December 5th – 11th, 2022

The astrology for this week of December 5th through the 11th of 2022 suggests we use a little tenderness, although the tenderizing process could be fraught with wild swings of moods and emotions.

The week begins with our old ‘friend’ [sarcasm indicated] of the Saturn Uranus square engaged. We may feel that we’ve turned a corner, put ourselves on a new trajectory, and are proceeding ahead easily until we hit some bumps with stumbling blocks of old issues or frustrating delays.

A key to this week is not to believe the hype and spin presented to us by which we might easily be seduced. Yes, everything is beautiful in its own way, but putting lipstick on a pig doesn’t make it a beauty queen. It’s still a pig. As the powers-that-be flip the narrative with their pitch that the economy is getting better and virus threats are worsening, it would be wise for us to engage critical analysis and due diligence to cut through the hokum.

Being oblivious can be entertaining only for so long before it becomes deadly dangerous.

As we approach mid-week, Mercury exits Sagittarius, a Sign of Detriment for Mercury, ending the Sagittarius Stellium of three planets transiting the Mutable Fire Sign, and Mercury enters Capricorn. Although this entry into Capricorn of Mercury might make us slightly depressed at times, it also affords us greater practicality and seriousness of thought.

The Gemini Full Moon on Wednesday may intensify the sense of speed-up and acceleration of our daily life with us trying to juggle any number of things. The balance between our self interests and the interests of other people can be part of our juggling act with the need of finding balance between self and other.

The fast-paced, high anxiety of these times can be ratcheted up from mid-week into the end of the week with the Mutable Sign T-Square accentuated. We might feel as though we need to be here, there and everywhere, a disposition that could be truly exhausting.

Another Sign change occurs on Friday as Venus exits Sagittarius to enter Capricorn, triggering a Stellium of three planets in the Cardinal Earth Sign as Venus joins Mercury and Pluto in Capricorn. Some of the rose may come off the bloom, as our enthusiasm and exuberance begin to diminish to the obligation of commitments and practical agenda.

The weekend might be a time to regroup and replenish our depleted energy. Time spent at home could provide a sense of sanctuary in our ever-increasing maddening world. We are likely to end the weekend looking for good times with good friends. Enjoying the holiday decorations, the flourish of lights and the bustling about can put a smile on our face and have us more involved with the festivities of this time of year.

Monday, December 5th – One More Once – Uranus, Saturn. Monday begins this week with the Taurus Moon engaging our old nemesis of the Saturn Uranus square as the Moon conjuncts Uranus and the Moon squares Saturn. Although we are dealing with a Mutable Sign T-Square that could have us all over the place and racing around, all the while juggling any number of things, we could find our attempts to streamline operations, take alternate trajectories and engage the new and the different eventually hitting the wall. This is a day when we might try to move too far too fast. It would be wise to add any additional involvements in a probationary manner in order to see if they work and can work on the long term. These times could have us feeling like we’re betwixt and between. Delays are frustrating but likely on this Monday. Let’s try to maintain patience and a forgiving attitude. It would be wise to keep in mind that often we see where we might be going and then are pulled back into past responsibilities. Yes, this is a day when we are liable to fall into the pattern of one more once [to borrow from Count Basie and Duke Ellington].

Tuesday, December 6th – Flying High Before… – Neptune, Pluto Jupiter, Moon Void-of-Course, Mercury, Mercury Capricorn. Tuesday continues with the Taurus Moon with the Moon today trine Pluto and the Moon sextile both Neptune and Jupiter both in Pisces. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for over an hour and a half with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Taurus and before the Moon enters Gemini. The Gemini Moon makes no connections to the planets today. Mercury squares Jupiter early in the day, and Mercury exits Sagittarius to enter Capricorn [5:08 PM EST] towards the end of the day. Relieved of yesterday’s Saturn Uranus square, we could be feeling optimistic about things on this Tuesday. It might seem as though everything is coming together the way we wish it would. While we can be feeling upbeat and as though everything is right in the world, the liability of fooling ourselves or being fooled cannot be discounted. We might be more enamored with our personal perspective of things than acknowledging the true reality of situations. This fool’s paradise can be heightened by what we see, what we hear, as the narrative tries to sell a positive outlook and successful results to bump up the holiday immersions and increase in sales. The beauties of deception are hard to dismiss, but is it any surprise when we have been conditioned by television programs, movies, tabloids and other information media to accept the reality of unreality, to adopt fiction as fact, and to affirm opinion as being empirical? The entry of Mercury into Capricorn ends the Stellium of three planets in Sagittarius and provides a greater serious of thought and a willingness to consider a practical approach. This day can be one of extremes when anything and everything is possible early in the day only for us to come back to earth late in the day.

