May 10th – 16th, 2021

The astrology for this week of May 10th through the 16th of 2021 has significant energy configurations that influence us to do our seed planting expeditiously and effectively and also provide us occasional escapes from the hurly-burly with the ability to see beyond the appearances and the narratives and perceive what is truly going on from a broadened perspective and a greater understanding of life.

We begin the week with the intention of engaging practical application to resolve outstanding matters and consider new trajectories for ourselves. We are on the dark side of the Moon prior to Tuesday’s Taurus New Moon, so it would be far better for us to tie up loose ends, resolve various matters, all in preparation of putting our plans into action after the New Moon and the following two weeks of the waxing Moon.

The Taurus New Moon on Tuesday instills a desire to put our spirit into action, focus on our goals with a sense of support and advocacy from those people close to us. We may also feel guided as though we are proceeding in the direction of our personal destiny. No matter what seems to go on in the world-at-large, we could feel as though we have a certain innate knowledge of ‘right’ direction and ‘right’ action for our individual journey.

The latter part of the week might have us more connected to the spiritual aspects of living. Jupiter exits Aquarius to enter Pisces on Thursday for its brief two and a half months preliminary transit of the Mutable Water Sign, a prelude to Jupiter’s transit of Pisces next year. With Jupiter entering Pisces, Jupiter is reinforced like a coming home into its own Sign.

In traditional astrology, the ancient planets each rule two Signs, one positive Sign and one negative Sign. In the case of Jupiter, Jupiter rules the positive Sign of Sagittarius and Jupiter rules the negative Sign of Pisces. Modern astrology tends to focus on Neptune as the ruler of Pisces but in truth we cannot negate Jupiter’s influence in the Mutable Water Sign. With Jupiter and Neptune both in Pisces now we have a greater spiritual connection, stronger contact with the larger realm of life and living that transcends our limited vision that tends to concentrate solely on the material and the mundane of the physical earth realm.

It should not surprise us if we experience, individually and / or collectively, the piercing of the veil of Maya during Jupiter’s transit of Pisces. Illusions and delusions can fall away as we penetrate beyond the appearances, beyond the narrative and beyond the collective opinion.

We may become more aware of the thin veil between dimensions and consequently give witness to experiences of other dimensions — e.g. greater incidents of UFO sightings, near death experiences offering glimpses of the transitions from earth life to the afterlife, and evidence of a master plan or what we might call ‘divine design’ where things occur as they should and often in inexplicable ways as if by magic or miracle.

While our perspective can widen and our understanding broaden, this greater breadth could be unnerving, and we are likely to use the weekend for a grounding where we spend time with home and family and friends, as if operating from a base camp as we are opening ever more to an ascension in our growth and our development of our being.

Monday, May 10th – Before We Begin – Mars, Uranus, Saturn. Monday begins this week with the Taurus Moon with the Moon late in the day sextile Mars, the Moon conjunct Uranus, and the Moon square Saturn to end the day. We may be slow going as we start the week. We could have a certain plodding nature with our eyes to the ground and a feeling that we just need to put one foot in front of the other, deal with our daily routine, and address our normal responsibilities. As the day proceeds, we might feel the need to straighten up our environment, tie up loose ends of outstanding matters and do so in streamlined methods. We do have to be careful about our expenditures. Feeling somewhat stale and possibly stagnant, we could desire to incorporate a certain newness into our lives. Let’s keep in mind that we continue to deal with the Taurus Aquarius square, accentuated as we end this Monday with the Taurus Moon square Saturn in Aquarius. Old and new can be ever present with some of the new only being retreads of the ‘tried and true’, some of the old possibly transformed and brought up to date. This day could have us champing at the bit, wanting to get on with it, all the while feeling stuck in neutral with us priming the pump but only spinning our wheels. We are on the dark side of the Moon prior to tomorrow’s New Moon, so it would be wise for us to attend to what needs to get done and that which we wish to complete and get irritating matters out of the way before the waxing Moon kicks in.

Tuesday, May 11th – Spirit in Action – New Moon, Sun, Neptune, Mars, Uranus. Similar to yesterday, this Tuesday has much of today’s energy occurring later in the day. The Moon conjuncts the Sun at the Taurus New Moon [3:00 PM EDT], and the New Moon sextiles Neptune. Mars sextiles Uranus. With its impact over the next two weeks, today’s signature of energy configurations combines the practical with the visionary. Today is a day for us to put our spirit into action. We can have a sense of what we need to be rid of, what we wish to alter or rearrange, and what we need to focus on as we begin our seed plantings of springtime projects. While we might feel the need to eliminate certain things from our life, we may also recognize, whether consciously or subconsciously, that the universe, and ourselves, do not like a vacuum. Whatever we dismiss from our life today and over the next two weeks, we are likely to fill the void with things that are more reflective of our present needs and wants. As if coming out of a long, bad dream, we may determine how best to reconfigure our home, our workspace, our technologies and especially how we choose to do things. For anything to work effectively for us it must increasingly address our emotional needs and our practical requirements. Changing things up could be a huge symbolic gesture of many of the changes we have gone through internally during this lockdown imposed as a reaction to a virus.

