someone you know would like to see me for a session while I am in Los Angeles, please contact me to schedule an appointment.

On Saturday evening, December 8th, I shall be giving a talk sponsored by the Center for Conscious Creativity on ASTROLOGICAL ENERGIES: 2008 A Year of New Beginnings.

A brief synopsis of my talk is given here:
“Through the centuries humanity has looked to the stars for guidance, understanding and a foretelling of events. But does astrology have relevance in the twenty-first century? Or is astrology merely an archaic carryover of humanity’s ‘superstitious’ past? In this evening’s program, I shall discuss the relevance, even importance, of astrology as a tool by which we can become more aware of ourselves, the different cycles in our lives and the cycles operating on the larger scale of humanity and the collective consciousness.
The times they are a’changing. As we go through a paradigm shift between the old ways and the new patterns, it is essential that we have a roadmap to make us aware of the conditions lying ahead. I shall explain the paradigm shift and explore the new formats in contrast to the old parameters. I’ll also offer my insights on the year ahead as seen from an astrological perspective.
The year 2008 provides a major threshold and a crossing from life as we have known it into a new paradigm. Various cycles are being completed, new cycles begun during this coming year. In this program, I shall discuss the dramatic energy shifts occurring during 2008.”

My program begins at 8:30 PM and runs until 11:00 PM and will take place at the Theosophical Society – Annie Besant Lodge, 2560 N. Beachwood Drive in Los Angeles. The fee is $20.00. For registration and tickets, please contact the Center for Conscious Creativity through their website: www.consciouscreativity.com