the times they are a-changin’

Each of us has experienced some dramatic changes over the past few years. A new ‘normal’ has arrived on the scene, a normalcy that questions stability and security and replaces it with variability and change. Welcome to the world of the twenty-first century!

Over the next few months, there are still more changes coming. Jupiter exits Leo bringing an end to the Fire Grand Trine and Jupiter enters Virgo, a Sign of Jupiter’s Detriment and triggers a Mutable Sign T-Square. Saturn comes back into Scorpio forcing us to revisit the foundation stones of our lives with a walk down Memory Lane before we move forward into the altered reality of a new world. And the Mutable Sign T-Square confronts us with confusing push-pulls of past and present, old and new, clarity and illusion.

What are you and I going to do about it? How are we going to not merely survive but thrive during these times of dramatic changes?

Forewarned is forearmed.

Knowing what is in store for us allows us to be aware and mindful of the challenges and opportunities that new realities provide us.

An astrological session offers an individual roadmap regarding how you can best navigate your journey. If you have not had an astrological session with me recently or scheduled for one upcoming, consider having a session with me. And please make your friends and loved ones aware of my services and how they can benefit by knowing the energies operating in their individual lives.

I am always available for phone or Skype sessions. I see people for in-person appointments in North Palm Beach, Florida, and when I’m back in Los Angeles and up in Stamford, Connecticut.

Stamford is less than an hour train ride from Grand Central Station in New York City. And I shall be back in Stamford and available for in-person sessions from Wednesday, May 13th, through Tuesday morning of May 19th.

By understanding through astrology our own individual journey and the paths along the way, we can create brighter days through better ways.