Summer 2020

The summer season begins on the 20th of June at the Summer Solstice [5:44 PM EDT] as the Sun exits Gemini to enter Cancer and imprints the season ahead. The true kickoff of a season occurs with the New Moon in that Cardinal Sign and with this summer we don’t have to wait too long as the Cancer New Moon, a Solar Eclipse, occurs on the 21st [2:41 AM EDT].

This early summer could have us busying ourselves with home projects and family affairs. Although we have likely come out of our shell from our imposed lockdown, we may possibly have done so tentatively, stepping slightly away from our home base but possibly not going too far nor being too expeditious in our movements. Caution may be the watchword for many people, even if summertime activities are beckoning us back into familiar summer routines.

On the 23rd, Neptune turns retrograde [12:31 AM EDT] for the next five months, retrograding back through Pisces, the Sign Neptune rules. Our imagination can be heightened with liabilities of anxieties and intense concerns. We might face the question as to whether the panic and fear instilled during the height of the pandemic back in February will rear its head with many of us waiting for the shoe to drop as news media and ‘experts’ warn of yet another wave of spiked infections both now in a ‘second wave’ and again in the autumn.

As I often suggest, it would be wise for us to ‘check the source and check their agenda’.

In our post-modern world of relativity where the objective becomes subjective, and facts are nuanced according to the personal bias, we need to keep our wits about us, draw upon our own intuitive sense and our empirical understanding, to determine for ourselves what we consider the ‘truth’ to be.

A good health regimen – diet, exercise, attitude – can be a strong antidote to virus, illness, and dis-ease.

The 25th of June has Venus turning direct [2:48 AM EDT]. We might find ourselves connecting with any number of people. Our encounters may be brief, but we enjoy the broad spectrum of characters that we can engage. After months of being cooped up, self-isolating, we’re ready to meet anyone and everyone, fascinated by their stories and their personal journey down the rabbit hole.

The 27th of June has Mars exiting Pisces to enter its own Sign of Aries [9:45 PM EDT]. Except for the two and a half day transits of the Moon through a Fire Sign, we have been without Fire for the past two months. Now we have a huge infusion of fire with us ready to take machete in hand, carve our own path and in an adventurous, even at times reckless, manner. Our physical energy may be stronger as we slough off some of the lethargy to which we may have grown accustomed during the recent lockdown.

Mars sextiles Saturn on the 28th. We can implement some of our planned projects, reach for the stars, and put our personal mark on our future goals. We are looking to reach out for advice and wise counsel to those people who have the expertise, the experience and a grounded perspective that can hone our intentions and could help us devise a best practices strategy to successfully realize our future goals.

We end the month of June on the 30th with Jupiter conjunct Pluto, Mercury sextile Uranus, and the Sun conjunct Mercury. With greater confidence of our abilities, a focus on our truly meaningful projects, and a willingness to both think outside the box and implement innovative techniques; we can move forward assertively towards reaching for the stars and realizing our greatest dreams.

As we come into July, we may feel the pulls between old and new tugging at us, impelling us forward in new directions, holding us back in our familiar.

On the 1st of July, the Sun sextiles Uranus, and retrograde Saturn goes back into its own Sign of Capricorn [7:37 PM EDT]. On the one hand, we are interested in updating our life, making changes to how we do things by streamlining our operations. On the other hand, we might feel mired by our past — the circumstances and conditions, the people and our involvements — that are more reminiscent of where we have been as opposed to new trajectories we might prefer to explore.

As with any retrograde motion, the energy asks us to go back over, review, re-evaluate and even rework some of what has gone on before.

With Saturn retrograding back into Capricorn, a Sign that Saturn rules, we have the opportunity of looking over our past two and a half years, the time since the latter part of December in 2017 up through our winter period of 2020 when Saturn has been transiting Capricorn. Since the end of 2019, we have had a Stellium of three planets in Capricorn when Saturn in its own Sign was transiting Capricorn with Jupiter and Pluto also transiting the Cardinal Earth Sign.

