May 2019

A sense of thwarting action may be felt as we come into May.

Not only have we just had Saturn turn retrograde on the 29th of April.

May 1st and 2nd have mixed indications with Mercury sextile Mars and Mercury square Saturn on the 1st, followed on the 2nd by Mercury square Pluto and Mercury trine Jupiter. We could feel as though wishes come true just by our wishing them. We could start off on a wing and a prayer to find ourselves banging into a wall and forcing us to either go slow or to turn back and deal with our normal circumstance. The interesting aspect about these two days is the fact that they are bookended by upbeat, positive thoughts. The mid-part is made up of delays, frustrations and demands placed upon us by previous commitments. If we are willing to deal with the obstacles, we could turn what seems to be a maze of difficult situations into a labyrinth where we eventually get to the center and then out with greater wisdom and understanding gained from the challenges.

The Taurus New Moon on the 4th of May ushers in the blossoming of Spring. Although the pace in our daily life is likely to pick up, we can put the various pieces together to present a pretty package. What we need to be certain of is our ability to handle any number of activities and projects without letting significant details fall between the cracks. The acceleration could lead to slipshod methods where we try to cover too many bases and in the process gloss over the particulars. Taking things step-by-step, item-by-item, would keep us from engaging the cautionary phrase of ‘haste makes waste’.

With a desire to engage new involvements spurred on by the Mars opposed Jupiter on the 5th of May, we could be in an expansionary mood with assumed belief that nothing can go wrong. Such an attitude might let us lower our guard and get caught up in the whirlwind of activity but without the due diligence that an acceleration in our life’s activities would call for. It would be wise for us not to get caught in the frenzy but to rein in our enthusiasm and confidence. Taking on more during the springtime is all well and good but only if we can effectively handle it all.

Mercury exits Aries to enter Taurus on the 6th of May and in so doing Mercury triggers a Stellium in the Fixed Earth Sign as Mercury joins the Sun and Uranus in Taurus. We may have less liability of shooting from the lip. Instead, we could take a more studied approach to situations. Much of our thoughts can revolve around acquisition and springtime shopping to feather our nest, enhance our wardrobe and improve the appearance of ourselves and of our environment.

The 7th of May has Venus square Saturn. Relationships could be dicey. There might be a tendency to over-critique someone’s actions or character. As this month is also the month of graduations, reunions and other celebrations, we may be making plans for certain get-togethers, some of which can include encounters with people from our past with whom we would prefer not to interact. Recapitulations are a necessary part of seeing where we once were compared to where we are now. This second week of May suggests we walk on eggshells with regard to our interaction with relationships.

Profound insights and startling information can engross us and give further credence to the paradigm shift with its characteristic of serendipity. We may be privy to such experiences around the 8th of May when Mercury conjuncts Uranus and the Sun sextiles Neptune. Whatever we are doing and wherever we are, we might notate certain mini-miracles, the magic of being in the right place at the right time. If we would keep our antennae up and be open to receive, we can gain a greater understanding of situations that supersede empirical evidence.

An interesting aspect to this second week of May is the likelihood of old issues and past connections trying to keep us in a familiar mode, all the while that unexpected situations can open up pointing us towards new directions, new connections. Venus contacts are strong during this second week of May.

We could be considering whether our long-time connections are resonant with our present, much less our future.

The Venus square Saturn on the 7th is followed on the 9th with Venus trine Jupiter and Venus square Pluto. We may jettison some of our relationships in favor of other contacts that seem more upbeat. Perhaps we have determined and finally realized that the ‘misery loves company’ mode no longer works for us. We might decide that during these transformational times we prefer to connect with people who are positive, looking at the potentials rather than those who concentrate solely on the negative and criticize even the least problematic matter. Either we can moan and whine about what is happening to us and in the world, or we could see these times of great disruption as incredible opportunities and emblematic of the paradigm shift. Remember: it’s our choice, always our choice.

Whatever ‘ah-ha’ moments we might have received during this second week of May, we can ground them during the mid-May period.

The Sun trines Saturn on the 11th, followed by the Sun trine Pluto on the 13th. A large characteristic to the Spring season is the rebirth, renewal and new beginnings. These two energy configurations allow us to put down our roots, to establish the right template by which to realize our goals. We can focus on the truly significant, the truly meaningful, as we pursue new endeavors or fortify those projects we have already established. No matter the backdrop of the world-at-large, we can concentrate on our personal ambitions without needless distraction.

This movement of Taurus-transiting planets trining the Capricorn-transiting planets continues on into early June. By having our head down with attention to our goals, we can virtually move mountains during this period and do so with style and appealing presentations.

