Winter 2018 – 2019

The Winter Solstice on the 21st of December has the Sun exiting Sagittarius and the Sun entering Capricorn to usher in the winter season. The Sun’s Sign change also ends the Stellium of three planets in the Mutable Fire Sign and triggers a Stellium in the Cardinal Earth Sign as the Sun joins Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn.

We may take on a more serious tone to our involvements, but the frenetic and frenzied energy is not diminished but liable to be ratcheted up with a sense of trying to accomplish ever more and an anxiety of waiting for some shoe or other to drop.

Let’s be cognizant of the fact that we can be less reactive to situations, better able to direct our energies rather than getting caught up in the swirling energies occurring all around us. Amidst the flurry of activity, we might seem more grounded and more willing to develop a structured plan by which to expand our interests.

The 22nd has the Cancer Full Moon with the Capricorn Sun being in the first degree of the Cardinal Earth Sign. With the Christmas holiday in full gear, this weekend can have us participating in family affairs and social occasions to engage the holiday spirit. Some activities may seem obligatory. Taking care of what needs to be done to be socially correct might be carried out by quality of time rather than quantity of time. We could have various stops to make, and each stop would be better suited to brief engagements, before going off to the next round of involvements. Whether in person, on the phone or by text, we can reach out and touch everyone we need to contact.

Christmas Eve on the 24th has Mercury square Neptune and Mercury coming out of its Retrograde ‘shadow’ with Mercury returning to the degree in Sagittarius where Mercury turned retrograde back on the 16th of November. We might be in a whirlwind of activity, akin to the Mad Hatter in Alice’s Wonderland whereby we feel as though we are late to accomplish what needs to be done prior to tomorrow’s festivities. Our mind may not be the clearest, and it would be wise for us to take the time to list what needs to be done. Direction and itinerary are keys to us not getting lost in a fog or being overwhelmed by all the chores we need to attend to.

The latter part of December seems geared to holiday gatherings, well wishing those we know and those we meet.

Venus sextiles Pluto on the 28th. Even if we tend to be reserved in our expression of our feelings, this may be a time when we make someone aware of our appreciation for the depth of connection we have with that special person and with those special people in our life. We may go out of our way to show that we care.

The month of December ends and the year of 2018 ends and the new year of 2019 begins with Mars on the 31st ending its transit of Pisces and Mars entering its own Sign of Aries. We close out the old and begin the new year with a rush and a thrust of impulsive energy to put our personal mark upon the coming year.

We begin January and the new year of 2019 in line with the Hollywood maxim of ‘hurry up and wait’.

Mars has come into its own Sign of Aries on the evening of December 31st to ring in the new year with horns blazing and us trumpeting our own personal resolutions for the year ahead. We are truly feeling in control of our circumstance.

No matter how fast out of the gate we start the year, we could hit a wall early on as the Sun conjuncts Saturn on the 2nd.
Responsibilities, commitments, past matters unresolved could force us to look back in the rearview mirror with a realization that we have unfinished business before we can sprint ahead into the new year.

We might feel the wind knocked out of our sails. Our great intentions could seem to die to our usual obligations.

While the beginning of this year may seem paradoxical with us on the one hand ready for new beginnings and on the other hand restricted by our present conditions, let’s keep in mind the concept of creating a suspension bridge. Our suspension bridge is developed by our putting down one slat after another with the recognition that we might have to go back at times before we finish our suspension bridge, can cross to the other side into our future and are able to cut the ties that bind.

Past and present can serve as ingredients to grow our future.

We may have already come to the realization that ‘same old, same old’ just isn’t going to cut it any longer. Like a horse with blinders on only able to see straight ahead, it is time that we remove our own blinders to what we assume to be reality based upon our conditioning and our past experience. We have entered into the NOW, a time of paradigm shift where linear reality gives way to asequential reality, a time space where the progression of beginning, middle and end is imploded to give way to seemingly random occurrences, things occurring in a most unexpected manner, and a time of magic and mini-miracles. Welcome to the true new world order [although order is a misnomer in our ‘new normal’].