The transformations we are all going through, both individually and collectively, with the intense disruptions to our semblance of stability and security, largely thanks to the Uranus transit of Taurus, may have felt like the Greek mythological bird the Phoenix on its funeral pyre. The story itself offers the promise of rising from the ashes as the Phoenix soars ever higher. We see a similar allusion in Christian theology with the story of the crucifixion, resurrection and ascension. For us, the figurative ‘crash and burn’ of recent times also allows us to rise from our ashes and determine to build upon rock and no longer upon sand.

The 5th of July has the Capricorn Full Moon [12:44 AM EDT], and another Lunar Eclipse. Coming off of July 4th, the day in the US of celebration of Independence, this heightened energy offers us the impetus of rebuilding our lives and doing so in a grounded, solid manner, if we enlist our faith and our vision of a better world for ourselves. We may be engaged with family and friends over this long holiday weekend, but we can also connect with our deepest roots of our being, give solace to our self and determine what our next steps might be in embracing true meaning and full purpose in our doing our life journey. What are we here for? What are we doing with our life? Looking at our philosophical belief system, our personal set of morals, and considering how best to implement our spirit into action could impede upon our social gatherings and party atmosphere, if only a subtle, subconscious level. Our soul may be calling, and we shall have the opportunity to answer the call in the days ahead.

On the 8th of July, Mercury squares Mars. Although we might wish to go forward with machete in hand, explore new worlds, and conquer demons, reticence could forestall our advance. The sense of victimhood with its twin of entitlement engrained in recent generations can keep us in a reactive mode, responding to life’s situations, rather than engaging a proactive mode of venturing forth confidently, recognizing that there will be times of ease of operations, other times that may prove challenging at best, daunting at its worst. And our reaction? Embracing the attitude of a ‘strong offense is a good defense’, we have to be wary that our discussions with other people are not too belligerent or aggressive with us coming from a sense of insecurity and fearfulness.

The 12th of July has Mercury ending its three-week retrograde cycle and turning direct [4:26 AM EDT], the same day that the Sun trines Neptune. Despite the craziness in the world and our own amping to get on with something, virtually anything, this is a time for us to ‘chill out’. Quiet times of meditation and contemplation, walks in the cathedrals of nature, could help us go deeper into our own being, refresh and recharge our inner self, and give us comfort knowing that our journey through this life experience is a personal one, an individual one, and that there are truly no mistakes or missteps along our way. Our way is our way with no one else replicating our path.

The 14th – 15th has the Sun opposed Jupiter on the 14th, followed by the Sun opposed Pluto on the 15th. During times of intense disruption, which we are presently experiencing, it is essential that we find and maintain the balance in our life. Our personal life and our professional life need to be integrated, whereby we give to each without denying either. For many people, this balance is a difficult trait, for the pressures of success in the material world have given more weight to the professional, the external characteristic, of our being. As a result, our personal life, our inner life, is given short shrift. The importance of balance between our inner and our outer, our material and our spiritual, has been epitomized in the words attributed to Jesus in Christian theology: ‘render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s’.

One of the opportunities offered us during this virus scare and consequent lockdown has been a ‘time out’ from our regular life patterns and the ability to contemplate and consider how we are doing life. Perhaps out of the fear and panic that this virus triggered in many people, some of us came to a realization of a need for us to re-balance our life, give more time to our inner life, and determine to create a greater integration of our spiritual into our material.

The 14th – 15th of July provides the energy to reconfigure and redefine our balance in life.

This balancing act crescendos with the Cancer New Moon on the 20th [1:33 PM EDT] with the Sun Moon conjunction opposed the Stellium of three planets in Capricorn – Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto. This signature influences the next two weeks up to the Full Moon on August 3rd.

There are times when we need to look back over our shoulder in order to see where we have been and whether in moving forward we want to bring with us elements of our past or whether we wish to jettison those things that no longer serve us. Much of our time and reflection during this latter part of July into early August may focus on walks down Memory Lane. Reunions postponed during the lockdown may have us reconnecting with family and friends. Reflections could have us appreciating the expertise, both in skill set and character development, that we have gained from our experiences. We can also determine how best to fine tune our involvements so that we deal with the mundane world with a heart full of soul.

