May 1st – 7th, 2023

The astrology for this week of May 1st through the 7th of 2023 may be somewhat troubling and demands that we keep our wits about us and not overreact to situations that could have us bewildered.

The week begins with May Day, Beltane, a celebration falling midway between the vernal equinox and the summer solstice. Spring may be bursting out all over, but the beginning of this week could also have us witness blasts, explosions, and intense releases of energy. Pluto turns retrograde on Monday and with the Mercury retrograde we just cannot be too careful in our movements and in our actions. Patience is called for, with our first response suggested being to count to ten before we take any action or reaction to situations occurring.

While the energy is highly ratcheted up to begin this week, things seem more toned-down midweek before the fervor heightens again on Thursday and Friday with Friday having a Lunar Eclipse at the Scorpio Full Moon. It would be wise for us to have a strict accounting of our finances, our revenue streams, and our basic expenditures. Keeping an eye open for unexpected expenses and having a personal financial safety net would alleviate any liable catastrophes that might befall us during this paradigm shift when conditions can change suddenly and dramatically.

The weekend would be a good time to chill first and then spread our wings. Time at home and feathering our nest on Saturday provides a strong base of operations. Like an eagle creating its nest, we can use Saturday to rest and recharge around home and then fly from our nest Saturday night or on a day trip on Sunday with the opportunity of returning to our nest refreshed and renewed.

Monday, May 1st – May Day, Mayhem – Uranus, Mars, Lunar T-Square, Venus, Neptune, Moon Void-of-Course, Sun, Mercury, Pluto retrograde. Monday begins this week and the month of May with the Virgo Moon trine Uranus, and the Moon sextile Mars. As the day unfolds, the Virgo Moon triggers a Mutable Sign T-Square with the Moon square Venus and the Moon opposed Neptune. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for over six hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Virgo and before the Moon enters Libra early on Tuesday morning. The Sun conjuncts Mercury, and Pluto turns retrograde [1:09 PM EDT]. This Monday can be a case of going from the sublime to the ridiculous. Things could seem to go swimmingly early in the day, only for things to unravel later in the day. The main factor on this Monday is Pluto, an energy that is like a volcano with intensity percolating below the surface and with the possibility of the intensity boiling over dramatically and easily or the liability of wreaking havoc by blasts and explosions. Today demands extreme caution, full awareness and mindfulness of circumstance and conditions. A black swan event might create extreme anxiety. Let’s keep our wits about us today, consider both the big picture and the minute details, and to avoid knee-jerk reactions or any rush to judgment. Whatever goes on today, it would be wise for us to allow the dust to settle before we respond to any dramatic changes. Let’s be aware of today being Beltane, a day that falls midway between the Vernal Equinox and the Summer Solstice and a day that celebrates the fecundity of nature. We might want to look to nature with its rhythmic flow and evidence of its blossoming and flowering for solace and nourishment instead of our getting caught up in whatever seems to be going on.

Tuesday, May 2nd – Finding Peace in the Centering – Pluto. Tuesday has the Moon moving into Libra where today the Libra Moon trines Pluto. Whatever extreme trigger points might have occurred yesterday this Tuesday allows us to focus on the essential aspects of whatever changes might have occurred. We are in a paradigm shift, a turbulent and tumultuous time when things can change dramatically and suddenly. While the Pluto entrance into Aquarius at the end of March initiated a revolution into a technological age, the retrograde motion of any planet suggests a time of going over, retracing, and reviewing what has gone on previously. And it may be such for us. This Tuesday suggests we share with other people any of the fundamental shifts we have noticed over the past six weeks, whether in our personal lives or in the collective of our society. In quiet conversation we can discuss the pros and cons of how we might best move forward while always being flexible and adaptable to the significant shifts going on. This Tuesday is a day for us to find our center, maintain our center and realize that by working out from our center we can find peace, increase our awareness, and draw upon the magic of these times when it is ever more important for us be open to receive. We do not have to do it all, but we do have to be mindful of the currents of these times and decide how best to navigate our way forward. This Tuesday is a good day for discussions, contemplations, and taking time to reflect on what we are doing, how we are doing it, and where we are choosing to go with it.

Wednesday, May 3rd – Quiet Before the Storm – Mars. Wednesday has the Libra Moon square Mars towards the latter part of the day. Tuesday and Wednesday are two days when the energy is not the strongest for proactive movements. Let’s keep aware that the energies we encounter are like a roller coaster, times of intense, hair-raising energies, and other times when things go smoothly and without a great deal of stress or strain. Tuesday and Wednesday, for the most part, are relatively quiet, sandwiched by high intensity days. If we would keep our balance now, we could be more objective, less emotionally engaged, and better able to coherently appraise what is really going on. Each of us needs a sanctuary — a safe, happy space where we feel the vicissitudes of these times are kept at bay. We could experience this Tuesday and Wednesday as ‘mental health’ days, two days for us to take care of ourselves, enjoy the company of a special person[s], and disengage from the craziness occurring out in the world-at-large. It is important that we take time in our hurly-burly world to regroup and recharge and condition ourselves for whatever may come next. Late in the day, the energy ratchets up, and we could be all over the place, a liability that might go on over the next two days. Storm clouds could start appearing late on this Wednesday, fair warning for the challenges we can experience during the next two days.

