July 3rd – 9th, 2023

The astrology for this week of July 3rd through the 9th of 2023 can offer us some exciting surprises and thrilling summertime activities.

The key to this week is for us to be open to the magic of these times with their unexpected developments and serendipitous encounters. If we would avoid getting in our own way by trying to force things to our will, we might be surprised how greased the wheels can be for an easy and fast unfolding of fascinating incidents

The week begins with the Capricorn Full Moon. This Monday in the US is part of the long holiday weekend that for many could turn into a long holiday week. There might be disruptions as we try to get from here to there. Having contingency plans just in case would alleviate a great deal of pressure and disappointment if things don’t go our way. Let’s always remember that these times demand that we be flexible and adaptable to changing circumstance.

Although we can be highly productive to our routine matters early in the week, we are unlikely to foist responsibilities on ourselves during this summertime holiday period. No, this is a week for good times with good friends, or good times going solo. The emphasis is upon having some good times.

We do need to keep track of our expenses later in the week. It might be especially evident that costs are higher than they have been and the quality just not as good as it had been. But like the saying goes: “It is what it is.”

Either we dismiss pleasures of summertime to the point of self-denial, or we engage in fun events with an awareness of the expenses involved.

The end of the week and over the weekend may offer us fascinating surprises that affirm the sentiment: “Life is good.”

We can be lost in reveries over the weekend, contemplating better days ahead, and reinvigorating ourselves by taking our time relaxing and allowing the realm of possibilities to widen in our mind’s eye.

Monday, July 3rd – Should I Stay or Should I Go – Saturn, Jupiter, Capricorn Full Moon, Sun, Mercury. This Monday is likely to have us in the mix of a long holiday weekend in the US with tomorrow being Independence Day. The Capricorn Moon sextiles Saturn, the Moon trines Jupiter, and the Moon opposes the Sun at the time of the Full Moon [7:39 AM EDT]. The Moon then opposes Mercury. Although in the US we may be celebrating the Independence Day holiday weekend, we could accomplish a great amount today. The key to success today is making our plans and writing them down in pencil with a large eraser. If we take the necessary precautions, have contingency plans in mind, and are willing to alter our course, if necessary, then we could navigate this day effectively. Some of us might decide to stay put, putter around our home environment, and enjoy a leisurely ‘time out’ in our personal sanctuary. Other folks could decide to continue their sojourns far from home. Either way, flexibility and adaptability will help defuse any screwups along the way today. The interesting thing about weekends and especially holiday weekends is that we have all been conditioned that the days need to be special, exciting, thrilling, and enlivening events. We might avoid the frustration and any disappointment to our expectations if we choose this day to be one when the ‘living is easy.’

Tuesday, July 4th – Free at Last – Uranus, Neptune, Pluto. Tuesday continues with the Capricorn Moon with the Moon today triggering the three transcendental planets with the Moon trine Uranus, the Moon sextile Neptune, and the Moon conjunct Pluto. The Moon then exits Capricorn to enter Aquarius, but the Aquarius Moon makes no aspects to the planets today. This is Independence Day in the US, but virtually like all holidays the symbolism and the true meaning of the day are lost to good times and fun events. If we would take the time on this Tuesday, even momentarily, we could step out of our regular routine and realize that we have the opportunity of entering a different dimension, an otherworldly experience that may be far more real than what we categorize as our reality. Despite the tumult and disruptions in this paradigm shift, each of us is being extracted from habitual patterns and a conditioned sense of self. We are having the opportunity of seeing the world from a different vantage point. We do not have to buy into the dystopian reality promoted by the Eeyores and Debbie Downers. We can instead recognize the magic and mini-miracles occurring daily in our lives and realize that the universe may have far greater plans for us than we could have imagined for ourselves. We just need to keep our antennae up, work with peripheral vision and appreciate our role as co-creators with the universal forces as our personal destiny unfolds. The early part of this Tuesday provides the energy to streamline our operations, consider new trajectories for ourselves, and prepare for afternoon and evening festivities. If not today, perhaps shortly in the days ahead, we can affirm in our personal lives the words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.: “Free at last, free at last, thank God almighty I’m free at last.”

Wednesday, July 5th – Some of This, Some of That – Jupiter. The Moon continues its transit of Aquarius with the Aquarius Moon today square Jupiter. We might start this Wednesday with the intention of giving free rein to our desires and our indulgences. We may forgo any concern about costs or expenses. It’s summertime, and we are likely to grab all the gusto we possibly can. This might be a day of sampling, switching things up, and going from one thing to yet another. It would be wise for us to keep things at the sampling point rather than any major commitments. If we try to take on too much today, we could reap the consequences of our actions tomorrow. Let’s keep in mind that with astrology it is all about timing, working with the energies, and taking advantage of the good times and laying off the gas during more difficult energy configurations. This Wednesday is a day for us to temper our involvements and not try to do too much. It would be suggested we keep track of our finances today, since there might be a tendency of impulse purchases and instant gratifications. ‘Moderation in all things’ is a sound and wise saying for us to adhere today and always.

