November 2011

Confusion can be rampant as we come into November. I have noted before, shall reiterate now, that I have been startled by the number of charts that have a pronounced Saturn transit during this latter part of the Autumn on through the Winter period. Since I have seen it in so many charts and in many different types of people, I have to presume that something occurs on the collective level or societal level that has a heavy, serious impact on many of us. A Malthusian quandary could be upon us, with some event or situation having a dramatic impact on the world at large.

Although it seems that national leaders have chosen a less than coordinated game of kick the can, kicking substantial issues and fundamental problems down the road, at some point there is likely to be a kickback. I have suggested before, reiterate again, the fact that the astrological signatures now have an eerie correspondence to the patterns in effect at the time of the late 1920’s, early 1930’s — a period that saw the roaring twenties morph into the great depression. I have also indicated long before now my belief of a liability towards a double dip recession.

Unfortunately, the players on the world stage are oblivious to the epochal change, the paradigm shift and the crossing of the threshold from the way things have been to the ways things could be. Past solutions are ineffective for present and future conditions. And once again, I suggest that these times speak more to the ‘power to the person’ than to ‘power to the people’.

Having written that, there does seem to be more and more people speaking out against the powers-that-be. We see it with the tea partiers and the occupiers of the streets. We see it with the ‘Arab Spring’ and the public outrage against austerity measures being imposed. People are realizing and voicing their complaints about the ineffectiveness and corruptibility of traditional leaders and traditional institutions.

A new day is dawning.

The dawning is both on a societal level and an individual level. For each of us, and this may be part of the Saturn transits this November through the Winter and again towards the end of the Summer 2012, before the dawning of our new day, the beginning of our doing our lives differently, we may find that we have to do a major recapitulation, that we have to take our walks down Memory Lane.

The paradigm shift, the threshold of which we are crossing, is also a dimensional shift, a shift from the fourth dimension with its coordinates of time – space into the fifth dimension whereby time – space collapse and all is in the NOW.

Not only have I experienced it but I hear it from other people that we all seem to be living different times of our lives in the present.

For me, my return to Florida after so many years has been a paradoxical dimension of being in my senior years and also being in my teenage years and early twenties. Returning to the area where I spent much of my younger days, there are times when I feel present in both my sixties and also in the 1960’s.

It is an interesting and curious phenomena but one that I have heard from other people, whereby they feel they are living their present chronological age but also connecting with an earlier age in their life journey. And this may be part of the Saturn transit during this late Autumn and into much of 2012.

We may have the opportunity of reviewing, contemplating and re-journeying some of our earlier periods in order to see where we have been and also to leave behind some of the baggage of our past. This timeframe may be an incredible integration of the different facets and phases of our life experience, allowing us finally to be made whole, to come into our own unique gestalt.

Each of us, in cooperation with each other, can find our way and develop a new consciousness and a new way of being. We are going through a transformation, both individually and collectively, and this shape shifting is akin to the metamorphosis of the caterpillar into the butterfly. We can only scrape our wings along the ground for so long before we are forced to fly.

November is a month when it is essential that we read between the lines, accept nothing at face value and be ever skeptical of presentations long on rhetoric and flourish but short on facts and pragmatic solutions. We may come to realize that we are not the problem, but we are the solution and a solution acted upon the individual level.

While powers-that-be may talk about transparency, all the while trying to continue their sleight-of-hand tricks, the reality of these times is similar to pulling back the Wizard of Oz screen to see the little guy punching the buttons, or the Emperor with no clothes naked unto the world. No matter the images or the appearances or the presentations or the hoop-la, each of us is becoming more aware, more astute and better able to see the real truth rather than being hypnotized by the fantasies and the illusions.

We are growing up and developing into lighter beings.

As the English author G.K. Chesterton wrote: ‘angels can fly because they take themselves lightly’.

And so it is for us. The more that we can engage our bemusement at the foibles of human nature, at the intricate constructions often built like a house of cards, and at the complications when simplicity would better serve; the more we too can fly and engage our light and be the bearers of light.

This November begins with the Stellium of three or more planets in Scorpio. This powerpack asks us to cut to the core, to eliminate the inconsequential and focus instead on the truly meaningful and that which fully serves our soul’s purpose. While we are doing our inventory taking, clearing away the clutter and being passionate in our devotions to get to the fundamentals, a sense of synchronistic expansion can occur.

Serendipity can step in, and we may have various indications that we no longer have to buy into the old societal mindset that we have to assume control over all worldly events in order to make things happen. In contrast, we might have the opportunity of seeing how things can come about unexpectedly and developments arise not from our making them happen as much as our being in the right place at the right time, having our antennae up, working with peripheral vision and being open to receive the magic and mini-miracles of these times. This opportunity seems especially heightened around the 3rd of the month with doors opening that we might not have even knocked upon.

With every advantage comes a test and some of our testing during the early part of the month would be associated with appropriate boundaries and not getting carried away by any sense of omnipotence or invincibility. It is important that we maintain humility, and especially when things seem to be going our way. Otherwise, we could buy into a belief that nothing can go wrong if everything is going right. And such a belief could prove a prescription for disaster. To repeat: a little humility please.

Much of this month can raise the issue of our willingness to engage opportunities, to be resourceful and expeditious in our best practices approach, and to address the specifics while we are considering the long-term and the big picture.

As the month progresses, the energy moves into the Sagittarian influence with breadth of vision, an expansionary attitude and a broad range of possibilities. Both Mercury and Venus enter Sagittarius on the 2nd, followed by the Sun moving into Sagittarius on the 22nd. This Stellium of three or more planets in Sagittarius can put emphasis upon areas beyond our norm, situations that might be foreign to our daily experience.

Things can move ahead with us enthusiastic and capable in virtually moving mountains. With Mars moving into Virgo on the 10th, we have a Grand Trine by Sign in the Earth Element with the Mars in Virgo triggering by trine Jupiter in Taurus, exact on the 16th, and Mars trine Pluto, exact on the 23rd.

We shall have the confidence and optimism combined with persistence and determination to take our plans, put them into action and effect beneficial results. What we do have to watch for are the ‘overs’ — over-confidence, over-commitment, overboard and other overs which speak to excess and arrogance.

While things can easily go our way during the second half of November, we also may find ourselves walking a fine line between too much and too little. We could also find ourselves falling prey to the old societal mindset of being legends in our own mind and having control over circumstance and conditions. We go there at our own peril, since these times ask us to be as astute and as capable as threading the thinnest thread through a very narrow eye of a needle.

The latter part of November could prove dicey. We have the year’s final Mercury retrograde beginning on the 24th and continuing into mid-December. On the 25th, the Sagittarius New Moon is a partial Solar Eclipse. At this time, transiting Saturn enters the last degrees of Libra, the area that has given me cause for concern in seeing it trigger various conjunctions, squares and oppositions in many peoples’ charts.

If we have been lax in our preparations, arrogant in our projections, haphazard in our development or oblivious to the vagaries of unexpected variables; then we might discover that our best-laid plans may either come to naught or demand that we rework our actions and decisions. Even solutions assumed to remedy significant problems may be seen as coming undone and needing corrective remedies.

Like the volatility of these times, November can swing between extremes — extremes of confidence and extremes of dysfunctionality, extremes of extravagance and extremes of financial hardship, extremes of misguided efforts and extremes of unexpected opportunities. And in these swings, we are also likely to see extremes in Nature.

November 2011… all together NOW…