February 20th – 26th, 2023

The astrology for this week of February 20th through the 26th of 2023 can have us going through the whipsaws of emotions between elation and despair, but always with the choice of our attitude.

The week begins with the Pisces New Moon truly kicking off the Sun’s month-long transit of the Mutable Water Sign, the last Sign on the Zodiac wheel. We are sensing both endings and impending new beginnings, especially with Venus entering Aries to start off the week.

We might have restrictions to our future plans, still have to tie up loose ends, but increasingly we are looking out for number one.

Venus entering Aries has Venus moving into a Sign of its Detriment, where our interests in relationships are more focused on oneself rather than collaborative with another. The two ‘good guys’ of the planetary realm, Venus and Jupiter, are now both in Aries, a tantalizing opportunity for narcissism and self-absorption.

Yes, it may seem as though everybody wants to rule the world.

Everybody wants to rule the world

Perhaps we have felt the compression and restrictions of the demands by the official narrative for compliance and their negation of alternative viewpoints or contradictory data.

Or maybe we’re starting to recognize the impending spring season with its promise of rebirth and renewal, the thrust of self-assertion that spring offers.

While the week begins benignly enough, we could quickly hit the skids with one of my least favorite energy configurations on Tuesday, the dreaded Mercury square Uranus. Computer issues, transportation problems, unexpected glitches are all liable to occur under this energy configuration. It would be wise for us to back up important data, add on extra time to accomplish our tasks, and have contingency plans if our intended course of action goes awry.

Once we have hit some bumps, things do seem to straighten out as we close out the week.

The weekend can be pleasant with unexpected twists and turns. Shopping trips could wind up with surprising purchases as we look to engage the new and the different and add a little variety and spice to our life.

The weekend closes with something of a free-for-all with a tendency for us to go here, there and everywhere.

Monday, February 20th – Strong Offense, Good Defense – Pisces New Moon, Sun, Venus Aries. Monday begins the week with the Pisces New Moon [2:06 AM EST] and Venus exiting Pisces to enter Aries [2:56 AM EST]. The New Moon is in orb of a conjunction with Saturn. We could be smarting from recent past experiences, withdrawing into our solitary happy place, and putting on a defensive posture with a little offensive behavior. Few would question that we are living in some crazy times. It sometimes seems as though we have entered bizarro world, where everything has become incredibly strange, dysfunctional and with the inmates running the asylum. Even if we have given in to the edicts of the powers-that-be, we are less inclined to join in on the lemming march. On the contrary, with both Venus and Jupiter now in Aries we are more likely to cry out “I gotta be me.” Relationships could be somewhat dicey with our expectation that people either are with us or against us with no middle ground, just an either – or. It would be suggested that with our focus on emphasizing our personal interests we try and avoid antagonizing other people or damaging our relationships. Now is a time for us to do our own thing and to also cut everyone a great deal of slack. Being highly sensitive, vulnerable to external factors and feeling disempowered by the vagaries of these times, we could overdo our behavior, comments and actions. It would be wise for us to adopt the British wartime slogan: ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’.

Tuesday, February 21st – Hasty, Wasty – Uranus, Mars, Neptune, Pluto, Mercury. Tuesday has the Pisces Moon sextile Uranus, the Moon square Mars and the Moon sextile Pluto. Mercury squares Uranus. Today is Fat Tuesday, and the liability of excessive indulgence cannot be discounted. We might seem to have license to drink, eat and cavort to our heart’s content. While such revelry may evoke a nice concept, today’s reality could prove something other. A liability of taking on too much, trying to do too much, ingesting too much, all under the guise of Mardi Gras, can have dire consequences. We may not be thinking clearly today but rather pushed and pulled by our appetites and our emotions and someone’s suggestions. Anything to party. Prodded by the Moon Mars square with a liability to be rash and impetuous, the Mercury square Uranus could have us embroiled in a real shitshow. A lot of misses might confront us — miscommunications, misdirection, misunderstandings. Whatever we have planned for this day, it would be suggested that we have contingency plans with a willingness to alter our course of action and adapt to changing conditions. We might want to force our will on circumstance, but any such disposition could have us battling against the reality of the situation. This is a day for us to be flexible and adaptable. We also need to avoid getting in our own way. As the wise and true saying suggests: ‘if you want to make god laugh, tell god your plans’. We can get a better grip on our own reality as we end the day, setting us up for a productive and accomplished tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 22nd – All About Me – Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, Mars. The Moon moves into Aries early on this Wednesday, and the Aries Moon today conjuncts both Venus and Jupiter, the two ‘good guys’ of the planetary realm. Mercury trines Mars. Yesterday might have had us stubbing our toes if we didn’t keep attuned to shifting sands, changing conditions. We might have felt behind the eight ball and having to react to situations rather than taking a proactive approach. Even if we tried to force issues to our will, unexpected situations could have thwarted even our best efforts. Wednesday is sharp in contrast. Everything may seem to go our way today. We are less reactive, more willing to take machete in hand and carve our own path. We could have blinders on, focused solely on what we want to do. But even our communications are sharper and clearer today with an ability to convince other people of the worthiness of our endeavors. This is truly a day for us to go for the gold, initiate some of our personal goals. We may have to go it alone, but we could also have the encouragement of someone for us to pursue our goals. Our creative talents are on display today, no matter the format for our self-expression. The one caveat is for us not to be narcissistic or self-important. Let’s keep in mind the saying that ‘you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar’. If we would focus on our personal projects without blowing our horn, someone could provide the trumpet accompaniment to laud our accomplishments.

