Autumn 2023

We enter the autumn season on the 23rd of September as the Sun exits Virgo and enters Libra [2:50 AM EDT] at the Fall Equinox.

One of the key challenges for each of us during these times is to find and maintain balance amidst the volatility and the unexpected variables to which we are being asked to adjust.  Libra is symbolized by the scales, an indication of weighing factors and seeking equilibrium, the balance of the Libra wavering.  

Flexibility and adaptability are key for us to successfully surf the waves of these intense times.  Bemusement at our own and humankind’s foibles also helps to get us through unscathed.

It would be wise for us to keep in mind that there is a Grand Trine in the Earth Element operational until the 3rd of October and re-engaged from October 8th until the 8th of November.  If we avoid being distracted by the changes occurring in the world and prevent falling prey to anxiety and fearfulness, we can effectively and productively handle whatever comes our way.  Life is accelerating, and the shifts and changes might seem daunting, but they also provide a dynamic whereby things can dramatically transform, shape shift, and morph into something totally different from what we are used to.

During this same period the Earth Grand Trine triggers a Kite Pattern chart with the Virgo planets opposing Neptune and Neptune in orb of sextiles to the Taurus planets and a sextile by orb to Pluto in Capricorn.

The intensity at this particular period can be summed up by the 18th century proverb “It never rains but it pours.”  Not only are emotions likely ratcheted up, but atmospheric storms may seem extreme with deluges of precipitation and flash floods.  Already, we have seen major flooding in the US northeast, China, Libya, Chile, and many other areas of the world.  This energy continues through October 3rd and then dissipates.

Let’s be aware that between the autumn equinox on the 23rd through October 3rd life and circumstance may be severely challenging.

To borrow from the classic Spirit song Nature’s Way:

It’s nature’s way of telling you something’s wrong
It’s nature’s way of telling you in a song

It’s nature’s way of receiving you
It’s nature’s way of retrieving you
It’s nature’s way of telling you
Something’s wrong

Although the powers-that-be are pushing a narrative of climate catastrophe under the guise of climate change [but when was the climate ever in stasis in a dynamic, ever-changing world?], we need not accept a belief in a dystopian future but rather can assume that these are transitional shifts, much like a suspension bridge, that gets us from where we have been to where we are going.  The bridge may seem to sway, but it is likely to hold as we make our way across into a significantly altered future.

Let’s keep in mind that attitude is a choice.  Either we can see all the wrongs in the world and feel completely powerless, or we can take machete in hand and carve our own path forward with faith and belief that we can successfully handle anything we encounter along our way.

The latter part of September has the Earth Grand Trine engaged as Mercury in Virgo trines Jupiter on the 25th, Mercury trines Uranus on the 30th with both Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus, and with Mercury triggering the third Sign of the Earth Element on the 3rd of October with Mercury trine Pluto in Capricorn.

We may have a tremendous sense of a ‘can do’ attitude, feeling buoyed by a recognition that we have developed the necessary skill set to accomplish our goals.  We just have to throw off any dampening influence of victimhood.

The Full Moon on the 29th when the Aries Moon opposes the Libra Sun [5:58 AM EDT] has Venus square Uranus.  Relationships can be dicey, as we try to find a balance between our personal interests and our being collaborative with other people.  We need to be careful in our interactions with people, for there is a liability of everyone being highly narcissistic under the influence of this Full Moon signature and solely looking out for number one to the extent of stomping on toes.

We come into October with the Earth Grand Trine still engaged.  We may feel competent and highly skilled in what we are able to do.  We can combine our visionary intuitive sense with our reasoning critical analysis to develop the most effective and expeditious means to accomplish our goals.

We do need to get a handle on our moods and our emotions and avoid getting carried away with ourselves.  Ease of operations does not allow for dismissing vigilance and not staying alert to what is truly going on.  Even when everything is operating smoothly, we are living in times when conditions can shift dramatically and suddenly.  By being oblivious to what is truly going on, we should expect one body slam after another.  What a shame such a situation would be when we have the opportunity of developing our skill set of navigating the changing currents over the past few years.

