September 11th – 17th, 2023

The astrology for this week of September 11th through the 17th of 2023 could have us engaging a ‘can do’ attitude and drawing upon the most effective means to accomplish our goals.

Yes, this week can be a winner.  We start off the week feeling our oats, enjoying the encouragement and support of a special someone.  We have charisma and we’re not afraid to show it off.  As if by contagion, people may sense our shining light.  We just need to avoid doing too much, too soon.

Although we are looking to put our creative mark on our activities as we begin the week, we need to keep track of the costs involved, whether those costs are in our time, our finances, or to our other obligations.

The Virgo New Moon on Thursday [9:40 PM EDT] accentuates the Earth Grand Trine with a Kite pattern chart.  This next two-week period up to the Full Moon on the 29th may be a highly productive period but with the need for balancing the duality in nature of active – receptive, initiator – implementer.  Let’s keep in mind that we are increasingly co-creators with the universe unfolding.

We might be helped along with Mercury ending its retrograde cycle and turning direct on Friday [4:21 PM EDT].  We shall still be in the ‘shadow’ of the Mercury retrograde until the 30th, but things can be a lot clearer and far less convoluted than what we may have experienced these past three weeks.

The weekend is geared for good times with good friends but with a liability of the too much — spending too much, eating too much, indulging too much, and having too much fun.  Nonetheless, the weekend could provide a nice breather before a week and a two-week period when we can get things done effectively and expeditiously.

Monday, September 11th – All This and More – Mars, Venus, Jupiter.  The Moon begins this week in Leo with the Leo Moon today sextile Mars, the Moon conjunct Venus, and the Moon square Jupiter.  Someone may sing our praises, or we might be singing the praises of someone, or there could be a chorus of glad tidings and good feelings as we start this week.  We are likely feeling upbeat, inspired and with a sense that we may have reached a pivot point from a projected dystopian trajectory with things now ever so slightly shifting into a more positive direction.  No matter what might be happening in the world-at-large, it can seem as just so much static.  No parade rainers for us today, for we could be walking on the sunny side of the street with various sun breaks to brighten our way.  Not that we need to be oblivious to general concerns.  We are in this paradigm shift with tumultuous events and turbulent times, but we might also realize that over the past few years of surfing the waves with body slams along the way we have become far more proficient at dealing with any challenges thrown our way and more adept at dismissing the crazies out in the world.  Being a big believer in the pebble in the pond with its ripple effects, I would suggest that today is a day to spread sunshine wherever we go with an appreciation that our ‘feel good’ attitude can be contagious and make even the deepest downers spark up and lighten their perceived load.  With our confidence and optimism heightened, we just need to watch that we don’t overextend ourselves and try to do more than would be appropriate.

Tuesday, September 12th – Knocked Off Center – Uranus, Moon Void-of-Course.  Tuesday continues with the Leo Moon with the Moon today square Uranus.  The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for fourteen hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Leo and before the Moon enters Virgo early on Wednesday morning.  Balance may seem a characteristic hard to attain when various situations arise, some of which are unexpected developments that can seem to knock us off center.  Perhaps it is the universe’s way of helping us take off the edge of the anthropocentric narcissism our society seems to express and help us develop a greater sense of humility.  Even though we have been conditioned to master circumstance and control our destiny, this paradigm shift demands that we be attentive to the universal unfolding and accept our role as co-creators of our destiny with the natural unfolding of these times.  This Tuesday might force us to contend with unanticipated situations, some of which can prove financially costly.  Let’s keep in mind that we’re still in a Mercury retrograde with Murphy Law of ‘whatever can go wrong could go wrong’ in force.  Tuesday could challenge our flexibility and adaptability to changing conditions, two factors key to our successfully navigating the currents of this paradigm shift.  It would be wise for us to keep an attitude of awe, wonder and bemusement as situations reveal a life of their own.

Wednesday, September 13th – Behind the Eight Ball – Saturn, Mercury.  Wednesday has the Moon moving into Virgo where today the Virgo Moon opposes Saturn early in the day, and the Moon conjuncts Mercury late in the day.  If we took any upsetting situations yesterday personally, we could begin this Wednesday licking our wounds.  With a great amount to deal with, we might start this day feeling overwhelmed, scattered, and unable to move forward.  Perhaps we haven’t become accustomed to the paradigm shift with its unexpected developments, sometimes positive situations arising without warning, other times challenging events cropping up without notice.  Although we might feel thrown for a loop from yesterday and as we begin this Wednesday, we do not have to play victim and slink away from what we need to accomplish.  If we would ‘grin and bear it’, put our focus on our obligations and not whine about any problematic situations, we could devise a best practices approach to successfully engage our responsibilities.  We are still in a Mercury retrograde and on the dark side of the Moon prior to tomorrow’s New Moon, so it would be suggested that we cut everyone, including ourselves, a great deal of slack.  As the saying goes: “Life’s too mysterious. Don’t take it serious.”

