March 2011

This March may force us to look backward before moving ahead. We might have to confront our old beliefs, our old patterns, and see whether we are ready to jettison the old to embrace the new. As we start the month, we could easily have the sense of having to merely react to situations. We might even feel victimized by events and circumstances around us. Although we might assume that we are restricted by the conditions in which we find ourselves, many of our limitations could be based more upon our own willingness to accept the parameters as controlling us instead of us engaging our free will and realizing that we are on the threshold of a major paradigm shift, both on the collective level and on the individual level. These are magic times, but to fully embrace the magic we have to rid ourselves of the dross — the old, the outdated, the outworn and no longer functional.

The beginning of March can be a very karmic timeframe, a time when we are visited by the past. We may have to look back over our shoulder at our past. Although we might have feelings of recrimination, guilt and disappointment, any such feelings play to the old paradigm belief that we have always had control over our life and our life’s circumstances. We have not and increasingly will not. We may have been taught to master our world, but true mastery lies in the mastery of self rather than the mastery of conditions. Within the mastery of self, we attain an equilibrium, a balance and a detachment as we address, to the best of our ability, situations and incidents that arise. We are truly co-creators of our life’s journey, working with the energies unfolding in our lives and the circumstances around us.

There can be a great deal of emotion as we begin this month. Our compassion may be heightened as the pain and suffering of ourselves and others in the world may make us more aware of the ‘vale of tears’, the sense of the darkness and evil that often befalls the world. Such an emotion plays to the belief that this life journey has to be one of pain and suffering. But I am reminded of the wise and true saying that sates: “Pain is part of life’s experience. The suffering is optional”.

It would be easy for us to see the dark side of earth’s life journey during this early March period, but we might also be looking through a glass darkly, focusing on the negative, accepting a subservient role whereby we assume that we are solely victims to life’s vicissitudes.

If we want to go there, we certainly can, but in so doing we would also be putting on blinders and closing ourselves off from the magic and the miracles that these days now offer us repeatedly and constantly.

By lifting our eyes up and being open to the wonders of living, we can also raise ourselves up from either being the woefully compassionate or the lethargic victimized role.

And as the month proceeds, we are likely to feel more engaged, more energized, ready to step into the world and affirm our own individuality and assert our own creative self-expressions.

For this month of March finds us betwixt and between, between Winter and Spring, and between the year passing by and the New Year truly beginning with the Vernal Equinox, the renaissance and rebirthing promised with the coming of Spring.

While March begins with a strong emphasis upon the Pisces energy, the month shifts towards an increasingly impactful Aries energy. One of the most significant movements during this March period is the shift in Sign by Uranus, which ends its seven year cycle through Pisces to enter its seven year cycle of Aries.

I have written it before, and I shall write it again. We may feel constrained and constricted by the powers-that-be, the authority figures seeking ever greater control over our individual selves. We see this enforced restriction in various forms but often under the precept of protecting us and providing greater security for us. But, let’s ask ourselves, at what cost? In the US, Homeland Security pats us down and invades our personal space. In many countries, cameras monitor movements at street corners, in malls, in virtually every public convenience. We have seen the control of communications through the monitoring and regulating of Internet transmissions in various countries, and legislation is proposed in the US that provides the chief executive with the power of the ‘kill switch’, the ability to turn off the Internet, again under the comforting guise of protecting us and our homeland from cyber hackers and cyber warfare.

Although the powers-that-be may seek great power and authority over the individual, we are also moving into a time when the technological advances are providing increasing power to the person. Smart phones, blogs, ability to express one’s creativity easily and successfully and distribute it widely cannot be halted. The technology is moving too quickly to be halted or killed by the powers-that-be. We are seeing it in the rising up of people in the Middle Eastern countries and elsewhere. We shall continue to see it expressed ever more so as people question authority and demand both accountability and responsibility in the actions of the authority.

A new day is dawning. And this March period gives a great indication of both the old paradigm, that phase of mastery and control now exercised by the powers-that-be that seems ever more slipping away, and the new paradigm, that phase of co-creation that offers the individual an ever wider palette upon which to draw and to express their talents and their abilities.

Things are changing, and they are changing dramatically. And this March allows us to either be reactive to the conditions around us or accept the mantle of self-exploration, self-discovery and self-expression.

