December 2019

We come into December and we may feel the cold of winter with its sense of delay and restriction increasingly strong.

Early in December we have a major Sign change. Jupiter exits its own Sign of Sagittarius where Jupiter is strong and enhances its planetary realm influence. Jupiter now enters for its year cycle into Capricorn, a Sign in which Jupiter is in Fall, its influence diminished, restricted with a propensity to compress.

Jupiter’s move into Capricorn on December 2nd increases the Cardinal Earth Stellium as Jupiter joins Venus, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn.

The 3rd of December has Mercury sextile Pluto and Venus sextile Mars. Our mind can be incisive and our presentation engaging, persuasive and to the point. It would be hard to counter our case, for we have a strong argument and a passionate presence. The Scorpio and Capricorn energies are engaged in both instances, and allow us to cut to the essence of a situation and then build on solid foundations.

The 8th of December may be a highly emotional but possibly confusing time. The Sun squares Neptune, and Venus sextiles Neptune. We can go through mood swings and susceptible to someone’s influence. While feeling strong within ourselves, we could have our head in the clouds and our feet hardly touching the ground.

Mercury exits Scorpio and enters Sagittarius on the 9th. Our ability to zero in on what is going on may be lost to our mind broadening and entertaining all sorts of ideas. The proliferation might be intriguing while the due diligence could be lacking. Mercury is in Detriment in Sagittarius, for it throws wide the realm of our thinking process and opens the door to interests in diversions and distractions. We are likely to have fewer dark thoughts as we might have experienced with Mercury’s transit of Scorpio, but our filtration process can be lacking with Mercury in Sagittarius.

December 11th has Venus conjunct Saturn, two days before Venus conjuncts Pluto. This is a time for us to make contact with friends from our past and those that can assist our future endeavors. Our appearance can be impressive, for our intent may be to gain benefit from our interactions. If we are doing our holidays planning, we are likely to reach out to those who might serve us by advancing our ambitions.

This period between the 11th and 15th of December might be a time when we are considering our holidays social gatherings. We may be more interested in those get-togethers that would somehow benefit our standing than just having fun social occasions. We could be looking at using these holidays as opportunities to make our presence known and to improve our connections with those people whom we believe truly matter.

The Gemini Full Moon on the 11th – 12th can have us scheduling our holiday rounds. Although we might engage a good number of people over the next three weeks, we are likely to have a purpose in mind, which may be somewhat akin to the sentiment of ‘what have you done for me lately’.

Certain social occasions might seem obligatory, and we are willing to do the dance if we see some future gain likely. People may be a little jaded during this time, jockeying for position, and going to great expense to put on an impressive show.

Dazzling might fit the feel of Friday the 13th of December. Mars trines Neptune, and Venus conjuncts Pluto. There is high emotionality with an appealing mystique in the way people present themselves. There is cunning to the placement of people involved with everyone looking to one-up each other as they seek out the most influential people with whom to rub elbows.

Proper planning and calculated moves could serve up unexpected benefits on the 15th when Jupiter trines Uranus. Whether we become aware of opportunities or are gifted in some way, we might be surprised by the presents given to us at this time.

The art of engagement demands mastery, and we may be masters at it during this mid-month period, from the 11th through the 15th. Our motives may be to use holiday get-togethers for our own personal benefit, and we might find that doors open to us.

The talent of balance and finding the Goldilocks quality of ‘just right’ demand skill and finesse. We may seem to have it during this mid-month period, but whether we are able to maintain it is open to question, especially as we end the autumn season.

The 19th has Mars sextile Saturn and Mercury square Neptune. We could push our personal interests a little too far, too fast. Our determination to get what we want might have severe repercussions as we misread situations or presents ourselves in too self-absorbed manner.

If subtle obsequiousness does not work in our favor, we are likely to chuck it all as Venus exits Capricorn on the 20th to enter Aquarius. We may have spent the past four weeks making nice to those people we thought could promote our personal interests. We now become more interested in people with character, those quirky individuals that are willing to march to their own drummer.

