June 12th – 18th, 2023

The astrology for this week of June 12th through the 18th of 2023 has us going through the waning Moon feeling upbeat, then downbeat, and winding up with the Gemini New Moon, high anxiety, trickster alert and in a world of confusion.

The week starts with us in the beginning of a new monthly cycle, ready to take on the world with great enthusiasm and determination. Our creative juices may be flowing, but as the week proceeds, we could question whether we have the resources necessary to pull off our greatest exploits. Blockages might trip us up, but unwilling to dismiss our plans, we are liable to push forward without considering the consequences of our actions.

If we would work smarter rather than harder and consider alternative means to realize our goals, we need not trip ourselves up nor fall into the depths of despair.

It would be wise for us to draw upon the sage advice of ‘moderation in all things’, a suggestion we are liable to discount as we swing like a metronome between excess and restraint until reality demands a balance point between the two extremes.

We may have to limit our engagements, prioritize our participations, and recognize that despite the acceleration in daily living things often take longer than we would like.

Things may slow down considerably with Saturn turning retrograde on Saturday, followed by a high intensity Gemini New Moon square Neptune. The confusing pace of two steps forward, one step back, one step forward, two steps back can play a significant part over the following two weeks, so it would be suggested we accept nothing at face value, that we take our time before determining our course of action and always be ready to retrace our steps if we discover we’ve gone down a wrong trajectory.

Monday, June 12th – Top of our Game – Mars, Sun. Monday begins this week with the Aries Moon trine Mars and the Moon sextile the Sun. We may be feeling at the top of our game, wanting to make our best impression on other people with a focus on both a ‘can do’ attitude and an eye to our future. If we didn’t overdo it yesterday or expand our interests beyond our reach, this Monday can be a highly productive day when we can advance our involvements and make a mark upon our personal world. Not that we are looking to do any toe stomping. On the contrary, we want to do our own thing, engage our creative talents without causing upsets for anyone else. We might be upbeat, and our disposition could be contagious shining a ‘life is good’ attitude on other people and winning admiration just by our presence alone. If we have a cause we wish to advocate, other people may rally around in support. This Monday has us in top gear no matter what we choose to. Let’s add some fun and excitement to our day. During this time of paradigm shift with its disruptive, even tumultuous, characteristics, it’s important that we add some sugar and spice and everything nice to our life.

Tuesday, June 13th – No Can Do – Pluto. Tuesday continues with the Aries Moon with the Moon square Pluto, which is retrograding back through Capricorn. Although yesterday could have seemed like we had been given a free pass as to what we wanted and how we wanted to do it, Tuesday can have us feeling like we’re hitting a wall. Restraints and constraints may put a damper on our projects and our individual assertions. With Pluto back in Capricorn, we need to realize that many of our institutions may appear to be crumbling, tumbling down. This Pluto Capricorn energy continues with it on and off into 2024 and may give further indications of transformations in our society with evidence of the reality to the concept of ‘build upon rock or build upon sand’, with the latter being washed away as merely transitory, the former long-standing. With the energy now being like metronome swings, today might seem hampered with our intentions being blocked or delayed when yesterday had us moving along as if on greased wheels. If obstacles stand in our way, we don’t have to push through them. We can go over them, under them, or around them. Or we could just wait for a more propitious time for us to move forward on our plans. Shortly after the Moon squares Pluto, the Moon exits Aries to enter Taurus. Some of the wind may be knocked out of our sails, but we are likely to be more practical and grounded as a result.

Wednesday, June 14th – Dampening our Intents – Jupiter, Saturn, Venus, Mars. Wednesday begins with the Taurus Moon conjunct Jupiter, the Moon sextile Saturn, and the Moon square Venus. Late in the day, the Taurus Moon squares Mars. We may awaken buoyed by a ‘can do’ attitude. We might feel that there’s no stopping us today, and we could even have a well-conceived plan of action to venture forth. A stumbling block is liable to be a parade rainer, a naysayer who either wants to douse our enthusiasm or demands too high a toll for our progressing ahead. Not only could we assume that we do not have the resources to pull off our greatest exploits. Unexpected incidents might dash our hopes. This is a day for us to budget our time, our physical energy and our monies and realize that not everyone is going to be on our same page. There may be no point trying to convince someone of the worthiness of our ways, so it might be better for us to tone down our plans, keep our cards close to our chest, and perhaps even go it alone. We do need to be astute to changing circumstance and willing to adapt to altered conditions as they warrant. A little humility is likely to be called for, since any assertiveness could be interpreted as aggression when in truth we might just be expressing our excitement.

