June 2018

June begins on a high note with the likelihood of various social occasions or casual get-togethers.

The 1st of June has Mercury trine Mars and Venus trine Jupiter. We can be talking a blue streak, engaging anyone and everyone within earshot. Our thoughts could revolve around our future plans, but all with the desire of being available to any and all who are in need of our comfort and support. We might be idealistic, assuming that the world is a beautiful place [and it is], but without taking into account the negatives or downsides in daily life.

The early part of June can seem quite idyllic with us being on something of a high. We are more likely to embrace the concept that everything is beautiful in its own way and that everyone is beautiful in their own way. The first weekend in June can have us seeing the glass as half full and filling up to overflow with good tidings and joy.

This feel good quality is further enhanced on the 2nd with Venus trine Neptune. We can feel as though we are cavorting with the gods and goddesses on Mount Olympus. Relationships can be close to ideal and we might have the sense that we are engaging our soulmate[s].

This first weekend in June can be close to perfection. Let’s savor our interactions with people and consider the prospects for a better future for ourselves and for those people we know. Intention goes a long way to manifestation. But it is also wise to appreciate the cycles in life — that there are good times when we feel like we’re riding the crest of the waves, other times when we can get discouraged and feel like we’re down in the trough of the waves or getting body slammed. This month of June may provide evidence of the wave-like qualities of life.

Early June can be incredibly pleasant but as we come into the first full week of June we have to be careful that we are not finding ourselves in a fool’s paradise, wanting things to be a certain way but deceiving ourselves and falling prey to the vicissitudes of life.

The 5th of June has the Sun conjunct Mercury and Venus opposed Pluto. We can continue to believe that everything is wonder-filled [and it truly is], but disassociation with reality can come with a heavy price. We have to be careful that we don’t get hoodwinked by someone friendly to us only because of something they want or expect from us. I often suggest to ‘check the source and check their agenda’ and such an admonition would be wise at this time. We could easily feel taken advantage of by someone if we let down our guard.

A lack of clarity could be strong on the 6th and the 7th when first Mercury, on the 6th, and then the Sun on the 7th, both square Neptune. We might feel confused. We could misunderstand what is being told to us and fall prey to self-doubt. These two days are days when it would be wise to avoid significant decisions, for we may not have a true picture of what is going on and we could feel in a more reactive, even victimized, mode than a proactive stance.

The 5th through the 7th can be considered ‘mental health’ days, days when we step away from our routine and provide ourselves with self-care.

The discrepancy between the first weekend in June and the 5th through the 7th can be stark, and may be indicative of going from the sublime to the ridiculous.

On the 12th, Mercury exits its own Sign of Gemini to enter Cancer. Our thoughts can turn to home and family, and we might seek the safety and comfort of our own sanctuary. We could find respite in the ‘tried and true’. We are on the dark side of the Moon prior to the New Moon on the 13th, and this day would be a time for us to relax and refresh and prepare for the next round of the waxing Moon.

The Gemini New Moon on the 13th of June is in the third Decanate of Gemini [the Aquarius decanate] and speaks to all things being possible. This imprint for the next two weeks up to the Full Moon on the 28th opens doors to surprising and thrilling options and alternatives. The New Moon imprint is further energized by Mercury sextile Uranus and Venus exiting Cancer to enter Leo. We may have some startling insights with ideas as to how to transform our environment — our home, our work, the many different venues of our ‘space’. We are willing to embrace our uniqueness and looking to engage the iconoclastic and avant garde in what we do and with whom we choose to do it. We are moving into a highly creative time, but also a time when we are willing to march to our own drummer no matter how discordant our sounds might seem.

A sense of the discordant can occur both on the 14th and 15th of June when Venus squares Uranus on the 14th and Mercury opposes Saturn on the 15th.

Our creative pursuits and our desire for more fun in our lives could come with extreme expense. We might want what we want but with little regard to our financial expenditures. In our wish to accentuate our individuality, we may even step across social correctness with a possible blowback from someone we know or finding ourselves losing favor with certain people. Either we can gird our loins and heighten our presence of uniqueness even to the point of bizarre quirkiness, or we might retreat into our own safe, happy place but feeling somewhat despondent by the lack of appreciation for our stepping out.

In a society that has been celebrating individual uniqueness over collective responsibility, we may be surprised that our own personal stamp could have such a nasty reaction. Like a metronome, the extremes are eventually brought into balance, and so it might be if our touch of creativity in our personal expression seems extreme to others that we then flip into a withdrawal until we finally find a happy mean of creative self-expression that other people can accept if not appreciate.