The 2nd of October might test our vigilance as Mercury opposes Neptune.  What we see may not be what we get, and it would be wise for us to draw upon our critical analysis of any incident and our intuitive sense regarding what is truly going on.  If we balance our feeling about things with our reasoning mind, we could draw upon a visionary projection of how things may turn out and a practical step-by-step approach to realize our goals.  Otherwise, we can flip-flop between consciously vetting a situation and determining our sense of the matter based solely on our moods with us ending up in a muddled state of mind.

Whether we got hoodwinked on the 2nd or were able to avoid it, clarity can be a great deal stronger on the 3rd when Mercury trines Pluto.  Our mind is likely to be sharp, our ability to cut to the core and get to the essence of the matter astute.  Our conversations are likely to be insightful, concise, and to the point.  If we have been perplexed by a problem, the solution and resolution could be found under this influence.

Mercury exits its own Sign of Virgo to enter Libra on the 4th of October [8:09 PM EDT].  In so doing, Mercury triggers a Stellium in Libra as Mercury joins the Sun and Mars in the Cardinal Air Sign.  People may be considerate of other people, less narcissistic, and more interested in what is going on with the significant people in their life.  Discussions could seem friendly with some of the edge of recent times taken off.  Relationships may be on an upswing with win-win situations engaged.

The 8th of October can be challenging, both in our physical actions and in our interactions with people.  Mars squares Pluto, one of my least favorite astrological configurations since it heightens the liability of people acting out, violent behavior, and explosive incidents.  This day also has Venus exiting Leo to enter Virgo [9:11 PM EDT].  Some of the pizzazz we might have felt since June 5th when Venus first entered Leo may be gone, with the Venus in Virgo transitioning into being more critical of other people with an insecure stance of ‘a strong offense is a good defense’

During the second week of October everyone may seem on edge, the Debbie Downers out in full force, as nothing seems right, everything seemingly wrong.

This mid-month of October could be explosive with people acting out, intense atmospheric storm systems, and the drumbeats of violent behavior increasing in volume and intensity.

Triggered initially on the weekend of the 7th, a long holiday weekend in the US, once referred to as Columbus Day, recently renamed to Indigenous Peoples’ Day, this mid-month has various daunting and taunting energy configurations.

Starting with the Mars square Pluto and Venus entering Virgo on the 8th, the 10th has Venus opposed Saturn and Pluto turning direct [9:10 PM EDT], followed by Mars exiting Libra to enter its own Sign of Scorpio [12:04 AM EDT] on the 12th.

With Pluto going from retrograde to direct motion, we need to be attuned to the liability of explosive situations with atmospheric storm systems, geophysical activity of earthquakes and volcanos, and the foibles of humankind.  With Pluto entering Aquarius in late January, we might experience during this autumn more disruptions and even crashes associated with traditional institutions.  The cleansings of the past 250 years are not over, but we are likely to see even slight glimmers of the radical changes and revolutions that may be part of the Pluto transit through Aquarius.  Dystopia or Utopia, our choice.

This mid-month of October necessitates our girding our loins, being aware and mindful and avoiding immediate reactions to situations until the dust settles.  The liability is for people to go off half-cocked, respond rashly to incidents without full disclosure and exert more assertive energy than might be called for.

With life throwing us curveballs now and again, it is suggested that we be astute to changing conditions and adept at whatever comes our way.  Even our personal relationships might be dicey.  Some people may expect too much from other people.  And co-dependency can be thwarting with the neediness of someone seeming like a bottomless pit with enough never being enough.

Even old friendships are liable to be tested as we come to notice the changes we have gone through, the transformations within ourselves, all with increased understanding that things that worked for us before and the people with whom we associated may no longer fit into our new lifestyle.

Mars entering Scorpio on the 12th begins a procession of planets into the Fixed Water Sign as Mars is joined by Mercury on the 22nd and the Sun on the 23rd into Scorpio.