While the 2nd of January could have us looking at the way things were and our past ways of doing things, the 4thof January offers a glimpse, even validation, of the paradigm shift. The 4th has us on the dark side of the Moon prior to the New Moon and Solar Eclipse on the 5th. But the 4th also has Mercury trine Uranus and the Sun sextile Neptune and then Mercury exiting Sagittarius to enter Capricorn to make the Capricorn New Moon on the 5th a power-packed Capricorn force to be reckoned with.

With Mercury trine Uranus and the Sun sextile Neptune on the 4th, this is a day when it would be wise for us to be receptive to the stirrings of our inner voice, and suspend judgment in order to be privy to indications of magic and mini-miracles. Unexpected news, ‘ah-ha’ moments and flashes of revelation could be ours if we do not get in our own way, try to figure things out according to an old template, but rather we open ourselves to the wondrous moments of surprising insights.

Let’s keep in mind the slats on our suspensions bridge. The 4th might provide us a slat of options and alternatives we have not previously taken into account. We may not be able to fully engage what we see, what we hear, what we become aware of, but we are given a brief view into the possibilities and prospects beyond our usual circumstance.

The 5th of January may pull us up short. The Capricorn New Moon is a Solar Eclipse with the Sun Moon conjunction within orb of a conjunction to Saturn. We also have the Capricorn Stellium reinforced by the Solar Eclipse with the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Saturn and Pluto all in the Cardinal Earth Sign. Whatever ‘ah-ha’ moment we might have received on the 4th with our blinders removed to see from a peripheral perspective, the 5th seems to put the blinders back in place, limiting our vision to the mundane, conditioned reality we are familiar with.

Although our concerns can come back to our responsibilities and our obligations and our financial condition, it would be wise for us to keep in mind the typical method in nature. Things stir and percolate in the seeding stage, preparing the way for growth and development. Initially, more goes on below the surface, behind the scenes than is readily apparent.

Drawing upon my analogy to the suspension bridge, there are times when we need to go back in order to move forward. Often our backtracking gives us greater evidence that the way things were no longer truly work for us. Even if we cannot make a great leap forward but feel stuck in our past conditions, we see the way ahead. We don’t need to know the means, only to have the intention. We shall develop the slats to our suspension bridge and eventually build the bridge, get to the other side into our future, and cut the ties that bind.

There are just times when we need to take care of business, deal with mundane matters and complete what we had earlier intended for ourselves. This Solar Eclipse and its impact on the next two weeks and going on even beyond is a time when we could lay down solid foundation stones regarding our goals and ambitions for the year ahead and for our future.

With the strong emphasis on Capricorn and a beneficial influence from Neptune, we can build upon rock rather than sand. We might feel guided, and it would be wise for us to listen to the muse of our inner voice. While the Capricorn impact speaks to conservatism and being cautious in the steps we take, we can get a thrust of energy by Uranus ending its retrograde cycle and turning direct on the 6th.

The main thing for us to do during this two-week period is to be patient, take our time, develop our template regarding what we wish to accomplish, and be willing to march to our own drummer. If our trajectory is right and we engage a best practices approach, we might find that we are operating on greased wheels.

This early January can be a time when we consider organization, infrastructure, repair or replace.

Turning direct, Uranus will complete its seven-year cycle of Aries before moving into Taurus for its seven-year cycle of the Fixed Earth Sign at the time of the Pisces New Moon on March 6th. Whatever we have explored over the past seven years regarding increasing our autonomy, embracing our individuality and putting our personal mark upon our life’s ingredients, we can use this mid-January period to lay a solid foundation for our future.

On the 7th, Venus exits Scorpio, a Sign of Detriment for Venus, where Venus is not at all comfortable but tends to be wracked by jealousy and introversion and holding out little for fear of rejection. With Venus entering Sagittarius, there can be more lightness and more upbeat interactions with our connections. Relationships may seem more inspired with a desire to seek out those people whose experiences may be far different from our own and who can shed light on different perspectives and different understandings. Instead of relying solely on a small circle of trusted confidantes, we are more willing to engage anyone and almost everyone.