On the 22nd of July, the Sun exits Cancer to enter Leo [4:37 AM EDT]. We also have Mercury sextile Uranus. We are moving into a four-week period when we fully engage summertime fun with outdoor activities, recreational pursuits, creative endeavors, and may feel more fire under our feet. With confidence and a ‘can do’ attitude, we might find easy ways by which to accomplish our goals. A key factor, for many a challenge, will be the willingness to be co-creators with the universal unfolding. Although we might feel pumped up and ready to take on the world, it would be wise for us to acknowledge the signals that often come out of nowhere as to a best practices approach. Those who are narcissistic and arrogant may miss the clues, but the matter of balance especially during this time of turmoil and disruption is essential for us to successfully navigate the currents.

If we play the ‘legends in our own mind’ card, we are liable to get a lateral lobotomy, or whack on the side of our head. The universe is unlikely to play ‘nice’ any longer.

The 27th is a highly active day and begins a week of push – pull. This Monday has Jupiter sextile Neptune, Venus square Neptune, and Mercury square Mars. We may be confident about our abilities, able to see things in their finest detail, and can draw upon our intuitive sense to put the right pieces in the right places. If we would go slow, not try to take on too many issues, and avoid a self-inflated sense of our talents, then this day could be highly productive with us accomplishing a great deal. Such would be a best case scenario, but monkey wrenches to our efforts could come from other peoples’ input and our own conceit. By rushing our endeavors, we can prove truth to the sentiment that ‘haste makes waste’.

What we see may not be what we get during this week of July 27th through the 2nd of August. If we did not heed patience and humility at the start of the week, we could find ourselves off track for much of this week, and even unwilling to correct the error of our ways.

The end of July into the first week of August has transiting Cancer Mercury opposed to the three planets in Capricorn — first Jupiter on the 30th, then Pluto on the 1st of August, and finally Saturn on the 3rd, the day of the Aquarius Full Moon.

Mercury trines Neptune on the 30th, the same day that Mercury opposes Jupiter. Although our confidence can be brimming over with optimism and a self-belief in successfully effecting any involvement, drawing upon our intuitive sense could help us plan our way and prevent us from missteps due to our own hubris. Our intuition can be strong, and it would be wise for us to trust in our sense of things rather than to forcefully plow ahead with the notion that our assertiveness and determination will carry the day.

But hubris we might have as we end July and begin the month of August. Perhaps we are dealing from a mindset of entitlement whereby things should be a certain way solely because we want them so. It may be part of our conditioned mindset that things happen because we make them happen, as opposed to the characteristic of the paradigm shift where we are no longer in control of situations but rather co-creator with the universal unfolding. Any tendency to gloss over situations, negate important details, and assume that things should go ‘right’ just because we want them to would be ways to build upon sand rather than upon rock with the eventual consequence of our efforts being washed away in time.

We come into August with a willingness to battle against any obstacle and every impediment blocking our way.

The 1st of August has Mercury opposed Pluto. We could be unwilling to accept any opinion other than our own. Drawing upon the old adage that ‘a strong offense is a a good defense’, we might be argumentative and belligerent, closing our mind off to alternatives and options that may prove a better way. If we would avoid getting in our own way and were to draw upon serious reflection regarding what we are dealing with, our mind can be laser-like, able to get to the core of the situation and then determine the most expeditious manner to successfully address pertinent matters.

But the liability of arrogant narcissism cannot be discounted in early August.

The Sun squares Uranus on the 2nd. Although we are in a paradigm shift when things can happen in a most unexpected way and in the process open us to magic and mini-miracles, we might be somewhat pig-headed, narrow-focused and intent on doing things the way we want to do them, even if there are better alternatives that might be more streamlined and effective. We could be playing out the old saying that ‘you can’t teach an old dog new tricks’. And yet, during this time of intense disruptions, old ways are unlikely to work and we need to be open to options we might not have considered previously.

Once again, humility is called for, although unlikely to be engaged.

Einstein is said to have defined insanity as ‘doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results’.

No matter how much head-banging we have to endure, eventually we’ll get with the new program.

