July 2012

This July can be a mixed bag at best, with some exceptional fun events sandwiching a most intense time in between, and with the mid-July period into August under the auspices of Mercury retrograde.

I could liken this month to the lyrics of a 1962 pop song written by Chuck Barris of The Gong Show fame and creator of various television game shows. Recorded by Freddy ‘boom boom’ Cannon, Palisades Park paid tribute to the amusement park on the edge of the palisades in New Jersey overlooking the upper West Side of Manhattan, an amusement that lit up the Palisades at night until its closure at the end of Summer 1971. The lyrics to which I refer and see as analogous to this month of July are:

“Up a like a rocket ship,
Down a like a roller coaster,
Fast a like a loop the loop
And a round a like a merry go round.”

Early July can be quite lovely. Perhaps we have decided to take some time off during the first week of July.

The 3rd of July has the Capricorn Full Moon and Mars exiting Virgo to enter Libra. Although Mars is uncomfortable in Libra, since it thwarts our self-assertiveness by being more considerate of other people’s needs rather than the singular focus on ourselves, this transit also ends the Mars transit of Virgo which has gone on since last November and was one of the three transits that made up the Earth Grand Trine that ended in June when Jupiter exited Taurus to enter Gemini. We had a grand chance at productivity and effectiveness during the Earth Grand Trine, but like all Grand Trines, they are like having something handed to one on a silver platter — incredibly easy but not often engaged.

The 4th of July, which is Independence Day in the US, has Mercury sextile Venus, Mercury trine Uranus and Venus sextile Uranus. Magic can be in the air, as we find ourselves in the right place at the right time. Serendipity and synchronicity are at play, and we could experience in this early part of July various magic and mini-miracles afoot. This can be an exciting time, and a relief from the intensity we might have experienced during the latter part of June. Our insights can be strong, and we could find ourselves getting all the right clues in the scavenger hunt of new directions, new interests and new connections. Let’s use this time not only to catch our breath but to affirm the idea that things work out for the best.

The beauty of this timeframe is that we do not have to do it all, but rather that the universe works. If we are open to receive, we may find that wonderful gifts are given to us. We may not know why or where from, but wonderful surprises during this early July can put a smile on our face and warm good feelings in our heart.

It is best to remember that like the tides there are times when the tide is in and the tide goes out. So too is it for us during this month of July — tidal actions of in and out.

Just as the early part of July can provide a rare and delicious delight, mid-July could have us flummoxed with intensity ratcheting up to liabilities of accidents, aggressive behavior and people acting out.

The 13th to the 19th could prove vexing at best, downright overtaxing at its worst. The 13th has Uranus turning retrograde, followed on the 14th by Mercury turning retrograde. With Mercury turning retrograde, Murphy’s Law is back in effect where ‘whatever can go wrong could’.

With Mercury retrograding through Leo and with Jupiter transiting Gemini, we have to be wary of people grandstanding and overreaching. From a sense of fallibility, people could start promising the world without much to back it up. There may be some dramatic displays of narcissism over the next three weeks, with the Mercury retrograde Leo in effect from the 14th of July into the 8th of August.

Whenever Mercury turns direction, whether from direct to retrograde or from retrograde to direct, things can get awfully screwy with miscommunications, misunderstandings, misconceptions, missed travel arrangements and the like. And with Uranus turning retrograde on the 13th, the day before Mercury turns retrograde on the 14th, things could really go haywire.

We might feel exhausted, wiped out by all the antics going on around us and involving us. On the 15th, the Sun squares Saturn, and our vitality and energy may be flagging. We also have to realize that various past issues, former connections and old matters could pop up, and all without too much clarity.

Although this week-long period can be the most extreme of the Summer, things could be ratcheted up severalfold around the 17th – 18th of July when Mars, going through Libra, triggers a Cardinal Sign T-Square [the Cardinal Climax] with Mars square Pluto on the 17th and Mars opposed Uranus on the 18th. There can be sabre-rattling, or worse, during this time. The liability towards bomb blasts, explosions, war-like maneuvers, accidents and people acting-up violently cannot be discounted during this period. This is a time when we need to take some deep breaths, not engage in any arguments or heated discussions but step away from confrontations, get off the track and seek solace in the sanctuary of nature or our own homes.

Although the mid-July period could be rough and tumble, the latter part of July gives us a pleasant respite and can be far more enjoyable with some highly pleasant Jupiter and Uranus energies.

On the 22nd with the Sun moving from Cancer into Leo, Jupiter sextiles Uranus and Mercury sextiles Mars. On the 24th, Mercury sextiles Jupiter, followed by Mercury trine Uranus on the 25th.

We may be looking for new adventures, getting some wonderful insights and connecting with people who understand and appreciate our unique attributes. We might be feeling very upbeat, not only happy to leave the mid-part of the month but more importantly finding creative outlets for ourselves and presenting ourselves in a most dynamic, confident and exuberant manner.

The end of July continues with some wonderful surprises and good times. We may feel like we are on a carousel of fun get-togethers with old friends and new friends alike. We are certainly up for social interactions and exciting fun events. The Sun conjuncts Mercury on the 28th, followed by the Sun trine Uranus and Venus trine Saturn on the 31st. Things may look a lot rosier and more hopeful the latter part of July.

July is a month of twists and turns, ups and downs, highs and lows, with the intense times sandwiched between some really good times.

July 2012… down at Palisades Park…