March 2015

Similar to the beginning of the new year in January, March comes in with a burst of energy and a most expansive energy at that. We shall need to keep our wits about us, for we might experience our progress being tripped up by unexpected monkey wrenches thrown into the spokes of our wheels and actions by the powers-that-be impeding our forward movement.

March is a month when the energy can ratchet up severalfold and consequently so too with the extremes of volatility during these times. The idiom that starts ‘March comes in like a lion…’ could be never more true than this March.

March comes in on the 1st with Mercury sextile Uranus and Mercury opposed Jupiter. Sudden insights can impel us into new directions with unbounded confidence and an assumption that once the door has opened serendipitously we can cross the transom with no fear and no bad mojo getting in our way. Nice concept but such a belief may not play in our reality this March.

On the contrary, March demands that we rein in our unbridled optimism and engage tai chi moves whereby we are fully aware of the energies operating and make our moves in accord with the energy, working with the energy instead of being headstrong and just trying to plow straight ahead. Let’s keep in mind that when we approach obstacles, we do not have to always adamantly try to push through but rather can step over the obstacles, go around the obstacles or proceed under the obstacles. Force is not always necessary, finesse even better.

With the Aries transiting planets, both the Grand Trine in Fire and the Square of Uranus Pluto are engaged.

The 3rd of March has Jupiter trine Uranus exact. Not only can our creative juices be flowing, but this could also be a time when we learn of new technological advances, the streamlining of operations and increased productivity through the implementation of robotics, developed technological tools and other innovative approaches in practical application.

On the 4th, Venus trines Jupiter, Venus conjuncts Uranus and Venus squares Pluto. There can be some serendipitous encounters that trigger marvelous ideas of brighter ways for better days ahead for us. We do have to avoid traditionalists who may be naysayers to our enthusiasm, and also prevent ourselves from overstepping the bounds of legitimate statutes or the appropriate methods of doing things.

The Virgo Full Moon on the 5th of March can crescendo a most productive time. Not only does this Full Moon combine both the big picture and the specific details of our ventures, all the while drawing upon an intuitive understanding of how the abstract concept can be turned into a physical manifestation. Such a disposition is given even greater emphasis by the Sun sextile Pluto.

While the first week of March has Venus triggering both the Fire Grand Trine and the Uranus Pluto square, Mars does the same the second week of March. On the 10th, Mars trines Jupiter, and on the 11th Mars conjuncts Uranus and Mars squares Pluto.

Grace, diplomacy and charm with the Venus influence may have been the ways of achieving our goals in the first week of March. But the second week with the Mars impact can have us like a bull in a china shop, forging ahead with little consideration, pushing our interests forward and in the interim liable to step on toes. The 11th can be an explosive time, and we have to be wary of people popping off and acting out. There can be bomb blasts, intense tornado storm systems and even geophysical eruptions of volcanic and earthquake activity.

This second week of March and through the rest of the Winter season is a time for us to be cautious, mindful, vigilant and fully aware. The energies spike and could easily get away from us if we are not extremely careful.

On March 12th, Mercury exits Aquarius to enter Pisces, a Sign of Mercury‘s Detriment, where clarity of thought can be lost to a vivid imagination but often one that fantasizes either the best or the worst of a situation. Our intuitive sense may be heightened under this influence of Mercury in Pisces, but so too might our liability towards delusion and deception be increased.

Saturn turns retrograde on the 14th of March, and we could find that things are taking longer than we might like, with various delays and frustrations impeding our forward progress. The Saturn retrograde continues until August 2nd with Saturn retrograding out of Sagittarius and transiting back into Scorpio through the Summer of 2015. We may have to go back over some of our projects, checking, re-checking and evaluating the structure and format upon which we are building our goals and establishing our dreams.

The 16th has the final exact aspect of the Uranus Pluto square that has daunted us since the Summer of 2012. Whether subtle or explosive, we have all experienced dramatic changes in our lives, both personally in our individual worlds and collectively in the world-at-large. This end of Winter can close with quite a crescendo.