The autumn season ends on the 21st – 22nd as the Sun exits Sagittarius and enters Capricorn at the time of the Winter Solstice.

The Sun’s entry into Capricorn kicks off the winter season, and the imprint of the Winter Solstice speaks to dramatic changes this season with the push pulls of labor, growing pains. We may all be looking at making major changes, freeing up in various ways but doing so by holding on to the securities of past with anxiety of letting anything go. The complacency of discontent can hold us stuck for only so long until something triggers a sudden and quick release.

The 22nd of December has Venus square Uranus, and Mars sextile Pluto. Whether we choose to make changes or the universe steps in and forces our hand, this is a day when our intentions can fall apart, all the while that the universe signals to us a better way. Let’s keep in mind that there are times when the universe knows what is best for us, whether we agree with the trajectory or not, and that the universe does not allow a vacuum, that just as space is opened up by some letting go, some thing other fills that space. And so it may be around the 22nd of this month.

There always seems something magical around the holiday period. It often feels like the dimensions are so much thinner at this time and that our spiritual connections seem so much stronger.

Although Christmas celebrates for Christians the birth of Jesus who would become the Christed consciousness, this time of year astrologically celebrates the Winter Solstice, where in the northern latitudes the light is born from the darkness. For the Winter Solstice in the northern latitudes occurs at the darkest day of the year. From the Winter Solstice to the Summer Solstice, daylight increases as the days grow from the shortest daylight of the year to the strongest daylight of the year on the 20th of June.

The sense of new birthings and initiations can be strong during this latter part of December. The Uranus energy is strong during this time, offering hope of new directions, new ways of doing things, and working smarter rather than harder.

On the 24th, the Sun trines Uranus prior to the New Moon on the 25th – 26th, which has the Sun Moon conjunction in Capricorn trine Uranus and with Uranus in many locations being the handle to a bucket type chart pattern.

Although there is an archaic saying that states: ‘the more things change, the more things stay the same’; this belief might fly out the window under the strong Uranus influence. The Capricorn New Moon is a Solar Eclipse and imprints a signature on the next fortnight up to the Cancer Full Moon on the 10th of January.

The Capricorn New Moon opens the door to unexpected situations, unanticipated variables. This New Moon, Solar Eclipse, may demand that we keep our antennae up and be open to receive. Wondrous opportunities can occur under this signature, opportunities not so much of our making as our being in the right place at the right time. We just have to be willing not to get stuck in old patterns or fixated on staying on square one.

The universe will assist if we are willing to help ourselves.

The 27th has the Sun conjunct Jupiter. We may feel more confident about our goals, a sense that our plans are both grounded in reality but also provide a venue for our directorial self. We are looking to lead the way along our individual journey and care little whether it meets the approval of anyone else. We are focused on our ambitions and looking to realize our hopes and wishes. And the universe may well assist.

The 28th has Mercury exiting Sagittarius, a Sign in which Mercury is in Detriment with the liability of diffuse thinking and too broad a consideration of possibilities. With Mercury entering Capricorn, we now have five planets in the Cardinal Earth Sign as Mercury joins the Sun, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. Our thoughts and our focus can turn serious with our intentions to devise a best practices strategy and to take things step by step, but also with the appreciation that unexpected situations can alter the playing field.

That alteration could come as we close out the month, come to the end of the year, with Mercury trine Uranus on the 30th. We may get some startling insights, learn surprising news, all with the thrust of our doing things in an innovative and streamlined manner.

Despite the heavy emphasis on the Capricorn energy, which could have us more grounded and attentive to the mundane world, we can have our feet firmly planted on the ground while our head is in the clouds, open to the possibilities and even the seemingly impossible becoming plausible.

December 2019… Well Prepared for the Year Ahead…