The end of the Spring season comes with Neptune turning retrograde on the 18th, followed by Mercury triggering a Water Grand Trine as Mercury transiting Cancer trines Jupiter in Scorpio on the 19th, and Mercury trines Neptune in Pisces on the 20th. Even if we suffer discouragement on the 15th, we end the Spring season feeling encouraged and nurtured with the realization that each of us truly has our own personal happy, safe space where people like us and love us.

The Summer Season begins on the 21st with the Summer Solstice as the Sun enters the Cardinal Water Sign of Cancer. We may wish to go in new directions but with a sense of being held back by our responsibilities and our obligations. If we would think outside the box and consider alternative means to accomplish our goals, we could draw upon our experience and our developed expertise and blend them into a new trajectory or a streamlined methodology in order to work smarter rather than harder. Although many of us have been conditioned into believing ‘no pain, no gain’, we could deflect such nonsense and make it far easier on ourselves.

At the beginning of the Summer season, Venus opposes Mars on the 21st. Relationships might prove dicey if we are looking at a tug-of-war between our personal interests and the interests of someone else. Collaboration, even to the point of accommodation but not capitulation, could prove the wisest and more effective approach. Although competition often concentrates on a win-lose modality, we can realize the greater benefits from win-win scenarios.

The early Summer season is replete with various landmines, energy configurations that may prove to be stumbling blocks or to the extreme, implosions and explosions. Much of it may revolve around our individuality tied to how we engage our community. Are we willing to stand out or looking merely to fit in?

Either disposition can have its assets and its liabilities. The 23rd has the Sun sextile Uranus, and Mercury opposed Pluto. Our desire to make changes in our life can be tentative. Hesitant to upset someone or the people around us, we could be skittish in expressing our desires and our future plans. Either we could close down by feeling overwhelmed by countervailing forces, or we might explode in a volley of vehemence. Unfortunately, balance may be lost, but balance in these volatile times is hard to establish, much less maintain.

Extreme actions can take hold on the 25th with Venus square Jupiter and the Moon transiting the Jupiter-ruled and expansive Sign of Sagittarius. Our appetites may know no bounds. We might feel entitled [one of the main characteristics of present society] to have what we want and then some and in fact for us to want to have it all. Excess at this time could mask an existential despair, a feeling of being a stranger in a very strange world, with us feeling too often under appreciated.

This latter part of June and the beginning of the Summer season may not be an idyllic walk through the park. It is essential that we be aware and mindful, maintain a bemused attitude toward our own and everybody’s idiosyncrasies and acknowledge the saying that ‘life’s too mysterious, don’t take it serious.’

Mars turns retrograde on the 26th. We might feel our energy depleted and our ability to forge ahead into new trajectories stymied by our hesitancy or by a belief that we do not have the resources to successfully push ahead. We could sense that we are only spinning our wheels, exerting ourselves without a great deal of forward movement.

Perceived frustrations and delays can be reinforced as we end the month of June. The Sun opposes Saturn on the 26th, an energy configuration heightened at the time of the Capricorn Full Moon on the 28th. The wind may be knocked out of our sails as we experience obstacles standing in our way and old issues demanding attention. Although there are times when we need to go back in order to move forward, the process can be wearying and worrying and so we might discern our efforts to be Sisyphus-like, rolling the boulder up the mountain only to have it fall back on us.

Turning inward and concentrating on our own personal interests may salve our concerns, but the 29th has Mercury exiting Cancer to enter Leo. As if a voice in the wilderness, we may cry out to emphasize our individual talents and abilities. People could be grandstanding as if talking louder would make their words better understood. Each of us might call out: “Do you hear me now?”

The answer might not be one that we would wish to hear with the month ending on the 30th with Mercury square Uranus. What is said may not be what we wish to hear. Communications can be off, misunderstandings rampant and transparency minimal. The Mercury square Uranus is my least favorite aspect for travel, and especially air travel, and I try to avoid it under this energy configuration influence whenever I can. There can be problems with high technology and computer issues. Our mind may be racing but the translation into comprehension could prove difficult.

Let’s enjoy the early part of this month of June and recognize that we do not live in a straight-line reality but rather a long and winding road with various twists and turns. As the saying goes: ‘the true art in life is the art of truly living.’

June 2018… Life: Light and lively AND heavy and dark…