October 3rd – 9th, 2022

The astrology for this week of October 3rd through the 9th of 2022 gives us the first full week of Mercury direct and affords us the opportunity to straighten out our relationships and to assess our great expectations.

The week begins on a high note of effectiveness and productivity. We do need to keep in mind that Mercury has just turned direct. Whenever Mercury changes direction, things can get squirrely until we get used to the change in the rhythm and the pace.

Nonetheless, the early part of the week has our two Grand Trines by Sign in play, first the Earth Grand Trine and then the Air Grand Trine.

Even if unexpected situations trip us up briefly mid-week with old issues needing to be resolved, the tenor of this week has a ‘can do’ attitude.

The more we can get done during the week, and we could accomplish a great deal, the weekend would then allow us to spread our wings, disengage from responsibilities and have a good old time. The weekend ends with the Aries Full Moon and the question as to whether our enjoying ourselves comes at an expense to our relationships. Let’s keep in mind that if there is some for me, some for you, then things are likely to maintain harmonious relationships. Libra energy is all about finding balance and establishing an equilibrium, even if it necessitates swings before attaining stability.

Monday, October 3rd – At Our Optimum – Neptune, Lunar Grand Trine, Uranus, Mercury, Pluto, Moon Void-of-Course. Monday begins this week with the Capricorn Moon and the Moon sextile Neptune, and the Moon triggering the Earth Grand Trine with the Capricorn Moon trine Uranus in Taurus and the Moon trine Mercury in Virgo. The Moon conjuncts Pluto to end the day. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for almost six and a half hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Capricorn and before the Moon enters Aquarius on Tuesday morning. Today is one of those days when we can work smarter rather than harder. We can draw upon both our intuitive nature and our analytical abilities to devise the most streamlined manner by which to accomplish our plans. We may draw upon innovative techniques to expedite our involvements. This Monday might have us operating at our optimum as we concentrate on what we need to get done and not be diverted from our responsibilities. Let’s keep in mind that Mercury turned direct yesterday, and we still are liable to be a little off center. While this can be a highly productive day, it is also a day when it would be wise ‘not to rush the river’. Getting ahead of oneself might only lead to being tripped up. Slow and steady is called for and with our antennae up for unanticipated ways of achieving our tasks.

Tuesday, October 4th – And so it Begins – Jupiter, Venus. Tuesday has the Moon moving into Aquarius where today the Aquarius Moon favorably aspects the two ‘good guys’ of the planetary realm, Venus and Jupiter. The Moon sextiles Jupiter and the Moon trines Venus. We can be feeling our oats today, and our optimism might prove contagious. People may be more upbeat, focused on future developments, and less concerned about mundane matters. We could be looking at the distant horizon of possibilities rather than staring down at what is right in front of us. Tuesday and Wednesday of this week are two days when the Air Grand Trine is engaged. Tuesday could have us enthusiastic and exuberant. Perhaps we are coming off yesterday’s successes in getting things done effectively and expeditiously, and today may have us heralding our accomplishments with an eye on further achievements. In our conversations, we could find ourselves discussing future prospects with a confidence that no matter what challenges we might face we can overcome them with ease and attain our intended goals. While we may be on cloud nine today, it would be wise for us to keep our intentions in the planning and exhorting stages rather than trying to implement them, since our excitement is liable to engage us in excess and indulgence.

Wednesday, October 5th – Forward Ahead Despite the Upsets – Uranus, Saturn, Lunar Grand Trine, Sun, Mars, Moon Void-of-Course. Wednesday continues with the Aquarius Moon with the Moon today creating a paradox of infinite possibilities and of unexpected difficulties liable to lay waste to any grand schemes we have devised for ourselves. On the one hand, we have our old nemesis the Saturn Uranus square triggered with the Aquarius Moon conjunct Saturn and the Moon square Uranus. On the other hand, the Aquarius Moon triggers the Air Grand Trine with the Aquarius Moon trine the Sun in Libra to begin the day and the Moon trine Mars in Gemini to end the day. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for fourteen hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Aquarius and before the Moon enters Pisces on Thursday. If we suffered from irrational exuberance yesterday, any attempt to forge ahead today could be met with unexpected situations disrupting our forward movement. Whatever it is, we might feel stalled by circumstance. It’s ironic that Monday and Thursday could prove highly productive days when we seem to be operating on greased wheels. Tuesday and Wednesday may continue a sense of greased wheels in our mind’s eye, but less effective in any attempts at practical implementation. Let’s not allow any curveballs to knock the wind out of us but rather recognize that there are times to conceptualize, other times to put into practical application. Some of this week’s ups and downs may be instructive in the paradigm shift where we have to acknowledge that we cannot solely make things happen but rather co-create with the universal energies unfolding.

