December 20th – 26th, 2021

The astrology for this week of December 20th through the 26th of 2021 is action-packed with the beginning of the winter season, the last exact square of our year’s nemesis and Christmas, although who knows whether Santa Claus will appear or if the Grinch will steal our festivities.

The week begins with interesting news and surprising developments. We might feel as though magic is in the air. And who isn’t up for some magic, even miracles, during these times when so many people have become addicted to the fear porn?

The winter solstice on Tuesday may have us engaging a forced celebratory mood despite any liability of the powers-that-be casting a ‘bah, humbug’ sentiment on our intended good times.

Yes, there’s another virus that can have many people cowering in fear as the media rolls out the daily case count punctuated by the need for more injections to offset a new variant, only to be followed by countless other variants. At some point, we might come to realize that we have to live with these challenging health times. Perhaps instead of just being reactive and compliant to whatever is being forced upon us, we could take a proactive stance by taking responsibility for our own well-being through diet, nutrition, exercise and attitude. Proactive, responsibility, accountability — what fascinating concepts!

The winter solstice on Tuesday with the Sun entering Capricorn gives us the imprint for the winter season ahead. We begin the winter with four planets in Capricorn and the Saturn Uranus square accentuated. Restrictions and regulations may be suggested, even imposed, by the powers-that-be.

At some point, one has to question the efficacy of the health regimen adopted and enforced. Initially, it was proposed that one injection would stave off the virus, then two shots, then a booster, and then further boosters, and now boosters ad infinitum. Add to it the anecdotal, and statistical, evidence of adverse side effects especially upon the heart, and the mental health of people traumatized by the constant haranguing of the specter of death, social isolation, and continually heightened fear.

Welcome to the new world order?

Although the enticements and forced compliance might have us in lockstep, one could suggest Einstein’s definition of insanity: “Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”

The mid to latter part of the week can have us in holiday mode, no matter the obstacles in our way. The main obstacle to our good times could be the Saturn Uranus square, felt all of this year and this week from Wednesday through Friday, Christmas Eve, when the Saturn Uranus square is exact. There could be delays, unexpected disruptions, and certainly it would be wise for us to have contingency plans if we need to make adjustments or alterations to our intended course of action. Remember: the keys to successfully navigating these currents are flexibility and adaptability.

The weekend has Christmas Day on Saturday, and Boxing Day on Sunday. Both days allow us to step away from the intensity that has become our daily lives with the backdrop of craziness in the world-at-large. Apart from our holiday celebrations, this weekend would be a good time for us to reflect on our resolutions for the year ahead with an appreciation of the truth to the statement: “where there’s a will there’s a way.”

Monday, December 20th – Do You Hear What I Hear – Mercury, Uranus, Neptune. Monday begins the week and the last full day of the autumn season with the Cancer Moon and with the Moon today opposed Mercury, the Moon sextile Uranus, and the Moon trine Neptune. Mercury trines Uranus. This is a day for us to take off the blinders, not get locked into our old belief system, and to be open to unexpected and surprising news. This Monday can have us privy to wondrous developments. No matter how limiting mundane reality might seem with costs of goods dramatically increasing, supply chain disruptions restricting availability, and other monkey wrenches thrown at us, we could truly feel the spirit of Christmas with the veil between dimensions lowering, and magical incidents with their mini-miracles evident. Spontaneity and insights may alter our schedule, but it would be wise for us to heed unanticipated opportunities that might arise. This is a day to spread the cheer that within the darkness the light is born, for light always dispels darkness.

Tuesday, December 21st – Out of the Dark – Pluto, Venus, Moon Void-of-Course, Winter Solstice, Sun Capricorn. Tuesday has the Cancer Moon opposed both Pluto and Venus both in Capricorn. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for seven hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Cancer and before the Moon enters Leo later in the day. The Sun exits Sagittarius, ending the autumn season, and the Sun enters Capricorn [10:59 AM EST] at the winter solstice to begin the winter season. With its entry into Capricorn, the Sun intensifies the Capricorn Stellium as the Sun joins Mercury, Venus and Pluto in the Cardinal Earth Sign. We may feel pulled between what we need to do regarding our regular routine and what we wish to do in preparation of our holiday celebrations. If we would enjoy the sanctuary and comfort of home, we could take the time to reflect and contemplate our journey over this passing year and give thought to our intended resolutions for the year ahead. In the northern hemisphere, this day is also the darkest day of the year with the least amount of daylight. From here, the days of daylight grow longer up to the summer solstice in June. By reflecting upon this natural fact, we could appreciate that it’s nature’s way for the light to be born out of darkness and that no matter how difficult things may seem at times, eventually the darkness gives way to the light, similar to the notion that ‘it is always darkest just before the dawn.’

