August 29th – September 4th, 2022

The astrology for this week of August 29th through the 4th of September can have us squeezing out the last vestiges of summertime fun as we come into the Labor Day long holiday weekend in the US, often considered the unofficial end to the summer season.

We start the week likely to be chatting up anyone and everyone. We are interested in sharing our exploits and hearing about other people’s adventures. We do have to be careful not to get carried away by our own exuberance or someone’s enthusiasm, for we could easily take on more than we can possibly handle.

A liability of trying to cover many varied bases, from the pleasures of outdoors activities to the rigors of our routine engagements, might have us tripping over ourselves and with a tendency to gloss over certain matters with important specifics left out of the mix.

Even if we take on too much at the beginning of the week, the latter part of the week can have us sifting through our many involvements. Accomplishing what we want to achieve will be a tall order, especially with delays impeding our progress and unexpected situations demanding our attention.

No matter how much we get done during the week, we may put it all on the back burner as we come into the weekend with our intention to have a blowout of a good time in order to crescendo a summer that could have been but more liable to have been a grave disappointment, at least to our heightened expectations.

Monday, August 29th – Good Day, Sunshine – Mercury, Mars, Jupiter. Monday begins this week with the Moon entering Libra where today the Libra Moon conjuncts Mercury, the Moon trines Mars, and the Moon opposes Jupiter. We could be feeling upbeat with rushes of adrenaline fueled by someone’s encouragement or our own enthusiasm. This is a day when we could feel that it’s good to be alive. We may share our ‘feel good’ attitude with various people. We are far more interested in the ease of expression than any heavy lifting. Things are so easy in concept, less so in implementation. Although we do have by Sign both an Air Grand Trine and an Earth Grand Trine, which allows us to be both Earthy as practical and productive and Airy as able to communicate clearly and passionately, we are likely to veer today more on the Air with a tendency to have our head in the clouds but our feet hardly touching the ground. Talk is cheap, and today talk may be plentiful. Once engaged, we could chatter endlessly. As musician Tim Hardin would remind us: “don’t make promises you can’t keep.”

Tuesday, August 30th – What a Day for a Daydream – Saturn. Tuesday continues with the Libra Moon but without much energy until the evening hours when the Libra Moon trines Saturn. The early part of this week is geared more to reflecting, contemplating and letting our thoughts roll around in our mind, rather than a time to be effective or highly productive. Someone’s suggestions can light a spark for us, make us aware of alternatives we had not taken into account, and give us pause regarding the options for our future endeavors. This is a day to remind ourselves that nothing is impossible, especially during this paradigm shift when things can change dramatically in a nanosecond or less and might occur in a most extraordinary, even inexplicable, manner. There are times when our dream state provides answers for us to problems that have been perplexing. The German organic chemist, Friedrich August Kekulé fell asleep and dreamed of a snake with its tail in its mouth, a dream that for him revealed the discovery of the benzene ring. Crediting his dream state, Kekulé wrote: “Let us learn to dream, gentlemen, then perhaps we shall find the truth…” This Tuesday is a day for us to daydream without censor, editing, or refuting.

Wednesday, August 31st – Back to the Reality – Venus, Pluto, Moon Void-of-Course. Wednesday continues with the Libra Moon with the Moon sextile Venus and the Moon square Pluto early in the day. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for six and a half hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Libra and before the Moon enters Scorpio today. The past two days might have allowed us ventures into la-la-land, wishing, hoping and dreaming through a wide range of possibilities, no matter how plausible or impossible they might seem. Today, responsibilities seem to beckon. If we can postpone attending to our obligations, we are likely to do so. It’s the end of August and while summer is not officially over, we are likely feeling the pulls of autumn and the pangs of getting fully back on track. We might consider a cleanup and clear out before the weekend. Not that we have to pop the balloons of our thoughts for future engagements, but we could feel routine matters calling our name. It’s great to be able to step out of reality every now and then, take a breather from the crazy antics occurring in the world, but it would also be wise to see such stepping away as mere interludes between our usual, daily involvements. We may have been considering our future over the past few days, but this Wednesday may pull us back to reality.