Wednesday, December 7th – The Fool’s Moon – Gemini Full Moon, Sun, Mars. The Moon continues its transit of Gemini, but not much seems to be going on early in the day except a frantic pace akin ‘nowhere to run to, nowhere to hide’. The day picks up increased energy as the day unfolds with the Gemini Full Moon [11:08 PM EST] when the Moon opposes the Sun and the Moon conjuncts Mars. Relationships can be dicey. People may be more interested in what they personally want rather than seeking a collaborative approach. Let’s keep in mind that Mars is in Gemini and will be in the Mutable Air Sign into mid-March 2023. The liability of shooting from the lip, being impetuous in action, and downright reckless is something we have to tame. Have you noticed how drivers increasingly viewing stop signs and red lights as optional? Even some drivers are going down the street the wrong way. Talk about a time when caution is imperative, defensive driving and staying alert to unexpected curveballs more than a necessity. The Mars in Gemini is a key component of the Mutable Sign T-Square, so our nerves can be shot and our diplomacy in our relationships could be close to nil. It is essential that we not jump to conclusions, since what we see may not be what we get. If we could slow things down, avoid getting caught up in the whirlwind of frenzied action, and think things through before we participate in virtually anything, we could avoid making huge mistakes and dangerous missteps.

Thursday, December 8th – Keeping it Straight – Saturn, Neptune, Sun, Mars. Thursday continues with the Gemini Moon with the Moon today trine Saturn and the Moon square Neptune. The Moon square Neptune is the incipient Mutable Sign T-Square stronger tomorrow when the Moon opposes Venus and the Moon squares Jupiter. The Sun opposes Mars. This is a day when it would be wise for us to plan out our schedule, although doing so in pencil with a big eraser, since these are times when things can change dramatically and suddenly and often without notice. While we can devise a best practices approach to the day, we might need the support of someone to keep us on track. Otherwise, with all the Mutable energy flying around, we could easily get distracted and our attention diverted to whatever catches our fancy, the whim of the moment. Even if we have a great amount going on, it would be wise for us to notate what we wish to accomplish early in the day and be flexible in how we choose to go about it. Wednesday through Friday of this week are high energy days, and days when we need to rein in our impetuousness and impulsive action. If we are going shopping, it would be wise to keep our receipts in case we think better of our impulsive purchases after the fact.

Friday, December 9th – Generous to a Fault – Lunar T-Square, Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, Venus Capricorn. The Moon finishes its transit of Gemini with a Mutable Sign T-Square with the Moon opposed Venus and the Moon square Jupiter. The Moon then moves into Cancer where the Cancer Moon today opposes Mercury. The two ‘good guys’ of the planetary realm, Venus and Jupiter, square each other. Venus exits Sagittarius to enter Capricorn [10:54 PM EST] and triggers a Stellium of three planets in the Cardinal Earth Sign as Venus joins Mercury and Pluto in Capricorn. This day is liable to have us engage excess. We could indulge ourselves under the guise of intended projects in our future or splurge on gifts for our loved one[s]. The beauty of credit and credit cards is the ability to buy now without much thought of the eventual payment when the bills come in sometime later this month or next month. Instant gratification can beguile us and entice us into being generous to a fault. Let’s be certain that we budget our expenditures and keep an eye on our purchases today. Although we are still dealing with the Mutable Sign T-Square influence, the Venus entry into Capricorn helps us be more practical and more focused on decorum. Relationships may seem either a burden or an assist in achieving our ambitions. We are entering a time of holiday festivities with their obligatory social celebrations of lunches, cocktail parties, and evening get-togethers. Let’s do what we need to do but avoid overindulgence in the process.

Saturday, December 10th – Switching it Up, Slowing it Down – Uranus. This Saturday has the Cancer Moon sextile Uranus. After a fairly intense week, we might choose the weekend to slow things down and free ourselves up from obligations and responsibilities. Today is a good day to do things we wish to do, when and how we want to do them. We might use this day to buy things for our home, put up our holiday decorations, or just take some down time without feeling the need to accomplish anything on our ‘to do’ list. Although much of our attention may be on the holidays, it would be wise for us to also use this day to do an inventory taking and rid ourselves of the old and outdated. Anything that we haven’t used for awhile and don’t intend to use in the foreseeable future is a good candidate for removal. Switching things up, streamlining our operations and slowing things down are all suggested under today’s energy configuration. Even if we have social commitments on this Saturday, let’s try and have some time when we can be alone, quiet and give thought to alternatives to our present life conditions. An unexpected event could be exciting and inviting, so it would be suggested that we take advantage of any surprising developments.

Sunday, December 11th – Connecting with Spirit – Neptune, Pluto, Jupiter. Sunday continues with the Cancer Moon with the Moon today trine Neptune, the Moon opposed Pluto, and the Moon trine Jupiter. The Moon then goes into Leo, but the Leo Moon makes no connections to the planets today. This Sunday is a day for us to recognize the importance of the holidays [holy days] that we are celebrating. By taking time to reflect, contemplate, pray, and / or meditate, we have the ability of getting out of our little personal self and make contact with the source, the higher powers, the god force. Whether we are involved in holiday preparations or taking care of our responsibilities, it would be wise for us to acknowledge our spirit in action. During this time of paradigm shift when magic and mini-miracles are more apparent, we too could be more aware of our spiritual strength and how our spirit manifests into the many things we do. By coming from our truth, honor and integrity, we both affirm and strengthen our spiritual being, and in the process we go through an awakening, increased awareness, and an ascension into greater BE-ing. Later in the day, we might choose to be out and about and take in the holiday lights, decorations, and evidence of this uplifting and celebratory time of year.