Mercury in Capricorn squares Mars in Aries on the 8th. What we want to do and what we need to do may be at odds. We might feel that our daily obligations are like shears clipping our wings, preventing us from flying close to the sun. If we avoid depression or resentment over the circumstance, we could fine-tune our ambitions by considering a best practices approach to achieve successful results. Reflective consideration can provide us the most expeditious means to realize our goals.

The 11th of January has the Sun conjunct Pluto. While there can be some elimination at this time, even to the point of someone significant stepping off the world stage, we could also prioritize our involvements, focus on the truly meaningful all the while that we rid ourselves of what has become extraneous.

On the 13th, Mercury conjuncts Saturn, and Jupiter squares Neptune. Our mind may have one idea, our feet something totally other. This is a day for us to put ‘the horse before the cart’. Fighting off a sense of limitation to the point of depression, we could spring forward with unbridled optimism and the hope that things will work out. We can justify impetuous action by affirming that things do truly work out in the end. But a labyrinth is far better than a maze, and so it would be wise for us to restrain our impulses and take the time to strategize and plan our ‘right’ approach to the day. Our thoughts may be deep and serious but they do not have to take us down a rabbit hole. On the contrary, we can blend critical analysis with faith in our capabilities. Patient consideration and trust in the process can go a long way towards a successful trajectory and journey.

Patience and humility could serve us well, for on the 14th Mercury sextiles Neptune. Even if we banged against impediments by not taking the time to develop our methodology, our intuitive sense is now sharpened and we might be able to guide our actions by an inner sense of knowing the right moves and the correct decisions.

The 18th of January is a highly energetic time. Venus trines Mars, Mercury conjuncts Pluto, and the Sun squares Uranus. Our mind can be insightful, able to dissect any situation down to its essential parts. Our presentations to other people may be charming and seductive. But we might also find ourselves champing at the bit, wanting to step into our future, but restrained by our obligations. This is a time for us not to jump the gun and move into new directions prior to conclusions or the eliminations of outstanding matters. Harnessing the energy at this time would allow us to prioritize our involvements and present our case in an appealing manner and without any detail left out. We might want to get on to our next adventure, but this day calls for us to herald our achievements with the sense of mission accomplished. Things we have been working on, and especially those matters of the past two weeks under the influence of the powerful Capricorn New Moon back on the 5th, can be closed out. If we have developed a solid foundation for our engagements, taken the time to hone our procedures, and focused on the truly significant, then we can move ahead with the knowledge that we have divested ourselves of unnecessary components and have created a strong template for our future endeavors.

The 20th of January has the Sun exiting Capricorn to enter Aquarius, and Venus square Neptune. We might be more interested in our future than our present. Although we can see a wide range of possibilities for ourselves, it is important that we not run away by unbridled optimism or by our hopes and wishes. We may be a little too trusting now, and someone could easily put one over on us by drawing upon our enthusiasm to the point of our being irrationally exuberant. Not every thing nor everyone is the way they appear. This is a time for us to be on the lookout, mindful and fully aware. We could be doing the dance with the trickster, someone who appears one way, the reality being totally different. Our good will and our faith in the greater good might make us open to being deceived, our buying into illusions, and consequently our being taken advantage of. We can have our head in the clouds, but we need to keep our feet firmly planted on the ground.

The Leo Full Moon on the 21st is a Supermoon and a Lunar Eclipse. Mars squares Saturn on this day. We have to be wary that we don’t get carried away with ourselves. We might feel that we have the world on a string and able to do what we want the way that we want to do it. If we engage such an attitude, we might get significant pushback from the universe. This is a day when narcissism and arrogance are liable to pay a heavy price. I often say that the universe taps us on the shoulder. If we don’t get the message, the universe taps a little harder. If we still don’t get it, we’re liable to get a lateral lobotomy, one of those whacks on the side of the head. There are times when humility and patience pay handsome dividends. And this could be one of those times. We can feel upbeat about our prospects and we might come up with the best approach, both in methodology and presentation, if we take our time and not get frustrated by any delays. Delays often serve as a tempering process, and so it could be at this time.

