September 2014

September is a month when we can get into high gear and accomplish a great deal. Industriousness, productiveness and optimistic confidence can help us virtually move mountains this month with an emphasis on advancing our deepest desires and our most ambitious goals.

The beginning of the month is influenced by the August 25th Virgo New Moon, an influence that impacts the first week of September culminating on September 8th with the Full Moon in Virgo.

We may start the month looking to eliminate those involvements that no longer serve us. We may want to pare down, cut away the dross and concentrate on those engagements that truly are meaningful and serve a significant purpose for us.

With September beginning with Labor Day in the US and the last long holiday weekend of the summer, we start the month bringing closure to our summertime activities and readying ourselves to get back on track.

And ready we are. Some of the summer might have had us somewhat self-absorbed, concentrating on our own personal agenda, and a desire for enjoying fun times despite the chaos in the world-at-large.

As we begin September, we might become more attuned to what is going on with other people, all the while that we are considering how we can realize our greatest ambitions.

Mercury exits its own Sign of Virgo on the 2nd to enter Libra. Our thoughts may revolve around the important people in our lives. We might reach out to our friends and colleagues to get their take on matters, and we could find a good sounding board to help us clear any fog or confusion we might still be laboring under.

The Sun trine Pluto on the 3rd of September helps us to focus on what is truly important. We can devise our strategy as to how we can expeditiously achieve our goals. We are not interested in wasting our time on mindless distractions. We have a persistence and determination to put spirit into action. We might also realize that things important to us in the past no longer hold much significance for us in the present, much less the future.

Any time away from our routine matters over the summertime could have given us a recharging of our energies and a recognition that we are committed to doing life with determination and perseverance and with focused attention on those things we hold essential for us now and for our future.

On the 5th, Venus exits Leo to enter Virgo. People may be more accommodating and conciliatory to other people’s needs, and less grandstanding and less self-aggrandizing. While this shift in energy can be a positive attribute, we have to be wary of swings from self-involvement to one of service moving into self-sacrifice. With the strong emphasis upon the Neptune Pisces influence into the second week of September with Venus opposed Neptune on the 10th, we also have to be wary of the trickster, people who appear one way, the reality being quite different.

This haze regarding what is really going on is accentuated until the Pisces Full Moon on the 8th – 9th. While we can be adept at focusing on the truly important in the quiet of our own thoughts and reflections, we could be influenced by other people’s opinions and even swayed by those whose presentations seem persuasive.

During the second week of September we may seek to rely upon the tried and true and seek out the counsel of that trusted friend upon whom we have always been able to rely.

Mercury squares Pluto on the 9th, accentuating the liability towards being swayed by the person with the loudest voice and the strongest presentation. The trickster can be at play due to the Venus opposed Neptune on the 10th and also on the 10th the impressive show put on by someone through the impact of the Mercury sextile Jupiter with its gift of gab.

The 11th has the Sun sextile Saturn, and we might find ourselves cutting through our confused state by drawing upon our experience and our understanding based upon what we have learned through what we have tried in the past and proven true.

The 13th of September has two major energy configurations. Mars ends its transit of its own Sign of Scorpio to enter Sagittarius, thereby creating a Fire Grand Trine by Sign with Uranus in Aries, Jupiter in Leo, and now Mars in Sagittarius. We may look to expand our activities and engage matters that are foreign to us. On the same day, Mercury opposes Uranus, my least favorite aspect for air travel, and travel in general. Communications can be off. We could experience computer glitches and the tendency to leap before looking can prove a major liability. Potential missteps can be made during this time, both in our personal worlds and in geopolitical affairs.

With Mars moving into Sagittarius on the 13th and transiting through the Mutable Fire Sign until the 26th of October, there can be a great deal of energy occurring in foreign affairs. That should not come as much of a surprise, especially with all the tinder boxes already flaring with various forms of conflict occurring — the Middle East with the Islamic caliphate, Israel and Hamas, Russia and Ukraine, China and the territorial disputes in the South China Sea, the independence vote in Scotland, etc. The fire could be turned up, but as Billy Joel sang:

“We didn’t start the fire,
It was always burning
Since the world’s been turning”

With Venus trine Pluto on the 14th and Venus sextile Saturn on the 21st, we can winnow down our connections to a select few. Our discernment can be strong and if we have engaged the dance with the trickster over recent weeks, we can now disengage thanks to our greater discrimination regarding who is truly there for us regardless of circumstance and those people who are only there for us as long as we can serve them in some way.

The Summer ends with a crescendo. On the 21st – 22nd, Mars squares Neptune, followed on the 22nd – 23rd with Pluto turning direct and the Autumn Equinox as the Sun enters Libra with the Libra New Moon on the 23rd – 24th.

The imprint for the Autumn begins with a blast, although these blasts can be explosions, people acting out, bomb blasts, and geophysical phenomena of earthquake and volcanic activity. There could be issues on the seas, and the liability of forcing issues could even bring the house down.

We may be looking for peace and serenity as we enter the Autumn but liable to find it solely within ourselves and not in the world-at-large. Miscues can trigger accidents and missteps, and belligerence could be increased as a result of misunderstandings and an ungrounded machismo.

The second half of September is influenced by the Jupiter trine Uranus, exact on the 25th. We can be highly optimistic, enthusiastic and exuberant, especially about new advances in technology and new scientific discoveries. We may feel that now is a time to stretch our wings and expand our involvements but without wishing to re-create our past. We are more energized by the new, the different, the unique and innovative. We could easily assume that we have the Midas Touch and that whatever we choose to engage will unfold in the most serendipitous of ways and fully to our benefit.

Despite our confidence in our selves and in our goals, it would be wise for us to keep an eye open as to what is happening around us. With an ear to the railroad track, we can become aware of any rumblings that might affect us as collateral damage to the outward craziness occurring in the world. Let’s maintain our utilization of the two keywords for these times: awareness and mindfulness.

We may prefer living in a bubble of our own making, a world of our own, but the stark reality is the fact that we are impacted by the goings on of the powers-that-be and the crazies and their crazy-making ways.

Mercury exits Libra to enter Scorpio on the 27th, and we shall have the wherewithal to hone our perceptive skills, look beyond the surface appearances and look through the propaganda presentations as news to get a bead on what is truly going on.

The month closes out with Venus exiting Virgo to enter its own Sign of Libra. We may be content connecting with a special someone or those special people in our lives.

This September can be a highly productive month when we can advance our interests and get things done. We just have to avoid getting carried away by irrational exuberance, and we need to maintain a keen eye on the developments occurring in the world at large.

September 2014… back on the track with eyes wide open…