June 21st – 27th, 2021

The astrology for this week of June 21st through the 27th, the first week of the summer season, provides some good times, some difficult times, but that’s life.

The week begins with the paradox of our Saturn Uranus nemesis triggered into a T-Square by the Scorpio Moon and also an idyllic emotional vibe from a Water Grand Trine with Venus trine Neptune. Either we can deal with the ‘slings and arrows of outrageous fortune’ or we can tune out the hubbub and enjoy a paradise-like respite.

A little convolution can occur with Mercury turning direct on Tuesday. We are ending the three-week Mercury retrograde cycle, and what a beaut this Mercury retrograde has been. Whenever Mercury changes direction, whether from direct to retrograde or from retrograde to direct motion, things can get squirrely until we get our proverbial ‘sea legs’.

Similar to the start of the week, we could feel a tug-of-war mid-week with push – pulls between our optimistic confidence and anxious reactions. The Capricorn Full Moon can have us upbeat with our enthusiasm largely based on blind faith. Investing in technology equipment or programs to streamline our operations could make us far more effective in our endeavors.

With Mercury direct, we can move forward with making significant purchases and important decisions.

The weekend has Venus exiting Cancer and entering Leo, and we might be up for social occasions, parties, reunions and fun events.

We start the week with our Saturn Uranus nemesis, and we end the week with Saturn and Uranus triggered again. The days between can be effective and productive sprinkled with some good times. We just have to keep aware that during this paradigm shift old and new are engaged, and sometimes in a grudge match.

Monday, June 21st – False Start – Lunar T-Square, Saturn, Uranus, Lunar Grand Trine, Neptune, Venus. We start this week off on Monday with the Scorpio Moon triggering a Fixed Sign T-Square with our year’s nemesis as the Moon squares Saturn in Aquarius and the Moon opposes Uranus in Taurus. We might want to move things forward, take care of what we need to get done, only to find ourselves met with delays, frustrations and a few unexpected hiccups that could have us running in place and unable to accomplish a great deal. As vexing as the morning hours can be, the latter part of this day may be close to sublime. The Scorpio Moon creates a Water Grand Trine with the Moon trine Venus in Cancer and the Moon trine Neptune in Pisces. Venus trines Neptune. This Monday calls for us to be zen-like, not to be upset by the challenges, nor to get carried away by the sublime. Extremes are only extremes, and like a metronome can have us swinging back and forth without possibly finding the balance point. If we would maintain some forward momentum in accomplishing our tasks but without expectation, we won’t be as upset by any hold ups along the way. As the day unfolds, we might appreciate the mysteries of these times, able to see the beauties and realize that everything is beautiful in its own way. Our emotions are highlighted, and it would be time for us to feel the love and light that shines upon us from people we know and the many blessings in our life. We need to keep in mind that Mercury is ending its retrograde cycle tomorrow and the change in motion can be disconcerting.

Tuesday, June 22nd – Please Release Me, Let Me Go – Pluto, Moon Void-of-Course, Jupiter, Mars, Mercury direct. Tuesday begins with the Scorpio Moon sextile Pluto in the early morning hours before the Moon goes Void-of-Course for six hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Scorpio and before the Moon enters Sagittarius where today the Sagittarius Moon squares Jupiter and the Moon trines Mars. Mercury ends its three-week retrograde cycle and turns direct. Although we could complete matters and get rid of the extraneous to clear our slate, our tendency then may be to see blank spaces in need of filling up. The universe does not like a vacuum and neither do we. With a sense that we can do more and add more to our activities, we could easily go from manageable to overwhelm on this Tuesday. With Mercury turning direct, we may all expel a sigh of relief as we end a three-week Mercury retrograde cycle that could have add any number of misses — misunderstanding, misdirection, misapplication, etc. From my own personal experience and from what I heard from other people this Mercury retrograde was a doozy. Let’s keep in mind that whenever Mercury changes direction, things can get squirrely. While it would be suggested that we go slow on this Tuesday, we may be fast out of the starting gate and trading the misses of the Mercury retrograde for the mores of taking on more, doing more, and other mores that could prove overwhelming.

Wednesday, June 23rd – Invincible Me – Saturn, Lunar T-Square, Mercury, Neptune, Moon Void-of-Course, Sun, Jupiter, Venus, Pluto. Wednesday begins with the Sagittarius Moon sextile Saturn. If only we would plan out our day, we could avoid a helter-skelter course of action. The Sagittarius Moon triggers a Mutable Sign T-Square with the Moon opposed Mercury and the Moon square Neptune. Late in the day, the Moon goes Void-of-Course for eleven hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Sagittarius and before the Moon enters Capricorn on Thursday morning. The Sun trines Jupiter, and Venus opposes Pluto. Unless we apply brakes early in the day and strategize our schedule, we could be all over the place today and perhaps not accomplishing much. We might assume that we can do it all. Our confidence, optimism and enthusiasm may be heightened with our feeling of being both invincible and fully capable. And we can be remarkably successful in our mind’s eye and in our conceptualization of how things will go, but the practical application and true reality could be totally different issues. We have to be wary of exhausting ourselves, having so much going on that we are unable to complete any one thing and instead leaving a mess of unresolved matters in our wake. We may feel pressured by our own demands or someone’s expectations to take on more than we could humanly accomplish today. Let’s slow things down, not get caught up in the frenzy of these times or our own personal franticness. Even our conversations are liable to take on grandstanding qualities with us promising everything and achieving virtually nothing. This Wednesday calls for us to tap the brakes, maintain humility, and not get carried away with ourselves or by someone else.