The Aquarius Full Moon on the 3rd [11:59 AM EDT] with the Sun Moon opposition completes the oppositions of Mercury transiting Cancer to the three Capricorn-transiting planets with Mercury opposed Saturn. While we may be looking at spreading our wings and engaging consideration of a wide realm of possibilities, we might feel limited by our responsibilities and our commitments. The push pull between old and new can be sharply engaged with this Full Moon, but it would be wise for us to recognize that moving forward is not necessarily a giant leap forward but rather steps taken ahead with occasional sidesteps, all the while cognizant of where we have been. By drawing upon our experience and what we have learned up to this point in our journey through this life experience, we are better able to take into account the wide range of possibilities that present themselves. Instead of jumping ahead blindly, we can determine new trajectories for ourselves utilizing the skill set and the understandings we have gained through our previous opportunities and prior challenges.

A sense of wanting to get on with it, whatever ‘it’ might be, can be strong on the 4th when Mars squares Jupiter. We may choose to aggressively move ahead based more on confidence and our own self-regard than any well thought out plan of action. Wanting to put our personal mark on our involvements, we could cut our own path but without itinerary or even destination in mind.

The 4th of August also has Mercury ending its transit of Cancer to enter Leo [11:32 PM EDT]. Our thoughts are focused more on summer good times than responsibilities or tasks at hand. August is traditionally the month when people take off from their jobs and enjoy a long summer vacation. Memories of the imposed lockdown, and even any further attempts to restrict our movement, can only stir up greater desires to be out and about, doing our own thing, and having a good time.

Venus exits Gemini on the 7th and enters Cancer [11:21 AM EDT]. Whether we are choosing to travel this month or deciding to stay at home, much of our social interactions may be with family and friends. We are likely to be fixing up our home, some of which could be making changes to our home environment to incorporate more permanent work set-up.

During this Spring, Saturn briefly transited Aquarius before retrograding back into Capricorn. In mid-December, Saturn reenters Aquarius for a two plus year cycle of the Fixed Air Sign through the first week of March 2023. This recent brief Saturn transit of Aquarius gave us a good heads-up regarding some of the changes we might see over the next two years.

We are more fully moving into the Information Age with the innovative technological advances occurring and dramatically impacting virtually every segment of our economy and of our lives.

One of the most significant changes we might see in the years ahead is the blending and integration of our home life with our professional life. In so many sectors of our economy, we are finding that our home can also serve as our professional base of operations.

Any so-called return to normalcy will be under a ‘new’ normal and not the old normal. Many companies have reported that, rather than their initial concerns of a decrease in effectiveness of their staff, productivity of their workers has increased during this time of working from home. Some organizations have already reported their intention to maintain working-at-home along with occasional in-house meetings. Education has employed virtual instruction, and doctor’s visits have engaged telemedicine.

These changes to the ways of our doing routine matters may have been necessary methods during the virus-imposed lockdown, but these new ways could continue on with a recognition that such methods are not only effective but possibly more productive than the old ways.

Many of us may have difficulty transitioning from our old ways into new ways and making new ways more permanent patterns in our life. Looking for stability and security, we might try to revert back to our old ways of doing things.

But the times they are a’changing.

This push – pull between old and new may be evident on August 10th when Mercury squares Uranus. Generally speaking, this aspect is my least favorite for air travel. It is also an energy configuration when communications might be off, computer and Internet problems arise, and getting from place to place can be hampered.

This energy with Mercury in Leo and Uranus in Taurus also speaks to the push pull between the old mindset of being in control of situations versus the serendipity of the universal unfolding. It is indicative of the struggle between the old paradigm and the paradigm shift presently going on. We may try to reinstall our old habits, patterns of making things happen according to our will, only to find a major pushback from unexpected scenarios that reinforce the reality that we are not in control but can only be co-creators with the universal unfolding. Surprising developments could be forthcoming that force us to question our belief system as to the way things work — they no longer occur according to the old paradigm of linear reality with its beginning, middle, and end. On the contrary, the paradigm shift is taking us into asequential reality where things occur in a most inexplicable manner, a life continuum somewhat akin to a kaleidoscope of various mixtures, different patterns, but all creating a marvelous symphony of life that for us might have been hard to imagine.

Old habits die hard, and we might experience the vanity of our efforts on the 13th of August when Mars squares Pluto. With unbridled optimism and a continued belief in our invincibility, we could push the envelope trying to make things happen according to our will. Extreme force may only ratchet up the consequent immovable opposition to our efforts. This can be one intense time, and it would be wise for us to draw upon our patience and adaptability to circumstance. People are liable to be acting out and various explosive behaviors are likely. Caution is essential at this time.