Thursday, July 6th – Do as I Please – Lunar T-Square, Uranus, Venus, Mars, Moon Void-of-Course. Thursday has the Moon completing its transit of Aquarius with the Aquarius Moon triggering a Fixed Sign T-Square with the Moon square Uranus in Taurus, and the Moon opposed both Venus and Mars both in Leo. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for almost four hours as the Moon finishes its transit of Aquarius without making any further connections to the planets and before the Moon enters Pisces, where today the Pisces Moon makes no contacts to the planets. Unexpected developments could upset our plans. If we got too deep into a situation yesterday, we might have to bear the costs today. As the saying goes: “if you dance to the music, you’ve got to pay to the piper.” Payment could be asked of us today. Nonetheless, we are probably interested in doing our thing, taking our own trajectory, with the liability of a tug-of-war with someone. Curveballs and delays can be frustrating and demand patience and flexibility. We could feel like the wind has been knocked out of our sails today, but we just need to grin and bear whatever comes up on this Thursday keeping in mind that tomorrow and the weekend may be a lot lighter and brighter.

Friday, July 7th – Oh, Happy Day – Saturn, Jupiter, Sun, Mercury, Uranus. Friday begins with the Pisces Moon conjunct Saturn. The Moon then sextiles Jupiter, and the Moon trines the Sun. Mercury sextiles Uranus. Our sleep state might have us in a bit of a funk. Thursday could have had us on the ropes, feeling disempowered by the vagaries of these times. While Thursday night, early Friday can have us listless, possibly depressed, an ‘ah-ha’ moment could reveal how best to proceed in an expeditious and highly effective manner. During this paradigm shift, even when feeling our back is against the wall, things can change dramatically and suddenly. As if by magic or a mini-miracle, our senses of things on this Friday might shift from despair to elation. Let’s keep in mind that the universe works, and like the ocean tides there are times of outflow and inflow. Yesterday may have had us experiencing outflows, blockages, frustrations. As this Friday unfolds, things suddenly seem to lighten up, and we are able move ahead with our projects and activities productively and with great enthusiasm. If we went into excess the past two days, we are far more astute and cautious with our time and monies on this Friday. And we’re ready for a fun, relaxing and reinvigorating weekend, which we are likely to start early on this Friday.

Saturday, July 8th – Right Place, Right Time – Uranus, Mercury, Neptune, Pluto. Saturday continues with the Pisces Moon with the Moon today sextile Uranus, the Moon trine Mercury, the Moon conjunct Neptune, and the Moon sextile Pluto. The Moon then enters Aries, but the Aries Moon makes no connections to the planets today. The transcendental planets are engaged today. This would be a good day for us to do whatever catches our fancy and to be open to unexpected delights. If we can take the time to relax and laze about, we might find that ‘time outs’ are providing the fodder for insights and greater understanding as to what is going on and which way would be best to achieve our goals. The Moon is completing its monthly cycle of the Zodiac wheel and embarking on a new journey through the twelve Zodiac Signs. This Saturday could be a day of endings and completions and a day for new beginnings. It would be suggested that we tie up loose ends and conclude matters that might otherwise trip us up as we enter this new monthly cycle. Let’s keep in mind that the universe is on our side, if we are willing to work with the universal unfolding, often seeming to be disruptive and tumultuous. Not on this Saturday, for there is an easy flow to this day. We just need to recognize that we are in the right place at the right time and for us to enjoy the ride.

Sunday, July 9th – Break Out – Sun, Mercury, Neptune. The Aries Moon squares the Sun late on this Sunday, and Mercury trines Neptune. Friday through Sunday have had Mercury involved in positive connections to Uranus and to Neptune today. If we don’t limit ourselves by our being self-conscious, we can break out of our rut, spread our wings, and explore realms with which we are unfamiliar. This Sunday suggests we draw upon our intuitive sense, our feeling nature, to discern what is truly going on. Not buying into what is being served to us as pablum by the powers-that-be, but rather what we ascertain on a deep level. We live during ever-accelerating times with the pace continuing to ratchet up with a constant bombardment of stimuli and static. This weekend and this Sunday especially allow us to step away from the frenzies of the world and contemplate on what we perceive to be happening and how the occurrences impact us directly. This Sunday would be a day for us to take time to be alone in our thoughts. Getting down by the water’s edge, out in nature, can help us reconnect with the natural rhythms and attune ourselves with the force behind the form. This Sunday is a day for us to break out from our familiar, whether we do so by getting out of town or do so in the sanctuary of our home.