Thursday, June 24th – Collaborative Efforts – Jupiter, Capricorn Full Moon, Sun. Thursday has the Moon exiting Sagittarius to enter Capricorn where today the Moon sextiles Jupiter and the Moon opposes the Sun at the time of the Capricorn Full Moon. Thanks to the Jupiter influence, this Thursday allows us to be both productive and collaborative. Much of the high-flying, slightly egotistical energies we could have felt over the past two days settles down. We are less liable to go it alone or assume that we can accomplish things solely by ourselves. A greater maturity and humility are likely to have set in paving the way for us to work with other people for the greater good. Combining both our spiritual and our material characteristics today, we can be upbeat and see the purpose in what we are doing and then employ our spirit into action. We could have the sense that we are on the right path and in accord with our personal destiny. The balance between our personal life and our professional life may be attained. Each of us is seeking balance, equilibrium, and we might find it today. Whatever we have to do today, we may feel as though we are pursuing ‘right action’.

Friday, June 25th – Guided into New Directions – Uranus, Neptune, Neptune retrograde. Friday continues with the Capricorn Moon with the Moon today trine Uranus to begin the day and the Moon sextile Neptune to end the day. Neptune turns retrograde. Friday allows us to try new things or try things differently. We do not have to attempt the ‘tried and true’ when we realize that during this paradigm shift the tried may no longer be true, effective or even functional. Surprising developments could pave our way and give us indications of the asequential reality into which we are entering where we don’t have to know all the factors, but we do have to be receptive to the unanticipated and the unexpected. Things are occurring in the most magical ways, ways that seem like nothing other than mini-miracles, hard to explain or to rationalize but random happenings, nonetheless. If we are open, we are likely to receive, but we have to be open to being co-creators with the universe unfolding, not get in our own way of believing that only we can make things happen but rather allow the unexplained patterns to manifest. The evening hours could have us ruminating over even the most insignificant mini-miracle that we have witnessed or experienced. We may do so in conversation or in the quiet of our own mind, but we are likely to reflect on the curiosities with an affirmation that we are steered and guided along our own individual path by…

Saturday, June 26th – Work and Play – Pluto, Venus. Saturday continues with the Capricorn Moon with the Moon conjunct Pluto and the Moon opposed Venus. The Moon then exits Capricorn to enter Aquarius. We might prefer to start our day hanging out, starting out slow and not putting pressure on our self. Energetically, today is better served by getting up and out, our ‘to do’ list in hand, drawing upon time management skills to have a well thought out itinerary, and then expeditiously checking off one item after another on our errand sheet. If we would take care of the mundane tasks early in the day, we would have the second half of our day for good times, whether with friends or on our own. Saturday is a day when we might actually be able to have it all — address our responsibilities and enjoy ourselves. We could call it working with the energies, or also refer to it as our being functional. Old and new may be part of our day — dealing with outstanding matters first to get them out of the way and then have a blank slate for the rest of the day to do whatever we damn well please. Life, isn’t it wonder-filled?

Sunday, June 27th – The Amazing, Marvelous ME Tripped Up – Lunar T-Square, Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Mercury, Moon Void-of-Course, Venus Leo. Sunday has the Aquarius Moon triggering our year’s nemesis of Saturn Uranus once again, another time. The Aquarius Moon today triggers a Fixed Sign T-Square with the Moon opposed Mars, the Moon conjunct Saturn, and the Moon square Uranus. The Moon trines Mercury. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for almost eleven hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Aquarius and before the Moon enters Pisces early Monday morning. Venus exits Cancer to enter Leo. We may be up for a good time on this Sunday. It’s summertime, and we want to live it to the hilt. Nice concept, and we can certainly entertain thoughts of merriment and fun events. We might even pull it off. But we may also experience some frustrations and delays. If we are doing things with other people, they could be late to show up. Unexpected twists and turns can demand contingency plans. Even though we might be amping and wanting to get our day on, this day demands patience and a willingness to adapt to changing circumstance and go with however the currents are leading. With Venus in Leo, we and everyone else may be looking to take center stage, grandstand or at least make ourselves known to the world. Some people may choose to wear their Sunday best, or certainly put themselves in the best light, or spotlight. Maintaining mutual admiration might also dampen any one-upping or hefty doses of narcissism.