Thursday, October 6th – Highly Astute – Mercury, Pluto. The Moon moves into Pisces on Thursday, but the Moon makes no connections to the planets today. Mercury trines Pluto. Instead of being hyped up, as we may have been the past two days, this Thursday has us in a quieter, even more receptive, mood. We are less likely to fall victim to over confidence or narcissism, better able to listen and consequently hear what is really going on. Our mind today is sharp and incisive. Similar to the energies on Monday, we have the ability today to focus and dissect any situation and apprise ourselves of the basics and fundamentals of the matter. If we have been perplexed by any problem, this Thursday allows us to cut to the core and resolve any issue. Our conversations can be to the point with a concentration on the mechanics. Tuesday and Wednesday may have had us with our head in the clouds, but this Thursday has us well-grounded and less full of ourselves. We can get out of our own way, absorb ourselves in the project at hand, and virtually move mountains. Today is a day to work smarter rather than harder, for we are likely to be highly perceptive today.

Friday, October 7th – Taking it Down a Notch – Uranus, Mars. Friday continues with the Pisces Moon with the Moon today sextile Uranus and the Moon square Mars. If we need to get things done, tie up loose ends before the weekend, the force is with us. We can accomplish more today by following the lead and acknowledging signals from the universe. Unexpected opportunities might arise, so let’s take advantage of them. They may not be the parting of the Red Sea, but indications of the paradigm shift might provide us with surprising developments. Who would turn down a little magic or a mini-miracle? A magic wand can transform situations, and we could be pleasantly thrilled by the easing of our way today. The challenge for each of us during this paradigm shift is to neither take for granted magical incidents nor assume that miraculous events will always be readily available. And that’s where we might need to take things down a notch or two in the evening hours. We could feel invincible and wanting to party in celebration of a week ending that is likely to have had some significant high points. We can rest on our laurels without indulging to excess or becoming self-adulatory.

Saturday, October 8th – Bombs Bursting – Neptune, Pluto, Mercury, Moon Void-of-Course, Jupiter, Pluto direct. Saturday ends a monthly cycle and begins a monthly cycle with the Moon completing its transit of Pisces, the last Sign of the Zodiac, and with the Moon entering Aries, the first Sign of the Zodiac. The Pisces Moon today conjuncts Neptune, the Moon sextiles Pluto, and the Moon opposes Mercury. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for almost five hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Pisces and before the Moon enters Aries where today the Aries Moon conjuncts Jupiter. Pluto turns direct [5:56 PM EDT]. We may start this Saturday in a highly emotional mood. We could be sighing and perhaps without even knowing what we are sighing about. One cycle is ending, a new cycle beginning. If we have errands to attend to, we can use time management skills to get done what needs to be done in an expeditious manner. Once we’ve had enough, we’ve had enough, and we may well call any running around to a stop. The later hours have us feeling more upbeat and more interested in enjoying ourselves. What we have to be careful about is the change in motion of Pluto. Whenever a planet changes direction, whether from direct to retrograde motion or from retrograde to direct motion, things can get squirrely. With Pluto, the change in direction is often not merely squirrely. It can be downright explosive. The liability of bomb blasts, earthquake and volcanic activity, warlike actions, and people acting out are all liable characteristics of Pluto turning direction. Whatever we choose to do over this weekend, it is essential that we be careful, and especially careful if we choose to be out there.

Sunday, October 9th – Tug of War Between You and Me – Venus, Aries Full Moon, Sun, Saturn. Sunday has the Aries Moon opposed Venus and the Moon opposed the Sun at the time of the Full Moon [4:55 PM EDT]. The Moon sextiles Saturn. This Sunday demands that we keep things pleasant. Our personal interests might conflict with someone else’s concerns. Let’s not make a tug-of-war out of our interchanges with other people today. Full Moons do ratchet up the energy and this one added to by yesterday’s turn in direction of Pluto. The intensity today can make us feel like we’re walking on egg shells. We need to remind ourselves that everyone is feeling a little jangled, wondering what curveball may be thrown at us next. This is a day for us to step off the track, get out of Dodge, go into unfamiliar surroundings and try to ‘chill out’. There is a saying that ‘familiarity breeds contempt’. I often suggest that our significant relationships provide a safe harbor in which to vent our frustrations and anger. It may not be appropriate, but often we take out our irritations on the ones we love. By getting into new terrain, we can use the exploration to defuse any pent-up annoyances, the way steam vents release the built-up percolations in a volcano. Far better for healthy releases than explosive discharges. It is essential that we not get stuck in seeing things solely from our perspective. It would be wise for us to understand the other person’s viewpoint as well. Personal issues can be ironed out smoothly if we make the effort.