Thursday, June 15th – Bend Like a Reed or Break Like an Oak – Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Mercury, Saturn. Thursday continues with the Taurus Moon with the Moon today aspecting the three transcendental planets. The Moon conjuncts Uranus, the Moon sextiles Neptune, and the Moon trines Pluto. Late in the day, the Moon exits Taurus and enters Gemini. Mercury squares Saturn. These times demand flexibility and adaptability. The magic of these times is in the unanticipated, the surprises of unexpected situations occurring with little, if any, advance warning. Although everyone is being badgered to return to normal conditions, significant transformations have occurred. There is no going back to the ways that were. We have moved on from them. Even if we want to rely on the ‘tried and true’, what has been tried may no longer be true. While the present landscape and the portends for the future may seem scary, it is suggested that we keep reminding ourselves almost mantram-like of the wise and true saying: “we never get more than we can handle.” If we lose sight of the magic and the mini-miracles increasingly apparent, then we could fall into a morass of negativity, a sad disposition that has been repeatedly enforced by all the negativity and all the wrongs in the world. Enough with the Eeyores and Debbie Downers! If you don’t like something, then fix it. Some people today can be wringing their hands, bemoaning the state of affairs, and whining about their own personal drama. As Peter McWilliams and John-Roger titled their 1988 book You Can’t Afford the Luxury of a Negative Thought.

Friday, June 16th – Waiting for the Weekend – Saturn, Mercury, Venus. Friday has the Moon in Gemini with the Moon today square Saturn, the Moon conjunct Mercury, and the Moon sextile Venus. We might be feeling the weight of our responsibilities, but with summer approaching and the weekend upon us, we are likely to engage the sentiment of ‘why do today what we can put off until after the weekend?’. Although we might awaken in something of an emotional funk, we may far prefer enjoying ourselves today and engaging in pleasant diversions rather than dealing with what we need to get done. We could also be feeling the effects of Saturn turning retrograde tomorrow with a sense of delay and frustration affecting our course of action. If things are not working out the way we wish they would, we could easily decide to put our tasks on the back burner and start our weekend early. Not only do we have Saturn turning retrograde tomorrow, but we’re also on the ‘dark side’ of the Moon prior to early Sunday’s New Moon. We may as well put out the sign ‘gone fishing’ and just enjoy ourselves.

Saturday, June 17th – Slow as Molasses – Mars, Mercury, Venus, Saturn retrograde. Saturday continues with the Gemini Moon with the Moon today sextile Mars. Mercury sextiles Venus, and Saturn turns retrograde [1:27 PM EDT]. We could have great plans for wild adventure and good times today, but we shouldn’t be surprised if things take longer than we like. If we’re reliant upon someone else for our Saturday activities, something can hold up our getting together. We might decide to do any number of things today. Completion is always easier in concept than in practical reality. Let’s avoid frustrations despite whatever delays we are liable to encounter. Saturn retrograde tends to slow things down which seems a contradiction to our ever increasingly fast-paced lives we are living. We need to avoid tripping ourselves up by impetuous actions and rash decisions. Applying the brakes now and again could prevent us from going over the cliff or racing to nowhere. Tying up loose ends, considering what we wish to accomplish over the next several weeks and being strategic in our approach are all ways by which we can slow things down and proceed cautiously and effectively. A ‘to do’ list in hand and employing time management skills allow us to be more productive than just rushing out and trying to cover all bases in a helter-skelter manner.

Sunday, June 18th – Silver Cord to Practical Reality – Gemini New Moon, Sun, Neptune, Moon Void-of-Course, Jupiter, Saturn. Early on Sunday morning, the Moon conjuncts the Sun at the Gemini New Moon [12:37 AM]. The New Moon impacts the next two weeks up to the Full Moon on the 3rd of July. This New Moon can be somewhat dicey thanks to the Sun and Moon both square Neptune. With a consideration of any number of possibilities combined with insistent encouragement from other people, these next two weeks could have us chasing after pipe dreams and castles in the air. While it’s not bad to dream the impossible dream, especially during this time of paradigm shift where asequential reality offers us evidence of magic and mini-miracles, it is also essential that we maintain connection to our practical reality. Such can be a problem during the next two weeks. We may be excited by what we fantasize about, but we still need to bring into manifestation what we conceive into real achievement. The four and a half months Saturn retrograde cycle will offer braking action, delaying our actions, and might prove a blessing in disguise to avoid us going off the rails. After Moon squares Neptune, the Moon goes Void-of-Course for four and a half hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Gemini and before the Moon enters Cancer early in the day. Late in the day, the Cancer Moon sextiles Jupiter and the Moon trines Saturn. This Sunday is Father’s Day in the US, and much of the day can be spent interacting with family and with homage paid to our father and to our ancestors. The acorn does not fall far from the oak. The afternoon and evenings hours of this Sunday offer enjoyable get-togethers and pleasant reveries.