Wednesday, May 12th – Brawn then Brain – Pluto, Jupiter, Venus, Mercury, Saturn. Wednesday begins the day in the early morning hours with the Taurus Moon trine Pluto, and the Moon square Jupiter just before the Moon enters Gemini and before Jupiter enters Pisces tomorrow. The Moon in Gemini conjuncts Venus. Mercury trines Saturn. We often consider combining brain and brawn together with us drawing first on our brain for planning and strategizing and then engage our brawn to implement our intended actions. We might do the reverse today. We may decide to concentrate on what we need to do, straighten up matters and possibly bring completion to certain issues in order to have a clean slate and proceed with new trajectories. We do need to avoid taking on too much today, for while we can be highly accomplished, we could also try to cover too many bases. The energy shifts and much of this day is better served thinking about prospects, discussing how best to successfully achieve results and enjoying the camaraderie of social interactions. After a long period of isolation due to this lockdown that may have salted our consciousness with a sense of our being in solitary confinement, we are coming out from the imposed restrictions and interested in our social interactions, getting together with other people and satiating the impulses of our being a social animal. Today and tomorrow are two good days to enjoy our friends and connections and to look on the bright side of life.

Thursday, May 13th – Altered Consciousness – Saturn, Mercury, Sun, Neptune, Jupiter Pisces. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are highly communicative days, largely thanks to the Moon’s transit through Gemini. Today, the Gemini Moon trines Saturn, and the Moon conjuncts Mercury. The Sun sextiles Neptune. Jupiter exits Aquarius to enter Pisces [6:36 PM EDT]. Thursday is a day when our perspective can change, our consciousness altered, and our awareness highly attuned. Discussions can open doors into vistas of which we had not been aware. We might feel as though our faith has been renewed. Yes, the craziness in the world may continue. We might shake our heads at the antics performed by the powers-that-be. But we could also realize the theatrics of much of what passes for reality. Our awareness can sharpen and increasingly we are likely to see the illusions and delusions foisted upon us. A sense of ‘knowing without knowing’ may help us be more mindful, less reactive to the narrative, with us greater able to recognize the constant droning of fear mongering and compliance. We might step away from the projections, renew our faith, even if only blind faith, and come to realize that what we see and what we are being bombarded by is but a slight sliver of what is truly going on. This is a time for us to engage uplift by reading inspiring literature, listening to soulful music, walking in the cathedrals of nature, and appreciating the beauty and perfection of every living thing. Instead of being caught up in the frenzy of these times, we might step off the track, take times for ourselves, reconnect with the universal rhythm with its pulsating sound of aum, and engage our ascension of spiritual development and soul growth. What a wonder to be alive and truly living.

Friday, May 14th – Dazed but Steady – Neptune, Moon Void-of-Course, Jupiter. In much of the spiritual teachings, there is a warning not to accelerate beyond capacity, what I often refer to as ‘don’t rush the river’. Intensifying the rising of the kundalini has been known to trigger a spontaneous combustion flipping a person into psychosis. Too much is just too damn much. Friday begins the week with the Gemini Moon square Neptune. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for over fourteen and a half hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Gemini and before the Moon enters Cancer late in the day. The Cancer Moon trines Jupiter. We may start the day confused with a wide assortment of involvements we could pursue. What we see may not be what we get, and it would be wise for us to engage due diligence regarding whatever we wish to pursue since bright and sparkly things can be appealing and seductive but turn out to be fool’s gold. Although much of our attention may be focused on distant horizons, we can become more grounded in the evening hours as we spend time with friends and family. From being all over the place, even to the point of extraordinary sensations, we are likely to look to our home and personal matters to anchor us and comfort us for much of this weekend.

Saturday, May 15th – Resting in Place – Uranus. The Moon’s transit of Cancer that began on Friday evening may have us tending to matters around our home over the weekend. After much of the excitement of this week, we might choose to slow things down. We all realize that we have gone through significant changes. Our world and our society have altered dramatically. No matter how we judge these turbulent and transitioning times, we have the ability to develop and evolve our personal space in accord with our own impulses, some of which can come out of the blue. There is not much energy this weekend, but what energy there is may have us making adjustments to our life, streamlining our operations, and being far more effective with less expenditure of energy. This Saturday has the Cancer Moon sextile Uranus late in the day. Let’s keep in mind that during this paradigm shift from linear, sequential reality into asequential reality we do not have to do it all. The universe works, and during these changing times we could discover how things can happen in the most unexpected and inexplicable ways. This is a time for us to be open to receive some of the surprising incidents likely to occur in life. This week has increased our sensitivity and possibly made us aware of aspects to our living of which we had not been cognizant. The boundaries between dimensions are breaking down, and we might be privy to startling information about how life and living truly work. Sometimes we need a breather, and a respite, from the quickly accelerating pace and the revelations of true reality. This weekend is one of those times when we might need to call a ‘time out’ in order to have quiet time and the personal space to reflect on what we have been witness to.

Sunday, May 16th – Spiritual Prepping – Mars, Neptune. Sunday continues with the Cancer Moon with the Moon today conjunct Mars early in the morning and the Moon trine Neptune late in the day. With the understanding of the true and wise saying that ‘we never get more than we can handle’, this Sunday allows us to marshal our emotional and spiritual resources in order to effectively adapt to the shifting sands of the paradigm shift. Today would be a day for us to concentrate on our base of operations, both in regard to our living environment but also our own perspective on things. The more we can draw upon our depth and essence of being, the more we shall strengthen our ability to surf the waves of these ‘most interesting’ times. To make it through any challenges, it is less important to have the physical ability to suffer through than to have the spiritual strength of character to not only effectively navigate the currents but to use the dynamic frictions to increase our ascension and be a contributor to a more positive unfolding of both society and our importance to the community. I often refer to the importance of our personal attitude and actions as if they were a pebble in a pond with ripple effects of which we might not totally be appreciative. Having a positive disposition and a bemused attitude can be like a pebble in a pond with ripple effects that touch and heal other people. By taking care of our self, we are better able to take care of other people.