June 2016

June starts off and continues through the Spring season in a most bonker-type style. Things may level out as we come towards the end of the month.

We begin June with the Mutable Grand Cross activated not merely by Sign but by aspect. The first week of June has both the Sun and Venus triggering the Mutable Sign Grand Cross and crescendoing with the Gemini New Moon on the 4th.

The 1st of June has the Sun square Neptune. The 3rd has Venus square Neptune and both the Sun and Venus opposed Saturn. The 4th has the Gemini New Moon with the Sun and Venus both square Jupiter. The Gemini New Moon ratchets up the Mutable Grand Cross and influences the next two weeks to the Sagittarius Full Moon on the 20th at the end of the Spring season and just prior to the Summer Solstice also on the 20th.

June might have us in something of a haze or dazed by all the whipsaws of ups and downs, running around, all the while wondering what we are doing and why we are doing what we are doing, but knowing just that we are in constant motion.

This early June period can be a period of heavy overload. We may have so much scheduled and going on that it might prove hard to draw a deep breath, much less relax and reinvigorate ourselves. The most intense time in June may be the first week. We might feel pushed and pulled in different directions and primarily by our commitments to other people. Whether we have graduations, school reunions, family gatherings, weddings and any other social occasion, we might have so much going on that we are in constant motion going from one thing to another until they all seem to meld into one big mash of exhausting engagements.

It will be important for us to discipline ourselves to take a ‘time out’ now and then. Otherwise, we might overextend ourselves, overwhelm ourselves and wind up in a world of confusion, not knowing what’s up and what purpose all are involvements are serving.

Although the first week of June could be the most intense of the month, it would be important for us to keep in mind that the Gemini New Moon impacts the following two weeks up to the end of the Spring season. Things may not be as frenetic or frantic as this first week of June, but such an influence will permeate much of the first half of the month.

The 6th has the Sun conjunct Venus. If we can break away from our routine or our June schedule, it would be nice to take some time with that special someone, or special people, in our lives. We might have a kaleidoscope of activities going on, but we might also find that we enjoy them more by sharing them with someone than just going through the motions solo by ourselves.

Mercury opposes Mars on the 9th of June, and we need to watch our tongue. From the cumulative burnout of our runnings around we could be a little short with someone, ready to read the riot act and a little harsh in our critique. Diplomacy is called for but we are more likely to shoot from the lip.

Despite the high nervous energy backdrop of this June, the mid-June period opens some interesting and unexpected doors for us.

On the 12th, Venus sextiles Uranus followed by the Sun sextile Uranus on the 14th. Not only can there be serendipitous encounters where we bump into fascinating people. We could also be exploring new avenues that intrigue us. We do not have to make long-term commitments but rather sample the possibilities. Things can arise in a most unexpected manner. This mid-June period can be a time of awe and wonder, no longer the shock and awe that the beginning of June might have presented us.

Mercury exits Taurus on the 12th of June to enter its own Sign of Gemini. Neptune turns retrograde on the 13th. While Mercury’s entry into its own Sign of Gemini emphasizes the mercurial quality and enhances the gift of gab, or just a lot of chattering, the Mutable Sign Grand Cross is also reinforced. We could be living in a world of confusion added to by Neptune retrograde. This 12th – 13th begins a time when we could make quick decisions, spontaneous actions but without clear evaluation. The liability to deception and delusion can be strong during the second half of June. We need to slow things down, no rush to judgment, but allow ourselves due diligence and constant evaluations to see whether we are on the right track or just spinning out of control.

On the 17th, Saturn squares Neptune. The Saturn square Neptune can add a dose of reality to any illusions or delusions or desires to trip through a fantasy world.

While the aspects to Uranus can make us aware of the paradigm shift where the asequential reality offers magic and mini-miracles, aspects with Saturn force us to contend with old realities.

During this mid-month of June, somewhat akin to what has been asked of us over the past five-ten years, we may feel as though we are on a suspension bridge between two dimensions — one dimension being the sequential, linear reality into which we were conditioned, the other dimension being the asequential, serendipitous reality where things happen in a rather random manner and a dimension that we are being increasingly exposed to. We might have to walk the balance beam between the two dimensions, engaging one and then the other, but it will be essential that we gather our sea legs and not be thrown for a loop.

Venus exits Gemini to enter Cancer, also on the 17th. Venus moving into Cancer is a prelude to the Summer season beginning on the 20th of June with the Summer Solstice. Home and family matters may become ever more significant and a focus for our early summer plans.

Mercury moving into its own Sign of Gemini accentuates the Mutable Sign Grand Cross, the energy of which is ratcheted up once again with the Sagittarius Full Moon on the 20th just prior to the Sun exiting Gemini to enter Cancer at the Summer Solstice and the start of the Summer season.