Wednesday, December 22nd – Swimming Upstream – Mars, Lunar T-Square, Saturn, Uranus. Wednesday has the Leo Moon trine Mars and the Moon triggering our year’s nemesis in a T-Square as the Leo Moon opposes Saturn and the Moon squares Uranus. We could start this day with a burst of energy, and we might well need it as the day unfolds. Although we have had our practice runs throughout this year, we may need to be adept at our slalom runs today with the recognition that delays and frustrations may knock the wind out of us, and unforeseen situations might take us off track. If we are travelling, it would be wise to add on extra time, be cautious, and have alternate courses in mind. Wednesday through Friday can have us feeling the Saturn Uranus square with the crescendo on Friday when the Saturn Uranus square is exact for the third and final time. Let’s keep in mind that we’ve been there, and more than once, over this passing year. We have learned, whether consciously or reactively, to deal with the curveballs, the impediments, the restrictions and the downright craziness. Ho-hum, life is not always a walk in the park, but we don’t have to be stuck by the brambles.

Thursday, December 23rd – In the Midst. The Moon continues its transit of Leo but makes no connections to the planets today. We may be in party mode, looking for the good times. But like Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol we could feel haunted, for us by the ghosts of the past and the ghosts of the future. Yes, our Saturn Uranus square is engaged, exact tomorrow, and we could be feeling totally out of sorts. We might reminisce about the past, yearn for times gone by, but our memories are often far better in recall than the actual experience. We might hope for a future where we have greater autonomy, doing what engages our passions, and feeling fulfilled in our life journey. Any sense of crossing the chasm from where we are to where we would like to be might seem implausible, especially if we see our present as offering little more than a dystopian future. This is a day when it would be good for us to put our anxieties to rest and just enjoy ourselves. Whether we give ourselves a treat or just take time to relax, this day could be considered a ‘mental health’ day amidst all the chaos and turmoil in the world.

Friday, December 24th – Preparations and Adjustments – Jupiter, Sun, Mars, Saturn, Uranus. Friday begins with Leo Moon opposed Jupiter. The Moon then exits Leo to enter Virgo where today the Virgo Moon trines the Sun, and the Moon squares Mars. Our nemesis of the year, Saturn square Uranus, makes its third and final exact aspect. Although there might be eager anticipation about Christmas tomorrow with last minute shopping, preparations and travel, we could find ourselves like a rat in a maze. We may be out to do what we want to do, even in search of the cheese, but our journey might have us running into blank walls, having to take circuitous routes, with delays and unexpected matters cropping up that can frustrate us and certainly impede our forward action. This is a day when we might list our schedule in pencil with a big eraser. Things may not go according to plan, so it would be wise for us to be willing to shift and change as conditions merit. The most important attitude today is bemusement at the foibles of humankind and the extraordinary sense of humor that the universe seems to indicate.

Saturday, December 25th – Commitments Worth the Time – Lunar Grand Trine, Uranus, Mercury, Neptune, Venus, Pluto. Saturday is Christmas Day, and we may be gathering with family and friends, unless such gatherings are verboten by the authorities and we comply with their edict. Even if we don’t get together in person with people, there can still be reach outs by means of phone, text, Internet, social media and whatever other forms of communication we have at hand. Today the Virgo Moon triggers an Earth Grand Trine as the Moon trines Uranus in Taurus and the Moon trines Mercury in Capricorn. The Moon opposes Neptune, and Venus conjuncts Pluto. Being in contact with people today could provide discussions of interesting ideas, practical suggestions, and ways by which we can manifest our goals and dreams. Relieving ourselves of stress today puts us in a quieter, more receptive state, a state that then allows thoughts to develop, and a broader perspective in which to see the wide range of possibilities available to us and the most effective means to realize successful results. The paradigm shift we are experiencing offers answers to come for the most perplexing problems when we might least expect them. Merry Christmas. Happy paradigm shift.

Sunday, December 26th – Dream a Little Dream – Venus, Pluto, Moon Void-of-Course, Sun, Mercury, Neptune. Sunday has the Virgo Moon trine both Venus and Pluto both in Capricorn. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for almost eight hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Virgo without making any further connection to the planets and before the Moon enters Libra where later today the Libra Moon squares the Sun. Mercury sextiles Neptune. Drawing upon yesterday’s effective and productive energies, this Sunday continues with the ability to take care of the particulars of our daily life. This weekend may be a time of festivities with family and friends, but the energies also suggest a time when we can complete certain matters, deal with details, and tie up certain loose ends before the year is out. Our intuitive sense can be heightened with an ability to draw both upon our rational mind and an inner knowing as to the best course to pursue. This weekend gives us the impetus to be in our own personal world without giving much thought to the shenanigans outside in the world-at-large. Let’s enjoy the weekend festivities but maintain an eye on how we can best enter the new year resolute and determined to achieve our goals despite whatever could be happening in the world.