Thursday, September 1st – Brain before Brawn – Sun, Lunar Grand Cross, Uranus, Mars, Jupiter. Thursday has the Scorpio Moon sextile the Sun to begin the day, and the Moon triggers a Fixed Sign Grand Cross to end the day with the Moon opposed Uranus, followed by the Moon square Saturn in Aquarius early on Friday morning and the Moon square Venus in Leo late Friday. Mars sextiles Jupiter. This is a day that demands that we think before acting if we want to avoid various mishaps from impulsive and impetuous actions. We can start the day focused and looking to prioritize our activities. Our enthusiasm, and narcissism, might have us assuming that we can do any number of things with positive results just because we will them to. With Mars in Gemini, a transit with us until the end of March 2023, we have the liability of jumping at things without considering the ramifications of our actions. Mars has been in Gemini since the 20th of August. Have you noticed the number of car accidents reported on the local news? Have you witnessed people speaking out of both sides of their mouth, people pontificating loudly and aggressively only to rectify their mistaken opinions in a quiet whisper? With Mars trine Jupiter today, some people might engage the sentiment of being ‘a legend in their own mind’. This day calls for, even demands, that we take anything told us with a grain of salt. Despite the craziness occurring in the world-at-large during these paradigm shifting times, we are also all becoming more astute to read between the lines and penetrate beyond the looking glass to realize what is truly going on. No rush to judgment today, for our liability may be wanting what we want the way that we want, and pushing assertively ahead to attain our desires. It would be wise for us to bear in mind the statement by Oscar Wilde, sometimes also attributed to George Bernard Shaw: “In this world there are only two tragedies. One is not getting what one wants, and the other is getting it.” Even if we rush impulsively ahead during this Thursday, we are liable to hit the wall at the end of the day, and on Friday. The unexpected may thwart our progress.

Friday, September 2nd – Out of Our Own Way – Lunar Grand Cross, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto, Venus, Moon Void-of-Course, Mercury, Jupiter. Friday continues with the Scorpio Moon with the Moon trine Neptune, and the Moon sextile Pluto. The Moon completes the Fixed Sign Grand Cross which began yesterday with the Scorpio Moon opposed Uranus and with the Moon square Saturn in Aquarius early today, concluded by the Moon square Venus in Leo. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for five hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Scorpio and before the Moon enters Sagittarius today. Mercury opposes Jupiter. During this paradigm shift, it is essential that we keep our antennae up, work with peripheral vision, and be open to unexpected situations, many of which may work out in our favor. In order to take advantage of these disruptive times, we need to keep out of our own way and accept the possibility of magic and mini-miracles, things happening in the most unexpected ways. We cannot go blithely about, oblivious to the signs along the way. Due diligence and utilizing a perspective that does not dismiss out of hand anything that doesn’t jibe with our assumptions open the door for us to benefit from unanticipated opportunities. Our intuitive sense and a ‘can do’ attitude are strong today. We just have to be aware of the conditions in which we find ourselves and be as resourceful as possible. Even though some economists tout that inflation has peaked and starting to come down, many costs of items that have gone up are unlikely to come down. More so than ever, we need to have our financial intelligence attuned. In the US this is the start of the long Labor Day holiday weekend, often considered the unofficial end to the summer season. This weekend we may want to end summer with a bang. And go for broke, hopefully not literally. Conversations and social engagements in the evening hours can be great fun. We just have to be wary that we don’t become blissed out and lose sight of the expenses involved.

Saturday, September 3rd – Saturday in the Park – Jupiter, Mercury, Lunar T-Square, Mars, Sun. Saturday has the Moon in Sagittarius with the Moon trine Jupiter, the Moon sextile Mercury and the Moon triggering a Mutable Sign T-Square with the Moon opposed Mars, the Moon square the Sun. This Saturday is liable to have us carried away by our enthusiasm and a rush to cover as many bases as possible. We might feel as though we have one foot in our summertime activities and the other foot entrenched and reaching ever more into our normal daily activities. So, why not have an end of summer blowout? More is more and possibly not enough on this Saturday. We may be feeling upbeat and in overdrive, willing and able to go here, there, and everywhere. We might want to cry out ‘damn the costs’ as we fill out our day with one adventure after another. Not that we are likely to stay at any one thing too long. This day is for variety, juggling a number of events and involvements with the focus on having a good time. We just have to be careful that we don’t ramp ourselves up to the point where we lose sight of what’s going on and suddenly start playing bumper cars with other people oblivious to conditions. This Saturday is a splendid day if we don’t burn ourselves out or become oblivious to what’s happening around us.

Sunday, September 4th – Too Much of a Good Thing – Saturn, Neptune, Venus. Sunday continues with the Moon in Sagittarius with the Moon today sextile Saturn, the Moon square Neptune, and the Moon trine Venus. Late in the day, the Moon exits Sagittarius to enter Capricorn. ‘Moderation in all things’ is a wise prescription for a well-balanced life. We are unlikely to have heeded such advice yesterday, a Saturday when we could have gone for the gold and tried to grab all the gusto we could. As the saying goes: “If you dance to the music, you have to pay to the piper.” If we overindulged yesterday in whatever form it might have taken, today could have us either with a nasty hangover or a desire to ‘party on’. By slowing things down and tempering our excesses, we can have a good time today without the costs putting a huge dent in our finances or our physical well-being. Saturday and Sunday are two primo days for reinvigorating, re-energizing and giving us a transfusion of ‘feel good’ energy to meet and successfully participate in our routine matters going forward.