December 2013

This month of December can have us in high spirits, not a care in the world, enjoying the holidays with great expectations for the new year ahead. Everything feels groovy [with an embarrassed nod to the 1960’s]. At least it does until we come towards the end of the month.

We enter December with the Sagittarius New Moon on the 2nd – 3rd, a Lunation within orb of a trine to Uranus.

A new month begins, and a new day dawns. Much of the roller coaster ride with some slams along the way that we might have experienced during the autumn seems to slow down. The energies shift from Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride to a Star Trek exploration on the Starship Enterprise. This December opens doors to wondrous explorations of new adventures, greater possibilities, and options and alternatives that we could not have imagined for ourselves. Magic is in the air, and we might feel as though we have stepped across a transom into a different dimension, a space-time where serendipity and synchronicity are the modus operandi.

We are all being led away from the sequential progression of beginning, middle and end with completions and resolutions. We are being led towards the asequential reality of things occurring in what seem the most random of unfoldings, times where we are in the right place at the right time, and a world of magic and miracles, where we no longer are in control of situations [as if we ever were] or can master our circumstances, but rather a time-space continuum of doing the dance as the pace and rhythm shift and change continuously. The universe is alive and its unfolding, sometimes in the most bizarre ways, enlivens us.

December is alive with wonderful surprises, unexpected ah-has, all with the ability for us to change our plans, change our ways of doing things and change a sense of ourselves, all with the intention of greater autonomy for us and greater freedom of being.

Mercury sextiles Mars on the 3rd of December, just before Mercury exits Scorpio to enter Sagittarius, where Mercury squares Neptune on the 6th and Mercury trines Uranus on the 10th. Our broader focus and wider perspective can open many doors, some true impressions, others misguided interpretations. If we solely draw upon our intuitive sense with a feeling of blind faith and unrefined optimism, we could be led astray. While we might want to make assumptions based upon our own beliefs, we shall have the opportunity of clarity, of the haze dissipating as sudden insights and instant understandings cut through the fog and provide us a true bead on what is really going on.

First, around the 6th come the hopes and dreams, liable to be based upon illusions and delusions, and then around the 10th comes the lightning streak of true recognition, even if those realizations seem beyond empirical evidence.

Yes, Virginia, the world is not how we were once told it was. There is a process underway of change, transition, shapeshifting and transformation. Old rules no longer apply. Old formats may no longer work. Welcome to a new world — a major, major paradigm shift.

This December has Mars exiting Virgo to enter Libra on the 7th. We are moving toward the holidays and with it the energies pushing us toward interactions with other people as we gather for holiday celebrations with good spirits and camaraderie.

As the month progresses, our nemesis — or more accurately our transformation catalyst — of the Uranus Pluto square is engaged. This square will be especially engaged towards the latter part of the month, a time when we are called upon, or forced, to make or accept the radical changes occurring in our world, both on a personal level and in the world at large.

But that’s the latter part of the month, and the first three plus weeks of the month offer us a sentiment akin to the lyrics of the 1967 song made popular by Louis Armstrong:

“I see skies of blue….. clouds of white
Bright blessed days….dark sacred nights
And I think to myself …..what a wonderful world.”

We may be engaged in the holiday gatherings during this month of December. We are far more interested in holiday spirits and good cheer than in dealing with our realities or any pressing concerns. If we can put our responsibilities and anxieties aside in the back of our mind, and we can probably do so easily, then we can fully enjoy the celebratory nature of this month.

On the 17th of December, the Gemini Full Moon in the decanate of Aquarius occurs with Uranus turning direct. The wonder, magic and mini-miracles we might have seen and experienced during this December and over recent times may seem ever more accentuated with a sense of a new day dawning and a new world unfolding. We may no longer be willing to accept the belief that we have any problems that are too much or too overwhelming for us to deal with. Similar to the 12 Step Program, we might embrace the sentiment of step 3: Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understood God.

This step can be interpreted in such a way that aligns with the paradigm shift occurring now. We are NO longer masters of our world but rather participants in the natural unfolding of the universe. We are moving from a belief in total control over our circumstances and a belief in the sequential, linear progression of beginning, middle and end to a willing and exhilarating recognition that the universe is unfolding in its own ways, that we are participants in this dance of life and that living is truly an asequential process with no beginning, no middle, no end, just a continual flow of what at times might seem random events — the magical mystery tour replete with miracles along the way.

Everything may seem especially groovy [oops, I wrote it again] during the first three weeks of December and the crescendo of our Autumn. We may feel as though we are living in a magical bubble. We can still get caught up in the old mindsets of anxieties, fearfulness and concerns. We could continue to feed our never-satiated appetites of getting stuff, indulging ourselves and exhibiting excess and indulgences. Change is not easy. Old habits die hard, but eventually we may come to appreciate that old patterns no longer work for us, and in truth may never had.

The 21st of December begins the Winter season as the Sun exits Sagittarius to enter Capricorn at the Winter Solstice. This winter may not be the winter of our discontent, but there are some strong and challenging energies towards this latter part of December.

The 21st also has Venus turning retrograde and with some of the energy configurations during this latter part of December, relationships could become frosty and interactions with other people liable to be dicey.

The Sun moving into Capricorn creates a Stellium of three or more planets in the Cardinal Earth Sign as the Sun joins Venus and Pluto in Capricorn. This Stellium will be added to as Mercury moves into Capricorn on the 24th. Christmas Eve also has the Sun sextile Neptune. We might take the time to enjoy the true spirit of Christmas — the birthing of the light and the fanning flames of our own individual spark of divinity as we consider the true meaning and fulfillment of our own individual journey. A ‘time out’ during the 24th through 26th might allow us to recharge our batteries, step away from the hurly-burly of mundane life and living. It’s the holidays, and during the intensity of celebrations there are those moments when the dimensions seem so much thinner, we can step beyond the veil of maya and have a true sense of the fullness of the universe and our own cosmic connections. Taking such time would be highly suggested, for these last seven days of December could prove quite intense.

Although we have the Sun sextile Neptune on the 24th and Mercury sextile Neptune on the 26th accentuating our spiritual and philosophical nature, these two energy configurations sandwich the beginning of the triggering of the Uranus square Pluto that continues through the rest of the month and into early January.

The Uranus Pluto triggering at this time begins with Mars opposed Uranus on the 25th, Christmas Day. On the 29th, Mercury squares Uranus. On the 29th – 30th, the Sun squares Uranus. On the 30th – 31st, Mars squares Pluto. On the 31st, Mercury conjuncts Pluto and Mercury squares Mars.

This latter part of December could prove quite intense. There can be various accidents. There might be heightened geophysical activity with earthquakes and volcanoes erupting. Interactions with people may be problematic with people acting out, discussions turning into heated arguments and even pent-up frustrations venting into physical attacks.

We may be looking for fireworks to celebrate New Year’s Eve, but the fireworks may be popping and exploding figuratively during this last week of December.

This end of December is also a time for us to bring closure to outstanding matters, tie up loose ends and complete those things that we do not want to bring into the new year.

December 2013… Traipsing through Wonderlands Before Skirting the Minefields…