February 2018

February begins with us looking far afield, no longer content to put one foot in front of the other, and perhaps even more appreciative of the paradigm shift from linear reality into asequential reality with its flurry of what we might interpret as ‘random’ happenings.

With the three planets of Venus, Mercury and the Sun transiting Aquarius, February has those planets squaring Jupiter and sextiling Uranus during the month. We may choose to concentrate more on our future plans than our daily responsibilities, but we have to ask ourselves: at what cost?

The two ‘good guys’ of the Zodiac, Venus and Jupiter, are in square aspect on the 4th of February. The liability of excess might prove seductive. In anticipation of Valentine’s Day we may forego any budgetary concerns and be extravagant in our purchases, whether for our special someone or for our self. We could easily justify our expenditures as making the world better for our purchases than without them.

Any generous gesture could be richly rewarded as Venus sextiles Uranus on the 6th. There is a serendipitous quality to our encounters, either meeting a fascinating person or seeing sterling qualities in someone of which we were not aware. There can be a sense of magic in our contacts and connections.

The 10th of February has Venus exiting Aquarius, ending the Stellium and powerpack of three planets in Aquarius, as Venus enters Pisces, the Sign in which Venus is exalted. Our relationships may seem more karmic, with greater emotional depth in our interactions, and a sense of journeying along our pathway with a soulmate[s]. Some of the people we meet even for the first time might seem very familiar with a comfort in the interchange that time would not have allowed for. Similarities of experience, a depth of understanding as if being on the same wavelength can occur during this time of Venus transiting Pisces and especially around the 21st when Venus conjuncts Neptune, the ruler of Pisces and also the higher octave of Venus.

Just as Venus while transiting Aquarius had squared Jupiter on the 4th, the Sun squares Jupiter on the 10th, followed on the 13th by Mercury square Jupiter.

Whether expressed or internalized, these Aquarius transiting planets square to Jupiter can instill a sense of confidence, blind faith and a liability to exaggeration. Things may look especially rosy, but our perspective might see only the upside without accounting for any possible downside. Irrational exuberance would be an attitude that we have to be wary of during the first half of February.

Optimism is to be commended when embracing potentials and when also grounded in clear evaluation.

It would be wise for us to account for our resources before considering whether to launch forward with new projects.

While the squares to Jupiter by the Aquarius-transiting planets in this first half of February can have us assuming that we have the resources available to initiate new activities, these same transiting planets are sextiling the Aquarius ruler, Uranus, with Venus sextile Uranus on the 6th, the Sun sextile Uranus on the 13th and Mercury sextile Uranus on the 15th, at the time of the Aquarius New Moon, a Solar Eclipse, providing even greater fodder for us to look to the new and the different.

Before we launch forward in any new endeavors during February, it would be suggested that we take a good financial accounting of where we stand and that we draw upon trusted confidantes to objectively give us feedback about our intentions.

The Aquarius New Moon, and Solar Eclipse, on the 15th impacts the next two weeks up to the Full Moon on the 1st of March with the impact of the Solar Eclipse felt for the next six months. The 15th also has Mercury sextile Uranus and Venus sextile Saturn.

Under this signature, this period can be one where we focus on our relationships with the opportunity of meeting interesting new people who contribute additional sparkle to our lives. Whether married, in partnership or alone, there can be a great deal of interaction with people. We may have a greater sense of the serendipity of these times, that sense of being in the right place at the right time, all characteristic of the new reality of the asequential reality where things occur in a most magical and unexpected manner.

This is also the time of the Chinese New Year as we enter the Year of the Dog from now through February 4th of 2019. For a take on this Year of the Dog, please see my separate posting.

This can be an exceptionally pleasant time, just so long that we don’t get carried away into the world of make believe.

Such a liability could entangle us over the 17th – 18th of February. The 17th has Mars square Neptune. The Sun conjuncts Mercury just before Mercury exits Aquarius to enter Pisces on the 17th, followed by the Sun entering Pisces on the 18th.

We now have a Stellium of four planets in the Mutable Water Sign as the Sun and Mercury join Venus and Neptune in Pisces. Mercury in Pisces is in Detriment, where Mercury is not comfortable and can exaggerate anxieties, fears, even to the point of paranoia.

This mid to latter part of February into the first week of March can be a highly emotional time. The emphasis on Pisces speaks both to the completion of one zodiac cycle as the planets move through the last Sign of the Zodiac and before the herald of Spring with the planets moving into Aries. This period can be a karmic time, a time when we bear the reaping of what we have sown. We might feel as though we are having to react to situations rather than taking a proactive, initiatory stance.

At the same time, this period can be a highly spiritual time, a time when we cut through the veil of Maya, the illusions of this earth plane and are able to access understanding through our intuitive sense, our inner voice of true knowing. We may appreciate that what we see may not be the true reality of situations. We could realize that the presentation and images are but hype and a spin on what truly is. We often live in a world of illusion, but let’s avoid it becoming an engagement with delusion.

The 21st of February has Venus conjunct Neptune. Both are in the Sign ruled by Neptune, Pisces, and Neptune is the higher octave of Venus. Relationships can be close to idyllic. Or we might find that in relationship we are doing the dance with a trickster, someone appearing one way but their reality being quite different. We can embrace a soulmate connection or a karmic nemesis. Our emotions may hold sway with a desire for the perfect. Let’s keep in mind the Japanese concept of Wabi-sabi with its perfection of imperfection.

The 25th of February may ask, even demand, that we stay grounded and focused and not get carried away by either our emotions or our desires. Venus squares Mars, Mercury conjuncts Neptune and the Sun sextiles Saturn on this Sunday. Our compassion may be engaged with a willingness to help, but we might want to question how and whom we are willing to assist. Our intuitive sense could be strong with an ability to foresee how best to approach any situation. This is a time for us to engage brain before brawn, for the liability would be to rush ahead without considering the ramifications of our actions.

If we take the time to strategize our plans, we can be far more effective than just leaping ahead. The end of February provides some solid foundations to accomplish a great deal but only if we avoid rushing the river. Taking things step by step in a methodical manner would accomplish far more and in a shorter period of time than just forging ahead without itinerary or direction clearly in mind.

The 27th of February gives us Venus sextile Pluto, followed on the 28th with Mercury sextile Pluto. The 28th also has Mercury square Mars. If we stay focused and avoid rushing forward and cutting corners, we can blend foresight, prioritization and a best practices approach to get even the most difficult task done.

February 2018… looking to the future…