Saturn in Capricorn Transit

Just before the Winter Solstice of 2017, on December 19th – 20th, Saturn ends its two and a half year transit of Sagittarius to enter its own Sign of Capricorn for two and a half years.

And what will Saturn in Capricorn offer us?

While Saturn in Capricorn will be different for each one of us based upon the individual mandala of energy configurations that make up our personal astrological chart, there are some general indications of what Saturn in Capricorn means for the collective.

Saturn rules Capricorn and, therefore, the Saturn energy will be emphasized and empowered through its transit of Capricorn.

A focus on structure, order and established ways can prove indicative of this two and a half year cycle.

It should be no surprise that we may be concentrating on structure and restructuring, especially after the initial thrust of Pluto entering Capricorn back in 2008 that gave us what has been generally termed ‘the great recession’, a time when various traditional structures were breaking down and society edged towards the abyss of complete financial collapse. The sub-prime mortgage crisis cascaded with a concern about the strength and viability of the international banking system. We stared into a chasm as ‘crash and burn’ seemed all around us, and many questioned whether we would re-create the Great Depression of the 1930s. Under the banner of ‘too big to fail’ global banks and large financial institutions were bailed out.

Saturn in Capricorn can provide a time when we finally address the crumbling infrastructure of our society. Rules, regulations, rebuilding and building anew can all be part of this two and a half year cycle.

Mr. Trump has called for a commitment to rebuilding the US infrastructure, perhaps akin to FDR’s WPA [Works Progress Administration, later renamed Works Projects Administration] that put millions of Americans back to work. China has already committed US$1 trillion to its belt and road infrastructure program to reestablish the overland and maritime trade routes to China with some seventy nations agreeing to cooperate in the plan.

We might also find the seeds of anarchy that may have seemed evident over the past few years thwarted and pulled like weeds from society. Like a metronome, society can swing from an almost anarchical sense of doing whatever with little consequence to a more rigid institution of law and order. Karma can prove the grim reaper as people who have danced to the music now need to pay to the piper.

This tendency towards stabilization with Saturn entering Capricorn could gain a greater foothold as we come into the mid-year of 2018 with Uranus ending its 7-year transit of Aries and Uranus enters Taurus. Much of the impetuousness and primal self-absorptions of the past seven years can give way to a more systematic and structured growth and development.

The technological advances of the Information Age, which have advanced with a helter-skelter quality akin to the Wild West, may see more monitoring by setting standards, rules and regulations.

Conglomerates and the powers-that-be may have greater reins in hand. Multinational corporations and the concept of one world government can be bandied about as the solution for proper and equitable governance.

In our personal lives, each of us may question our personal structure with liabilities towards physical issues with back aches and back strain as the old structures of our life are found wanting and in need of repair or reworking.

Let’s all be wary of our bones, skeletal structure, teeth and skin. I would suggest limiting the amount of pressure on our physical body. If we are runners or joggers, it would be far better for us to do so on a malleable track rather than on asphalt or frozen ground. Yoga, pilates, tai chi, qi gong, and aquacise might be better exercise regimens with us giving greater focus to gentle conditioning rather than brute strengthening.

With Saturn entering Capricorn and later in the mid-year of 2018 Uranus entering Taurus, there will be less Fire with Saturn out of Sagittarius and Uranus out of Aries. Instead, there will be a greater focus on Earth, our mundane realities and practical implementation of our plans as Saturn transits Capricorn and Uranus transits Taurus.

Much of the turbulence and the turmoil, even the chaos, of recent times can calm down, settle and restructure the parameters. With Saturn and Uranus transiting the Earth Signs, we may find the next two-three years a time of seed planting, a time when we can build upon rock rather than upon sand with solid foundations for our journey forward.

While some people might wish to revert to old ways and old traditions, there is no turning back from where we are. On the contrary, we are moving into a time of real implementation, practical application of some of the radical and innovative changes that have stirred in the past few years.

One of these areas of innovative change is the Uranus Taurus implementation of the greater use of robotics and artificial intelligence in our everyday lives.

The parameters have changed, and we are in the midst of a paradigm shift, a cultural transformation from one era into a new epoch.

These are exciting times, but not for the faint of heart.

These times ask, even demand, that we be open to new ways of doing things, new manners in which to perform and new characteristics of our own being.

If we have built our lives upon sand, then we might experience periods of our old structures washing away. If we have built our lives upon rock, then our structures can withstand any dramatic forces that might try to shake our core.

Let’s all enjoy the journey with its myriad twists and turns.