The 22nd of January could be one of those times when everything seems to go our way. The two ‘good guys’ of the Zodiac, Venus and Jupiter, are conjunct today. Good fortune and favorable reception can pave our way today. We could be feeling at the top of our game. They say that there’s never such a thing as too much good luck, but in truth too much is excess, and we are often looking for balance. Like a metronome, we often go between extremes, and certainly the 22nd could have us feeling as if we are walking on cloud nine.

There is a great deal of Fire on the 21st and 22nd of January. We have the Leo Full Moon on the 21st with the Leo Moon triggering a Fire Grand Trine with the Moon trine Mars in Aries and the Moon trine Venus in Sagittarius. The 22nd has Venus conjunct Jupiter in Sagittarius and the Leo Moon continuing to trigger a Fire Grand Trine with the Moon trine Jupiter in Sagittarius and the Moon trine Uranus in Aries. Our creativity and our drive towards self-realization may know no bounds. These can be highly productive days, but it is essential that we maintain vigilance, keep aware and be mindful. It is essential that we also keep in mind the actions of the metronome and the law of cyclical action.

The 23rd may provide us a good heads-up and a whack on the side of the head. Mercury squares Uranus, one of my least favorite aspects for air travel, and a day when I try to avoid air travel and be highly astute to the conditions in which I’m operating. This energy configuration can wreak havoc with communications, with Internet and computer problems, travel difficulties and traffic congestion, and unexpected news liable to upset our plans.

Mercury exits Capricorn on the 24th of January to enter Aquarius. In its Sign change, Mercury also ends the Stellium of three planets in Capricorn. Serious of thought can shift to consideration of possibilities, options, alternatives and future intentions. We may be more interested in exploring things beyond our normal experience.

An interesting aspect of this latter part of January into early February is an energy setup similar to Noah’s Ark of twos. We have two planets in Aries [Mars and Uranus], two planets in Sagittarius [Venus and Jupiter], two planets in Capricorn [Saturn and Pluto], and two planets in Aquarius [the Sun and Mercury]. We also have four planets in their own rulership, planets transiting the Signs they rule — Mars in Aries, Jupiter in Sagittarius, Saturn in Capricorn, and Neptune in Pisces.

We are in a very powerful period with the energies accentuated. This is a time when we can make great strides in co-creating our future, embracing our personal destiny. This is not a time for us to fall prey to victimhood or negativity.

Our society and too many of us presently seem largely focused on the negative. As opposed to seeing possibilities and engaging opportunities, a number of people are seeing life as a dystopia and are resistant to change, transition and transformation. Instead, many people are focused on all the bad things they imagine. Too many people are engaged in such extreme negativity that is toxic to the community, to society, to the Self.

These are times of a major paradigm shift — a time of dramatic transition from sequential, linear reality into asequential reality, where things no longer operate in an orderly succession, but occur in the most unanticipated and unexpected manner. Although threatening to old stabilities and old securities with a breakdown of things that no longer function effectively; these times are times of disruption and transformation and offer each of us and every one of us the opportunity or the challenge to go through major changes, often in a nanosecond or less. We might not like the process, but the process will continue to unfold whether we like it or not.

It would be far wiser for us to get on board the transformation train, recognize and appreciate that we are no longer in control [as if we ever truly were], but rather we are co-creators with the dynamics of the universe. Let us suspend our judgment and realize that our view of reality is only an opinion, an opinion based upon our limited personal perspective or an opinion we are conditioned into believing by societal bias and belief — opinion and belief not true knowledge and understanding.

Putting our imprint upon our involvements and expanding our activities can be a large part of our energies around the 25th when Mars trines Jupiter. We are less interested in playing second fiddle, far more interested in going our own way. Not that we are looking to upend anyone else. We want to be ‘ME’, and in the process assert our individual expressions. No matter whether we have receptive listeners or advocates of our cause, we are willing to go our own way and do our own thing. We are buoyed by self-confidence and optimism with great faith in our own abilities.

