April 3rd – 9th, 2023

The astrology for this week of April 3rd through the 9th of 2023 could have us back on the roller coaster with its ups and downs.

The week begins with us likely attentive to what we need to get done. Mercury exits Aries to enter Taurus, and as it does so Mercury ends the Stellium in Aries and creates a Stellium in Taurus. We may be more practical and willing to take things step-by-step with forethought before launching forward, but we are unwilling to brook any interference from anyone. We might be adamant in our opinion, in our stance and want no one to get in our way.

A more reasonable attitude can take the edge off mid-week. We may still be stuck in our position, but willing to acknowledge input from other people or accepting opinions differing from our own if based upon facts and not solely emotional appeals.

Let the craziness in the world-at-large run its course. We are more interested in looking to our future, developing projects we wish to pursue and finding the support team to assist us in making our dreams come true.

These days call for us to be judicious in our engagements — the what, the how, and the with whom. We are less involved in people’s emotional dramas, those Eeyores and Debbie Downers focused on the negative and their everything wrong in their world. We are interested in getting things done and advancing our interests.

The weekend could have us doing a spring cleaning, getting rid of the useless and outmoded, and clearing space for our new springtime projects.

Sunday of this weekend is Easter, Christianity’s celebration of resurrection and rising from the dead, evidenced also in Greek mythology’s phoenix rising from its ashes to soar ever higher, or by the Vernal Equinox with the Sun entering Aries and initiating the spring season with its promise of renewal, rebirth and new beginnings. Sunday is a great day to celebrate new life, new beginnings, and our commitment to rebirth.

Monday, April 3rd – No Time Left – Uranus, Mercury, Pluto, Mercury Taurus. Monday begins the week with the Moon in Virgo and with the Moon trine Uranus late in the day. Mercury enters Taurus [12:22 PM EDT], ending the Stellium in Aries and triggering a Stellium in Taurus as Mercury joins Venus and Uranus in the Fixed Earth Sign. Mercury squares Pluto. We may take a more tempered approach to our various situations. We have gone from a Cardinal Fire push of initiation and impulsiveness to a Fixed Earth solidity of rigidity and stubbornness. Our desire to put our individual mark on our activities can morph into a seed planting, taking things from the conceptual to implementation. We might be concentrating on taking things step-by-step rather than great leaps forward. We could get stuck in our opinion and how we see things and brook no interference from anyone with other opinions or suggestions. This is a day when it would be advised to walk on eggshells when conversing with other people. Everyone has been on edge, liable to have a chip on their shoulder, and ready for anyone to be contentious and trigger a pushback with a verbal lashing. Keeping our head down, doing what we need to do, and avoiding arguments is the best way to proceed on this Monday. Late in the day, we could devise a best practices approach with streamlined operations to effectively deal with our routine responsibilities.

Tuesday, April 4th – Vision or Illusion – Venus, Neptune, Moon Void-of-Course, Pluto. Tuesday has the Moon in Virgo trine Venus, and the Moon opposed Neptune. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for eight hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Virgo and before the Moon enters Libra where late in the day the Libra Moon trines Pluto. This is a day when we need to be attentive to the details and to the specifics. No rush to judgment, but rather taking our time to contemplate and plan before moving ahead. If we would consider the intricacies of our involvements, we could devise how best to effectively move forward to a successful conclusion. We can accomplish a great deal by drawing both upon our intuitive sense and our critical analysis. By taking care of what we need to get done during the day, the evening hours can be spent with a special someone who could encourage our future plans and might also provide valuable insights and suggestions to ease our way. This could be an either / or day, when either we can be highly attuned to what is going on or fall victim to the illusions of hyperbole and exaggerated actions. I suggest opting for the former but being aware of the latter. Even if we succumb to the hype, narrative or presentations, someone can set us straight in the evening with an ability to drill down into the fundamentals of the situation and offer greater awareness as to what is really going on.

Wednesday, April 5th – Won’t Get Snookered Again – Mars, Mercury, Saturn. Wednesday continues with the Libra Moon with the Moon today square Mars. Mercury sextiles Saturn. Relationships might be a little dicey as we start the day due to people’s opinions and their personal bias. Emotions may be raw, and why wouldn’t they be with the constant barrage of bad news, intense situations and what seems to be a world spinning out of control. If we don’t allow our feelings to dictate our moods or our actions, we could be a little more grounded and see things from a practical, realistic viewpoint. Increasingly, we are being asked to pull back the veil of Maya, the deceptions, and delusions, use our critical thinking skills, and determine what is truly going on. This Wednesday provides an ability to see the hard, cold reality cut away from the hype, presentations, and commentaries. Today is a good day for us to strategize our finances, come up with a budget and determine where we can pare down our expenses. It is important to understand that often we are played as marks at the carnival shell game with the shells repeatedly shuffled, keeping us from tracking which shell the pea is under. It’s an old carny trick to distract, and one used by the powers-that-be, focusing attention on one thing while a different and more important situation plays out often oblivious to the public eye. Especially during these disruptive, turbulent times, it is essential that we maintain vigilance, be aware and mindful of what is really going on. This Wednesday allows greater mental clarity with the hope that we won’t get snookered again.