The weekend of the 15th – 16th of August has Uranus turning retrograde on the 15th [10:25 AM EDT], followed on the 16th by the Sun trine Mars. We may have to rework some of the templates we have created for our security, especially since we may have been looking to establish stability in a most insecure, highly fluid world.

Once we are accepting of the changes in the paradigm shift, with things occurring in a strange and unexpected manner, but also providing the opportunity of mini-miracles and magic afoot, we can work with the universal unfolding rather than trying to control our own unfolding. Flexibility and adaptability are called for, both of which open the door to our being more effective, productive, and successful.

By getting on the track with the serendipity of these times, we can operate on greased wheels with things unfolding easily, naturally, with a recognition of bumps along the way but with us able to ride the bumps without us being thrown off.

The key to a successful life in this new paradigm is humility, losing the arrogance and narcissism, and reengaging the awe and wonder of childhood, whereby we marvel at the perfection of imperfection, as the Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi would advise.

The Sun trine Mars configuration on the 16th is followed on the 17th with Mercury trine Mars and the Sun conjunct Mercury. We are on the dark side of the Moon prior to the Leo New Moon on the 18th. We can get our motor running, get our plans for creative endeavors in mind, choose how best to express our thrust of energy, but we might wait to pull the trigger and implement our intentions until after the New Moon on the 18th.

The Leo New Moon on the 18th of August [10:42 PM EDT] would seem paradoxical. On the one hand, we are fully invested in a grand summer blowout, looking to participate in recreational activities, spreading our wings and recharging our batteries. On the other hand, we feel the impending approach of the autumn with a semblance of regularity beckoning us to get back on track.

Finding the balance between our personal enjoyments and our obligatory routines may prove quite a juggling act during this latter part of August. We might sense the dying embers of summertime but unwilling to let it go, largely in recognition that our joy for living was dampened earlier in the year and even threatened over recent months as a result of the virus scare and lockdowns. We may feel the need, even the right, to engage the traditional involvements of summer by getting out of town, enjoying leisurely and recreational times, and putting much of our responsibilities aside.

Tradition and reality hardly mix effectively, and more so during these times of tumultuous disruption. Even recent years have seen the encroachment of autumn characteristics impeding upon the summer season. While traditionally the school year often began after Labor Day in September, the school year now often starts in mid to the latter part of August.

Whether there is a return to the classroom and the college halls this year or the new normal continues with virtual instruction online, this latter part of August may have us returning to our responsibilities and obligations.

On the day of the Leo New Moon, the 18th also has Venus sextile Uranus. Let’s keep in mind that similar to the likely integration of our personal life and professional life more integrated and more established in our home environment, we can both balance and incorporate personal time with our obligatory commitments.

And so it may be during this two-week period from the August 18th New Moon up to the September 2nd Full Moon.

The 19th has a major shift in energy, as Mercury exits Leo to enter its own Sign of Virgo [9:30 PM EDT]. This energy shift is heightened on the 22nd, as the Sun exits Leo to enter Virgo [11:45 AM EDT].

With the Virgo Sign being transited, we now have by Sign an Earth Grand Trine with the planets in Virgo trine Uranus in Taurus, and trine the three planets in Capricorn — Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto. Continuing through the end of the summer season, this Earth Grand Trine is in effect and provides us the energy to deal effectively with mundane matters and forge ahead cautiously with our goals and ambitions, all the while recognizing and honoring the paradigm shift where things can change dramatically and suddenly in a nanosecond of time or less.

By going cautiously and slowly, being mindful and aware, maintaining flexibility and adaptability, this latter part of August through the rest of the summer season can be highly productive.

We need not close the door to recreational activities, but rather continue the juggling of work and play, remembering the importance of play as suggested in the proverb: “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”

Change is hard. Old patterns are strongly engrained, and we might run afoul of our role as co-creator and try to reinforce our sense of control over situations as Mars squares Saturn on the 24th of August. We may battle our desire for freedom and spontaneity against our responsibilities and experience. This is a day to avoid impetuousness and pushing too hard, for we could find that the pushback is severe with us winding up banging our head against the wall.