Our physical energy may increase with less waffling or being overly accommodating to other people’s needs.  Our intensity can ratchet up with dogged persistence regarding our intentions.

Mars trines Saturn on the 13th of October giving us the will to strip away the non-essential, rid ourselves of the superfluous, and focus on being more effective with less expenditure of energy.  No dilly-dallying for us, as we accept our quest of taking machete in hand and carving our own path. 

The 14th of October has the Libra New Moon [1:55 PM EDT] and a Solar Eclipse as the Moon conjuncts the Sun.  The New Moon influences the next two weeks up to Taurus Full Moon on the 28th

This two-week period is one when we can entertain various alternatives and doing so with an ability to weigh our options as to whether they are worth our time or just a waste of time.  Increasingly, we might consider the ROI [return on investment] regarding investing our resources — time, energy, finances.  This concentration would include our activities, our planned projects, even the people with whom we share our time.  If things do not work for us and are found wanting, we are likely to cut them from our engagements.

We are seeking the quality in our living, not as concerned for the quantity.

October 20th – 21st could prove problematic.  The 20th has the Sun conjunct Mercury and Mercury square Pluto.  The 21st has the Sun square Pluto.

Even our most trusted allies might dismiss some of our plans.  We may be excited about what we are considering, but we are liable to have neglected the means to achieve our aims.  Even if we have strategized what we consider a best practices approach, we could have forgotten something, left out an important specific, and even assumed that our project would have a life of its own and tweak any issues we had not accounted for as we go along.  Not everyone may be as forgiving as we are.  Hard, cold truths about our intentions can create a contentious atmosphere.  We need to avoid enforcing a sentiment of ‘either you’re with me or against me’.

The 20th – 21st is not a time to dream the impossible dream, even if we are tempted to do so.

The more we would cut away the dross both of our involvements and our prospects, the less encumbered and more successful we are likely to be.

The tandem plays of Mercury and the Sun continue the 22nd and the 23rd with Mercury entering Scorpio on the 22nd [2:49 AM EDT], followed by the Sun entering Scorpio on the 23rd [12:21 PM EDT].

The 22nd also has the two ‘good guys’ of the planetary realm, Venus and Jupiter in trine aspect.

A key factor during these times is volatility.  The swings of emotion can contribute to ill-conceived behavior.  On the one hand, the blatant evidence suggesting conserving one’s resources is countered on the other hand by an emotional response of ‘live for today’.  Extremes may be crazy-making, and it would be wise for us to modulate the extremes with engaging an attitude of ‘moderation in all things’.

With Mercury and the Sun entering Scorpio, they create a Stellium in the Fixed Water Sign as they join Mars in Scorpio.  The intensity may be ratcheted up, and as these three planets transit through Scorpio, they will later this month and into November oppose the two Taurus-transiting planets of Jupiter and Uranus. 

Push – pulls between expenses increased through a rise in inflation [even if inflation seems to moderate, it is important to recognize that inflation figures represent a rate compounded] and a devaluation of fiat currency by the constant press runs of money printing can force us to maintain awareness and be astute regarding our personal financial situation.

The opportunity to get serious about conditions and circumstance is benefitted by the Mercury trine Saturn on the 22nd and the Sun trine Saturn on the 24th.  We can prioritize, prepare, and devise ways by which we have monies available for the proverbial ‘rainy day’.

It may be old school to consider rainy days, but generations previously did so and often in consequence of a lack of safety nets such as today’s governmental entitlements, easy credit and ‘buy now, pay later’ enticements.  It may be ‘old school’ but being prepared for the ups and downs of our personal financial world might be the best approach when the so-called safety nets are seen as being full of holes.

The 28th of October has the Taurus Full Moon [4:24 PM EDT], a Lunar Eclipse, as the Moon opposes the Sun.  Mars opposes Jupiter and Mercury opposes Jupiter.  Mercury conjuncts Mars on the 29th.