Thursday, May 4th – What It Is, What It Ain’t – Venus, Jupiter, Moon Void-of-Course, Pluto, Saturn, Neptune. Thursday begins with the Libra Moon trine Venus, and the Moon opposed Jupiter. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for five hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Libra and before the Moon enters Scorpio where today the Scorpio Moon squares Pluto and the Moon trines Saturn. Venus squares Neptune. The early morning hours start this day on a high note. We may be feeling good about things, appreciative of our relationships, and have a sense that all is right in our world. Unfortunately, narcissism and a sense of self-importance can hamper things as we start the day. We could assume that everyone is on our page, admiring even adoring our every move and decision, but that might not be the case, and we need to watch a major shift in energy today. This is a day when our relationships may turn tricky with people appearing one way, acting in a totally different manner. Anybody feeling slighted, ourselves included, could become resentful and look to knock the person off their high horse. Dissatisfaction might not be overt but rather covert. Suspicion and jealousy can be rampant, and it would be wise for us to walk on eggshells and avoid pushing the envelope. The end of the day provides the ability for us to get grounded and less impacted by the moods and emotions flying around. We are likely to withdraw into ourselves to dissect situations and figure out what is really going on and how we should effectively proceed.

Friday, May 5th – Shifting Sands – Mercury, Scorpio Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse, Sun, Uranus, Venus, Jupiter. Friday is Cinco de Mayo, a day of celebration and partying. We might decide to start the weekend early to celebrate in a Mexican festive way. The Scorpio Moon opposes the three Taurus-transiting planets of Mercury, the Sun and Uranus. The Sun Moon opposition is the Full Moon [1:34 PM EDT], a Lunar Eclipse. Venus sextiles Jupiter. People are liable to be in a party mood. Once more, people are likely to be enthralled by the bread and circuses that keep us docile and oblivious both to what is going on around us and to the big picture of what is happening globally [none of which is good]. It would be wise to recognize that we are on shifting sands with the need to maintain our balance through awareness, flexibility and adaptability. With the banking system teetering and the global equity markets being volatile at best, it would be wise for us to be mindful of our finances — our income streams and our expenses. Things can change suddenly and dramatically, and more so than ever before, we may want to be certain that we have a financial cushion not only for a rainy day but for days of torrential rains. If we assume that governmental agencies will prevent our own personal crash and burn, we might wish to change our attitude. Perhaps the government is no longer so much for the people as for the donor class of entities such as the biggies of big tech, big pharma, big banks, big unions, and big conglomerates. As individuals, we need to take care of ourselves and realize that government leaders and politicians often mouth promises made, rarely ever kept.

Saturday, May 6th – Comforts of Home – Lunar Grand Trine, Mars, Neptune, Moon Void-of-Course, Pluto. After what could have been an intense Friday with the Scorpio Full Moon, Saturday could prove toned down and far less intense. The Moon continues with the transit through Scorpio with the Scorpio Moon today triggering a Water Grand Trine as the Moon trines Mars in Cancer, and the Moon trines Neptune in Pisces. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for five and a half hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon completes its transit of Scorpio and before the Moon enters Sagittarius where today the Sagittarius Moon sextiles Pluto. This Saturday would be a good day for us to stay-at-home whether we relax and take it easy or engage cleanups and springtime home projects. We can focus on making our home a sanctuary for ourselves, the safe, happy place for us to escape the maddening crowd and the craziness out in the world. The afternoon hours might have us deciding to spread our wings, get out of our home and even out of our comfort zone with a desire for a taste of adventure, doing something different and exploring our unfamiliar. After a morning when we might recharge our batteries through taking things easy or doing things easily, the afternoon may have us out and about in search of good times with a good friend.

Sunday, May 7th – Well-Considered Planning – Saturn, Venus Cancer. Sunday continues with the Moon in Sagittarius with the Sagittarius Moon square Saturn. Venus exits Gemini to enter Cancer [10:25 AM EDT]. There may not be a great deal of energy to get things done. Whatever we choose to do today, there could be some delays and frustrations as we go our way. A stuck energy might have us wanting to move ahead, only to find us spinning our wheels. This day demands that we carefully plan our course of action with a need to have contingency plans in case we need to alter our intentions. Getting out of Dodge today might be appealing, but it is not necessary that we trek the four corners of the world. Even just taking a short trip from home can be reinvigorating today. The Venus in Cancer could reenforce some of the energies that we are likely to have felt yesterday: the comforts of home. We may be entering a four-week period of attending to home and family matters with some of our plans focused on family get-togethers, reunions, and next-step celebrations. If we feel as though our wings are being clipped, it would be suggested that we change our focus and consider things that are easier and simpler to accomplish. There is not a great deal of energy today, so a wiser choice would be to take things easy and not feel the need to push the envelope or try to conquer the world.