August 2014

This August seems to have us with one foot into summertime fun activities and the other foot into preparation for the routine year ahead whether we are heading back to school or getting back on the track of our daily obligations.

Traditionally, August has been the month for a long vacation. In times past, people would pour out of the cities and head for the mountains, the lakes, the seashore. It was a month when life slowed down and we took time to relax and recreate. But that was then. In our fast-paced lives when everything seems to be accelerating, ‘time outs’ come less frequently and for brief respites from our highly active lifestyles.

It almost seems as though we are conditioned to be in the future rather than the present. As early as the beginning of July, just a couple of weeks after schools had let out for the summer, stores were hawing their ‘back-to-school’ sales. As we come more into August, we can anticipate seeing the holiday decorations starting to go up.

Although in times past schools often started after Labor Day, in today’s world public schools often begin around the mid-August time, the same time that college orientation occurs.

We may not officially end summer until the third week of September but many of us will be back in gear by mid-August, and our summers will be ending with brief glimpses of summertime activities limited to the weekends.

Although August starts with everyone tending to be a little squirrely, we have already seen such animosities arise in the geopolitical world, where there are any number of disputes and discords flaring into conflicts and killings. The curious aspect in all this is the fact that people will have their opinions on what is going on based upon little information, propaganda and consensus opinion.

August begins on the 1st with Venus square Uranus, Venus trine Saturn and Mars square Jupiter. We may start the month drawing lines in the sand, touting our own abilities and pushing back against the new interests in our lives and instead relying on the so-called tried and true, often tried perhaps no longer true. On the 2nd, Mercury conjuncts Jupiter and Mercury squares Mars.

Early August can be a time of shifting alliances, grandiose ideas and impetuous actions. We may feel regal and deserving of whatever we want. Unfortunately, our actions may be a little over-the-top. Discretion and diplomacy may go out the window as people become incredibly self-focused and willing to push the envelope. People may be adamant about their beliefs and their wants and unwilling to compromise or to find middle ground with anyone else. This can be a petulant time, but one where the swings between excess and pushbacks can be in operation.

The 7th, 8th and 9th of August could have us exploring new arenas, feeling restricted by our routine obligations and seeking greener fields than the ones we have been tied to. Mars trines Neptune on the 7th, and we could engage ourselves in a quixotic quest, putting our energy towards something that seems sparkly and shiny on the outside but little to reveal itself on the inside. Whatever captures our fancy could hold us in its allure.

The 8th – 9th of August have the Sun conjunct Mercury, both of which trine Uranus, and Mercury square Saturn, followed by the Sun square Saturn. We are far more interested in having a good time without questioning the expense involved. We are looking for adventure but possibly feeling restricted by our past or present obligations. We can see future prospects despite our restraints. Even if we have difficulty of seeing the way for our next steps and into a more lively and autonomous future, it is important that we keep in mind the affirmation that ‘where there’s a will, there’s a way.’

This early August period can make us aware of the nature of duality, the push pull between earthbound consciousness and the cosmic awareness, the tug-of-war between old methodical ways of doing things and the serendipity and synchronicity of the new paradigm complete with magic and miracles. We might feel as though our wishes cannot come true, as if we do not have the resources to realize our goals. But one of our major lessons during these times is to let go and allow the universe to do its work. We do not have to master our circumstances nor control our conditions. On the contrary, the more we act in accord with the energies unfolding, the more we can step onto the magical mystery bus of unexpected opportunities and miraculous ways of things occurring. It is our choice, always our choice, as to how we choose to see things and how we choose to work with the energies as they unfold.

The Aquarius Full Moon on August 10th reinforces this sense of push pull between old and new — the paradigm shift from mastery and control to magic and serendipity. Even though we may grow impatient and things may seem delayed, things will evolve in their own time and often at the most surprising moment.

I have written before of one of my peak experiences when I was in college traveling through Europe and was in Prague during the Prague Spring and shortly after the Bratislava Conference when the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact nations decided not to invade Czechoslovakia. The energy of a small country winning a moral victory over a larger contingent was exhilarating. A soldier of my age told me this ‘experiment in independent socialism’ was like a horse with blinders, now with the blinders removed and the horse able to see all around, all around.

Something is similar for us during these times. It is essential that we not get transfixed upon the frustrations or the pains during these transitional, transformational times. The more we can trust in the unfolding with the recognition that we are all changing, shapeshifting and morphing into a different lifestyle, a different way of being; the less agitated we shall be and the more in harmony with the natural unfolding. It is important that we look around, see all around, and not take anything at face value but rather to appreciate the opportunities and surprising occurrences in our daily lives.