Perhaps it is fortunate that these two days are weekend day, days when the stock markets are closed.  Historically, October has seen two of the worst stock market declines. In 1929, on October 28th and 29th, the US stock market fell by about 25%.  In 1987, on Black Monday, October 19th, the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell by 22.6%.  Maybe we’ll avoid a market crash and, if we do, it may be in no small measure due to trading halts and the Plunge Protection Team instituted in 1988.

No matter what the global markets might do at this time, it would be wise for us to be judicious with our finances, avoid heavy financial commitments or debt load and have cash or hard assets on hand.

October ends on the 31st with Venus trine Uranus.  No tricks for us on this Halloween, for interesting encounters may offer us tantalizing treats.  We do need to be open to the magic of this moment and receptive to unexpected opportunities.

November begins with a balancing act between acquisition and elimination and suggests that we streamline our ways of doing things and rid ourselves of the extraneous that only takes our time and wastes our energy.

The Stellium in Scorpio with the Sun, Mercury and Mars will continue their individual oppositions to the Taurus-transiting planets of Jupiter and Uranus.  Finding a point of equilibrium between self-abstinence with its primal resourcefulness and accumulation of stuff that tends to weigh us down will be much of the dance through the third week of November.

The 3rd and 4th of November demand that we maintain awareness, be mindful and act cautiously.

The 3rd has the Sun opposed Jupiter, and Venus opposed Neptune.   It would be wise to keep in mind the classic idiom ‘a fool and his money are soon parted’.  Despite years of society’s entitlements and easy monies, let’s not be foolish but instead be astute with our finances.  Bright shiny objects and huckster salespeople may be appealing, even enticing, but could also be a drain on our resources.  Wanting what we want without carefully considering their true value or their cost could have us winding up spending more for something of questionable value.

The 4th has Mercury opposed Uranus and Saturn turning direct, ending its five-month retrograde cycle.  Whenever a planet changes direction, whether from direct to retrograde or from retrograde to direct motion, things can get squirrely as we try to recalibrate to the shifting energy.  And an adverse aspect of Mercury Uranus is my least favorite energy configuration for communications, travel, and high technology.  I always try to avoid air travel under such aspects, a concern increased with the recent dysfunctionality and the lowering of qualification standards in the airline industry.  Let’s not be surprised if we need to address issues with our computers or experience Internet problems.  Even accidents around our home might occur.  This is a time for us to be calm and patient and offset liable problems before they occur.

The volatility of these times with their extremes of significant challenges and magical opportunities can be seen in early November.

No matter how daunting the 3rd and 4th of the month may be, the energy switches to a more positive upturn on the 6th and 8th.

Everything might neatly fall into place on the 6th of November when Venus trines Pluto, and Mercury trines Neptune.  By taking time to visualize what we wish to accomplish and draw upon collaboration to lighten our load, we can prioritize our activities and then with dogged determination and greased wheels we are likely able to successfully accomplish what we have set out to do.  Not only are we able to get things done, but we could do so in an intriguing and attractive manner.

Pluto is triggered again on the 8th, this time by Mercury sextile Pluto.  This is also the day that Venus exits Virgo to enter its own Sign of Libra [4:30 AM EST].  Similar to the 6th, our mind is sharp, although differentiated by the 6th, when our intuitive sense was heightened, the 8th gives our mental sharpness a forensics quality of being able to cut to the core, be precise and succinct in our thinking.  Similar to the 6th, our presentations can be appealing for we are taking into account how other people are likely to perceive our message.

Just as we have become familiar with the volatility of these times, the roller coaster ride of ups and downs, challenges and opportunities, we experience the liable difficult times on the 3rd and 4th, the sweet times of the 6th and 8th, and challenges once again on the 10th and 11th of November.