Thursday, September 14th – Get Your Motor Running – Jupiter, Virgo New Moon, Sun, Uranus.  Thursday has the Virgo Moon trine Jupiter to be begin the day, the Virgo New Moon late in the day [9:40 PM EDT] as the Moon conjuncts the Sun, and the Moon trine Uranus to end the day.  This New Moon sets the stage for the next two weeks up to the Full Moon on the 29th.  We are a day before Mercury turns direct ending the three-week Mercury retrograde cycle.  This New Moon configuration has a kite pattern chart by orb with the New Moon triggering an Earth Grand Trine as the New Moon trines both Jupiter and Uranus both in Taurus, and the New Moon by orb trine Pluto in Capricorn.  The New Moon by orb opposes Neptune in Pisces with Neptune by orb sextile Uranus and Neptune sextile Pluto.  Talk about a powerful configuration and an influence that lasts through the rest of the month.  This is a time when it would be wise for us to get our motor running, head out on the proverbial highway, and move ahead in advancing our goals and ambitions.  It is essential that no details fall between the cracks due to the Mercury retrograde and stationing.  If we would take our time, engage both our critical analysis and our intuitive sense, devise a best practices approach, and then move forward; we could accomplish a great amount over the next two weeks.  This energy configuration is not one to slough off or for us to slack off, not when we are being offered sublime effectiveness and high productivity.  It doesn’t get better than this! [okay, maybe it does, but this energy configuration is pretty great!]

Friday, September 15th – Maintaining Focus – Neptune, Pluto, Moon Void-of-Course, Sun, Uranus, Mercury direct.  Friday finishes its transit of Virgo with the Virgo Moon early today opposed Neptune and the Moon trine Pluto.  The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for four hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon completes its transit of Virgo and before the Moon enters Libra where today the Libra Moon makes no aspects to the planets.  The Sun trines Uranus, and Mercury turns direct.  Although we could easily get distracted today, it would be important for us to maintain our focus early in the day.  We can tie up loose ends prior to the weekend, a weekend that may have us engaged in various social gatherings.  For those celebrating Jewish traditions, Friday evening is the beginning of the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah.  With Mercury turning direct, communications and travel might get a little squirrely.  Whenever Mercury turns direction, whether from direct to retrograde or from retrograde to direct, everything may seem somewhat convoluted.  We just need to have patience, recognize that there can be screw-ups, and have in mind contingency plans if needed.  Whether we celebrate the Jewish New Year or not, the astrological energy does speak to new beginnings, changes we might want to enlist for us to be more autonomous and involved in projects and activities that are more reflective of where we want to go rather than where we have been.  While Mercury is turning direct today [4:21 PM EDT], we shall still be in the ‘shadow’ of the Mercury retrograde until the 29th when Mercury reaches the degree at which it first turned retrograde back on August 23rd.

Saturday, September 16th – Good Times with Good Friends – Mars, Venus.  Although the Moon made no connections to the planets when it first entered Libra yesterday, today the Libra Moon conjuncts Mars and the Moon sextiles Venus.  The day may be slow starting but as the day proceeds, our enjoyment may be greater by being in the company of our significant person or our close friends.  Today can be a highly sociable day, and we might prefer to spend it with someone rather than doing it solo.  This may be one of those days when ‘the more, the merrier’.  The only liability to this day and tomorrow is the spending part.  We could go overboard on extravagance with our expenditures higher than we might have anticipated or planned for.  It would be wise for us to keep our finances in mind, for our tendency this weekend may be to go on a bender of good times with good friends.  Not to rain on anyone’s parade, but I would suggest remembering that how much something costs does not always equate to either the quality of the item or the enjoyment of the item.  This weekend is a time when we need to keep in mind that ‘if we dance to the music, we have to pay to the piper’.  Moderation in all things this weekend is suggested, liable to be neglected as we enjoy a late summer blowout.

Sunday, September 17th – Let the Good Times Roll – Pluto, Moon Void-of-Course, Venus, Jupiter.  Sunday continues with the Libra Moon with the Moon today square Pluto late in the day before the Moon goes Void-of-Course for almost four hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Libra and before the Moon enters Scorpio early on Monday.  The two ‘good guys’ of the planetary realm, Venus and Jupiter, are in square aspect.  Engaging pleasures and enjoying ourselves that we might have embraced on Saturday continue this Sunday.  Nothing is too much on this weekend, and therein may lie a problem.  Indulgence, excess, all too much could have us living in the moment but with a severe hangover-like sense as we end the day and close out the weekend.  We might wonder how we overdid on this weekend, but the key factor would have been our ‘living for the day’ [carpe diem].  And why not?  We are living during highly stressful times, times of a paradigm shift when things are turbulent, tumultuous, and downright challenging.  Healthy releases of pent-up energy are necessary now and again, somewhat like a percolating volcano releasing built-up energy through steam vents preventing it from an intense explosion.  Let’s not have remorse for any too much this weekend but rather prepare to pick up the pieces and get back on track as we come into this next week.