The Sagittarius Full Moon on the 20th highlights the Mutable Sign Grand Cross, a Full Moon that is also energized by Mercury triggering the Mutable Grand Cross by Mercury opposing Saturn and Mercury squaring Neptune at the time of the Full Moon, followed on the 22nd by Mercury squaring Jupiter.

We may end the Spring season in a swirl wondering what has gone on, what our involvement in any of it has been, and feeling exhausted by the intense energies that have gone for much of this month.

With the Sun exiting Gemini to enter Cancer at the time of the Summer Solstice on the 20th and impacted on the same day by the Sagittarius Full Moon with the Sun in the last degree of Gemini and the Moon in the last degree of Sagittarius, the Summer season certainly bears the imprint of ‘go for the gusto’ and living for the day.

This third week of June, and the beginning of the Summer season, has the strong markings of the Mutable Grand Cross, as we start the summer with Mercury in Gemini opposed Saturn in Sagittarius, Mercury square Neptune in Pisces and Mercury square Jupiter in Virgo.

Clarity may be lacking during much of this summer season and its interesting to note that this summer includes significant political events with [1] the Brexit vote in England on the 23rd as Britons vote to either go from or stay in the European Union; [2] the Republican National Convention starting on July 18th; and [3] the Democratic National Convention starting on July 25th. This summer also has the Olympic Summer Games scheduled for Rio de Janeiro beginning on August 5th.

We may find that the summer offers us a silly season with a great deal of activities but often seeming more like a caroming from one thing to another, often without much sense or rationale in our movements. Things may not go according to plan

Excess could be strong during the summer, so it would be wise for us to put on the brakes, take the time to consider our intentions and our directions and our itinerary, all the while that we are devising contingency plans. I shall repeat: things may not go according to plan.

While the June Full Moon and beginning of summer may be squirrely and might imprint the summer as a season of here, there and everywhere, the weekend of June 25th – 26th can be quite pleasant.

The 26th has Jupiter trine Pluto and Mercury sextile Uranus, followed on the 27th with Venus trine Neptune. We may feel as though we have stepped off into a wonderland, an idyllic setting, whereby things happen randomly and quite spectacularly without our having to do much except getting out of our own way and being open to the magic of possibilities.

This may be a lovely respite from the whirrings in our mind and our attempts to control situations. Let’s keep in mind the paradigm shift, a shift from sequential, linear reality to asequential, non-linear reality. Things happen, often in a miraculous, magical way without our being the instigators of the events.

During this time it would be wise for us not to be myopic but rather work with peripheral vision. Much of the beauty of this period is being in the right place at the right time, even when we don’t know what that right place might be. The right place is likely to find us rather than our finding it.

The end of the month can be dicey. On the positive level, Mercury exits its own Sign of Gemini to enter Cancer on the 29th, thereby ending the Mutable Grand Cross that we have been dealing with for the past six weeks. As Mercury moves into Cancer, we now have a Stellium of three planets in Cancer as Mercury joins the Sun and Venus in the Cardinal Water Sign. Much of our focus can turn to home and family matters. We could expend our energy on home projects and fix-ups, enjoy staycations, and we might find ourselves ever more engaged in family matters.

On a mixed bag level, Mars ends its two and a half month retrograde cycle and turns direct in its own Sign of Scorpio also on the 29th. Our intensity can ratchet up, and we might see that also on the world stage. The war between the West and the BRICS nations could ratchet up. Already, we have seen military ramping up whether in eastern Europe with NATO’s deployment of anti-missile bases in Poland and Romania or the territorial disputes in the South China Sea. We have witnessed economic sanctions against Russia and the collapse of oil prices, a staple of the Russian economy. And we have watched the governmental destabilization with the impeachment proceedings against Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff. The drumbeats of economic war that could eventually lead to military engagements may grow louder over the summer months.

And on a negative level, Venus opposes Pluto on the 30th, the first of the Cancer-transiting planets to oppose Pluto, followed in July and on the 7th of July by both the Sun and Mercury opposing Pluto. Family issues can become strained. Something of a tug of war between family members could erupt. Relationships could become irritants even to the extreme liability of cutting people out of our lives.

There could also be concern about the housing market, and already we have seen subtle indications that the housing market may have reached its peak. And one has to wonder whether the housing market is recreating its past [reminiscent of the famous quote: ‘those who do not learn from their history are doomed to repeat it’] as JP Morgan Chase and Wells Fargo offer mortgages with a 3% down payment, while in the UK Barclays now offers a mortgage with 0% down payment.

This June certainly plays to the Chinese proverb, which some have called a curse: ‘May you live in interesting times.’

June 2016… Fasten your seatbelt…