The mid to latter part of August can be replete with fun and productivity. We might find ourselves humming along to the classic Snow White song of Whistle While You Work.

We can accomplish a great deal and enjoy ourselves doing so. Re-creation and achievement can be a large part of this mid to latter part of August, as we prepare to go back to school, get back on the track, all the while taking time for some enjoyable activities.

Venus enters Leo on the 12th of August re-emphasizing the Leo Stellium as Venus joins Jupiter, the Sun and Mercury in the Fixed Fire Sign. We may be feeling confident of our abilities, presenting ourselves in a refined manner with impeccable style and looking to wow everyone with whom we come into contact. We want to enjoy ourselves and be seen for the talents we have.

On the 15th of August, Mars trines Pluto, and Mercury enters Virgo. Our passion and determination now can virtually move mountains. Whatever we put our energy towards, we shall do so with a commitment to get what needs to be done accomplished. There may be no stopping us at this time. Now only do we have indefatigable energy, but we are not letting anything fall between the cracks. We can focus on the details with an incisive perspective, and with our energy we can work from sunup to beyond sundown.

The 18th of August has Venus conjunct Jupiter and Mercury opposed Neptune. Irrational exuberance can take hold. While we have a swell of confidence, it would be wise for us to consider what we are doing and how we are doing it. This is a day when we need to tone down any sense of entitlement, take the time to think through our plans and take into account the specifics of our intentions. As the saying goes: “the pathway to hell is paved with good intentions.” Let’s not go there, but let’s enjoy this time of pleasurable involvements without falling into excess.

On the 21st, Mercury trines Pluto. Our mind is incisive, clear, able to see both the big picture and the details in arriving at our goals. This is a good day to blueprint our plans, focus on the truly meaningful and deal with the particulars.

The Sun moves into Virgo on the 22nd – 23rd. Increasingly, we are preparing ourselves for the Autumn and readying ourselves to get back into our usual routine.

The Virgo New Moon on the 25th puts its imprint on the next two weeks. We have to be wary of illusions and the way things appear. This is a time for us to focus on the details and to be resourceful. We may find that bills for fun events come due, and we might feel hampered by our earlier expenditures. Although we are preparing for the Autumn ahead, we are still looking for those surprising incidents and serendipitous encounters. Mars conjuncts Saturn and Mercury sextiles both Mars and Saturn. Venus trines Uranus. Our physical energy might be flagging, and we could feel as though we are having to react to situations and deal with past misdeeds. Even if we choose to play the victim role, if we would only look up and look around, we might discover some unanticipated opportunities coming out of the blue.

This two week period from the August 25th New Moon to the September 8th Full Moon can be a dance between old and new. The ghosts of the past — including outstanding matters, reconnections with people we haven’t been in contact for a while and our previous commitments — can daunt us, all the while that unexpected scenarios can dazzle us with wondrous possibilities. It may seem like a push pull between old and new, but it might better serve us to see it as a tempering process whereby we are being challenged by the familiarity of our past yet honing the prospects for our future by our experience and expertise.

This honing or tempering process towards the end of August and into September allows us to prepare for our Autumn and the year ahead. It also provides us scenarios that may tantalize us, even tempt us, but that we might not fully engage quite yet.

The Mars Saturn conjunction, exact on the 25th at the time of the New Moon, is also operational for the two-week period and triggered by Venus on the 26th and 27th, as Venus squares Saturn and then Venus squares Mars. We may be bringing closure to our summertime activities and with it we might be doing our walk down Memory Lane, recapitulating where we have been and where we are going.

If we do reflect on our past, let’s not be judgmental in regard to whether our past has been good or bad. It has been what it was, and it has brought us to where we are now — in the process of shapeshifting, morphing and transforming into a new sense of being.

We may be saying goodbye to elements of our past, confused about what to let go and what to embrace, but confusion is often the starting point of wisdom. For confusion demands that we let go of our fixed beliefs, our rigid assumptions and be open, even vulnerable, to the possibilities that lie ahead.

This confusion can be ramped up thanks to the Neptune Pisces influence, under the signature of the August 25th New Moon and with the Sun opposed Neptune on the 29th.

August may be a time for us to get brief respites from some of the craziness in the world and in some of the people we rub elbows with. We may be rushed to get back on track, but let’s be certain that we take some ‘time outs’ to enjoy the joy of living during the hot times in the summertime.

August 2014… one foot in, one foot out…