Feeling pumped up and ready to expand our activities, we could be looking to develop our future endeavors as the Sun conjuncts Mercury on the 29th. Even the seemingly impossible, we might believe that we can successfully accomplish. We may draw upon the affirmation of the proverb: ‘where there’s a will, there’s a way’. And we certainly are likely to be feeling the will.

Our gung-ho attitude and a desire to pull off fulfilling new engagements may not be just idle hopes and unattainable wishes. We could blend our enthusiasm and self-confidence with a practical vision, as we blend foresight with a best practices approach. From the seeds of concept and the abstract, we can devise and strategize the means to accomplish our goals.

On the 31st of January, Saturn sextiles Neptune. If we would take the time to devise our methods, draw from a solid base, and harness our irrepressible optimism, then our progress can be undaunted.

But if we try to go too far too fast then we suffer the liability of hitting the wall and our greatest ambitions can all fall down.

We come into February with Mars square Pluto on the 1st. If we haven’t addressed the specifics in developing the whole, then we could discover that the weakest link in our plans, implementation and execution is the actual cause for any crash and burn to our plans. Certainly a red flag to determine if we have maintained humility, patience and a willingness to go from one solid step to the next will be raised in early February.

Even if we hit the wall as we start the month of February, we can pick up the pieces over that weekend, as Venus trines Uranus on the 2nd, followed on the 3rd by Mercury sextile Jupiter and Venus exiting Sagittarius to come into Capricorn recreating the Capricorn Stellium as Venus joins Saturn and Pluto in the Cardinal Earth Sign.

Unexpected encounters and interesting news can get us back on course. We could draw upon someone for their assistance in dealing with what needs to be done and giving us moral support to alter our trajectory. Even if we hit the wall, we can pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and start all over again but this time with assistance and with a different methodology.

The Aquarius New Moon on February 4th imprints the next two weeks up to the Full Moon on the 19th. Our thoughts are filled with possibilities, and we might engage anything and everything that we hear about. And there could be a lot to hear about with people talking up a storm. This is a time of exploration our future prospects, and we can do so keeping in mind the necessary particulars we would need to develop our plans. This is a time to draw upon our expertise developed from experience to consider where we want to go and what we want to pursue in our future. We may be feeling upbeat, inspired and embracing the belief that even the seemingly impossible could in reality prove to be possible.

After our stumble on the 1st to begin our February, things seem to brighten up, and we might feel greater confidence. Our optimism may be more based upon our future intentions than our present reality, but we’re not interested in parade rainers or those people who see and walk on the dark side.

We do have to be wary of entering a fool’s paradise due to over confidence. Let’s keep in mind that successful results are always easier in concept and in our mind’s eye than the practical implementation and execution. Often, there are unforeseen hiccups that delay or frustrate the process.

Our confidence can be strong on the 7th of February with the Sun sextile Jupiter and Mercury sextile Mars. We can easily convince ourselves that we are on our right path and that our trajectory will be like greased wheels and easy sledding. Attitude can be a large component of successful results. And our attitude at this time can be exuberant with a belief that everything will fall neatly into place.

Like the Law of Attraction, we might get some interesting insights or be provided a clue on our scavenger hunt from someone on the 9th of February when Mercury sextiles Uranus. By thinking outside the box and entertaining even the most outlandish suggestions, we could hit upon a streamlined and expeditious way to promote our new interests. This is a time when we may be privy to the magic and mini-miracles of this paradigm shift where things can occur in a most unexpected manner.

If we are open to new ideas and receptive to different means of accomplishing our goals, we can find the universe opens doors and windows that give us startling revelations or a perspective unfamiliar to our usual viewpoint.

Life is all about balance, but often we find our balance by swinging between extremes. Our recent enthusiasm could be stoked or dampened as Mercury exits Aquarius to enter Pisces on the 10th. From the ‘wonder of it all’ and a sense of being plugged into divine revelation on the 9th when Mercury sextiled Uranus, Mercury’s entrance into Pisces on the 10th has Mercury entering a Sign of its Detriment, where Mercury is not comfortable, and our mind loses its critical analysis edge and becomes diffuse with the liability to lack of clarity and confusion.

