March 13th – 19th, 2023

The astrology for this week of March 13th through the 19th of 2023 is liable to give indications of how impetuousness can rue the day with tendencies for us to jump to conclusions and function more from our moods and feelings rather than critical thinking or due diligence.

This is the first full week of Saturn’s transit through Pisces, and a week when we have a powerpack, a Stellium in the Mutable Water Sign with the Sun, Mercury, Saturn and Neptune all in Neptune-ruled Pisces. This week has some of the Pisces-transiting planets interacting with one another, and Mars in Gemini triggering squares to three of the four Pisces planets, adding an element of rashness, misunderstandings and a belief in pie in the sky schemes. Oh, goody, could be a fun week [he writes sarcastically].

The week begins with us feeling energized, ready to spread our wings and explore far horizons, whether literally or figuratively. We might even find ourselves humming to the classic McFadden and Whitehead song Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us Now:

While it would be wise to have direction and itinerary in mind, we are liable to map our course intentionally or unintentionally for Fantasyland, a realm of wondrous possibility or an entrance into a hellish landscape. How we feel, our moods and our emotions, are likely to determine our disposition and consequently our trajectory. Whether the idyllic or the nightmarish, we cannot discount the likelihood of illusion and delusion during this week. This is a time when what we see may not be what we get.

It would be suggested that we go slow this week, avoid rash actions, and take the time to contemplate what we are doing and why we are doing it.

Everyone may be dealing with a heightened sense of anxiety, as if anticipating some major shoe to drop. And why not when the “news” headlines barrage us with dystopian events of increased wartime activities, inflation rendering disposable income close to worthless, bank runs, official narratives unwinding, and assumptions that we may be on a runaway train hurtling towards oblivion with absolutely no one in control?

This is a week that demands that we not get caught up in the frenzy or the frantic, but rather step away now and then from the crazy-making antics and catch our breath, meditate, get out into nature and look for the positives in these transformational times rather than focus on the negativity.

Friday brings us to St. Patrick’s Day, a day when we are all Irish and given license to celebrate with a pint of Stout or… With all the Neptunian and Piscean energy floating around, we have to be wary that our celebrations don’t become over-indulgent and excessive.

This week has two significant Sign changes. Venus exits Aries, a Sign of Detriment for Venus, to enter Venus-ruled Taurus. And Mercury exits Pisces, a Sign of Detriment for Mercury, to enter Aries. There could be a lessening of rampant narcissism and greater attention to our appearance and what we wish to accomplish.

We come into the weekend with us intent to put the week behind us, as we gather with good friends or spend time with a special someone and spread our wings and explore terrain unknown.

This is a week for us to engage the sentiment: “Life’s too mysterious. Don’t take it serious.”

Monday, March 13th – Delayed Takeoff – Pluto, Saturn. Monday begins this week with the Scorpio Moon sextile Pluto early in the morning hours. The Moon then moves into Sagittarius where early today the Sagittarius Moon squares Saturn in Pisces. The more we plan out our schedule for the week, but in pencil with a large eraser, the less likely we shall be tripped up by various confusions that could arise as we proceed through the week. We may have great intentions for this Monday and for this week, but we might find ourselves initially stuck in neutral with our motor revving but unable to take off and leave the ground. Even if we experience delays or frustrations, challenges are to be met and resolved. We may be slow starting on this Monday, but once we get going, we are likely determined to soar with the eagles. Whether we take off literally or figuratively, we are more interested in what lies beyond our familiar and recognizable and are open to a wide range of possibilities. Some people might be traveling this week, and it would be wise for us to have contingency plans in case of delays or travel problems. There could be bumps in the road today, but not enough to deter us from moving ahead. Yes, as the song goes: ‘ain’t no stoppin’ us now.’

Tuesday, March 14th – High Hopes Before Unnecessary Entanglements – Jupiter, Lunar T-Square, Mercury, Sun, Neptune, Mars. Tuesday is paradoxical. The day starts off swimmingly with the Sagittarius Moon trine Jupiter. We may feel like we’re at the top of our game, confident, optimistic and looking to broaden our reach and expand our involvements. What we have to avoid is taking on too much or trying to do too much. We might feel that we could conquer the world, and maybe we can in the early morning hours. Later in the day, the wheels seem to come off the bus as the Sagittarius Moon triggers a Mutable Sign T-Square with the Moon square three of the Pisces-transiting planets — Mercury, the Sun, and Neptune — and the Moon opposes Mars to end the day. Mars squares Neptune. It could feel like we’ve gone from the sublime to the ridiculous. Confusion and disruption may be rampant. A liability of going around in circles with misdirection and entanglements cannot be discounted. We are prone to be caught up in a flailing about, accomplishing little except exhausting ourselves. The latter part of the day calls for us to slow things down, take things item by item, and not lose sight of what we are doing. The latter part of this Tuesday also gives us a heads-up regarding the energies we may have to contend with through Friday. Welcome to the Monkey House.