Not only do we have the Uranus Pluto square, but the 16th also has Mercury square Saturn with Mercury conjunct Neptune on the 18th. We could easily misread situations now or find ourselves banging up against obstacles to our intentions. We might not have taken into account various factors, some unanticipated, nor considered the consequences of our actions, much less the unintended consequences. We may feel stymied, but it would be wise for us to go slow in our rectifications, not make any knee-jerk reactions and preferably let the dust settle before responding to unfolding scenarios.

Venus exits Aries, a Sign of its Detriment, on the 17th to enter Taurus, a Sign that Venus rules. Despite the craziness of these last two weeks of Winter, we may be looking for peace and tranquility and to put on a happy face. In so doing, we might not take into account the expense involved, and we could charge up a storm in order to realize immediate gratification with little concern for the consequences.

Just before Winter ends and thirteen hours before the Vernal Equinox, the Pisces New Moon occurs on the 20th, a Solar Eclipse. A most apt configuration heralding as it does ends to the old before the new is born. We might have a greater spiritual connection, raise the question of the true purpose of our individual life journey, but we also have to be wary not to fall prey to a victimization role whereby we see our half glass of water as half empty rather than half full.

Our emotions can be ratcheted up as we end the Winter and enter the Spring, but our tendency will be to live for the day and engage the well-known concept of ‘carpe diem’ [seize the day].

As we come into Spring late on the 20th, we may be in full speed ahead mode, concentrating on what we want to do, the way we want to do it with no need to explain or justify our actions. Our impetuousness could make us accident prone, for the liability is to leap before looking. And even if we do consider the circumstances before we leap, we might easily misread the coordinates or misunderstand the information available to us. Not that we are likely to draw upon anyone for an objective viewpoint or their take on what we are intending. Instead, we can go full throttle in the direction of our desires.

The early Spring period could have us in good spirits. If we take the time to strategize and devise a best practices approach, we can blend our intuitive sense with a focus on the truly significant around the 22nd, when Mercury sextiles Pluto. We can be highly effective and productive utilizing a best practices approach to streamline our operations and advance our interests.

Our appetites might be large during this latter part of March. Venus in Taurus contributes to a desire for looking good and feeling good. With the energies operating during this latter part of March, Venus sextile Neptune on the 24th and Venus square Jupiter on the 27th, we may spare no expense in our personal makeover and our Spring renaissance in our appearance, our wardrobe and the feathering of our nest. We might have the sense that in order to do our best we need to feel our best and look our best.

On the 25th, the Sun trines Saturn. We are not interested in slowing ourselves down, but we might have more of a handle on how we can best structure and format our expansionary plans. We do not have to run amok from our own personal self-aggrandizement. We can focus on how best to achieve our goals, harnessing our energy and realizing that often ‘haste makes waste’.

Although we might want to take on more than we can effectively handle with the Venus Jupiter square on the 27th, restraint and concentrated attention comes bigger into the picture at the end of the month. Venus trines Pluto on the 30th assisting us in honing our image, concentrating on contacts that are both reliable and can prove helpful in realizing our goals, and narrowing our scope to the truly meaningful activities and projects to engage.

Mercury exits Pisces to enter Aries also on the 30th, and our thoughts can become clearer and less kaleidoscope-like whereby we see too many patterns, too many colors, too many possibilities. We are considering what works for us and are less emotional in our thinking.

The month ends on the 31st with Mars exiting its own Sign of Aries and entering Taurus. Our gung-ho attitude may still be in the air but now we could prove more willing to take things step by step rather than giant leaps forward. Our impetuousness may be restrained and a slower pace might be taken. We might feel like a racehorse champing at the bit to get on with it, but we are far less likely to take great strides and leap into an abyss.

March 2015… Out of the Winter of Discontent into the Spring of Renewal…