November 2012

The highlight, or more likely the lowlight, of this November is our third and final Mercury retrograde for the year. And this one could be a doozey seeing how we have a Mutual Reception with the retrograde beginning with Mercury and Jupiter in Mutual Reception and both being in Signs of their Detriment, where they are not comfortable. Combined with a Mercury Neptune square by orb, confusion could be rampant for much of this month.

Early November has the Uranus Pluto square triggered by Venus transiting through Libra. On the 1st of November, Venus opposes Uranus, followed by Venus square Pluto on the 3rd. Relationships could be a little dicey during this time. We may feel that we have accommodated, even capitulated, to someone’s wishes and desires without our getting much back in return. We may be looking for greener pastures, new connections and willing to pull the plug on certain associations that just seem far too difficult to maintain. Diplomacy may go out the window and a battle of wills engaged. Our desire for peace, serenity and equanimity could be shaken up by discord and disharmony. We may feel put upon and wanting to cut the ties that bind. It would be wise for us to avoid precipitous action in regard to our connections with other people, for we might take extreme measures, which would be hard to step back from later on.

The 6th of November is Election Day in the US and also the day that Mercury turns retrograde, triggering the well-known Murphy’s Law of ‘whatever can go wrong could’. Back on Election Day 2000, Mercury turned from retrograde to direct motion. As we all probably remember, the presidential election of 2000 was mired in grievous controversy and finally decided in the US Supreme Court proving the adage of the importance of one’s vote as the Supreme Court by Justice Kennedy’s one vote decided by 5-4 the presidential election in favor of George W. Bush. No matter what the polls might suggest, it would seem that the US election of 2012 could be confusing and controversial.

This Mercury retrograde lasts through the 26th of November with Mercury retrograding back through Sagittarius and on the 14th back into Scorpio. It is always suggested to avoid making major purchases or significant decisions during a Mercury retrograde. It would be wise for us to use this time to evaluate any expansions or added involvements that we might have taken on recently. We might choose to consider our projects and activities based upon our resources and how those resources might be affected in the days ahead.

I have mentioned before, shall mention again, that Saturn in Scorpio could indicate greater taxation, no matter what election outcomes might be. Not all of the taxes may prove to be clearly defined. What we should be aware of is the need for us to be resourceful and to work with our resources in the most expeditious means possible.

On the 9th of November, Venus trines Jupiter. This can be a most pleasant time with interactions with other people being upbeat, enjoyable and fun engagements. And what a difference from the prior week’s Venus T-Square with Venus opposed Uranus and Venus square Pluto. If we have been short with people or had certain misunderstandings with someone, this day and this weekend can be a time to play nice with other people.

The Scorpio New Moon on the 13th of November is a Solar Eclipse with retrograde Mercury square Neptune, just before Mercury retrogrades back into Scorpio. There can be a great deal of confusion during this time and many things could be occurring behind the scenes, out of sight but let’s not be totally out of mind. We may not have full information nor will there be full disclosure at this time. It would be wise to take things slowly and cautiously, as if walking on eggshells. Appearances may not match reality. Statements might not be anywhere close to reality. This is a time for great caution and with the recognition that this influence lasts the fortnight and beyond. We are going to have to draw upon our higher sense faculties — our intuition and our insights, listening to the inner voice — to get any sort of gauge as to what is really going on.

Mars moves into Capricorn on the 16th – 17th, followed on the 17th by Mars sextile Neptune and the Sun conjunct Mercury. We are likely to put our full weight behind our ambitions, those hopes and dreams we wish to realize. We may feel as though we are being guided, directed, as if by some divine design or our own manifest destiny. We can be quite visionary and pursue our plans in a most streamlined and highly effective manner.

The 21st of November has the Sun exiting Scorpio to enter Sagittarius and Venus exiting Libra, a Sign it rules, to enter Scorpio, a Sign of its detriment where Venus is not comfortable.

The Sun’s entry into Sagittarius creates by Sign a Mutable T-Square with the Sagittarius transiting planets first squaring Neptune in Pisces and then opposing Jupiter in Gemini. Through the end of the year and into January, we may find ourselves juggling ever more activities, sometimes wondering why but never giving up our pace. Can we say an exhausting period is upon us?

The days between November 21st and the 23rd can be a hodge podge. We shall need to be fully attentive to what is going on, not rush forward, since we could either go in the wrong direction or be accident prone. The 22nd has the Sun square Neptune while Venus trines Neptune. We may be easily snookered by images and appearances. We want to believe, but our desire may be more based on blind faith than seeing situations clearly. The 23rd has Mars square Uranus, and we need to be extremely careful around machinery. The potential for acting impetuously with resultant accidents cannot be discounted.

If we don’t fall down the rabbit hole, hurt ourselves or be thoroughly confused, we can straighten things out on the 24th when Mars sextiles Saturn. The key during this period is to take things slowly, not accept things at face value and have some measure of standards to evaluate and judge what we are doing and how we are doing. We are still in the midst of the Mercury retrograde, which finally turns direct on the 26th.

The 26th has Mercury turning direct, ending its three-week retrograde cycle. On this day, the Sun trines Uranus, followed on the 27th by Mars conjunct Pluto, a Lunar Eclipse with the Gemini Full Moon on the 27th, the same day that Venus sextiles Pluto. Venus sextiles Mars on the 29th.

We may feel as though we have gained a second wind. With greater clarity and a desire to expand our activities in new directions that truly speak to us, we can be passionate and determined in regard to advancing our interests. We do have to avoid pushing full speed ahead without continually evaluating and re-evaluating where we are going and for what purpose we are trying to get there. Conditioned by the times in which we live, we may try to take on more and more with the assumption that we can juggle it all effectively, successfully and without anything falling between the cracks. Not only could we convince ourselves that we have a Superperson ability, but we could convince other people too. It would be important for us to be judicious and objective in regard to what we choose to engage with a constant awareness of the best use of our resources — our time, our energy, our finances.

November could be a month that seems slightly crazy-making, keeping us on our toes and forcing us to pull back the curtain on the wizard of oz screen in order to see what is really going on. Even then, we may not have a clear understanding of circumstances and conditions.

November 2012… What’s it All About, Alfie?…