On the 14th of May, Venus sextiles Mars. Our interests may lie more in options and future plans than present reality, but if there have been glitches in our relationships, as there may have been in the past week, this is a day to straighten things out and make nice with people.

The 15th has both Venus and Mars exiting Signs to enter new Signs to transit – Venus exiting Aries to enter Taurus, Mars exiting Gemini to enter Cancer.

Venus moving into Taurus has Venus entering its own Sign and exiting a Sign of its Detriment, Aries. We may be less self-absorbed, seeking to be more collaborative, and looking to present ourselves with style and grace.

Mars exiting Gemini to enter Cancer brings an end to the Mutable Sign T-Square that could have had us involved with this, that, and some other, and often with us racing around in circles.

The Mercury sextile Neptune on the 15th hones our intuitive skills with the ability of feng shuing our lives — putting things in the right place and right perspective, and making it work. In our crazy world, it is essential that each of us has a sanctuary, and this energy configuration can steer us into creating that sacred, safe space in our personal realm.

The 16th and 18th of May have another of those Taurus-transiting planets trine the Capricorn-transiting planets. On the 16th, Mercury trines Saturn. Our thought processes can be clear and we could devise the right template to accomplish our goals without leaving any minute detail behind. We may eliminate the fluff and focus on the nuts and bolts.

The 18th has Mercury trine Pluto, Venus conjunct Uranus, and the Scorpio Full Moon with the Sun opposed the Moon. Our perception may be laser-like and spot on. The Scorpio Full Moon is in the 3rd decanate [Cancer for the Scorpio Moon, Capricorn for the Taurus Sun]. This Saturday would be well spent doing an inventory taking and a major purge. We do not want to be hampered by outmoded conditions and circumstance. By eliminating the dross from our lives, we can concentrate on the more meaningful. An interesting part of this day is the likelihood that as we rid ourselves of the old and outmoded, surprising new situations can come forward. The universe does not accept a vacuum. As we let go, we create space for the new and more appropriate. And so it may be on this Saturday the 18th.

May 21st has two major Sign changes as both the Sun and Mercury exit Taurus and enter Gemini, a Sign ruled by Mercury. The Stellium of planets in Taurus ends and the Mutable Sign T-Square is re-engaged with Mercury and the Sun in Gemini, Jupiter in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces. As they move into Gemini, the Sun and Mercury conjunct. We may feel as though we’re off to the races, ready, willing and able to explore many varied things, even if our exploration is largely perfunctory rather than in-depth. “The more the merrier” could be our calling.

The change in Sign of Mercury and the Sun into Gemini can put a thought into mind — CHANGES.

We might look to move things around, cut away the insipid and streamline our operations as Mars sextiles Uranus on the 22nd. Numerologically, the 22nd is the Master Number of the Master Builder, and this is one of those days when we could actually conceive and implement a better mousetrap. Our energy is likely high, and we can devise the most expeditious means of getting from point to point. If we need to upgrade our technology or other time-saving equipment, now is a time for us to do so.

The Mutable Sign T-Square is triggered towards the end of May with Mercury transiting Gemini squaring Neptune in Pisces on the 29th, and Mercury opposing Jupiter in Sagittarius on the 30th.

Someone could try and sell us a bill of goods on the 29th as Mercury squares Neptune. What we see may not be what we get, and what we hear may not be the right information. This is a day for us to take things with a grain of salt and to be wary that our own hopes and wishes don’t prove to sabotage our best efforts. For on the 30th, the other part to the T-Square is engaged as Mercury opposes Jupiter. Wanting to believe something to be true and assuming something to be real can be night and day from the actual reality of the situation. Fortunately, we have Venus sextile Neptune on the 30th too, and someone could prove an objective and detached viewpoint to critique what is really going on.

If we don’t leap before consulting a trusted confidante, we can save ourselves a great deal of hardship. As the saying goes ‘caveat emptor’, but there are times when the emptor can be swayed by their own desires.

Friday the 31st of May and June 2nd complete the Taurus-transiting planets trine to the two Capricorn-transiting planets. Venus trines Saturn on the 31st, followed by Venus trine Pluto on June 2nd. Relying upon someone who has our best interests at heart and yet is an objective observer willing to say ‘no’ and put a kibosh on some of our plans can be a profound blessing. Someone may help us dodge a bullet. Our fantasies and impracticalities could have gotten us into trouble if it weren’t for someone to puncture the pretty illusion we had bought into.

We can reground ourselves with a little help from a friend[s].

May 2019… Spring is Busting Out All Over…