Despite our own enthusiasm and our advocacy from a member of the Mutual Admiration Society, it will be important that we stay grounded and not get carried away by the promises of possibilities. During this transit of Mercury through Pisces, which will last until the 17th of April and will include Mercury retrograde through Pisces, we have to keep focused, attend to the details and not get lost in a haze of wishful thinking. During these times of paradigm shift, where ‘what is’ has no relevance to ‘what was’ and that things now can occur in a most unexpected manner often totally out of synch with the way we once assumed them to be, we need to keep in mind that the key components for a successful navigation of the choppy waters are awareness, vigilance, mindfulness and not taking anything at face value.

A desire to fast forward our activities can be evident around the 13th of February when Mars completing its transit of its own Sign, Aries, conjuncts Uranus. We could be in overdrive as we push ahead with our personal interests and new trajectories. This could be a time when we look to streamline our operations. We might consider new equipment and new technologies that would allow us to be more effective with less expenditure of energy. With Mercury transiting Pisces, it will be essential that we do our due diligence regarding any investment or expenditure to enhance our productivity. We also need to avoid being reckless, for extreme actions could have severe consequences.

Mars exits its own Sign of Aries on Valentine’s Day, February 14th, to enter Taurus, a Sign of Detriment for Mars, where Mars is not at all comfortable. Our impetuousness may be replaced by a plodding approach with us all the while champing at the bit to get on with things. Out of a potential liability, opportunities can be born, as Mars will trine the Capricorn-transiting planets of Saturn and Pluto towards the end of the winter.

The Venus sextile Neptune on the 17th of February could have us intrigued by appearances. What we see might not be the true reality of the situation. But no mind, for we can be seduced by the image rather than considering the substance. We may get seduced whether by a person, a situation or an event. This is a time for us to avoid being played by emotional responses, but rather to engage our critical thinking and not just the maudlin plucking of our heart strings.

The 17th through the 19th could be a mishmash of energy configurations with little clarity provided. We start this three-day hurly-burly with the Venus sextile Neptune on the 17th, followed on the 18th with the Sun sextile Uranus, Venus conjunct Saturn and then the Sun exiting Aquarius to enter Pisces with the Sun triggering a Stellium in the Mutable Water Sign as the Sun joins Mercury and Neptune in Pisces. These intense energy configurations crescendo on the 19th with the Virgo Full Moon, a Supermoon, with Mercury conjunct Neptune and Mercury sextile Saturn.

This three-day period may heighten our emotions with wild mood swings. We might want to branch out into new directions but fearful of moving ahead. Relying upon old securities would have us falling into the complacency of discontent. We could prefer stepping off the ledge, accentuating our individuality and a desire to go into new directions, but our anxiety and concern about the implications and consequences involved can have us spinning our wheels, hesitant at best before launching, or backing down and staying put in the maelstrom. While clarity and fortitude could be lacking, it is important that we recognize that the process is always forward, perhaps not a straight line forward, but rather a Texas two-step forward process of one step forward, two steps back; two steps forward, one step back. Eventually, we can realize our advancing journey, but perhaps not on these three days.

The end of this third week in February can have us adjusting our perspective. Mercury squares Jupiter, and Venus conjuncts Pluto, on the 22nd. False optimism may have us pushing the envelope, but our push could be restrained from going overboard by a trusted mentor with sage advice. Although the big picture might seem enticing, we may well be reminded that it is the particulars that make up the whole. Prioritizing and concentrating on the truly important would allow us to be enthusiastic without being irrationally exuberant and would provide a focus both on the whole and on the components that make up the whole.

The ability to zero in and dissect what is truly going on is enhanced by Mercury sextile Pluto on the 23rd. Our intuitive sense combined with a laser-like vision gives us the ability to arrive at answers for perplexing problems. People may give greater weight to our findings, recognizing that we are drawing upon facts and evidence and not upon our opinions.

On the 27th of February, the Sun sextiles Mars. Although we are in the dead of winter, this can be a seed planting time. We could gather the necessary resources for our projects, determine where to put our energies, and prepare to move forward with pet projects. Some of our activities may revolve around fixing up our base of operations, getting rid of the extraneous, and sharpening our skill set.