Pulling in the reins on our self-absorption and utilizing both patience with a ‘wait and see’ attitude and our intuitive sense of things, we can avoid falling down the rabbit hole of narcissistic arrogance.

The 25th of August has Mercury trine Uranus as the Virgo-transiting planets begin to trigger by aspect the Earth Grand Trine. While Mercury square or opposed Uranus can indicate severe difficulties with communication and movement, Mercury sextile or trine Uranus provides those ‘ah-ha’ moments of inspiration and revelation. Like a light bulb going off in our head, we may become aware of the solutions to our most perplexing problems. We might hear some surprising and uplifting news. We just have to be open in order to receive.

The 25th also has the two ‘good guys’ of the planetary realm, Venus and Jupiter, opposed one another. We have to be wary of excess. We might feel the need of purchases for our home or work environment. We may decide a good clean up and clear out is in order. What we have to avoid is extreme actions. Too much of anything can prove to be — too much.

Relationships may seem especially pleasant on the 27th as Venus trines Neptune. A soulmate connection could have us seeing the idyllic qualities in our personal connections. We can see below the surface, beyond the appearance, into the true depth of someone, and we like what we see.

The 29th has Mercury trine Jupiter offering us confidence, an upbeat attitude, and a willingness to appreciate the goodness in life rather than the nattering negativities.

The volatility of these times is seen with the difference between the energies on the 25th, 27th and 29th as compared to the 30th. We might feel as though we have gone from the sublime to the ridiculous. Whereas we may have had remarkable insights and clarity of thought on the 25th with the Mercury Uranus trine, might have had the idyllic and soulful relationship connection on the 27th with the Venus Neptune trine, and felt good about life and our future with the Mercury trine Jupiter on the 29th; the 30th can see all those pleasantries go down the rabbit hole with Venus opposed Pluto and Mercury opposed Neptune.

Our relationships may sour. Instead of seeing the sterling qualities in someone, we could focus on their frailties and their flaws, even to the extent of excising someone from our life. Our thinking might become confused with a liability of seeing what we want to see and a tendency to highlight the negative and the less than perfect.

Why go there? People have their own opinions, their own point-of-view, their own experiences. People with a different take on things could make us aware of factors that we don’t see for ourselves. Not one of us is the same. We can learn from our differences rather than demanding conformity to a particular point of view or to the consensus opinion, which is so often wrong anyway.

If we don’t jump to conclusions, we could draw upon our intuitive sense and our reasoning mind to see both the big picture and the many details that go into successfully accomplishing the big picture.

If we don’t fall into a negative spin that feeds upon itself and takes us on a downward spiral, we can embrace the concept of integration. Just as we are looking to balance our personal life with our professional life into a healthy integration, we can do the same with our relationships with other people and with our own thinking process.

The Age of Reason, in process of giving way to the Information Age, and neither should negate the fanciful, the imagination, which is truly the seed bed of tomorrow’s creations.

Integration comes with balance, the balancing of different factors, different characteristics, different experiences. As we enter a new paradigm of asequential reality we can balance the experiences we have had and learned from with the serendipitous opportunities that come about almost magically.

Early September gives us both laser-like focus and streamlined operations to implement new directions for ourselves. We are likely to be highly productive, extremely effective as we begin the month of September.

Remember: we are dealing with an Earth Grand Trine for much of the month.

The 1st of September has Mercury trine Pluto. We are astute both in our thinking and in our conversations. We can get to the heart of any matter. In so doing, we could advance our greatest priorities without losing sight of particulars or forgetting any specific details.

The 2nd of September has the Pisces Full Moon [1:22 AM EDT] with the Sun Moon opposition aided by the Sun trine Uranus, and the Moon sextile Uranus. Venus initiates a Cardinal Sign T-Square with the Venus in Cancer opposed Saturn in Capricorn on the 2nd, followed on the 4th by Venus square Mars in Aries.

Destiny is calling and asks us to take a different approach, a different trajectory, to free ourselves up to fully embrace our destiny, to liberate ourselves from past encumbrances and to soar figuratively with the eagles. We just have to be wary of our own reticence or the shackles of past identities.