The 10th of November has Mercury exiting Scorpio to enter Sagittarius [1:25 AM EST].  The Scorpio Stellium of three planets transiting the Fixed Water Sign ends as Mercury enters Sagittarius, a Sign of Detriment for Mercury where our thinking becomes diffuse and less concentrated.  As Mercury enters Sagittarius, Mercury squares Saturn.  While we might have felt buoyed and upbeat with Mercury’s entrance into Sagittarius, old issues or present restrictions could dampen our enthusiasm, even dash our optimism.  Things we considered once resolved may turn up and force us to attend to them.

The 11th of November cautions us to be highly aware and mindful.  Mars opposes Uranus, and unexpected developments could trigger accidents.  We need to be careful around machinery, avoid rash actions, and be wary of curveballs that might arise virtually out of nowhere.  Reckless actions can lead to disastrous consequences.  We may need to apply braking action to prevent us from going off the cliffs.

The Scorpio New Moon on the 13th [4:27 AM EST] has the Sun Moon conjunction opposed Uranus.  Influencing the two weeks up to the Full Moon on the 27th, the New Moon can have us experiencing unexpected expenses both from inflationary increased costs and necessary maintenance or repair costs.  Monies may seem to be going out more than coming in.  Even if we have been oblivious to rising costs of living [and who possibly could be?], it might be impossible to neglect the tsunami-like increased costs of utilities, gas, food, housing, and other items that make up our monthly budget.

What to do?  Many people may simply grouse about present situations with few solutions or effective resolution to the tightening grip of inflationary costs.

As suggested by so many, we have no alternative but to play the hand we’re dealt.  How we play our hand will be determined by our attitude.  Either we can play victim to circumstance, or we can assess our situation and then determine the best practices approach to successfully handle the conditions in which we find ourselves.

Support and encouragement from a special someone can assist us through any trying times, just as we can be an advocate for someone going through their difficult times.

Mercury sextiles Venus on the 15th.  Even if we have become myopic to our situation, someone else can provide an objective perspective, have us consider options and alternatives that we might not have considered, and give us a boost in our confidence to effectively deal with our conditions.

We all tend to see only what we see and view only that which is right in front of us.  But these times suggest we think outside the box and take into account the magic and the miracles occurring during these times of paradigm shift.  Things can occur in the most unexpected ways and often for our greater good.

The 17th – 18th of November suggests we draw upon our faith and a belief that things work out for the best.  The 17th has Mars trine Neptune and the Sun trine Neptune, followed on the 18th by the Sun conjunct Mars.  If we would draw upon the powers of prayer, creative visualization, and determined intention, we could virtually move mountains, figuratively rather than literally.

Back in 1995, I experienced a major traffic accident where I hit black ice, my car spun around, and I was broadsided by a tractor trailer.  Doctors suggested I might be permanently paralyzed, a diagnosis I was unwilling to accept.  I worked with physical therapists and many alternative healing modalities.  After a year, the orthopedic surgeon gave me a gold star for coming back from the dead.

The mind and our intention and our perseverance are powerful tools that assist in creating conditions we would aim for.

Drawing upon enlisting our power of affirmative belief, we can take the spirit engaged and put it into action on the 20th and 21st when first the Sun sextiles Pluto on the 20th, followed on the 21st by Mars sextile Pluto.  We could embrace the sentiment ‘where there’s a will, there’s a way’ and find our way.

These times ask that we accept our co-creator role with the universe unfolding, take a proactive approach to our conditions, and then with dogged determination move ahead with our intentions but always being willing to be flexible and adaptable to changing circumstance.  There can be no stopping us when we commit to our journey, maintain humility, and align with our personal destiny during these tumultuous times.  Tumult is a dynamic that allows changes to occur suddenly and dramatically and often to our benefit, whether or not we see the benefit initially.

The long Thanksgiving holiday in the US could have us feeling more upbeat wanting to gallop forward only to be reined in by past issues or present responsibilities.

The Sun exits Scorpio and enters Sagittarius on the 22nd [9:03 AM EST], followed on the 23rd by the Sun square Saturn.  The 24th has Mars exiting Scorpio and entering Sagittarius [5:15 AM EST], followed by Mars square Saturn on the 25th.