Wednesday, March 15th – What Is or What Could Be – Venus, Saturn, Sun, Neptune. Wednesday has the Moon completing its transit of Sagittarius with the Moon trine Venus. The Moon then moves into Capricorn where today the Capricorn Moon sextiles Saturn. Late in the day, the Sun conjuncts Neptune. Similar to yesterday, we may start this Wednesday high flying, feeling good about ourselves, our prospects for creative self-expression enhanced, and as if all is right in the world, or at least in our personal world. If we stay focused, we can take care of any number of things. We might be less flighty today, but we still have to avoid being driven by our emotions and mood swings. We can be deliriously happy one moment, only to fall into the victim mode of negativity and life happening to us in the next moment. This would be a day for us to stay grounded, take care of what needs to get done and not allow sentiments to rule us. With the strong Piscean energy operating this week, we have to be on the lookout for feeling vulnerable and overly sensitive to our surroundings or to our circumstances. If we could step off the track this week, get out into nature and down by the water, we could feel nurtured with a confirmation that despite humankind’s bizarre behavior, life is steadfast and continues on and on, no matter the conditions that prevail. Let’s keep in mind that nature is a divine cathedral.

Thursday, March 16th – Effective or Dissipative – Jupiter, Uranus, Mercury, Neptune, Sun, Mars, Venus, Pluto, Venus Taurus. Thursday has the Capricorn Moon square Jupiter, and the Moon trine Uranus. Mercury conjuncts Neptune, the Sun squares Mars, and Venus squares Pluto just before Venus exits Aries to enter its own Sign of Taurus [6:34 PM EDT]. This day can be one high energy day and can either go in a very positive direction or a less fruitful direction and perhaps even a combination of both, all depending upon how we play it. A key characteristic during these times of paradigm shift is not to get in our own way. We could do that today if we buy into a belief that we are ‘legends in our own mind’. Narcissism, arrogance and over-confidence could have us banging our head against the wall, a truly futile and unnecessary exercise if we would only be receptive to unexpected turn of events and allow things to unfold easily and successfully. Why should we be bulls in a china shop when the way could be made clear, and pathway eased, by being receptive to a best practices approach to achieve our goals. Our sensitivity might be heightened and once again we can use it for positive developments by drawing upon our intuitive sense and our inner knowing, or we could go negative playing the victim card and feeling that the earth is opening up beneath our feet. We do have to prevent ourselves from dithering about, trying to do too much but winding up spinning our wheels. Today is a day to focus, to keep our eye on the ball and our ear to the railroad track to be aware of interesting and surprising developments. Venus coming into Taurus will lessen some of the recent narcissism, and we might look to put our best foot forward, have a personal makeover and be stylish and elegant [too bad elegance has lost its shine in our present culture].

Friday, March 17th – We’re All Irish Today – Neptune, Mercury, Sun, Pluto, Venus, Mars, Saturn. Thursday and Friday of this week are two high energy days with a great deal going on. In the early morning hours of this Friday, the Capricorn Moon sextiles three of the Pisces transiting planets as the Moon sextiles Neptune, Mercury and the Sun. The Moon conjuncts Pluto just before the Moon moves into Aquarius where today the Aquarius Moon squares Venus. Mercury squares Mars, the Sun conjuncts Mercury, and Venus sextiles Saturn. If we are not taking off this day to celebrate all day, all night, then we could tie up loose ends early in the day and start the weekend and our Irish festivities by Friday midday EDT. No matter our ethnicity, every one of us is Irish today. And it’s not a bad idea for us to celebrate St. Patrick and the legend of his having driven the snakes out of Ireland, just as we are looking to drive the snakes out of our personal lives. Much of our focus today could revolve around what could be, our prospects for our future engagements. We might want to spend our time lost in reveries. We do have to be cautious in our ingestions, since we may have a liability towards excess. Let’s enjoy stepping away from our normal involvements and off into a world of possibilities without going to extremes. It would be wise for us to hew today to the sentiment ‘moderation in all things.’

Saturday, March 18th – Proper Focus – Jupiter, Uranus, Mercury, Pluto. Saturday has the Aquarius Moon sextile Jupiter and the Moon square Uranus. Mercury sextiles Pluto. We may want to have good times with good friends on this Saturday, but an unexpected situation could arise that either forces us to alter our plans or costs us more than we anticipated. Necessary maintenance or repairs are not out of the question. This is a day that may demand that we engage two of the characteristics of these times: flexibility and adaptability. Even if we have to change our plans, we might discover the new developments also provide an interesting trajectory of which we were not aware. While we might have to change our focus, we could find ourselves incredibly astute late in the day with the ability to cut to the core, rid ourselves of the extraneous, and prioritize our involvements. We don’t always appreciate having to make changes to our intentions, but often what comes out of disruptions are far better than we could have imagined, and this could be the case on this Saturday. Let’s be open to the magic of these times, even if our initial reaction may be more grousing and whining that we can’t always have it our way. There might be better ways than what we had imagined possible.

Sunday, March 19th – Adventures Before Chilling Out – Mars, Moon Void-of-Course, Saturn, Venus, Mercury Aries. We start the day with the Aquarius Moon trine Mars. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for almost five hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Aquarius and before the Moon enters Pisces. The Pisces Moon today conjuncts Saturn and the Moon sextiles Venus. Mercury exits Pisces, a Sign of Detriment for Mercury, and Mercury enters Aries [12:24 AM EDT]. We could start this Sunday with a burst of energy. Our attitudes are less emotional and moody, and more concerned about our personal interests. We may be in an exploratory temperament as we begin this day with a desire to sample this, try that, and with a sense that nothing is too much for us, an approach that could prove exhausting. As the day unfolds, the energy shifts with us possibly wanting some quiet time to reflect, consider and contemplate. Getting out into nature, down by the water, a walk in a park or forest can reinvigorate us and recharge our batteries. The natural world helps to reground us and make us aware, no matter what humankind might be up to, that everything is working out perfectly and as it will. The connection with a special someone can provide a strong support system in the late day.