Thursday, February 23rd – Keep On, Keeping On – Mars, Mercury. Thursday continues with the Aries Moon with the Moon sextile Mars in Gemini and the Moon sextile Mercury in Aquarius. Yesterday, we had Mercury trine Mars, and this Thursday continues on the same tenor. Much of the energy is triggered early in the day, so it would be wise for us to have our plan of action in mind as we start off on this Thursday. We can be highly productive today and could draw upon the wise input and insightful suggestions of someone advocating for our cause. Our intentions may be more geared to new projects, future plans, but such are the energies of yesterday and today. Wednesday and Thursday are two days when we have the energy, the personal interest, and the support of other people to pursue our greatest dreams. This is a day for us to keep on, keeping on and to reach for the stars. Engaging creative outlets, no matter what they might be, will stir up our passion and our determination to accomplish our greatest dreams. Brainstorming with solid counsel on Wednesday and Thursday provides impetus for us to put our spirit into action Friday and Saturday. First, we develop the concepts and then we put them into play by means of a best practices approach. Although much of our focus may be on our future projects and plans, let’s not forget our necessary tasks and routine responsibilities. Like a suspension bridge, we can put slats down one by one for where we want to go, all with the ability of going back and taking care of what needs to be done until we have finished the preparations and the slats of the suspension bridge to get to the other side, to get into our future engagements, at which time we can cut the previous ties that bind.

Friday, February 24th – Back to Business – Saturn, Pluto, Sun. Friday has the Moon finishing up its transit of Aries in the early morning hours with the Moon sextile Saturn and the Moon square Pluto. The Moon then moves into Taurus where later in the day the Moon sextiles the Sun. If we have spent the past two days concentrating more on our future projects rather than our usual tasks, we may find our responsibilities and obligations demanding that we take action and deal with what needs to get done. With the weekend upon us, we might determine to get back to business on this Friday and take care of our normal involvements in order to have the weekend free and clear to focus on other things. Friday is a good day to tie up certain matters, but we have to avoid trying to rush through situations just to have completions behind us. There can be delays and irritations as we start this Friday. We just need to focus, take things step-by-step, and tie up loose ends in order to have a clean slate for the weekend. This could be one of those days when we just have to ‘grin and bear it’.

Saturday, February 25th – Exciting Twists, Unexpected Turns – Uranus, Mercury. Saturday has the Moon continuing its transit of Taurus with the Taurus Moon conjunct Uranus early in the day, and the Moon square Mercury later in the day. No matter what we have planned for this Saturday, the day might begin with some surprising developments that have us out and about with little concern about where we are going or what we are doing. Excitement is in the air, and this is one of those days when it would be best for us to have a blank slate on which to draw impetuously, impulsively, and with a sense of adventure. We might awaken with a magical attitude, ready to ride the air currents, and take whatever opens up to us wherever it chooses. If we go shopping, we could discover some wonderful bargain and something that would add true panache to our environment or to our wardrobe. Even a personal makeover can be something we consider. Whatever we choose to do this morning, it is likely to be far different from our normal Saturday morning. Let’s go for the gusto. The evening hours might be a little dicey. Someone’s opinion or judgment of our behavior is liable to be critical but might only indicate that we have stepped beyond the bounds of our ‘normalcy’, asserted our free will and experimented with various small escapades, thereby threatening someone’s expectations of us based upon their past definition of who we are. No matter. These times call for us to stretch and expand beyond our past, to explore our present and grow into our future.

Sunday, February 26th – Breaking Out – Neptune, Saturn, Pluto. Early Sunday completes the Moon’s transit of Taurus with the Moon sextile Neptune, the Moon square Saturn and the Moon trine Pluto, all before the Moon finishes its transit of Taurus and before the Moon enters Gemini. The push – pull between our imagination and our actual circumstance could have us with one foot in the world of possibility and the other foot in our practical reality. Finding the balance between what could be and what actually is may be challenging, but it is also a dynamic that breaks us out of complacency and allows us to taste the many varied factors of doing life. We do not have to go to either extreme today. If we would deal with what we need to get done early in the day, then we can unshackle ourselves to have a day of sampling and engaging any number of things. This Sunday suggests we take care of errands early in the day and then allow ourselves a virtual free-for-all the rest of the day where we go from one thing to another to yet another. This Sunday provides us the energy to fully embrace the concept that ‘variety is the spice of life’.