Saturn in Sagittarius

Saturn takes 27 -30 years to transit the Zodiac and consequently Saturn takes 2 and 1/2 years to transit a Sign.

Saturn has been going through Scorpio over the past two years since October 2012, and will retrograde back into Scorpio during the Summer of 2015.

Saturn enters Sagittarius on December 23rd, 2014, and apart from the Saturn retrograde back into Scorpio over the Summer of 2015, Saturn will be transiting the Mutable Fire Sign of Sagittarius through 2017.

With Saturn representing traditional ways, authority figures and the sense of crystallization through compression, sometimes felt as restrictions and limitations, we might wonder how Saturn is likely to influence us as Saturn goes through the fiery expansive energies of Sagittarius.

With Sagittarius associated with philosophical belief systems, higher education, law and foreign affairs, we may find that these many varied areas are being impacted by the Saturn transit.

Throughout human history, many wars have been fought over religious beliefs. Even now, we see religion having an impact with the stated purpose of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant [ISIL] to create a worldwide caliphate. With Saturn in Sagittarius, traditional religious beliefs, fundamental religious beliefs may hold sway. To some degree, spirituality can lose sway to the material manifestation of religiosity and religious beliefs from an earth plane perspective.

Saturn in Sagittarius also speaks to foreign affairs, with a focus and even restrictions in regard to foreign affairs. Already, we are seeing a greater schism in global cooperation as the Western developed nations attempt to continue to maintain the predominance, all the while that the emerging nations under the umbrella of the BRICS nations [Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa] create their own World Bank as an alternative to western International Monetary Fund and World Bank and as a countervailing currency force to the US dollar dominance.

There are various hot spots around the world, with national and regional conflicts in many regions of the world. A large number of the world population has become displaced persons forced into a nomadic-type existence. National borders are breaking down and the United Nations offers little more than an impotent mouthpiece.

With Saturn in Sagittarius, international tensions can continue to grow, with shifting alliances and shifting balances of power.

The concept that ‘might makes right’ may be in vogue, as the powers-that-be justify their belligerent actions to do what they want under the guise of right action.

Fairness in the law could become a center of discussion. The spirit of the law can seem at odds with the reality of the legal system, and the issue may come under greater scrutiny. In the US and many other countries, there is in reality two legal systems — one for the wealthy, the other for the impoverished. Although one could argue that everyone has the right to a fair trail and to be judged by a jury of one’s peers, someone with the resources can avail themselves of their connections and the brightest and best legal minds and knowing the ins and outs of the legal system, whereas the poor are limited to a public defender and little knowledge of the ins and outs of the legal system.

In a country that touts itself as “the land of the free and the home of the brave”, the US bears the distinction of having the highest incarceration rate of all the countries in the world with 716 of its citizens per 100,000 of the national population incarcerated, with a total of 2.2 million people in the nation’s prisons or jails, a 500% increase over the past thirty years.

With Saturn in Sagittarius, there may be a serious discussion about the legal system and the law. The society might finally address what Thomas Szasz brought attention to so many years ago: victimless crimes.

Higher Education is related to Sagittarius and as Saturn comes into Sagittarius, the question of ROI [return on investment] of a college degree costing in the stratosphere of $200,000 and with the long-term effects of many students carrying student loan debt well into their mid-life and a total student loan debt of over $17 trillion may be seriously taken into account. The ‘elite’ schools will make their case for the worth of their degree, and politicians will bandy about the idea of loan deferment, forbearance or forgiveness. Meanwhile, the tuition and college costs increase as do the interest rates on student loans.

The relevance of a college education may be questioned, as done already by people such as Peter Thiel with his Thiel Fellowships. And alternatives to the present structure of college degrees may be suggested through the ideas of certificates and MOOCs [Massive Open Online Courses].

The above-suggested areas may be only some of the various areas influenced and discussed as Saturn transits Sagittarius.

As individuals, we may find that blind optimism and irrational exuberance are dampened by a dose of reality. The rose-colored glasses may come off as we look to make our philosophical principles real in our daily lives, as we manifest our beliefs in solid, practical ways and not merely buy into the subtle manipulative control of ‘creative visualization’ whereby we just have to imagine it for it to be so without effort, just sitting back without true involvement in the journey of doing our lives. No, we may now have to walk our talk and be the co-creators of our destiny with the natural unfolding and the twists and turns of cyclical living.

Saturn in Sagittarius… it’s not all fun in games… getting real with our true purpose…