The weekend of September 5th – 6th has two major Sign changes. Mercury exits Virgo to enter Libra on the 5th [3:46 PM], followed on the 6th by Venus exiting Cancer to enter Leo [3:22 AM EDT]. In the US, this is the long Labor Day holiday weekend, the unofficial end to the summer and the unofficial start to the autumn season.

We may use this weekend as a crescendo of summertime fun. We are likely to be interested in what is going on with other people, and we may be seeking activities that are fun and collaborative. We might be feeling far better about things and use this weekend as a breather from the recent intensity.

Looking on the bright side of life can lift our spirits, enhance our optimism and dash the fearmongering and negativity of the Eeyores and Debbie Downers. Our attitude goes a long way to creating our reality. If we see life only from a negative attitude, we are liable to draw negative experiences into our life. A positive attitude boosts our immune system and opens the door to receive the good things in life.

A ‘can do’ attitude may be heightened on the 9th of September as the Sun trines Jupiter. We are able to put a shine on everything we do, and we might embrace the sentiment that ‘where there’s a will, there’s a way’.

With Mars turning retrograde on the 9th, we could find it important for us to be more effective with less expenditure of energy. Prioritizing our activities and concentrating on the most expeditious ways to accomplish our intentions would avoid heavily depleting our energy and allow us to concentrate on our most important projects.

We may not be able to do it all, and that fact could be especially evident on the 11th of September when the Sun opposes Neptune. If we have not been attentive to specifics, we might experience the validity to the statement that ‘the devil is in the details.’

Having the Grand Trine by Sign in the Earth Element, we can accomplish a great deal, attend to mundane matters, and be highly productive. But we cannot take our opportunities and abilities for granted. Slipshod methods are liable to come back and bite us in the backside. This mid-September period is a time for us to prioritize our activities, deal with the particulars of each project in which we are involved, and not try to rush ahead glossing over details or negating important factors.

The 12th has the first of the three Capricorn-transiting retrograde planets turning direct as Jupiter shifts direction ending its retrograde cycle to turn direct [8:41 PM EDT]. Jupiter’s change to direct motion will be followed by the other two Capricorn-transiting retrograde planets, first Saturn on the 29th of September, and then Pluto on the 4th of October.

Both Jupiter and Saturn will complete their transit of the Cardinal Earth Sign of Capricorn this autumn, as both will enter Aquarius in December, Saturn on the 17th of December and Jupiter on the 19th of December.

The Sun trines Pluto on the 14th of September. If we have focused on the essentials, addressed the specifics and presented our facts in an appealing manner, we could be highly successful in advancing our interests. We can accomplish a great deal, but it will be important that we not get carried away with ourselves.

Any lack of humility, any scent of arrogance, might have someone, who had advocated for us previously, turn against our projects and stifle our plans as Venus squares Uranus on the 15th. By trying to go too far too fast, we are liable to feel the brakes sharply applied, bringing our activities to a sharp halt or a need for redirection. Sometimes, we need a wake-up call to make us aware that we have gotten ahead of ourselves or run away with ourselves.

The Virgo New Moon on the 17th [7:00 AM EDT] accentuates the Earth Grand Trine and opens the path to a highly productive two-week period. With the Sun Moon conjunction trine Saturn and by orb trine the other two Capricorn-transiting planets of Jupiter and Pluto, and trine by Sign Uranus in Taurus, this two-week period allows us to draw upon our experience, establish a solid template for successful results, and draw upon streamlined methodology. With Mercury square Jupiter we have to be wary of being overly optimistic and confident that we can do evermore. Someone might encourage us to go beyond our capabilities, and consequently some of our best efforts might come crashing down.

We end the summer season with Mercury square Pluto on the 21st prior to the Autumn Equinox on the 22nd. Our conversations may be blunt with us trying to win our point but without the necessary information to back up our argument. We might run afoul of the specifics and seek to win our case by the belligerent force of our presentation and our addiction to our opining rather than drawing upon rational thinking or empirical data.

We might close out the summer season with great intensity, but let’s recognize that the autumn season will begin with the balancing act of Libra. The more that we can cool our jets to conclude our summer, the less antagonisms we are liable to create. We could take heed of what the Brits would say: ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’.

Summer 2020… hot time in the summertime…