Talk about a whipsaw!  Just as we feel exuberant and enthusiastic, old situations crop up to pop our balloon.  But that’s life during this paradigm shift with extreme volatility tending to keep us off balance and forcing us to be aware, mindful, flexible, adaptable, and resilient to the changing times.

The entry of Mars into Sagittarius creates a Stellium in Sagittarius as Mars joins the Sun and Mercury in the Mutable Fire Sign.  We may be full of beans but with limited outlets to express our new-found vitality and optimism.  Whether we apply the brakes, or the universe does it for us, we could feel as though we are accelerating fast forward and moving quickly ahead only to be stopped or delayed.  The situation of starts and stops can be frustrating but could also prove beneficial in the long run keeping us from running away with ourselves.

The Gemini Full Moon on the 27th of November when the Sun opposes the Moon [4:16 AM EST] also has Mercury square Neptune.  A vast array of possibilities could have us in a world of confusion.  What we see might not be what we get, and we need to avoid jumping at conclusions or making decisions based upon scant evidence.  People may be all over the place, the truth stretchers out in full force, and the liability of our being ruled by our emotions and desires rather than comprehensive consideration of the matter at hand.

December begins with us still feeling upbeat but now getting a little more serious and focused about things.  We are less likely to operate on impulse and more from in-depth consideration.

On December 1st, Mercury exits Sagittarius, a Sign of Detriment for Mercury where our thought process tends to be diffuse and scattered.  Mercury enters Capricorn, which may allow us a more organized structuring ability where we prioritize what’s significant for us and not merely whatever catches our fancy.

As Mercury enters Capricorn, Mercury sextiles Saturn on the 2nd.  We have the concentrated attention to devise a best practices approach in scheduling and planning our course of action over the next two weeks prior to the start of this year’s last Mercury retrograde on the 13th.  Getting our house in order is advised so we don’t get flummoxed as we come into the holiday times and have to deal with the Mercury retrograde.

The 3rd of December could prove dicey regarding our relationships when Venus squares Pluto.  One of the tragedies of these times has been the divisiveness in our society.  Unless we are in total agreement, each of us can find some issue or minute matter that divides us rather than solidifies our connection.  It’s as if we not only need other people to be on the same page that we’re on but down to being in the same paragraph with us.  Diversity is being heralded except when it comes to diversity of opinion.  I emphasize opinion since our perception of reality is based upon our personal perspective and may not be the true reality of a situation.  With the Venus Pluto square on the 3rd, we need to be wary not to excise a significant relationship over a trivial matter.

Intensity in our relationships continues with Venus exiting its own Sign of Libra and entering Scorpio on the 4th [1:51 PM EST].  Scorpio is a Sign of Detriment for Venus, where we can become secretive, possessive, and jealous — not a great mix for convivial interactions.  Venus in Scorpio accentuates our recent trend of seeking similarities rather than differences with a tendency of demanding that ‘either you’re with me or against me’.

With Venus sextile Saturn on the 5th of December, we might reach out to those people with whom we have shared past experiences, those people we trust based upon the depth and essence of our connection.  Although we can cut slack for those people we have known through thick and thin, we are less likely to give other people the same benefit, demanding instead that they fit into our prescribed definition of friendship.

Neptune turns direct on the 6th to return to its forward movement through its own Sign of Pisces.  We may have a greater sense of something beyond the mere mundane, a feeling of piercing the veil of Maya and cutting through the illusions and delusions of myopic physical reality.  Our belief in something greater than ourselves may be reenforced, and our faith in a purpose to life renewed.

With our sensitivity increased, the 7th of December may have us engaging practical magic.  We could see the existential purpose to our experiences, to our ambitions, to our interactions, to the very essence of our life and living.  And we can feel good about our direction with an enthusiasm to put spirit into action.

One of the key opportunities and challenges for each of us in our life journey is to find and maintain balance.  During this paradigm shift with its extreme volatility and significant changes with hardly a moment’s notice, balance can be hard to come by.  But these times are also increasingly dynamic and offer dramatic transformations quickly and suddenly.