March begins with us a little out of sorts. Venus squares Uranus on the 1st. Relationships can be dicey. People could be hypercritical or feeling inhibited in their relationships. We have to be wary of throwing down the gauntlet as justification for finding something wrong in our relationships. After squaring Uranus, which is having its last gasp of its seven-year transit of Aries, Venus exits Capricorn to enter Aquarius. We are more likely to find appealing those people who are quirky characters marching to their own drumbeat. Old connections could sour in favor of the new and the different. Infatuations are fun but especially on first impressions.

On the dark side of the Moon on the 5th, prior to the New Moon on the 6th, Mercury turns retrograde. Not only does Mercury retrograde engage Murphy’s Law of ‘whatever can go wrong could go wrong’, this Mercury retrograde transits through the Sign of Pisces, a Sign of Detriment for Mercury, where Mercury’s mental capacities become foggy, diffuse and clouded. Oh, joy! We are in a three-week cycle when communications, comprehension and movements may all be convoluted, a three-week cycle when we need to take everything with a grain of salt, or more likely a salt lick block.

The liability to confusions, misunderstanding, misinterpretations and other possible screw-ups could be ratcheted up severalfold due to the Pisces New Moon on the 6th of March and whose influence impacts the rest of the winter season. Not only do we have Mercury having just turned retrograde the day before, but this New Moon also has the Sun Moon conjunction conjunct Neptune in the Neptune-ruled Sign of Pisces. Talk about madcap and mayhem! To add to the mix, Uranus exits Aries on the 6thto enter Taurus for its seven-year slog through the Fixed Earth Sign.

One of the things we need to avoid during this two-week period will be the liability to playing victim. Various people might feel that the whole wide world is against them. The level of negativity that has plagued society may be heightened with people looking at the life environment as a dystopia rather than all the wonder-filled things that are really going on. Remember choice. Either we can look on the sunny side of things or focus on the underbelly of life. Choice, always our choice.

Despite operating under the Mercury retrograde, much of this latter part of winter provides the energy for us to be effective and productive. The blending of the visionary foresight with practical application can achieve successful results. We might need to re-evaluate and re-do at times, but there’s nothing wrong with braking action that allows for honing and tweaking and getting it right.

This combination of the transiting Pisces planets and the transiting Capricorn planets with a dash of Taurean Mars can be a highly effective one. We can draw upon the abstract and the concept and come up with the appropriate template and necessary particulars to put things neatly together.

The Pisces Sun sextiles both the Saturn on the 9th and Pluto on the 13th both in Capricorn. On the 10th, the Taurus Mars sextiles the Pisces Neptune, followed on the 14th with Mars trine Saturn and on the 20th with Mars trine Pluto. Pisces Mercury sextiles Pluto on the 16th, Mercury sextiles Mars on the 17th, and Mercury sextiles Saturn on the 20th.

This end of winter puts a great deal of emphasis on taking care of responsibilities and what needs to be done. We are feeling the closure of winter and the advent of Spring, and we are likely getting our house in order.

We are both practical in accomplishing the tasks at hand and highly sensitive to our surroundings and creating an appealing atmosphere.

The only kicker during this two-week period under the influence of the Pisces New Moon are the Pisces Sun square Jupiter in Sagittarius on the 13th and Pisces Mercury square Jupiter on the 15th.

We can be so productive and accomplished that we get carried away with ourselves. While we could be feeling good about what we can do, what we have done, we have to be wary of taking on more than would be appropriate. As if in turbothrust with our abilities, we might become obsessed with our involvements, put on blinders and plow ahead with little regards for anything other than our involvements.

Winter ends with a crescendo with Mars trine Pluto and Mercury sextile Saturn. The more we can release ourselves from a workaholic obsession as we end the winter, the more we can engage the new beginnings that are promised with the advent of Spring. Out with the old, in with the new.

Winter 2018 – 2019… Spirit into Matter or What’s the Matter for You…