Thursday, April 6th – World of Possibilities – Full Moon, Sun, Jupiter, Moon Void-of-Course. Thursday finishes the Moon’s transit of Libra with the Libra Full Moon [12:34 AM EDT] as the Moon opposes The Sun. The Moon then opposes Jupiter before the Moon goes Void-of-Course for almost eighteen hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Libra and before the Moon enters Scorpio early on Friday. We may be in a highly creative mood today and with a desire to expand our reach beyond our normal parameters. While a great deal of focus might be concentrated on our personal talents and interests, it is important that we not neglect the concerns of the people in our life. This day calls for a balance between what we may want to do and what might interest someone else. Let’s keep in mind that we live in community and can often benefit from the input of other people. Despite the cacophony occurring in the world, we have the opportunity of drawing upon a wide realm of possibilities. This Thursday would be a day for us to discuss with someone prospects for our future engagements. We are on the threshold of a technological revolution, a new era when things can be so much easier. There may be Eeyores and Debbie Downers who see only the negative aspects of living, everything wrong in the world with a dystopian future awaiting us. A negative perspective discounts and dismisses the many positive attributes and the technological advances that can solve many of the perceived problems and might instill instead the likelihood of a heaven on earth. We live in a world of possibilities if we would only take off our blinders and change our mindset from handwringing to embracing the paradigm shift with its magic and mini-miracles.

Friday, April 7th – Dying to the Old – Lunar T-Square, Pluto, Mercury, Lunar Grand Trine, Saturn, Mars, Venus, Neptune. This Friday is Good Friday in the Christian tradition, a day commemorating the crucifixion of Jesus, to be followed by his resurrection and the Christed consciousness celebrated on Easter. The Moon on this Friday is in Scorpio, a Sign which symbolizes death and rebirth, a most intense Sign that cuts away the dross to focus on the essence. The Scorpio Moon today triggers both a Fixed Sign T-Square and a Water Grand Trine. The Scorpio Moon squares Pluto in Aquarius, and the Moon opposes Mercury in Taurus to trigger the Fixed Sign T-Square. The Scorpio Moon trines Saturn in Pisces, and the Moon trines Mars in Cancer to trigger a Water Sign Grand Trine. Venus sextiles Neptune. Although we might feel squeezed financially or by limited resources, it would be wise for us to keep in mind that there are times, and especially during these times, when things occur in the most extraordinary manner. A belief in our own personal destiny and in a sense of better days ahead can propel us from a quagmire of where we have been and might feel where we are presently into a jettison into new activities and new involvements. This is a day for us to think beyond the mundane and apparent. If we would draw upon faith and prayer, we could sense that like a butterfly coming out from its cocoon we too can fly and soar and morph from who and what we have been into a reborn and liberated BEing.

Saturday, April 8th – Change it Up – Uranus, Mercury, Mars. Saturday continues with the Scorpio Moon with the Moon today opposed Uranus. Mercury sextiles Mars. Whether we observe the traditions of the Christian faith or just participate in the holiday atmosphere of this weekend, this Saturday is a good day to make alterations. Whatever we have scheduled for the day may have to adjust to unexpected developments. This Saturday is a good day to continue a springtime cleaning, getting rid of things that no longer hold meaning for us and make space for anything new and different that we might wish to pursue. Even if our resources are limited, there can be little excuse to holding on to stuff solely for the security of having stuff. ‘Out with the hold, in with the new’ can be our mantram on this Saturday as we embrace the springtime sense of new beginnings. The more we clear away, the more breathing room we have to explore and investigate new interests that are more aligned with who we are in process of being. We do need to keep track of our expenses. It is so easy for us to fall prey to routine shopping, grousing about the price increases we are experiencing, but unwilling to adjust our shopping patterns with the liability of putting a bigger dent in our finance. These times call for us to be aware and mindful, to adjust and adapt to new circumstance. We can no longer go blindly into the night, or into the day for that matter. Being astute and wise as stewards of our resources will prevent us from setting ourselves up for a nasty fall. Let’s use this day to clean up and clear out and be leaner and meaner [although not meaner in a personality adjustment].

Sunday, April 9th – The Sun has Risen – Neptune, Venus, Moon Void-of-Course, Pluto, Saturn. Sunday is Easter, commemorating in Christianity the resurrection of Jesus, an allegory of dying to the old to be born to the new, also revealed in the Vernal Equinox with the Sun moving from Pisces into Aries to signal an astrological new year and shown in Greek mythology with the phoenix rising from its ashes to soar ever higher. This Sunday begins with the Scorpio Moon trine Neptune and the Moon opposed Venus. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for almost four hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Scorpio and before the Moon enters Sagittarius where today the Sagittarius Moon sextiles Pluto and the Moon squares Saturn. Whether we celebrate this holiday as a religious highlight or just regale in the fun events of this day, we may all have a sense of something being a little bit different, with a greater feeling of our spiritual characteristics influencing our usual material focus. It is interesting that today has the movement of the Moon from Scorpio to Sagittarius whereby we have the stripping away transforming into the expansive. Even if we just take this day as a ‘time out’ from our routine, we might feel that there is something more for us, an infusion of hope and a belief that ‘what is’ could transform into something better and brighter. Today would be a good day to get off the track, step away from our regular involvements, and look beyond our present circumstance. Like the sun rising in the East on a daily basis, we too can feel like a new day is dawning for us. Similar to Christian belief, each of us may sense that that we are in process of resurrection and an ascension in our consciousness with its inevitable consequence of personal transformation. Happy Easter!