The early part of March can be a truly emotional time. We might feel on overwhelm, even overload but we could also experience some interesting surprises both in regard to those serendipitous meetings of important connections and also those revelatory insights that give us clues as to how best to proceed and spot-on understandings of what is truly going on. Transparency becomes key. Even if people try to hide the truth, the truth will be known and in so doing, the truth can set us free from outworn concepts and wrong beliefs.

Atmospheric storm systems could prove quite intense during the first half of March, as if affirming the truth to the saying that ‘as above, so below… as below, so above’. Just as this first part of March could be emotionally wrenching, we could also witness extremes of precipitation with consequent flash flooding. Both may be necessary as a form of cleansing. In the emotional tantrums, we can experience a cleansing of our expectations, our disappointments and any feelings of failure or mistakes. On the earthly level, the intense storms can help wash away the debris covering the land.

Although we might not fully comprehend the process we are going through during this March period, let’s keep in mind the reflection and recapitulation of the past is necessary for us to move ahead into our future with less encumbrances, less of a likelihood of conditioned responses and more of an ability to see the new canvas upon which to paint our lives as being clean and clear. We can lessen the impact of our conditioning, our experiences and our beliefs and draw our lives more freely and more co-creatively.

But first, the inventory taking and clearing away of the past, and this early part of March allows us to do so. And the more we can do so without judgment, letting go of our opinion of what has preceded us, the less impactful our walk down Memory Lane on our present might be. I would suggest keeping in mind the analogy of standing under a waterfall and all the droplets of past experiences and past misgivings washing over our backs and down into the river below. There is no need to hold on to those droplets, those past experiences, and no need to judge those events or past situations. Maintaining detachment allows for the cleanse, the release, the letting go.

While the early part of March can be a significant clean-up and clear-out period and may have us more focused on our past, there will be profound glimmers of possibilities, even prospects that might seem impossible from our vantage point. But I would remind you that we are living in and increasingly moving into magic times, times when we leave behind the idea of sequential, linear progression, whereby we are in lockstep and moving in the direction determined by our last step. On the contrary, we are moving into an asequential reality, whereby things can come out of the blue, that even the most seemingly unlikely situations could arise in our lives. We call it synchronicity, serendipity and being in the right place at the right time. This transition solely calls for our willingness to step out of line, take tangential steps and our willingness to receive, to be open to the magic of these times and to engage the mini-miracles occurring in our lives.

As we proceed through March, the emphasis shifting away from the Pisces energy fortifies and enhances the Aries energy. Spring is upon us, offering us the promise of rebirth and renaissance. But in any birthing process we are not re-creating our past. We are developing a future. On the 9th, Mercury enters Aries to join Jupiter in the Cardinal Fire Sign. Uranus exits Pisces to enter Aries on the 11th, followed by the Sun on the 20th entering Aries at the Vernal Equinox, the beginning of Spring.

New interests and a determination to do our own thing with an emphasis upon investigation, exploration and in the process a greater self-discovery become the theme as we move through March, bringing Winter to a close and moving into our New Year, our new life, the Spring.

With this greater Aries energy, we also feel the trigger of the Cardinal Climax that we might have felt during the Summer of 2010. With Pluto in Capricorn and Saturn in Libra, the movement of planets through Aries also creates a T-Square. Our affirmations and self-assertions could prove counter to the wishes of other people and we might also find that the emphasis upon the individual, upon the person, begins to bang heads against the powers-that-be. Authority may not merely be questioned but also reduced in the importance of the individual’s life. There may be attempts to monitor, regulate and control the individual by the authority figures, but such an attempt will have less of a hold, less impact and less influence. No one is interested in playing the game of power and disempowerment. We are in times when the playing field must be level with full opportunity to embrace our unique talents and express our individual abilities.

This latter part of March allows us to refocus our intentions and to develop new projects, new interests and new participations. We do not have to be expert at anything we might try. And we might stub our toes along the way. But this latter part of March speaks to our self-assertion, either in a primal way or in more developed forms of self-affirmation.

These are exciting times and this March highlights the importance of getting rid of the old in order to engage the new. It’s all process. Increasingly, we shall come to realize that in this new paradigm there is no beginning, no middle, no end, but rather a process of interweaving energies and miraculous possibilities. What a great time to be on planet earth and to take this life’s journey.

March… a time to let go, a time to engage…