On the 9th of December, the two ‘good guys’ of the planetary realm Venus and Jupiter oppose each other.  The teeter-totter between too much and too few could be engaged. While it would be advised to enlist the sentiment of ‘moderation in all things’, it is a suggestion often made, rarely engaged.  Our balance can be tested as we are liable to whipsaw between indulgence and abstinence.  As if locked in a Goldilocks conundrum, we need to determine what’s ‘just right’.

In the question of balance, Mercury can play a key role between the 7th and 11th with Mercury sextile Jupiter on the 7th followed by Mercury sextile Venus on the 11th.  Vetting and practical considerations could help us pare down excesses.  An associate with an objective viewpoint may provide valuable input and wise suggestions as to how we might devise the most effective and expeditious means to realize our goals.  Second opinions are often beneficial, especially when we are liable to see many options but unable to clearly perceive the details in our alternatives.

The Sagittarius New Moon on the 12th when the Sun conjuncts the Moon [6:32 PM EST] is in orb of a square aspect to Neptune and has Mercury stationary, retrograding on the 13th [2:09 AM EST].

This New Moon signature influences us to the Full Moon on the 26th.  Although we may be feeling the holiday spirit[s], we could also find ourselves being led by our desires and a liability of narcissism, where we want what we want, see what we choose to see, with little regard to reality, facts, or specifics.  If we are not mindful and careful, we might be off on a race… to nowhere.

While this time of year suggests that we be of good cheer, put aside our daily concerns and mundane matters, and engage instead holiday spirit of good times with good friends, let’s be wary of too good a time and the expenses that may come due later in the early new year.

The three previous Mercury retrogrades this year have all been in Earth Signs, and this Mercury retrograde lasting from the 13th of December into January 1st also transits largely through an Earth Sign, Capricorn, before retrograding back into Sagittarius on the 23rd of December.

I found it fascinating that the Mercury retrogrades this year brought up issues of structure, both the structure of our ways forward in our daily routine under dramatically tightening financial conditions and issues with our health with various people needing medical procedures, often unintended. 

With this Mercury retrograde ending on the 1st of the new year of 2024, this three-week period would be a good time for us to close out a chapter of our lives, bringing completion to matters unresolved that we would prefer not to bring into the new year with its anticipation of a new year and new beginnings.

Abetted by the Mercury retrograde, the Sun square Neptune on the 16th of December can have us confused, muddled, and wondering which way is up and how best to go forward.  Unexpected incidents could throw us off course, and we need to avoid precipitous decisions or actions.  It would be wise for us to step away from pressing demands, allow some time to pass, before reevaluating what is going on and the best course of action.

The 18th of December has Mercury trine Jupiter, a repeat of the energy configuration back on the 7th, but this aspect with both Mercury and Jupiter retrograde.  Giving thought to our prospects and our intentions for the new year would be far better than implementing new trajectories.  We may be confident and optimistic, much of which may be more hopeful expectations than realistic projections.  Being how this is holidays times; we can use this energy to connect with those people whom we have not been in contact for a while.  Keeping in touch with friends and colleagues and significant connections of the past may be pleasurable encounters and can reinvigorate our contact list, our network of friends and associates.

We end the autumn season on the 21st with Venus opposed Uranus and Mercury sextile Saturn.  Strange encounters with someone might remind us of the saying ‘what have you done for me lately?’.  We could be surprised by a person’s turn in character.  We may realize the truth to the biblical admonition ‘cast ye not your pearls before swine’.  The importance of selectivity and where we choose to place our energy will become increasingly evident.  The universe works and even when we choose to fool ourselves, the universe is likely to step in, strip off the mask and provide us a fresh dose of transparency

Tidying up, getting rid of the extraneous, and focusing on completing old matters would be a good way to close out autumn and enter the delirium of the holidays as we come into winter.

Autumn 2023… to every season, turn, turn, turn…